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Myra lives in a middle class family. Living her boring life. A girl with hopes and beautiful eyes. But her imagination is beyond the clouds, like a magical world for her. Myra thinks that she can turn the magical world into her new world, new life. But her family didn't. What is she going to do to prove herself?

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8:00 am beautiful morning.. Myra's mommy shouted Myra it's 8:00 am you have to wake up! She says please God let me sleep for 5 mins more please.. But then she realized that today is the last day of her college and she becomes so happy. She ran to the bathroom and get ready for her last day of school. She was happy because she always waited for this day. Myra hate studies, she didn't want to study, she didn't want to go school, she didn't want to go college she just hate that. If you want to know the reason behind it, you can't because Myra also don't know the reason but she hates school, college and the main studies. But her family wants to complete her college and studies that's why she complete her graduation. Now she is happily leaving her house to the way if her college.(In college). She was talking with her friends which are not true they all were fake! She knows that they backbitting behind her. But she was thinking that after this last day of college she will stop talking to all her FAKE FRIENDS. After all things done now she is on the way to her house, and thinking.."Now I can do whatever I want".

She enter her house and screamed "Wooooo I am graduated"

And just lay down on her bed, and thinking now "My boring life is over and my new life begins..."

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