La Lluvia, la araña y los fantasmas

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some of the Ghosts have moved to Queens, New York 1936

Adventure / Humor
David Estrada?
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to persons living or dead, events, or locations are coincidental.

La Lluvia, la Araña, y los Fantasmas

Copyright 2020 David Estrada All Rights 

That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied; ‘Equality is Possible’. …for My Family


William Filles opened a mechanic’s shop near Toby’s Tavern. William specialized in cars and motorcycles…The shop was in the same building as the Tavern and downstairs from where some of the Ghosts lived.

There is an area in Brooklyn near Queens and Cooney Island. Peter and his mom live in Queens only blocks away. With some help from the rest of the Ghosts, they had the building built in the 1870s and vacated just after the Stock Market Crash. Toby operated the tavern facing the street while William operated the mechanic’s shop with alley access. The building was near Loring Avenue. Six stories in height and a tavern and mechanic’s shop on the first floor this is where some of our Ghosts called home.

Like most of the mechanical engineers in the Ghost Project, William Filles was given a copy of ‘Manual for the mastery over Space/Time (Revised)’ by David Estrada with contributions from Jujuba Woods and Xander Weiss.

Rebecca was the part-time bookkeeper and receptionist because she had been encouraged to pursue an opportunity with New York’s Finest to work alongside Maya Wells. It would be good to have two Ghosts or one Ghost and one human working for the Ghost Project working with the NYPD. And William said she looked good in the skirts and dresses from that era. He had to say this in private so no one from this era got the idea that they were not from this time or place.

Eddie Brock worked double duty working for Toby and William. There were two Zeds who had come along who often took water breaks. Zombie Joe came along with his Victoire. And so Victoire also worked double duty as a waitress at Toby’s Tavern and the part-time receptionist for William’s Auto Shop.

Kassidy Mary Filles is five years old now. She is in first grade with Sister Magdalena Norris. Sister Norris and some of the other Ghosts of Vice and Virtue worked in the Queens Catholic Schools. After school, Eddie Brock would pick up Kassidy. Under the guise that he was their ride, Sister Norris taught Kassidy and Eddie to use the Pray of the Holy Rosary and mindfulness meditation to keep their inner demons in check. Kassidy was a bit more successful.

Symbiote management meant feeding living animals or criminals who would otherwise avoid any justice to little Karnage and Venom. Chickens, rabbits, and stray cats tended to satiate Karnage the toddler…But Eddie often required Father Connors-Palin taking him to a slaughterhouse or ‘the Spider’ or Santa Muerte turning him loose upon some dirtbag. In the shanty towns of the Great Depression men often beat their wives and children and it was assumed that these men had caught a ride on a train, deserting the wives they used as punching bags blaming them for poverty…like little children, these men start by telling their loved ones that their life is worthless to the family or society at large. Many men who survived the Great War know what it is like to be told that they have no value to any woman because they answered America’s call to dutifully serve America and their allies’ interests.

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