Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Thirty One

Our days merge into weeks and then months. We are in what was Germany heading for Denmark of course they aren’t that now Germany is mostly uninhabited just a few large towns. From what I understand Denmark is part of Tribe, but we will cross there and head into what used to be Scandinavia to get to the royal city. Denmark, Sweden and England had royal families before the disaster, and I wonder if they joined up as England no longer has one now.

I can fire a gun with a certain amount of accuracy, and I can hold my own in close combat. I have a flair for knives. Accurately throwing them. Of course, the thought of actually throwing one at a person horrifies me. Florence knows that as well and I think she despises me for my weakness as she views it.

I sort of like her now. Don’t get me wrong I still argue at every opportunity. We have a relationship now rather than a tolerance for each other.

‘Florence are you okay?’ I sit on the bed feeding Jack the baby. Yeah, I have finally given him a name. Now I know he isn’t going to die. He is three months now he looks just like me, sometimes he smiles, and I see Rita in him. He can sit up now and has two bottom teeth as well as a mop of blond curls. The Romanies can’t resist him and often ask to watch him he seems to adore them all gurgling and chuckling.

I hear the shower turn off and then Florence throws up she does this most mornings but won’t tell me what is wrong. Even Doctor Naomi won’t talk to me quoting patient confidentiality or some such.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ I ask changing Jacks nappy. She sits next to me and takes my hand.

‘I am pregnant,’ she says and my whole world crumbles.


‘Well at a guess all the sex,’ she answers in her most sarcastic voice.

‘I know that but… I…thought,’ what did I think, how stupid am I? Yeah, she smashed through that final barrier in that way she has familiarity and stealth her main weapons. Getting under my skin and slowly putting the pieces of my heart back together. This little family unit she has built to make me feel secure again.

Standing up I walk to the cot and put Jack down for a sleep. Then I leave the caravan. How could she. I am devastated. I walk to the stables Milton is in his stall brought here from the farm. I saddle him up and leave. I didn’t see the hurt on her face or the tears as they pooled in her eyes. I didn’t consider her feelings as I left. As the black emotions caused by Rita’s death consume me again.

Kneeling down as I gaze at the grave. Someone has planted daisies on it her favourite flower. Not me, probably Florence and I know I have let them both down, that I am a poor excuse of a man and it should be me in the cold ground. The tears fall down my face I don’t bother to wipe them away.

‘I lost him Rita and I don’t know what to do without you,’ I know when she is behind me.

‘Boy why are you crying,’ Startled I turn around and it isn’t Florence behind me.

‘My name is Aaron,’ I answer wiping my face on my sleeve.

‘Yes, you have his face,’ I frown as I survey the girl before me. She is fair and similar to look at as Florence and Rita. Not as lean, rounder and softer, but still beautiful. She is holding a baby that has my eyes.

‘Who are you?’ I manage eventually.

‘Sophie, and you are going to get my boy back. She would want you to do that,’ she nods.

‘Who would,’ I am so confused by this odd girl.

‘Rita, my sister. You asked her what to do she would want you to find my boy and maybe your baby they took,’ she nods again as if the decision has been made. Turning she walks away as I sit slightly stunned.

‘Come on you, Jack misses his daddy,’ Florence says wrapping her arms around me.

‘Florence I am sorry, and a baby will be lovely. All these princes your mum will be pleased,’ I smile as Florence snorts.

‘We will find him Aaron, I promise,’

‘If he is still alive,’ I answer as I have had to face that reality.

‘Of course, he is if he is anything like his dad far too stubborn to die,’ she chuckles.

‘Thank you, Florence,’

‘It’s alright Aaron I know,’ her hand links with mine and I feel a little bit more whole again.

To be continued Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe.

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