Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Three

Naomi is true to her word and I am shown the garden and the grounds and where I am allowed to go. I am slightly unnerved by the guard that follows me a few paces behind. Naomi assures me that the guard is sworn to protect me and will make everything authentic. I still think Thom’s plan is crazy.

I find a bench and settle myself, we are near the sea, I have never seen the sea and I gaze at it for a while and breath in the salty air, I would love to stand in it, but today I don’t have the energy to walk down the cliff path never mind back up it, so I content myself by just looking at it. According to the app on my laptop I am in what was once Europe, to be fair it still is Europe but now it is divided differently. I am in what was once France, southern France so the climate is quite pleasant. All of this now belongs to Gen-Corp along with what was once Spain and Italy and parts of Portugal. Germany and Russia are no man’s land and very sparsely populated. Scandinavia is unknown the app says closed. I think this is a glitch. You can’t close a group of countries, can you?

She gave me my laptop. I slide my finger across the screen and enter the password. She sends me reports to read and asks my opinion.

I find a report on the Adam program and its failure, I settle and read it. I wonder why She is letting me read this. I am so engrossed I don’t hear Naomi walk over and sit next to me.

‘Aaron, I have your lunch,’ I look up seeing her smile as her eyes land on me before she plops down on the bench next to me, passing a plastic box of sandwiches.

‘Oh thanks,’ I take the lid off and pick up a sandwich my stomach growls and I realise how hungry I am.

‘You need to come in, it’s getting cold out here,’ she takes my hand and rubs it. ‘I am going to the village tomorrow I will get you a hat and gloves, if you are going to spend all your time out here,’ she smiles at me and I want to like her but there is something about her.

‘Oh, um, yeah,’ I eat the last sandwich and then pack my things away before climbing to my feet, following Naomi, my guard follows behind me. I glance at the building before climbing one of the sets of stone stairs that flank either side of the plain doors that lead you into this amazing building. Well chateau as this is France, it fascinates me with its gothic architecture, I found its original plans in the library Naomi laughed at me, but I didn’t care as I spent the afternoon studying them.

I lay on my bed Naomi insisted I have a nap in the afternoons. I am not tired but go along with it. I am bored and not tired even studying the ornate room isn’t helping, so I get my tablet and switch it on. I am no longer in the medical wing. They have finished their tests for now. When the door thuds open, I snap the tablet shut.

‘Aaron, you asleep?’ She enters the room, quietly closing the door I hear her pad about the room.


‘Do you want sex?’ Is all she says as she kisses me. She, I think has been trained in this art form. She knows how to pleasure my body, teaching me how to touch hers.

‘Um, no, I don’t think so,’ my voice hesitant, as I am not sure how to answer her blunt question. This is new; she doesn’t normally ask my permission. Pushing up I watch her as she stalks about the room.

‘It’s just sex, Aaron,’ I hear the zipper on her dress, the rustle as it drops to the floor. It is then I realise she was asking out of politeness, nothing more, I don’t really have a choice, it’s an illusion to make me feel comfortable. It is just sex; she doesn’t love me. It is something she enjoys like one of the fine wines in the cellar. I certainly don’t love her, like she said just sex in its most basic form, well not basic as she is a very skilled lover.

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