The Origin Stones

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Chapter 11 - Overpowered

Sanpu dragged the saw across the floor, the blade scraping dangerously as it gnawed at the concrete, sparking mildly.

“Wuuuooaaa!” He leapt, swinging his saw at Shinyaki, who smiled, waving his right scythe aside, left to right, parrying the saw.

Sanpu saw his blade bounce up and before he could pull it and gain control, the other Scythe swung past hooking it and pulling it aside.

Sanpu held on, his body twisting in the air to follow the pull all while he saw Shinyaki turning his body sideways, the right scythe traveling to his right then going around and over as he bent the arm over his head. The blade came down upon Sanpu to pierce him and he was relatively surprised. Shinyaki had moved in one continuous flowing motion, like performing a dance-step, and had meanwhile deadlocked Sanpu in his momentum.

But Kazuki appeared with his own leap, swinging his sword to beat the scythe away. Shinyaki took the hit and allowed his arm to open so he could again stretch it out at his right side, which was his back from Kazuki and Sanpu’s point of view.

His left scythe stood in front of Shinyaki, his left side, horizontally in defense.

Kazuki landed and dashed towards Shinyaki, weaving his sword under the Scythe’s hilt to strike at his belly. Shinyaki pushed down to fend the blade off, but short of touching, Kazuki glowed and pulled back the sword in a one-foot hop to spin and bring the sword around over himself and at Shinyaki’s left shoulder.

Shinyaki stepped back and bent his wrist, parrying the sword with his hilt while bringing the right scythe to tear at Kazuki’s left. But Kazuki, still in mid-air and having had his strike mildly bounce out of the parry, turned and met the blade with his own, being pushed aside.

As Kazuki was pushed aside, Sanpu emerged from behind him, sword held up high, two-handed, for a mighty downward swing. Shinyaki by now had his arms crossed. He turned the hilts to turn the blades and turned himself to face Sanpu while opening his arms, scissor-clenching the scythes upon Sanpu.

Sanpu opened his eyes startled. He front flipped in an attempt to avoid getting killed. He heard a loud rip and felt his sweater being pulled, but no gnash or pain. He also didn’t crash against Shinyaki, which was unexpected, but rather against the ground.

“Ow-ouf-ah!” He tumbled on, bruising but at least he hadn’t been cut.

“Let’s fight him together!” Kazuki yelled out but Sanpu just rose his head, his wet hair beating across his face. His eyes shifted and focused, filling themselves with blackness. Kazuki knew that meant he was angry beyond self control.

Shinyaki had side-stepped out of Sanpu’s trajectory and was now smirking at him.

“Angry already? Tsk tsk…”

Sanpu pushed himself off the floor, noticing he had scraped his left knee since they were bare and clotheless. He didn’t care, though. He was pissed. He did like fighting, but being mocked?

“I’m going to KILL YOU!” He hammered the floor with his sword, pulverizing a small crater into it. “Kill you DEAD!” He yelled at the sky. And then he rushed.

“Damn it!” Kazuki again ran, to follow him into battle.

And then they danced.

Shinyaki was able to set the pace of the battle and choose his moves in a way it led Sanpu and Kazuki to have very few alternatives as what to do. That enabled him to continuously spin and turn, waving his scythes around in a flowing rhythm. He didn’t get off balance, he didn’t have his momentum and inertia ruined. Kazuki and Sanpu, on the other hand, had their attacks stopped, momentums broken, combos interrupted. They were pulled, pushed, parried and dodged. But still, even though it didn’t seem like they were getting through Shinyaki’s defenses at all, he was on the defensive.

Kazuki knew that as he gradually remembered how to fight alongside Sanpu, it would only get better.

More important a question, however, was where were the guards? He looked around really quickly to realize the guards had never gotten past Jomiko and Agathon.

She had begun by charging, against which Agathon shot a fireball. It approached Jomiko, the size of her torso, making a path of steam out of the rain it consumed. Jomiko threw her feet ahead, letting her torso fall behind, to slide under the ball of fire. It went on to collide against a wall, catching it on fire.

Agathon attempted to shoot out another attack at the sliding Jomiko but she slapped the ground so strongly she no only got up but actually hopped. She also turned aside to allow a powerful gust of wind to hit and actually dent the floor. She landed in a side-ways stance all ready to thrust and shoot her right feet at his belly.

Agathon leaned his torso left, though, the feet scraping against his fur.


