The Raud Vargr

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CHAPTER 39 - Fury By Another Name (1)

The world grew eerily silent. The only sound was Alex’s steady heartbeat. Well, that and ALICE’s pleas echoing in his mind.

‘Alex, stop! You need to slow down and think. There are four of them; at least one is a magic-user. This guy looks like bad news alone, and then there’s this weird voice in your head. This is not a situation we should be in. Too many variables, not enough intel!’

‘There are only two pieces of intel, and they’re the only two I need. There are four of them, and they were killing innocent civilians.’

[They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yet you dispute with your partner and pursue your justice. It has been eons since I’ve seen a righteous Wrath burning so brightly.]

’You shut up! It’s partly your fault he’s in this mess, to begin with!

[Be still, woman. I can feel the heat of his anger. It breathes life into me in a way that shows there is no staying him from his path.]

Before ALICE could respond, Alex began taking off his tactical vest, laying it on the ground neatly. Then he started to unsling her.

‘He’s right. I mean, I don’t really understand what he’s talking about with the heat and anger or whatever, but he’s right. You know I can’t just stand by and do nothing, ALICE.’

‘Alex… Redemption can be found other ways. I’m worried about you.’

He locked eyes with Encis as he removed ALICE and set her on his tactical vest. He took off his shirt and folded it before putting it on the ground beside her. The other man began doing the same, doffing his armor and sticking his sword in the ground. No words were spoken between the men, but an entire conversation had already happened in their eyes.

‘You sound like my mother. An entire army couldn’t kill me. I really doubt four soldiers have a chance.’

[If I like what I see, I shall step in to help you. Try not to die before then, human.]

’Why is everyone going insane at this exact moment?! Fenrir, there are other routes available to us. We can release them and follow them back to their camp, buy time to form a plan, or even flee and live to fight another day!

This almost made Alex smile as he adjusted his belt and his boots, ensuring that he’d have full range of motion in the coming fight. His scarred skin flexed, causing the wolves tattooed all over his body to seemingly come to life.

‘If I was the kind of guy to run away from something like this, would you ever have noticed me back during training?’

‘… I can’t lose you.’

‘You won’t. Have I ever broken a promise?’

‘You haven’t.’

‘Then, I promise. Today isn’t the day I die.’

Both men squared off against one another, their fists raised. Different emotions ran through them, but that pride and thrill of a coming battle carried those emotions along in a kind of synchronicity.

“Hey, traitor, what’s your name?”

“I’m Major Alexander Jaeger of the 77th MAGES squadron, GEARS sub-command, United States Army. What’s yours?”

“Huh? I got no clue what detachment that is, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s gonna remember you once I, the great Encis Vardebrand of Her Majesty’s Draco Albus Unit, obliterate you.”

The other demons began approaching, and Encis spun to shoot them a glare.

“Seems your friends want to steal your fun, Encis of Draco Albus.”

“They try it, and I’ll help you kill them so we can fight without interruptions, Alexander.”

He smirked, and the wild look in his eyes grew.

“They call me ‘Blooddrinker.’ Kind of a stupid name, but I rather enjoy it. I can tell you’re strong, and strong people always get nicknames. You got one?”

‘Be careful, Alex. It could be a trap. We don’t know what they’re capable of, so don’t give too much information. If I can’t stop you from fighting, at least listen to me on this!’

‘No can do, girlie. He showed me respect by sharing; it would be rude not to do the same before I kill him.’

‘ALEX, don’t-’

“It’s a bit stupid, like yours, but enemies used to call me ‘Der Raud Vargr.’”

He began slowly moving towards the other man, looking for an opening.

“It means ‘The Red Wolf.’”

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