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A girl who nobody needed once , nobody loved, nobody cared. She saw herself as a useless girl until she decides to change everything, to change how she saw herself, to explore the world where nobody from her past could find her. Read this story about a girl named Ava who lets go of her past and start anew with new friends and the people who will care for her. Deciding to protect them no matter what and to find her happily ever after. Won't you also join her adventure. I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS STORY ;)

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

UGH!!! Such a crappy day. I know your wondering what's going on? Ok first let me introduce my self. My name is Ava, I was born as a noble lady. UGH a title that nobody cares about. Well everybody wants it but I sure don't.

You know when I was a little girl my mother passed away. Although I miss her but what can I do. The only thing she left me was a necklace shaped like a moon and I try my best to wear it everyday.

Oh I already forgot what I was telling you. Well although I am a noble lady my life hasn't been great. my father is the duke of this kingdom. after my mother's death he ignored me through out, one time I tried to talk to him but he just lashed out at me and said that he doesn't care about me and I could just get lost with my face and he also said that he doesn't want to see me as I look like my mother.

Well that's right my mother was really beautiful with her blue eyes and golden hair and I resemble her. I have beautiful green eyes which are from my father's traits but I look just like my mother with her beautiful golden hair.

Although life hasn't been great in this manor. Well not even great, it is worse. The maids always hit me and even abuse me and this is the reason why I am so angry. because of all the hitting, I started learning self defense in secret. I used a book named ''martial arts for beginners'' and it taught me a lot. so basically this is what happened. I was hungry this morning as I didn't get my breakfast so I went to the kitchen. a maid named jenny who bullied me said ''oh look if it isn't our young lady or should I call you a abandoned brat, by the way what are you doing here''.

''I was just here for my breakfast so you should get out of my bizzwax'' [WHICH BTW MEANS BUSINESS].

''you little.....'' she said and tried to slap me but I just caught her hand , put it behind her back and gave her a hard kick. I know I was looking really cool at that time.

Then I said giving her a glare ''don't ever pull that stance again or the next time I would break your bones and you won't be able to do anything for the rest of the 2 whole months''. And believe me she was scared as hell.

I was feeling really happy until I got the news that today was the birthday of the duke, my father. Hah I don't want to even attend and no one cares if I do. they all know that my father doesn't even care if I attend.

But I have heard that the emperor will also be there and if I don't attend he would question my father as to where am I. You know actually the emperor is my uncle, my mother's brother and he thinks that I am really happy in the duke's manor but this is because I have to lie because if I don't than I would be punished.

Well good luck to me.

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