Agathon grabbed her foot with his left hand with remarkable proficiency and pose and looked at her with his right hand glowing red.

Jomiko was flabbergasted.


Behind Jomiko, two guards were approaching and were about to shout for the commotion to be ended. Agathon ignored them, focusing on her. He thrust out his fist to meet her face.

“RAH!” A jet of fire burst out of his hand, growing in size as it gained distance, again consuming the rain and whatever else it touched.

The reason she knew was because she managed to bend her torso back, practically brushing the ground with her head and palms of her hands, since she had opened her arms wide for balance. A large amount of heat surged and she watched his hand spew the jet of fire. It covered her from the rain for the three seconds it was active, as well as actually drying her face and hair; such was the heat she felt lucky her hair didn’t catch on fire.

The guards weren’t that lucky.

“AHHHHHH!!!” Bellowing over having been ignited, they threw themselves on the ground and started rolling in utter desperation to try and put it out.

Once Agathon turned it off, Jomiko quickly flipped around to hit Agathon with her heel. He had to let go of her foot to defend on time, which was when she flipped back, then rolled back across the ground before standing in a defensive stance.

She also looked insulted.

“You’re a pugilist too!” She didn’t hide the angry tone in her voice, how could he be both a mage and a pugilist? And both at high levels?

“Like Shinyaki said…” Agathon looked mean, punching his fists together. The collision pushed the rain away, demonstrating either his strength or his power. “You are in over your head.”

About this time, people started coming to the windows and whoever was on the street started clearing out. The guards, saved by colleagues, were being pulled back to the gate. They were shouting out for archers. Additionally, some warrior-looking individuals were looking out of the tavern. Mostly Pan. They would have been trying to identify if any of them had bounties, or had the look of being worth the risk of interfering with the fight.

Jomiko spat to the side. She waved her arms around and changed her pose to a more offensive one, again breathing in anticipation and concentration. “Alright, let’s cook us some cow meat.” She dashed forward against Agathon.

Agathon opened his hands and pushed them against Jomiko. “Whuah!” A current of wind shot out from his palms. The current of wind propelled in her direction like a wall, especially visible thanks to the rain.

Jomiko jumped high, turning and vaulting over it with a back flip.

She spun and flipped while Agathon pulled his arms back, trailing her in the air. He pushed - a hand at a time - firing off two streams of fire. Jomiko joined hands and front-flipped.

“YAH!” She cleared apart the first one with her fists, “RAH!” She cleared the second with her feet, finishing her spin with her right arm pulled back for a punch.


Agathon crossed his hands to catch her punch with his forearms. The backlash of the collision pushed rain away, making a relatively larger sphere around the point of contact. The hit had been strong enough to bury Agathon’s hooves half-way into the ground but still he stood defiant.

“Grrah!” She front flipped, hitting Agathon in the back of the head with her hill. She landed behind him and quickly dove aside to avoid another wind cannon he shot out.

He turned his side, waving his arm at the ground where she stood. It burst open the ground, raising dust and pebbles.

Her dive had put her on his back, as planned. Landing with her hand, she used it as support to slid her feet across the wet floor, positioning herself to attack. She stopped and pushed herself onwards with her legs, throwing her arms firmly and strongly into a two-fisted punch to Agathon’s back. The dust was still deciding to stop rising from the wind blast when the fists connected.

“Ungh!” Agathon grunted painfully, sliding across the floor for a few considerable feet in his attempt to stand against the force of the hit. Successfully, he came to a stop and snorted in anger.

“ARCHERS! Fire!”

Agathon looked to the side, his eyes red from the rain and rage. He lifted his hand towards the gate in a dragging motion, tearing off a piece of the ground into a huge ball of rock. He flung it over to the gates and its watchtowers. What arrows were still shot broke themselves against the boulder and the archers had to leap off one of the towers lest they be crushed.

Agathon grunted and threw another at the second watchtower. Jomiko was right on top of him by then, she had dashed and leaped, and was now spinning to kick at his face.

It connected. He tried to avoid it but it connected, actually expelling him back head first. He crashed hard against the wall of a building, his head making it the whole way inside.

Landing, Jomiko scratched her nose and sniffed victoriously.

“Ahhh, it’s a good day to kick butt.”

“Yes…” the gruff and deep voice called out, deeper and angrier than before, even over the sounds of yelling and the crumbling of towers.

