Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Seven

I can feel people touching me and I moan I hate being touched by strangers. I feel the sharp pain as the cannula is replaced and the oxygen mask is put on my face. I must have fallen asleep as I come too, and the room is quiet I can feel someone stroking my hair and they are holding my hand. I feel the covers being pulled back and something cold on my chest, and then the covers are pulled back and tucked around me.

‘How is he?’ She is in my room, what did Thom call her ah yes Gillian.

‘Fragile, and very sick,’ I don’t recognise the voice it has an accent and her speech is careful like English isn’t her first language.

‘You like him don’t you, does Thomas know?’ Gillian sneers. ’I bet he doesn’t know who you really are, no of course he doesn’t.” Gillian laughs and I hear a growl.

’Shut up Gillian now where is Thomas; Mother is livid with you taking Thom like that.”

‘Oh, you and Thomas are so annoying, and he is always in the way, why did you call him in any way, he is a complication I can do without,’ Gillian grumbles.

‘Because the other one has run away and that is your fault,’

‘What no I told Emma not to hide things from him that he would find out,’ Gillian huffs. What other one who has run away? My brain is just not up to this.

‘Emma sent Celina to fetch him back, but they were ambushed, and we have lost him,’

‘Oh, dear Rita what will mummy say,’ Gillian giggles.

‘Yes, well she wants Thom to help Celina find him okay,’

‘I want to be informed when they do, understood,’ The room goes quiet and I drift back to sleep.


The door opening rouses me from my light sleep. I just lay still my eyes shut. I know I am not alone, but I just don’t want to interact with anyone.

‘Naomi, what are you going to do with him do you really know what he is or are you just being annoying?’ Rita sighs and I feel the bed dip as she sits down and takes my hand stroking it gently.

‘Yes, of course I do, I have been researching all the old files ever since Thelma gave him to Gillian. He is amazing do you know he is really intelligent. They manipulated every aspect of his DNA and genetics, and I am sure his body holds the key. He is also an amazing lover. Gillian has taught him every aspect of physical pleasure,’ I can hear the smirk in her voice, and I know she only said that to rile the other girl up.

‘The key to what?’ the other girl, Rita huffs and ignores Naomi’s dig.

‘The key to solving this mess we are in, it’s as if they knew we would need them,’ Naomi answers and I had never heard her so animated.

‘Them, what do you mean by them?’ Rita’s voice betrays her confusion.

‘There is another one, well there were three to start with, but one died early, after that I have records for them until fourteen and then they disappear, and I have two death certificates. As he has been with Gillian in her facility, they must be fake.’

‘They belong to us though, you know that,’

‘I know that, but we couldn’t get them to you safely and now the other one has run away and the only way to get him back is to use Aaron,’ Naomi crosses her arms across her chest with a smug smile on her lips.

’Okay…I will help you on one condition you don’t hurt him in any way. Rita stands up and gazes at Naomi.

When they finally leave, I give a small groan and shut my eyes and go back to sleep. I wake to someone talking to me. I rouse myself enough to work out what they are saying.

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