York impostor

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This is about someone on a live stream who makes out he is a train driver and then turns into a train guard by and he also copy’s someone by trying to get him banned

Adventure / Drama
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LNER impostor

One evening it was raining outside tracks where wet and leaves where falling LNER imposter was driving a train along the east coast main line he said he could do London kings cross to York in under 50 minute so he set off he caused major disruption on line he passed red signals and nearly caused a train crash great western a mod saw what he was doing and said I’ve had enough of this and then he fired him LNER impostor then said he is a train guard and he said he was the best guard there was but then great western got annoyed again and fired him lner Imposter got very angry and then he said he was a signaller David Parker and cedarcam where not happy and they said 6 bells so then great western got so mad he said “that’s it you never allowed to work on railway again”

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