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The Soul Mystery

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There is an abandoned room in the palace. Clara, the princess wanted to visit this chamber but she is not allowed. Will she be able to go in the deserted room and what would be there in the room. Are there any ghosts or some sort of magic or something deadly in the chamber? Looks like a marvelous mystery to solve. Sit tight and get ready for the adventure!!!

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The Soul Mystery

Long ago, before the dinosaurs there lived a king named, Fedrick with his daughter Clara. They lived happily in a huge, turquoise, pink coloured castle. The people in the empire were elated to have a king who always did justice with them. King Fedrick had a long brown beard and a diamond, peacock feathered turban on his head. He had short height and was a plump figure. His daughter Clara, the princess was a beautiful girl and the prince of other kingdoms got attracted towards her. She wore an exquisite emeralds and ruby studded crown on her head. The emeralds were arranged like flower petals with a big uncut, magnificent ruby in the centre. She used to wear her furry, velvety, silky frocks. She was a ballet titleholder. King Fedrick was often not in his empire as he went for wars to expand his empire. Princess Clara was prohibited from entering into a room nooked in the citadel.

Let’s see what beholds in the future.

Once, king Fedrick went for a battle with his military troops. Princess Clara got an opportunity to secretly slip into the abandoned room. She was curious and enthusiastic to explore that place and figure out why her father never allowed her to enter into that room? She stepped out of her chamber quietly and slyly and walked towards the room, hiding herself behind the bushes of the castle. Many soldiers were guarding that area which made her visit her flashback.

When she was a baby girl she used to run to the abandoned room and her father would hold her in his arms and tell her not to enter that room. From that day she had a great inquisitiveness to enter that place. She used to crawl to that place and seeing her interest, king ordered a large number of soldiers to secure that place.

Remembering this Clara made a plan. She shouted at the top of her voice ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh help, help me. Come fast soldiers and save me.’ Hearing this, all the soldiers ran with their silver and golden swords and jute ropes. Yeah! You are right, this was Clara’s plan. She quickly came out of her hiding room and pushed the enormous, mustard brown coloured timeworn gate. After a lot of effort she opened the door without making any noise. The door slowly closed behind her. There was a huge cave inside. Suddenly, a locket fell down from the roof. It was a soul locket. It said ‘The souls of your ancestors are still roaming around. They have still not reached in heaven which means no RIP.’ She was astonished to hear the locket speak. She asked the locket ‘But why their souls are still roaming and you can speak?’ The locket replied ‘When you will go inside this cave you will come to know that why their souls are still roaming. And of course I can speak!’ She started to go inside the cave but suddenly the locket stopped her and said ‘I can’t leave you alone in this ghostly and haunted cave. I am giving you six things and a person who all will help you throughout the journey. Here they are!’

A girl came out of the locket. The locket said ‘This is Lara. She is the smartest cookie. She will be helping you throughout this mystery’. The girl had long brown braided hair, beautiful eyes and an awesome look. She was wearing crop top and short pants.

Secondly, four boots came out of the locket. The locket said ’These are spring boots. They will help you both (Lara and Clara) to soar high in the air. The spring boots were green in colour and had blue stripes. They had springs attached at the end.

Thirdly, two surfing boats landed from the locket. The locket said ‘These two surf boats will help you cross dangerous waving rivers and lakes.’ The surf boats were blue in colour and had red stripes.

Next, were the ballet shoes. The locket said ‘These are only for Clara. Clara I know you are a ballet champ so with these you will do ballet with elegance. The ballet dance would help you make people get attracted to you.’

After that a bubble landed out of the locket. The locket said ‘I am putting this bubble inside the mind of Lara. This will help her to read any language and understand it.’ The bubble soon went into Lara’s mind.

The last thing that landed from the locket was a map. The locket said ‘This map will help you know your directions.’

Clara said ‘Thanks Mr. Locket. I am sure these things will be of great help. I still can’t believe this.’

She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Lara said ‘You are in enchanted and mystical world so everything here is magical.’

Clara said ’Mmmmmm, let’s start our journey Lara.’‘Yeah! Let’s go and figure out the problem.’ They both started to walk inside the deep dense cave. They heard the locket say BEST OF LUCK! The cave was exceedingly dark, dirty and had big cob webs. Suddenly a cloud of bats came from inside the cave. ‘Watch out!’ shouted Lara. Both of them crouched and kneeled until the bats went out of the cave.

