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This book is a sort of playoff of the story of Maleficient with the point of view coming from her daughter.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

I live in a castle far away from the outside world, away from any typical type of life, and in a way, I guess you could say that it was my fault. In reality, I didn’t have a choice, but I was the reason that we moved here in the first place so, I get that too. My mom is in the show business, so to speak, so she’s gone a lot of the time, leaving me alone for the most part except for Shawn, the butler who watches over me and makes sure I do the work I’m supposed to, but leaving me alone for the most part. It’s not a horrible life. To be honest, I have everything that I could want or need for that matter…. There is the matter of the wall, though. It's a case of percussion. To protect me from the outside world… that’s what she says anyway. In reality, it’s so I don’t escape… so I don’t hurt everyone else. I’m dangerous, that’s why we are here in this place. That’s why I’m here. The wall’s about 9 feet tall, and there’s only one exit other than the emergency one that leads under the house away from any potential danger. The exit? Yeah… that. Only Shawn and my mom have a key. There’s no need for me to leave, so therefore no need for me to have one. If I need anything, I ask, other than that, I stay here. That changed, though. Somehow. I sat in my tree outside my room, reading when I saw the crows that hover around our house. Lookouts, for my mom and Shawn, but they look scary, so it scares away any curious people wandering around if there ever were some. But today the birds acted weird and the sky in its own way responded with a variety of colors and vibrations that I knew only I could hear and see. “Someone’s coming”, the wind seemed to whisper, and almost as soon as it did the trees swayed and four beings stepped out from the shadows of the thick dark forest.

“ We’re going the wrong way jay! One said loudly a scowl clearly on his face and his steps loud and angry. “We should have turned before now, no telling where you led us to now, I don’t know why we keep letting you lead!” hush! A girl spoke now her voice quiet but demanding contradicting her shy almost sweet seeming nature. “Look there’s a fence! We have come the right way! You’re not always right Jack, maybe you should calm down a little.” no one asked you Willow! Don’t put your input in where it’s not needed.!” They continued arguing, seemingly happy even with the confrontations, until the first boy hushed them, and looked up at the fence and then over to me, finally seeing me through the branches hunched over looking down at them.

Hey!! Who are you? Why are you up there? My name is Jay, can you help us by any chance?” the questions kept pouring out of him in a rush, making me laugh because the more he said the more he looked like a lost little boy. Laughing I swung down from the tree and landed quietly on the grass and walked over to them. My name is Blythe. You’re on my island, I’m not sure how you got here but you need to leave before they find you, I’m not supposed to be talking to you guys, however funny you may seem. Shaking my head I stepped forward a little extending my hand through the bar for him to shake. These people had no ill will… I could feel it.

What do you mean by “your island” you look like you are about twelve not old enough to own a place like this… you cannot claim to own something when you can’t actually back it up Besides, you were not here for you or your island. We’re just traveling through, so if you’d be kind enough to show us where the island of Tihitish is, then we can be on our way child..” a girl spoke this time. With authority too, but what she said was plain and ignorant, lacking any of the demand that a person needs to command such a thing. She was wealthy and well taken care of and obviously knew nothing of the world or me. What you see before you and the land surrounding you is mine, passed down for generations, and bestowed on my mother and in the future me. you seem to have no sense since such an idea is so baffling to you. My family owns it, and what’s there is mine. I am the protector of this land, and it is I who make the decisions when those in authority are gone. I know I sound like a weirdo, but when I end up talking to people who like challenging me, I lose my temper and change my demeanor to match the authority that I am entitled to through birth.

When I finished speaking, the girl stepped back a little, not as threatened as I might have wanted, but it shut her up for the time being. “Um, so if you own this island, maybe you could help us then? We don’t want much, but anything would be great.” Jake was speaking again, looking back at the girl and giving her a look. “Please?” His tone is what made me agree. Not that he was fascinating in general, but there was something about him that made me wonder. It made me think.

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