Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Six

‘How is he, is he getting better, what is wrong with him?’ Andrea asks her voice full of worry as I cough again and I can taste blood, shit that isn’t good, I sink back I have to trust Andrea.

‘He’s sick, very sick, his whole immune system is overwhelmed, he needs to be in a hospital, I know that is difficult considering who he is, there is a private facility not far from here I suggest we get him there,’ Naomi takes my pulse again and shakes her head. ‘He is severely dehydrated and is starting to develop pneumonia if we don’t get him to a hospital soon and get some antibiotics and fluids in him, we are going to lose him,’ Naomi states her voice flat.

‘No, I contact madam Ramsbottom, his security is to compromised,’ Andrea states and I can hear her pacing the room.

‘Andrea he is an Echo you know that, you know how he works, why he was created, and you know how his body reacts to the contaminate, why we have to protect him? Why he was in that facility to start with,’ Naomi speaks to Andrea like a small child.

‘I know all that, but my job is to keep him safe and right now someone else knows about him and they will kill us to get to him, so I must consider our next move carefully or none of us will survive this including him,’ Andrea growls back.

‘Andrea, sorry,’

‘Hmph, this game you and Thomas are playing it must stop.’

‘It isn’t a game,’ Naomi argues back.

I prise my eyes open, there are people in my room, and they are not my people. I look up into watery blue eyes and glasses belonging to ‘her’. My fuddled brain can’t work out what she is doing in my room.

‘Hello Honey,’ she smiles at me and the only thing my brain can process is what a nice voice she has, sort of soft and soothing.

‘You gave us quite a scare,’ she smiles at me and takes my hand as she perches on the bed.

‘Andrea,’ I mumble my eyes moving round the room looking for Andrea.

‘Andrea is fine she did an excellent job of keeping you safe,’ She leans in and kisses my forehead before rising to her feet in one fluid motion.

‘I want an armed guard outside this room at all times no one is to go in unless cleared by my security is that understood.’

‘Yes Ma’am,’ I hear everyone leave the room and the door close, I sigh with relief and drift to sleep, knowing I should be worried or scared or both but just not having the energy to do either.

I am woken again by a rumpus outside my door. I try to sit up as it bursts open and Thom appears his lip bleeding and dragging a large unconscious security guard. I frown and snuggle back down closing my eyes deciding it was fine as Thomas was here.

’Aaron wake up, come on mate.”

‘What Thom?’ I mumble.

‘Gotta go mate sorry, need to get you safe,’

‘I am safe, Andrea is here, and my bodyguard,’ I mutter as Thom pulls my blankets back.

‘No Aaron you are far from safe, oh yeah I think I met her, big Russian woman very protective of you, I had to knock her out, do you think she will be annoyed?’ Thom smirks.

‘Yeah Thom and I like her,’ I chuckle.

‘Oh sorry, come on get in this sleeping bag,’ Thom unzips it and I shuffle on to it he then zips it back up.

‘I hate this sleeping bag,’ I complain making Thom’s mouth turn up in a smile.

‘Yeah, whatever,’ Thom chuckles as he picks me up wrapped in the sleeping bag. ‘My god you have lost weight,’ he exclaims holding me tight.

‘Weedy, that’s me,’ I mumble and hear a rumble from his chest as he laughs.

‘Oh, Thomas did you seriously think it would be that easy?’ Her voice drifts into the room, Thom puts me back down on the bed and turns slowly to face her.

‘Well yeah Gillian I did,’ he smiles at her as she pushes herself away from the door frame and walks toward him, behind her wait an attachment of her security guards and Andrea, their hands resting lightly on their weapons.

‘Oh, Thomas always so sure about what is right, who the good guys are,’ she smirks at him as she walks over to me and the bed I am laid on. She leans over me and runs her fingers down my face. ‘You can’t take him you will kill him, and we all need him alive, you don’t even know what is wrong with him do you? Or what he is?’ Gillian glares at Thom

‘So, I let you take him, and you kill him anyway,’ Thomas snarls.

‘No Thomas, he is no good to me dead. I have looked after him for years, kept him safe can you guarantee that, I think not,’ she clicks her fingers and two security guards take hold of Thomas. Gillian walks up to him as he glares at her. ‘We are the same you and I, you are my match why do you fight me over, well everything,’ she gazes at Thom as he glares at her everything about his posture is hostile.

‘We are not the same, and as for being matched I will never be yours,’ Thom snarls back and Gillian just smirks at him, as if she knows some secret.

‘Whatever Thom, but you can’t fight it forever; your mother will step in eventually,’ Gillian drags her finger down his face. ‘You won’t come quietly will you Thomas, so I have a little something to keep you where I put you,’ one of the guards hands her a syringe, Thom struggles hard but is held fast as Gillian pushes up his sleeve and jabs the needle into his arm muscle. ‘Night, night Thomas,’ he struggles some more and slowly sags before being dragged from the room.

‘Bring the boy,’ Gillian instructs, and Andrea walks over to my bed and scoops me up, before following Gillian and her entourage.

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