Rainbow Land

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Mark and his friends has setup on a adventure on a rainbow will they make it out of there alive, or will they die. Read This Book To Find Out

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Entrance

Hey Mark wake up its time to go to school, or you will be late for your
last day of school” yelled Mom. Mark is a kid who is 11 years old, he
was blond and tall he was nice but he likes adventures. Mark went and
brushed his teeth and went to bath then made himself breakfast he ate
his fav Fruit loops cereal.
Then he went to the bus stop. “Hi Mark” said Lilly. Lilly was one of
Mark’s best friends she was dark haired and she likes to hang out with
her friends. Then came Harold, who is a unique kid, his hair changes
color every day. Then came Sam and his twin brother Martin. Sam and
Martin both actually say the same thing and look the same way.
They all were so happy about LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Mark said
“How about we all meet at the park today”. Everybody yelled “YESS!”.
So, they went to school, and they had fun because they had a party in
their English class. Mark came home, then ate lunch, and said “hey
mom I going to go to the park”. Then he took his bike and met all of
them at the park.

They were all there, and that was when it started to rain and they
saw a rainbow then Martin and Sam chimed with an idea they
exclaimed “why don’t we go to the start of the rainbow!”. Everyone
agreed, and got on their bikes and rode as fast as they can and when
they reached there, they realized it was the back of their school, and
then they saw the rainbow’s start.

Mark touched the rainbow, then the earth started shake Mark
yelled “What is happening?”. Now the shaking stopped and they
opened their eyes, and they were in this weird place they never saw.
Harold exclaimed “Where are we and what is this place it looks like a
big forest”. Then everybody noticed a change in them, Mark had a big
sword and it was blue in color and it was shiny. Lilly notices a watch on
her hand, but the watch was weird, it had two-timed pieces one says 5
minutes and the other says 24 hours.
Now Harold looked for any differences he had, and noticed he
had a ring on his hands and it said magic on it. Sam and Martin were
both not same any more Sam had super speed and Martin Had super
strength. Now everybody was wondering where they were and Mark
checked his pockets but there was nothing, then he checked his sword
and he found a small closed cap on the bottom of the handle on the
Mark opened the cap and found a piece of paper and he said
“It has something written on it and it says rainbow land”. Lilly
exclaimed “Maybe we are in this place called Rainbow land”. “Indeed”
said something. Who said that yelled Sam and Martin? “Not me” yelled
everybody. “It was me” yelled a small rock, but then it transformed into
a troll and said “So many people come to this place but nobody go back
alive and do you know That this rainbow land is filled with adventures
and monsters, so if you have been beaten by a monster or you fell of
the rainbow when it was disappearing you will forever”.

The troll continued “how you know time is by looking at the watch
on Lilly's hand and it says 5 minutes because in the real world this
rainbow will disappear in 5 minutes, but the 5 minutes look like 24
hours in the rainbow land, and now here is your map and go to the end
to find the treasure”. “Treasure!!” exclaimed Harold, “wow cool” said
everyone. Then the troll gave them a map to follow.
So now they started to follow the map but the troll didn’t want to
go with them so they all said bye to the troll and continued. Then they
came across a cave and the map told them to go in to the cave and
when they went in it was so dark, they couldn’t even see themselves.
So, Mark said “Harold why don’t you use some of your magic to light up
the cave”, so he chanted a spell to light up the cave and it actually light
up the cave.
Now they came across a bunch of bats that were scared because
of the light. Now they made it out of the cave and they came across a
monster it was sleeping, that was when there was a “BOOM!!!!!” The
monster woke up and started attacking Mark and his friends, so Mark
took out his sword to defend his friends and he cut out the tentacles of
the monster, and it died.

When they continued on their journey Lilly said “We are down by
2 hours, so we have to hurry up because we have a long way to go”.
They went on and followed the map, but then it became hard following
the map because they had never actually owned or knew how to use a
map, so Harold chimed with a solution he said “Why don’t I change this
map into a map that is in the racing car games like where there are
arrows in the air”, and so he proceeded with his idea and now it made
it easy for everyone.
Now in the middle of the path they come across a cliff the map
said it is the cliff of the dragons, then Mark asked the map for more
details and it said “the dragon master has to make friend with the
dragon king to make the path appear, and the hint is the dragon master
has a big blue sharp steel”. “What is a blue sharp steel and who is the
dragon king”. Then flew out the largest dragon in the world it was as
huge big as trillion Marks.
Then Mark said maybe the sharp blue steel is actually his sword
and he is the dragon master so he tried to call the dragon but when he
did the dragon got furious and started attacking Mark then all of them
asked the map for another clue for how to make friends with the
dragon, it said “by defeating it you will make friends”. Then Mark tried
to defeat it so he climbed on the tail of the dragon and started to go
near its head and he saw a gem on its head and he tried to break it the
when it broke the dragon calmed down and he defeated it.

Then, the dragon was a little too weak and they both fell down
the cliff but the gem had transformed into a ring on Mark’s hand and
then the power of the dragon came back and it flew back up with Mark
but when they flew up Mark’s sword started to glow and suddenly
stopped and his sword was in the color of the rainbow, the dragon said
that now Mark is the ruler of the dragons and whenever he thinks
about the dragon King or need help, it will be there for him.
So, the path appeared and they continued so they thought they
are so behind so Harold casted a spell to give them wings and they
started flying then they came across a big mountain they can’t cross by
wings because it connects the space so they went down but when they
looked behind them half of the path they crossed has disappeared and
the had to hurry up. The wings had disappeared too. Then they found a
cave and they crossed it and they came across a sleeping monster the
map said that it can be only be defeated by Magic it looked like there
are stars on it and Harold casted a spell to get the stars out of its body
but it did not work.
This monster was not that easy to beat, so they kept thinking for
an idea then they thought they could call the dragon. Then Monster
woke up when the dragon came, they knew that dragons are magic too.
Then the Monster landed an attack on the dragon and the dragon
started to get weak and it fell down and then the handle of the sword
in Mark’s hand started to glow and when he looked closer at it the he
found a button and he pressed it then the ring on his hand got stuck to
the sword and all of the equipment of every one changed.

Every one of them became better the watch became into a star
badge and she could change her appearance and Harold got all the
wizard equipment and he liked all of them he like the broom stick the
most. Sam and Martin each got a wand and they started glowing, but
Mark still had the sword but now it has a button permanently when he
clicked it, he found out he can change forms in to a magical person and
many more.
Now they were ready and the dragon was fully charged and its
blasted fire out of its mouth and it burnt the monster into ashes and
the stars flew up into the sky. They continued on and they thought if
they traveled on some brooms, they would go faster so then Harold got
some brooms out and they zoomed through the sky, then they came
across a Unicorn and they thought it was their friend but it was actually
their enemy and it attacked them and Lilly fell off her broom and right
into a puddle and when they thought to save her the Unicorn casted a
spell to not let anyone go to save.
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