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A Punishment Is Imparted



I feel confused, tired, and weak. I look around, not recognizing much of the city around me. The sky is dark, it's probably the middle of the night. I look down to my hands, and find that there’s a wrist watch in one of my arms, so I check the time: 11:40 pm.
How did I get here? My brain feels like an empty container, just blurred motions and ideas that I can’t seem to be able to put together.
“Give it a moment, it will all make sense soon,” I hear a deep voice say. I turn, and look around me, but there’s no one there.
I’m alone in a narrow street that ends up in a dead end. I check my pockets, and find a wallet. A quick inspection tells me there’s a lot of cash inside, but no ID’s, no cards. Just cash, lots of cash.
Who am I?
“You’re in shock, it will all come back to you any minute now. And we will tell you what you need to do. I don't promise anything, but I’ll try to help whenever I can.”
I turn around in a full circle, looking for the voice that seems to be talking inside my head. Am I crazy?
“Who’s there?! What do you want?” I yell.
“Waimari*,” says the voice, sounding farther away.
I take a few steps back, and turn around on a full circle again. I'm alone.
“Mahara.**” The word echoes into the night.
And then it hits me, like a wave of knowledge running wild inside my head, the memories crash one into the other, leaving me with fragments of things that I struggle to put together. I press my palms to the sides of my head, trying to keep the world from spinning. My head hurts with so much information, and the seconds seem to stretch into minutes.
When it finally stops, I know what I need to do. I know where I need to go first.
I just have no idea why.

*Waimari: Te Reo Maori word meaning good luck.
**Mahara: Te Reo Maori word meaning remember.

Note: I know this is a super short update! But hey! Life's not fair haha And I think you might end up loving this character 🙈
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