The Raud Vargr

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The doctors and technicians stared through the foot-thick reinforced glass to the practice room.


“It can’t be.”

“What is his element, again?”

“It’s Null!”

“Then what the fuck is that?!”

Alex stood in the center of the room, naked from the waist up, save a single glove on his left hand. Scars crisscrossed his body, wrapping around and over the tattoos that turned his skin into a living work of art. The Gaelic-style wolves cascaded up his arms, their snarling mouths poised as if to eat the permanently etched ID tags on his chest.

In the reflection, the large emblem of a wolf’s head was seen taking up the entirety of his back. Black shapes marked the fur and head, the focus brought to the red eyes set in the silent face.

Alex already had his orders, something unheard of in the MAGES program. He was that unique.

Oh, and his glove was on fire.

“Wasn’t he freezing water yesterday? They are opposing elements! It. Isn’t. Possible!”

“You say impossible. He seems to disagree.”

The only calm voice among the onlookers. A slender man with coke-bottle glasses. He pressed a button and leaned in to speak at a microphone.

“Excellent, Specialist Jaeger. Now, if you would release it, I’d like to see you attempt to use the clay.”

Alex nodded. The spark was extinguished, much like the spark in his eyes. He had lost his previous vigor. Such was the effect of the constant pain and what could only be described as torture. He was a lab rat. But he was a good one.

He moved to the metal table and studied the clay. He began to carve the soft material with his fingernail. At first, nothing happened.

“Do not worry. Try again.”

And so he did. And again. And again. Finally, on the tenth attempt, his markings all over the clay, it began to move. Nothing spectacular. It just curled into a perfect sphere and rolled off the table, making a wet sound as it impacted on the floor.

Doctor Marcus Moore smiled.



“What’s the secret behind your power, anyways?”

Celia clung to Alex’s arm as they walked through the city. He wore clothes more acceptable for the environment, but ALICE still hung from a three-point sling across his body.

“What do you mean?”

Treya looked at them as she trailed a step behind. Mostly, she was looking at his free arm and twiddling her fingers nervously. Her ears perked up at Celia’s question, though.

“My ability is not perfect. I cannot see everything, only glimpses. But those glimpses were enough for me to notice something.”

She leaned in to whisper in his ear, and he frowned.

“That is correct.” Alex frowned as he answered her whisper.


Treya finally interjected.

“What’s amazing?”

Before Celia could make some snide remark, Alex replied.

“I can use every element. Though, when I say ‘correct’, it isn’t entirely. My attribute is Null.”

Alex was relieved. It seemed that magic was the same in this world, so it wouldn’t be so hard to adapt on that front. However, it meant that he was going to stand out, just like back home. He wished he could explain it to the others, but there wasn’t enough time. Or energy. As if to prove it, his stomach let out a loud, low growl.

“Oh my! We need to feed the Master. Don’t you think, Treya?”

Celia looked over her shoulder at the elf, whose face was a distinct shade of pink.

“Wh-what do… Princess, what are you saying?!”

“Oh, come now! You know not to call me that. And I was just saying that we should find a restaurant. Why, where was YOUR mind?”

“I… Shut up!”

Alex sighed. This was going to be a long journey.

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