Playing The Game

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When two best friend's Carter and Clifton are given a chance to play a game for real. They download an app which sends them chasing down clues throughout the city. But first Carter's sister is arriving and the madness starts after picking her up from the airport. Clifton hasn't seen Holly in five years. His feelings haven't changed for her since she left. When Holly insists on taking part with them, when playing the game becomes reality and it takes the three of them on a journey. (This story has not been edited and is only a rough draft.)

Adventure / Romance
Sarah Melville
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It all started when Clifton was doing his usual... playing online games against his best friend Carter, and also chatting to some online friends.

Carter and Clifton grew up together and yes they still act like kids sometimes, well most of the time. Carter has a younger sister but they haven't seen her in what seems like years as she went off to England somewhere over the side of the world to study fashion or something...Clifton wasn't really paying attention at the time, when she was telling him, as he was too busy checking her out like he normally did.

………..Clifton's P.O.V………...

I've liked Holly since forever but as she went off to study I thought I had lost the chance to ever have anything with her. Now she is coming back....

.....Gaming on line messaging.....

Clifton- I'm gonna totally crush you.

Carter- Hahaha.... not a chance. Hey you hear my sister is coming back?

Clifton- Yeah you said next week is it?

Carter- Fùck man don't you ever listen to me, no she's coming back tomorrow I've got to pick her up from the airport.

Clifton- Shit man...yeah sorry... got side-tracked..

Carter- Yeah and which bird is it you're chatting to online now?

For the past couple of years I've been chatting online mainly to this girl called Phoenix, although I doubt that's her real name.

Clifton- Phoenix warrior.

Carter- You do know she could be a he...

Clifton- What... no way.

Carter- Have you seen any real pictures of her?

-Clifton No... but we chat all the time, there's no way she isn't a she.

Carter- Ahhhhh.... god damn it.. where did he come from?

Clifton- Shit... I've got your ass covered, go get some healing potions.

Carter- Great now I'm blocked...

Clifton- Fùck who is this guy?

Carter- Shit... I'm out,

Clifton- No Ginger you are not killing me. Ahh.. you fùcker...

Carter- He get you too?

Clifton- Yeah... fùck I wish I knew who he was.

Phoenix warrior- Yo Wise one you still there?

Clifton- Hay Phoenix where did you go?

Phoenix warrior- Not getting my arse kicked by the looks of it.

Clifton- Yeah could have done with your help back there.

Phoenix warrior- Hahaha.. I bet Ginger was the one to kick your ass again.

Clifton- Yeah... Bàstàrd always creeps up on us at the last minute.

Phoenix warrior- Bìtch more like it.

Clifton- way is Ginger a female

Phoenix warrior- Why because they kick your ass again?

Carter- Hahaha....

Phoenix warrior- Hay anyway I'm here to tell you something I've just heard about..

Clifton- Another fantasy? I mean you can fantasise about us anytime you know..

Phoenix warrior- Hahaha..... you wish... you don't even know what I look like...

Clifton- Well I keep asking to meet you.

Phoenix warrior- I live in a different state remember...

Clifton- Yeah that's what you keep telling us..

Phoenix warrior- Yeah anyway, this one sounds promising... I'm sending you the information now. it's an app you download onto your phone, some sort of treasure hunt game, there's a million dollars to win...

Carter- A million dollars you say?

Phoenix warrior- Yeah, looks legit.

Clifton- Ok you know I like games.

Clifton- Carter check this out..

-Carter Its here in New York...

Clifton- What do you think?

Carter- Hold on I'm downloading the app right now.

Clifton- The fùck it could be a virus to hack your phone.... we should do some digging about it first..

Carter- Too late. Fùck me...

Clifton- What's it done?

Carter- I'm getting a map of New York and a count down...

Clifton- Hold on....

I download the app information that's given and then check it out..

Clifton- Shit... this looks like the first clue goes out tomorrow..

Phoenix warrior- Have fun boys..

Clifton- Hey Phoenix where did you get this from?

Carter- She's gone off line....

Clifton- Fùck... what do you think?

Carter- I'm game..

Clifton- if it's legit... Fùck yeah a million dollars... I'm game..

Carter- Fùck....shit.....

Clifton- What?

Carter- I've got to pick Holly up from the airport tomorrow..

Clifton- What time?

Carter- Errrr 10am, what time does it say for the start of the game?

Clifton- Hold on... We have to be at a specific place and time to start the game.

Carter- Where? what time?

Clifton- 11am at Queens museum.

Carter- Does it say where about?

Clifton- No you have to have your location open so they can tell you are there and then you get given your first clue.

Carter- Ok cool we can pick up Holly and head straight there.

Clifton- Do you think she will be ok with this?

Carter- We can give her some excuse.

Clifton- Don't know if she will buy it though.

Carter- Who cares I'm the one driving, she'll have no choice.

Clifton- Ok cool so I come around to yours tomorrow and we pick your sister up then go straight there..

Carter- Cool dude, it will take us about an half an hour to get to the airport and I fucking hope to god her plane is on time.

Clifton- I'll be round yours for nine am.

Carter- Cool see you then.

The next day I wake up and I'm already late.

"Fùck, It's just gone 9am and I'm late, I need to be at Carter's in half an hour, it will take me twenty minutes to drive to get to his."

In record time I get a shower and some clothes on before I'm out the door. By the time I arrive Carter is waiting for me.

"You're pushing it buddy."

"Fucking alarm didn't go off.... out of all the friggin mornings... looks like I hadn't set it properly last night."

