The 2068 : Mystery of the missing Yenom

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Streda Halcyon is a 15 years old girl who live's in California and born in Osaka, Japan. She's buying a mysterius things that she fine on a mysterius grocery shop. And poof! Welcome to our next future, based on 2068. All gadget, technology is already updated. A time where all genius people live. And no one know what will happened next on this story. All about adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and emosional life. Keep following!!

Adventure / Scifi
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The grocery shop at the hidden town

"Wuahhhh, good morning my self, good morning Edrisa my most lovely cat, morning my room and i'm not gonna forget you my most best desk"

Yes, that was the most common things that i say, ok! Now first thing first. Ehm, okay my name is Streda Halcyon, i'm just an ordinary girl, teenage actually, thats what i hope, okay back to our speak! I'm 15 years old, born in Osaka, Japan. My mom, she was a Greek women and born in Athena, my dad was a British guy and born in Hong Kong. I was the only child that excist in my Family, spesifictly the Halcyon family, but it is same, haha.

I do like adventure, and fight cuz that was, yeaa realy cool for me. Okay at this morning i was going to a mysterious town, and i dont know whats the name of that town, maybe... spook-tacular town, get it? spook-tacular?. And then, there are soo many rat and cockoaches there, eww. No! Dont say eww i'm not a 'Ahahah, oh my god, im so pretty' girl, no, and that was the real eww for me.

I see there's so many houses, like abondoned houses. I bought my flash light of course, seeing there, seeing here, and i found a mysterious sword, and thats cool actually, realy cool. I there's some word that maybe i can read that word, and it says "erutuf wen rou si money" i dont now what that mean, but the coolest thing, is that i can still read those words without being awkward. And i found a letter but i still dont know what it mean, here let me read it for you, ehmn... "erutuf wen rou si money, kill Argasephone and the future will be in our hands. Erutuf wen rou si money, erutuf wen rou si money!!". Ok thats what the letter said, i realize that the first and the last thing that i read on that letter is just like the same like the words that i found at the sword, its seems weird, and i realy wanna know what that mean, yeah so i was realy excited for that.

Ok now i'm on the C Block i guess, cause its what those sign said, but i still at the town of course. I found a burned building!!! Owh look, its a bank, over there!!! Are they still have a money?? Haha just kidding. But i realy wanna know are they still have a money there, ok i will go in and see what they have...

Hey look at that, is that a money bunker!! Cool!! Lets see what inside, and guys of course i just wanna know what inside, im not robbing ok! 'Strap, strap!' Ok im in the bunker now, lets see, a newspaper, a tissue, a bottle?!?! How do they even have those thing in a bank?? What a weird bank, ok im out now.

'Strap, strap, strap, strap!!!!' Im running here, and i will stop now i guess. Wow look! Is that a grocery shop?!? And the lights still on, i think i'll go there now. And am i already have enough money? Aaahh it doesn't matter i'm not gonna buy anything there either. Okay i will cross the street rampampam padamm hey look crockoaches!! Hi crocko! Lets see what is the name of this grocery shop, 'Emetilla Junkpa' ok thats good, Emetilla 'Junk-pa' get it 'Junk-pa'?? A grandpa who likes junks?? Aa im just kidding okay.

Hey guys im in!!

"Hello there, can i help you?" (an old lady)

"Owh yess, is there something adventuring and mysterious here?"

I think she's Emetilla, and yes she is

"Yes i have it, here follow me, okay this is it! the most adventuring and mysterious thing in the world, just take it you dont have to pay it" (Emetilla)

"Okay, thank you mrs. Emetilla"

Yes finally i got this brown, old, weird, dusty, and mysterious thing, but idk what is this yet, but maybe i will know it soon when i already open this thing. Owh yeah, what this thing called?? Yes a mysterious chest.


Mom, dad, im home!!

-----to be continued-----

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