Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Nine

I must have drifted off again I am all alone again; I hear the door and the familiar creak of someone sitting in a chair.

‘Hi how you doing, I am hiding in your room again, sorry I didn’t visit yesterday, they wouldn’t let me. The place is overrun with Adams they have shut another boys home down and the boys and their Mothers are here, its chaos, still they aren’t staying they will be gone tomorrow so I thought I would hide in here till they are gone, I am staying with you. Thom doesn’t think I am fit to travel yet, I like Thom he is nice, I asked if I could stay with you. Naomi thinks I should help protect you like a big sister. Personally, I think that weird as we are matched and we will be expected to do, well you know what I mean, I’m rambling sorry,’ I feel the bed move she must be resting on it.

I wake feeling…good, I blink the sleep out my eyes and Naomi walks over and smiles at me.

‘Hello young man feeling better,’ she picks up my wrist and looks at her watch smiling.

‘Yes, really hungry,’ I mutter trying to sit up.

‘Well maybe a lightly boiled egg and toast, how does that sound,’ I nod, and she smiles leaving the room. I look around I didn’t really register it when I was first brought in here, it is a nice room with elegant furniture and lots of chintz in greens and golds with thick flowery woollen rugs, the curtains cover large windows and I see the fire lit in the ornate marble fireplace, the drapes around the bed match the curtains. My gaze falls on an overstuffed chair and I smile that must be Rita’s chair, I wonder where she is. I can just see light through the curtains and wonder what time of day it is I have no idea of time or even what day it is, and I certainly don’t know how long I have been here, not even sure where here is.

I look up as the door opens and Naomi walks in, she has a white coat on and a stethoscope around her neck. She smiles at me as she walks across the room to the bed.

‘Aaron, may I listen to your chest,’ she asks her voice is soft and her smile reaches her eyes, so I nod and watch as she rubs the end of her stethoscope on her hand she notices and smiles. ‘Just warm it up for you,’ she places it on my chest. ‘Breathe in,’ she asks. ‘And out,’ I obey she pushes my pyjama top up and puts it on my back. ‘And again,’ she instructs, ’Thank you, your chest sounds much better she pulls my pyjama top down and smiles.

I attack the boiled egg with gusto and Naomi laughs ruffling my hair.

‘Geroff,’ I grumble, and she leans in and kisses my cheek. She opens the curtains and I can see an ornate formal garden. The window isn’t a window but glass doors that lead out to a paved seating area.

A girl comes into view in her arms trays of bright flowers. She has a floppy hat on concealing her face. I still recognise her as Rita. She turns in my direction and waves at me. I smile and wave back. I would like to join her, but I doubt Naomi will let me out of bed.

‘Some ones better?’ Naomi bustles back in and takes the tray. I watch Rita for a bit before I snuggle down to sleep.

I hear the door, and someone walks in swearing softly I smile and open my eyes it is Rita. She is the highlight of my day she is so funny. She mimics everyone she is really good and so funny in her depressed way. I am so pleased she is here.

‘Sorry spilt some of your soup,’ she mutters as she wanders over setting the tray down on a side table while I shuffle up the bed. Once I’m comfortable she settles it on my legs.

‘You should move onto solid food it would be a lot easier. I brought mine thought we could eat together,’

‘Doctor Naomi won’t let me yet, and she is a bit scary,’ I see her face crumple and wonder what’s wrong.

‘Oh am I supposed to feed you, sorry, I didn’t think of that earlier and then I saw you looking a bit pathetic, oh sorry I have been rude, oh gosh rambling again sorry,’ I laugh I can’t help it I wince as pain flares in my chest and I put my hand up and rub it, she grins and sits down.

‘I…can manage…soup,’ I finally manage. Why is talking so hard? She has a sandwich of some sort and a cartoon of juice. We sit in silence for a bit just enjoying each other’s company.

‘I bet you have loads of questions, don’t talk just nod,’ she smiles I nod. I am so grateful at how astute and observant she is, result. I would chuckle but that is well out of my skill set at the moment. I hold the oxygen mask to my face and breathe as deeply as I can, it really hurts.

’We are in a chateau lots of Adams come here to be assessed and then they are moved on to different communities, apparently they can’t just go free they have to be assessed. She pauses, ‘do you know Gillian allows this, she disapproves of the Adam program how weird is that,’

‘Oh yeah she does, I wrote loads of reports for her about its failings. Who said you were mental that’s a bit harsh,’

‘They haven’t actually said that to my face, but I’m not stupid. I have above average intelligence apparently, they said that to my face, not that I need it to make babies, god I don’t even like babies; I hate it here, sorry rambling again,’ she runs her hands through her hair. A big grin crosses her face as she looks at me. Oh no I can guess what she is thinking. ‘With you,’ she bursts out laughing. How is that funny?

She gazes at me with her wide blue eyes she is of course beautiful. Not pretty like me, but properly beautiful, all perfect symmetrical features slightly pouty lips and hound dog eyes, even more so with her melancholy. Yeah, I find her attractive.

Oh, great I wake up and the only person in my room is a nutcase, she chuckles I think my expression betrays my thoughts.

‘I’m not crazy, well I don’t think I am. I am so glad you’re here,’ she looks away. ‘I thought I would never find you and then I learn you are with Gillian,’ she bites her lip. ‘Do you love her? I mean sorry that was rude I mean you have been with her for ages and Naomi said… well that she taught you stuff. Its alright if you love her, I don’t mind…’ she looks away a flush creep up her cheeks.

‘What no I don’t love her. I do enjoy her company, but I can assure you there is no love involved,’ she picks up our lunch things and shuffles out the room. I sigh and settle down for a nap.

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