"Jump in, we will take my truck, fùck knows how much luggage she will have."

"I take it she is staying at yours?"

"Yes.. why?"

"Just thought she might have gone back to your mom and dads."

"Fùck no, would you go back and live with your mom and dad?"

"Hahaha, yeah I guess I'd probably last about two weeks before I start driving them up the wall."

"Oh yeah I forgot, your parents are cool, you and all your technology and gadgets would drive them crazy."

We head out to the airport to pick up his sister, I just hope her flight lands on time, the web is saying the flight is going to be on time so fingers crossed. Carter parks the truck and we head inside and wait.

"Do you remember what she looks like?"

Carter gives me that look of what the fùck am I talking about...

"She's my sister of course I know what she looks like."

"Just thought... you know how long has she been away?"

"Five years or something like that."

"She's what 25 now or something?"

"Yes... No, don't even think about it."

"What I'm not saying anything."

"I know what you're thinking and NO she is my sister."

Yeah your sister is off limits, you told me enough times before, but I still can't help those feelings of mine getting excited at the thought of seeing her again.

"What are we going to say to her?"

"We need to be at the Queens museum for 11am."

"Yes as soon as she gets in we have to head there, if we're not on time we miss the chance."

"You still think it's real?"

"I don't know? but it's worth a try, I mean the Queens museum is literally on our way back."

"Yeah.... if we say something along the lines of just checking a location out for something."

"Ahh... we could be doing a new design for the Museum leaflets?"

"Hum... she might believe that."

"You really know what she looks like?"

"Fùck no... five years man... I've spoken on the phone but I've not seen her In five years."

"She was literally a teanager still when she left "

"And no, again I know you man."


The flight is called to say it has landed. We wait and in about half an hour the doors open and people start walking through.

"Carter No way."

"Oh god is it really you Holly?"

Seeing his sister come over to us, I'm gobsmacked at how gorgeous she is, I think my jaw just hit the floor. I keep my thoughts to myself as this is Carter's sister we are talking about here.

"Oh my, is that you Clifton?"

"Hi Holly, good to see you."

"Wow... you've changed a lot since I last saw you."

"So have you Holly."

"Hey, stop looking at each other like that."

"Like what?"

"Like what?" We say together.

Carter checks his watch. "Fùck we need to go Clifton."

"Shit you're right."

"Give me your bags Holly we got to go."

"Hey, what's the rush?"

"Err.... we just got to get somewhere."

We head back to the truck Holly is still asking why we are rushing. By the time we get to the truck Carter throws her cases into the truck and jumps in starting it up.

"Get in Holly."

"Carter Fredrick Jones, you tell me now why we are rushing?"

"Fùck Holly, just get in and we will tell you on the way."

"You better."

Carter puts his foot down and we get moving, the traffic getting out of the airport is slow.

"Come on... come on. Shit... come on."

"Right you told me you were going to let me know what all this rushing is all about."

"Clifton you tell her."

"Right well…"

"Spit it out, what are you two up to?"

"We got told that there is this app, we have to go to the starting point by 11am for the first clue."

I kind of babbled it out quickly.

"Show me what this thing is then."

I pass her my phone and open up the app so she can see.

"So you think this is real?"

"That's why we're getting to the first point as we will know if it's true or not."

"Yes imagine getting a million dollars."

"Well if its true... you won't get a million dollars."

"Yes we will.?" Carter and I say together.

"No you won't because you'll have to split it and get three hundred thousand, three hundred and thirty three dollars."

Carter looks in his mirror. "No... you're not doing it."

"If it's what it says it is, then yes I am."

"Carter do we have a choice?"

"Yes she's my little sister and she's not doing it... I'll drop you back at the house after this."

"No that's not fair, I'm totally doing it."

"It could get dangerous, I don't know what we are expected to do yet.?"

"So it's alright for you to go leaping into danger but not me?"


"Come on Carter it might be fun."

"See Clifton wants me."

Carter gives us a death glare. Oh and hearing her say those words that I want her... fùck yes I want her, I want to do things to her that should be so bad, but she is Carter's sister and totally off limits.

"How far have we got to go?"

"Five minutes tops."

"Ooo this is exciting...What do we do when we get there?"

"We don't know yet."

"We're hoping that we get some sort of clue sent through."

"And then what?"

"We don't know. We're here, I need to park somewhere."

"We've got one minute."

"Fùck... there's no spaces."

"Just put it in there."

"That's not a space."

"I'll get out and go to the museum doors, I think that's our best bet."

Carter swears again and says he will see if he can park somewhere.

I get out and Holly follows, she's all excited and bouncing around.

"We have to run."

I grab Holly's hand and we take off towards the door, I've got my phone out and the app open. We make it in time. We're standing looking at the phone when Carter appears next to us.

"You got anything?"

Maybe it was a hoax?"

"Awwww.. I was excited."

PHONE- Welcome to the game.

Holly squeals. " It's doing something."

"Stop leaping around Holly."

PHONE - You have succeeded in making it to the starting point.

Carter and I look at each other and we both have huge big smiles on our faces... I can't believe that this is real, we're doing this...

PHONE - First clue.

"Come on."

I think Holly is more excited than we are about this.

PHONE - You may take a ride on these, it's very central to the city, where and what could I be? You have one hour. Be there or be square.

"Fùck.... what's that meant to be?"

"Its central to the city?"

"You can ride on these?"

"First let's get back to the truck."

"Carter where did you leave the truck?"

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