The bull wrenched his head free, pulling pieces of the wall with it. He shook it as he got up, furious, his eyes even redder. She got the sense if he could blow up the entire continent, he would. “Yes it is.”

He glowed but this time, it wasn’t momentarily. The glow blinked on and off as he held his arms open at the ground, a little flexed in concentration.

The environment around her, she felt it in every particle in the air and in the floor beneath her, it all shivered.

“Yeah, I’m not sitting around to see what’s happening.” Jomiko kick-started a run, again charging him.

He breathed in, heavily, his face cavernous. “Rrrruuuuhhh!”

When he snorted, an explosion of wind just sent her flying back. Her and every loose thing nearby, the wall bits that had come off included, were simply swatted away by an explosion of wind that stemmed from him.

She was blow away far but still managed to land on her feet. She was thinking on how to counter attack another defensive area windblast when she heard Sanpu scream.


She turned around just as thunder roared out above her. She was in time to see the lightning dissipating. Sanpu had nearly been hit. Looking at Shinyaki, she could see his scythes were charged with electricity.

She caught Kazuki’s worried glare and mirroried it back at him.

More lightning pushed Sanpu back as Shinyaki simply kept his arms open, his wet hair waving every time he shivered, every time he summoned lightning.

They’re both multi-classers. She realized, worried, as she felt the ground grumbling. She looked back to Agathon. And all of them on the level of our one.

Multi-classers were people who didn’t specialize or prioritize a skill, but rather a group of them equally. That meant they were more versatile but usually less powerful in each of them than a specialist. At the same time, however, they were decades older than them, but Jomiko had never witnessed this level of mastery.

Agathon’s head was bowed down, his angry eyes looking up, locked on her.

“You did not have to… pursue me.” He breathed out with his nose alone, concentrating power. Energy emanated from his tensed muscles, his breathing seemed to echo.

“Agathon!” Shinyaki called out, jumping back to avoid Sanpu’s attack. “Agathon, calm the hell down!” Sanpu again swung his saw to catch him but he slapped it way, sparking electricity while hoping and spinning around Kazuki’s attack trajectory. Landing, he hopped again to land with better balance.

The ground was getting shakier by the second.

“You reckless infant! You insane little bug of a worm!!” Another explosion of wind surged and with it, Jomiko noticed her hands were shaking.

She sniffed and clenched them firmly, to stop it.

“AGATHON!!” Shinyaki tried to leap for Agathon but Sanpu was unrelenting, he wasn’t allowing enough freedom of movement with his incessant attacking. “Stop it, you idiot, I’m the only one who can stop him!” But Sanpu just laughed and kept attacking.

Then Agathon rose a hoof and stepped down hard. A crack spread throughout the floor.


“You have no idea… the years, and the plans, and the alliances. And now, at the crossroads, you ruin EVERYTHING!” He lifted his other hoof and stepped down hard. Another crack emerged, ripping up from him to the other end of the street, this one wider.

“Enough of this child-play! Jun or not, stop this now or I’ll kill you,” Shinyaki told Sanpu. But the child just laughed again, lost in blood-lusting.

“Ho ho, if I had an ueta for everytime I’ve heard that befo--!” Sanpu was interrupted by one of the scythes. It suddenly and abruptly pierced his belly, perforating him.

“Gahk…wha?” He spat out blood as he was waved off the scythe, pushed aside like a Rei by Shinyaki. The man didn’t look twice at Sanpu before running off to get to Agathon.

Jomiko and Kazuki opened their eyes in shock and watched as Sanpu’s perforated body tumbled across the floor. The slash itself had been near teleportation speed, Shinyaki hit the saw away and pierced him with the second blade in a mere second.

Time slowed down for them as Shinyaki ran towards Agathon. Jomiko felt like she could actually tell the heavy rain drops apart.

And they were pouring. The thunder was heavy and fear was practically lead-heavy on Jomiko and Kazuki’s attempt to come to grips with the situation, as they tried to figure out how they might survive the day.

Even Jomiko had to admit now…they were too powerful.

And in the distance, in a low volume compared to every other noise that fought to be heard. The ground roared and the skies bellowed and men shouted orders, but in the background, a faint but desperate cry pierced the ears of Jomiko and Kazuki… the cries of a small child who had just realized he was about to die.

Sanpu’s startled and desperate cry soon became the loudest noise in the chaos.

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