After the bats went away, Clara was about to say thanks to Lara, but unexpectedly a large wave of blood stream was coming close to them. Lara yelled ‘Surfing boats please. Clara we have to surf on this stream of blood.’ ‘I don’t know how to surf’ said Clara. ‘These surf boats are automatic. Jump on the surf boats. Clara the wave is coming near us!’ replied Lara. Now they both were surfing on the stream of blood. The red blood drops were splashing and were getting stuck to the murky wall. It made the wall spookier and mooky. Shortly, there was an end to the bloody river stream. At the end of the blood stream there was a door. It was made with a very hard material and had a huge, tight extraordinary lock. ‘There is a code that needs to be entered in the lock.’ said Clara. ‘Yes I see. Let’s climb up these two ladders (which were just at the side of the door) and find this code.’ said Lara. They both started to climb up the ladder. They kept on climbing until they reached the roof top. On the roof there was a pointed end. Clara said ‘See Lara I can see a paper piece attached at the pointed end. Maybe it can give us a clue.’ She managed to pull out the paper. Luckily, the paper was not torn. She climbed down of the ladder and opened the paper piece. Clara said ‘Lara I can see 4 digits written in this. Let’s try them as a code in the lock.’ Lara entered the code in the lock and abruptly the door opened with a slam and a banging noise. They both entered inside and found they were inside a huge hall. The hall was very quiet and much cleaner than the cave. It had walls painted with red and there were huge photos of some people that hanged on the wall. ‘Who are these persons in the pictures Lara? Do you have any idea? And what about these scripts?’ said Clara. Lara replied ‘These are the paintings of your ancestors and in these scripts there whole life is mentioned.’ ‘Oh! But what is in these glass covers. I can see wooden tools, swords etc.’ asked Clara. ‘These are the tools and weapons used by your late ancestors.’ replied Lara. ‘Wow! This means it is a museum of my ancestors. But why my daddy was not allowing me to explore this museum?’ asked Clara. ‘I think we will figure out the reason soon. Oh! Clara see there is a huge door there. How we will go out of this museum?’ exclaimed Lara. ‘Let’s see what we have to enter in the lock?’ replied Clara. They both walked to the door and…..

’It’s written on the lock that-----

What was the profession of your very first ancestor?

Let’s see’ said Clara

They both started to roam in the museum searching for the very first ancestor.

‘(1900, 1800, 1505, 1500, 1300, 1200, 900) Here I got it! Come fast Clara.’ exclaimed Lara. Clara ran towards Lara who had found Clara’s very first ancestor in the museum, belonging to 900 BC. ‘Let’s check his profession.’ said Lara. They both started to read about him…..


This is Clara’s very first ancestor. His name is Edmond. He was a leather shoe maker and used to have his own shoe shop. He was the first man to invent shoes!

‘Yeah! He was a leather shoe maker and he was the first to invent shoes. Awesome!’ said Clara. ‘Ok, so now let’s enter the code in the lock.’ said Lara.

Lara entered the code in the lock, “leather shoe maker” and the door opened with a bang!

They walked and entered the door and you know what they saw?

There was a huge waterfall of blood glistening and shimmering. All around the waterfall there were bones of different animals and the sky was orangish red colour. ‘We have to again cross this blood waterfall by surf boats!’ said Lara. ‘Let’s go!’ replied Clara. They both hopped on the surf boats and the boats automatically started move on the waterfall. The waterfall had many dangerous waves. Clara was having collywobbles and a nervous feeling. Soon they were at the shore of the waterfall. The experience of surfing in a blood waterfall was quite weird for Clara because it was her first time but she had too if she wanted to know the mystery. At the shore of the river there was a Dutch house with gambrel roof. At the entrance of the house there was something written, but in a language that Clara didn’t know. She immediately asked Lara to use her power of understanding any language. Lara said ‘It is written here that we have to ring the bell that is at the entrance.’ Clara rang the bell and the door immediately got opened for her and closed. She asked Lara to ring the bell but the door didn’t open. Lara said ‘It’s not opening for me Clara!’ Clara shouted from the house ‘If my ancestors are here please open the door for Lara.’ The door opened again.

