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CHAPTER 7- The New Friend

It was Bambi who finally drew her out of her shell, and made her discard her listlessness and unhappiness.Bambi happens to be her mother’s only child although her father has other children beside her but she was the eldest. her mother being the only wife of her father has seized bearing when Bambi was born. Every effort made by both husband and wife to have other children proved abortive. The man however finally succumbed to his parents wish to have another wife who would probably give him a male child to carry on the family lineage.

Mama Olabambo was adamant when her husband told her that he wants to bring his new wife home so that his children can live together under the same roof for closer monitoring and attention. The woman vowed that over her dead body would another woman come and live in the same house they have labored to build.

The man has held his peace until he was able to complete his new house and has therefore moved there with his second wife and her three children leaving Bambi and her mother in the old one.
Only bamboo has access to her fathers new home as her mother has been banned after going there on two occasions under the pretest of discussing her child’s welfare with the husband only to beat up the other woman she now has to go to her husbands office if she has anything to discuss.

Mama Bambo was one of these permissive parents who would allow their children anything simply because they wanted others to know that they could afford it. She would announce to anybody who cares to listen that her Bambi girl must have all that the world cold offer her.

So when in her third year at noble girl’s school, Bambo made it known to her mother that she prefer staying in the hostel. She did not ask any question but went ahead to buy all the needed requirement of the hostel left her.

Even when a report reached her ears that her girl has joined a group of twelve sisters, a nature gang who are always the brain behind organized shows and constitute a general nuisance in the school, all she could offer was” girls must be girls’ and it’s their way of showing that they are growing up and that they are no longer babies.
It was this same bamboo who made friends with Beatrice, they were both in the dormitory and their beds were close to each other as both has secured the upper dark of the double bunk beds near each other.

One night, Beatrice laid on her bed watching a small spider trying to climb back to his home but no mater how hard the spider tried, it was far from reaching home. One moment you would believe the spider has made it, but the next moment, it comes crushing down almost touching the floor only to quickly crumble up again and began to climb not deterred nor discourage, it goes on couple with this dilemma was also the fact that the spider has to be very careful that it does not get too closer to the wall where a wall gecko has its tongue dashing in and out of its mouth was patiently waiting for a false moves from the young spider.

Beatrice’s eyes glued to the spot was silently praying that the spider would make it safely to its home.
“An irony of life” said a voice from the next bed “em-m, what” said the engrossed Beatrice with a start “I said such is life”. Bambi remarked “one moment, you feel on top of the world elated that you have made it at last, the next moment you find yourself crushing down with a level ‘thud’ to the ground and has to began all over again but the problem lies in the fact that most people feel too timid, proud or even discouraged to try again like our friend here is doing, she said indicating the spider but poor people, they have forgotten that quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit don’t you ever forget that Beatrice ‘she nodded dramatically.

Beatrice did not know what to make but she could easily gasp a few truth from Bambi’s philosophy because her feelings since she come to the hostel was that of one who felt she has been thrown over board at a time when she thought she was now secured in uncle John’s house as a member of the family.

“The sway I am feeling right now is down and out” Beatrice voiced out in spite of her self. That was a lie of the devil Bambi objected “You are only full of self pity, if you are hones with yourself for being brought over hers while all the other children at home are probably day students.

“Won’t you feel the same” Beatrice asked that because you are not one of them, you are wished to the boarding house while you’ll rather be at home. “No! Bambi replied “I would rather be glad of my newly found freedom and country blessings after all, you now have more time for your studies and also time fro leisure unlike at home.

“L-ei-su-re” what’s the meaning of that” asked Beatrice naively “a student who wants to excel in her studies should concentrate only on her books. Bambi laughed “all work and no play makes Beatrice a dully girl, you aught to be organizing your own parties by now miss book-worm, others are having fun why not you?
P-a-rties, you are not serious” Beatrice was wide eyed in disbelief.
Sit down there macko novice” Bambi smiled ‘I don’t blame you with the last look on your face without truing, I’ll, invite to go anyway”. But I still don’t believe you”, Beatrice shook her head “who would dare organize a party in this hostel despite all the strict discipline and close monitory of the seniors an the house mistresses.
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