The Raud Vargr

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CHAPTER 30 - Maou (1)

Zach followed Morgana onto the obviously magical circle. The moment they both reached the center, the runes on the ground started to glow. The light enveloped them, and the world rapidly faded from view. A pure white nothingness replaced the sight of the large building they had been in.

He shuddered involuntarily as he looked out at that vast expanse. His mind had barely begun to process the scene before it started fading. Darkness crept in from the edges of his peripheries. A fleck of light here, another there. Something colorful at his feet. As if the world was reconstructing before his eyes and coming into focus.

He blinked, and it was over. He was standing at the foot of a staircase, his eye level just below the top two steps. He lifted his gaze to see a solitary throne, seemingly crafted from magic itself. The majestic furnishing glowed a faint blue and had wisps of smoke rising from it. A single black cushion occupied the seat.

Despite all of the grandeur of the throne itself, Zach’s breath was stolen by the woman sitting atop it. He had thought Morgana was gorgeous, but she’d barely even be able to be called average in front of this person.

A glowing blue crown lined with obsidian sat atop intricately woven platinum blonde hair. The light of the crown reflected off of the silvery follicles and provided a stark contrast to the purest red eyes beneath it. Seductive and perfectly proportioned lips situated themselves below a small, pointed nose. These were framed by high cheekbones, softly cradled and contoured by smooth flesh.

The woman’s already outstanding figure was clad in regal attire, accentuating her curves even further. A black dress similar to an Ao Dai fell like water over her frame. The front portion of fabric compressed between the legs that looked to have been sculpted by the gods themselves.

Alex looked down at his own torn, dirty, bloody clothes. He didn’t have the best physique, as expected of a lifelong gamer. He didn’t spend his free time in a gym; he spent it on a computer. His skin was pale, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any muscle definition on him. He often got compliments on his face, but he believed he was average, at best.

His hair was still matted from his journey, and he wished Morgana had given him a chance to clean up and change clothes before coming here.

He looked back up at the Queen when he heard her move. She stood from her throne and descended the stairs. Every step she took looked like something straight from the runway. Practiced and perfect, her body moved with mesmerizing grace.

“Queen Jayna Ivthara…”

Beside him, Morgana dropped to a knee and bowed her head. It took him a second, but he hurriedly mimicked the act of respect. Seconds later, he saw feet barely covered by intricate black metal chain sandals stop just in front of him. A hauntingly beautiful and powerful voice rang throughout the room.

“Stand, Hero.”

Despite his thoughts racing, his body acted on instinct. Following that simple command like a marionette being manipulated by the puppet master, Zach rose to his feet. He continued to look down at those feet, not even feeling worthy to gaze at her.

A hand entered his view, the index finger extended. That finger found the underside of his chin and gently lifted it. His gaze traveled up her figure to finally lock eyes. He stood there, captivated by those ruby irises.

The Queen held his chin, and those perfect lips curled into a faint smile.

“Never kneel, Hero. Least of all to me.”

Zach nodded dumbly. He could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears and the heat creeping into his cheeks.

“You agree, but do you know the reason I tell you this, Hero?”

He heard motion from his side. His head broke free of the gentle yet powerful grip. He turned to see Morgana shifting her direction. No longer facing the throne, she spun to face him and resumed her kneeling position.

The Queen gestured at Morgana, her smile widening.

She let Zach take in the moment. When she saw the confusion and stupor still heavy in his eyes, she lifted both of her hands to cup his cheeks and force his gaze back to her.

Her lips parted, and her voice emerged, but it took Zach a moment to fully process just what she had said.

He glanced around the throne room, caught Morgana out of the corner of his eyes. He saw the crown glowing atop the Queen’s head.

The crown was moving.

It rose in the air of its own volition and floated towards him. As if it had always meant to be, the crown drifted back down and settled on his own filthy hair.

“A King does not yield to anyone.”

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