In the house there were burials and guess what, these were the burials of Clara’s ancestors. Shockingly both Clara and Lara could see souls of the ancestors just above the burials. Clara said ‘Hellooo…. I am Clara.’ Clara could not even complete her sentence when one of her ancestors said ‘Oh Clara, my dear child! Love you, I am very happy to see you.’ Clara said ‘Love you too grandma but I want to ask you why have you all still not reached heaven?’ Her very first ancestor, Edmond said ‘Clara my dear how did you come here?’ Clara narrated the whole story and asked them again ‘Why you have still not reached heaven?’ In the answer to this Edmond replied ’Clara, long ago there was a war in our country. I was selected as a soldier and started practicing. I started to hunt animals for practice and one day……… my arrow by mistake killed a lady who was a queen and her name was Yamini who was in disguise. When she was taking her last breath she cursed me saying that, ‘You, your relatives and your future generation will never attain salvation and their souls will keep roaming and never reach heaven.’ ‘But grandpa there must be some way to release my ancestors from this curse?’ asked Clara. ‘To get out from this curse… Clara you will have to die and give your life and only then we will reach heaven! This is the reason why your dad never allowed you to come to this place.’ replied Edmond Hearing this Clara said ‘I can give my life for you all to reach heaven!’ ‘No Clara!’ shouted everyone. ‘You don’t need to give your life! We will go to heaven, talk to queen Yamini’s soul and find a way out. There must be some other way to get out of this curse.’ said Lara ‘There is no need for it. I can give my life!’ said Clara. ‘No Clara, Lara is right. Just for this problem you don’t need sacrifice your life. It is my humble request that you go to heaven and talk to Queen Yamini’s soul. Now, it is all upon you!’ said Edmond and the others agreed with it. Lara said ‘We will try our best! Let’s go Clara.’ They both went out of the Dutch hut. Edmond said ‘Jesus bless them!’ Lara said ‘Clara please take out your map and let’s see the way to heaven.’ Clara took out her map, she examined it carefully and said ‘We need to walk for a kilometre first.’ After walking for a kilometre, they saw many trampolines just above them. All the trampolines were soaring high in the air. Lara said ‘Clara take out your spring boots and I will also take out mine. Then jump to the second trampoline as the first trampoline is full of stones. Immediately hit one of the guards from your side and I will hit another guard from my side.’ ‘Very nice plan Lara, I have put on my spring boots.’ said Clara. They both immediately jumped on the second trampoline and kicked the two guards who were standing on sides. Hearing the thrashing noise, other guards standing on the trampoline above jumped on the second trampoline. They took out there swords and then suddenly Lara shouted ‘Clara put on your ballet shoes and start dancing.’ ‘Clara put on her ballet shoes and started to dance.’ You know what happened when she started to dance? All the soldiers got attracted to her (remember the locket’s words). Simultaneously, Lara kicked and thrashed them so that they sleep. After all of them got asleep, Clara told Lara to jump again high in air. A high jump in the air and unexpectedly they reached the space. Clara and Lara started to swim in the space. They moved right then left then forward and right and just kept on following the map and soon saw a bright lighted area. On the door of the area it was written “Heaven”. Finally they both managed to reach heaven. Clara opened the door and started to do ballet in front of the soldiers of heaven. At the same time, Lara started to beat them so that they fall asleep. In heaven there were many doors and in the doors the names were carved. Very soon doing ballet, Clara and Lara reached the door on which the name “Queen Yamini” was carved. They opened the door and the queen shouted ‘Who is there?’ Luckily the soldiers didn’t wake up. Clara introduced herself and told why she came to meet her? Lara asked queen Yamini’s soul ‘Is there any other way to get out from this curse?’ ‘Well no! Clara has to give her life.’ said queen Yamini. ‘Please tell some other way, please! I can’t see her give her life for this.’ said Lara. Queen Yamini said ‘Ok! There is a way out. She has to marry to a boy who is my descendant. His name is Christine. My kingdom was ruined because Edmond had killed me and after my death my descendants suffered a lot. Their sadness made them lose their kingdom as they were attacked by my opportunistic enemies.’ Clara could see the sadness and misery in queen Yamini’s eyes. She said, ‘I will surely marry Christine but will the curse go off?’ ‘Yes of course my dear. Marry him and the curse will go off. He is presently in Hawai working as a courtier of the King. Also, you have to promise me that after marriage he will be the king of your kingdom.’ Clara smiled and replied, ‘Accepted. Thank you Queen Yamini!’ Saying her goodbye they came back to the hut and Clara gave the good news to her ancestors. All of them were on the seventh heaven. It was now the time for her to go back home. The blood waterfall had now turned into a rainbow shimmering one flowing from the mountains and breaking into deltas. The bones all around changed into birds. The birds happily flew in the sky. It was the sunset time. Also the blood stream changed into a chocolate river. When she reached the door from where she started she thanked a lot to the locket and also to Lara who saved her life and travelled with her throughout. After saying good bye she opened the door from which she had entered and saw her daddy standing right in the front with his soldiers. Seeing Clara her daddy scolded her and even cried. Clara asked him ‘How do you come to know that I entered this place?’ King Fedrick said ‘The guards told me what happened? I was pretty sure that you were up to some mischief. I asked them about the place from where the noise came. They told me that the sound came from near the abandoned room. I was sure that you had entered this room when I saw that the door was open a little. I didn’t enter the room because I wanted you to test your courage and knowledge. Now tell me what happened inside?’ Clara narrated the whole story to her father. Her father after listening to her was full of pride. The soldiers of king Fedrick went to Hawai in search of Christine. Christine accepted the marriage proposal with the beautiful attractive princess Clara. The moment they married, the souls of Clara’s ancestors went straight to heaven. After their marriage, Christine was crowned as the king of the empire. Christine and Clara lived happily ever after.

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