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CHAPTER 11- Conspiracy

“Will you listen to me? Bambi said impatiently. “I am not suggesting you go to your home but to my as she unfold her plans to Beatrice “so I had said earlier you will pretend that you are sick, I know that you will first of all be given first aid but you’ll pretend that you sometimes have this type of ailment on and off that God you are still relatively now in the host after anybody to think you are lying Bambi continued once you are treated for a day or two without improvement, I know you would be taken home with a note suggesting that you can been taking to the hospital mean while I will look for the means of getting a note to Aunt that our house help to prepare to revive you on…
But do you think she would co-operate and what about your mummy?Beatrice cut in. “Aunt Kate would co-operate as long as money changed hands “Bambi smiled knowingly and my mummy doesn’t come back from work until later at night so there’s no problem at that and if you can only county out your own part.
Beatrice asked “How am I going to do that under the eagle eyes of Mrs. Camary? that woman is not easily fooled. “Look here Beatrice “said Bambi “no mater how stone hearted that woman may be whom she comes and find you groaning in pains and vomiting she would send you home with immediate alacrity especially when she knows that you had been ill after some days, we are going to organize it in such a way that even the class teacher would be able to verify that you have not been yourself lately.
“Agreed that I can feign sickness and pain” Beatrice said how am I going to carry out the vomiting aspect successfully? That is simple Bambi replied enjoying herself Beatrice continued to gaze intently at her, all you need is an egg yolk and the rice we are having on Friday afternoon.
Plan number two, Bambi continued” The are masoned and mixed with water would already have been keenly poured on the floor while you pretend as if you are vomiting I will quickly urge one of Mrs. Camary’s favourite girl to go for her, I know one of the things she hated most was too see a person vomiting so she won’t come nearer but as son as you se her coming you’ll empty the egg yolk you already have in your mouth that enough evidence for her to see that you are actually vomiting, if you know her will, she would quickly go back to her study only to emerge with the note to take you home.
And if she decides to go with me? Beatrice asked “Yet when somebody suggests, you might vomit again in the school bus, I know she can’t stand the odour of vomit or she will start to vomit herself. only to assisted and a senior girl would follow you and probably another girl that knows your plan. And her assistant? Beatrice left the sentence hanging in the air.
“That one” sneered Bambi” is a fool and even if she suspect anything she can be bought over, so rest your mind while plan number three “Anne would be the one to suggest to Mrs. Camary that you have been vomiting all morning and may likely do so again to the bus, since she is our senior, nobody will doubt her. Ranti would be the senior to accompany Mrs. Camary assistant and of course is your friend who knows your house.
You are an evil genius Beatrice said shaking her head in wonder at the other girl who thought of practically every aspect but you still haven’t solve the problem of what I am going toward then how can you people going to make the party.
Bambi replied “You just make sure you get my house first and you’ll find out that you have no problem as far as party clothes are concerned and as far Ranti and Anne they will sneak their way out as usually on Saturday night but as for me,Bambi laughed “Mrs. Camary knows I always have fitting buts and I just have to tell her on Saturday morning that I don’t know how I am feeling for her to allow me to go home for check up belief it.
But you having fitting butts, Beatrice said in wonder “you look so healthy Bambi laughed “go and tell that to Mrs. Camary if she would belief you knowing that I have gone quiet rigid on her hand on more than one occasion “Bambi relax her muscle as she rolled her eyes inward Beatrice shouted no-no-step it, she was so afraid as she could not see the pupils of Bambi’s eyes any longer.
Bambi laughed as she brought back the pupils into place ‘you are lucky to have stop me in time unless I would have slumped to the ground and you’ll have had a hector time bringing me around “she laughed again that my immunity against any form of punishment in this school.
Beatrice could now understand why the senior girls always avoid punishing Bambi which made her to get away with practically anything nobody wants a dead corpse on their hands some of the girls believe she will go like that one of this days.

The plan was such a huge success that by Thursday evening the school bus was on its way to Beatrice’s supposed home with Mrs. Camary assistant sitting with the driver in front while Ranti and Bambi were at the book supporting the supposedly in between them.
When they got to Bambi’s home, Aunt Kate who has been waiting for them opened the gate at the first sound of the bell between Bambi and herself they quickly moved Beatrice inside blaming the gate in the force of others while Ranti stood ground outside the gate, the whole thing has been so the very designed that Mrs. Camany’s assistant has no time to look properly at Aunt Kate’s face and now she stood hesitantly in front of Ranti not knowing what to do, she wondered how she could enter house without being invited, the driver from his position could not see much of what was going on because of the garden flowers so he just put his head relovely on his steering wheel waiting patiently for the ladies to come back.
Inside the house Aunt kate unruffled asked what’s in it for me. How much, asked Bambi quickly. Five hundred said Aunt Kate. But that’s too much, “Bambi protested I’ll be home tomorrow morning now. But I have to keep her for tonight. So your mummy did see her Aunt Kate replied an that’s a risk. Bambi said impatiently as she heads for the door. “Beatrice will pay you three hundred, I have to go or may’ll be wondering what’s keeping me, Ranti heard her coming and steeped aside as Bambi stepped outside and the door was belted immediately from inside. Mrs. Camary’s assistant matched towards the bus in annoyance the rich women has no courtesy at all she formed not even a thank you to any of us.
But she asked me to thank everybody “Bambi said, you see the girl has stated vomiting again and so she could not come out to thank you herself properly but she asked me to give you this, she handed over an envelop containing five hundred naira to her.
The driver realized that he still have another errand to perform before taking the bus back to the principal’s house and finally to home to his family hooted impatiently on the horn, the guns scrambled on board and man stepped on the gas. Beatrice though fidgeting was feeling at home in Aunt Kate’s apartment in the boy’s quarters, although she has heard Mrs. Mayfoom’s car drive in last night and heard her rebuilding the younger maid for something she has done wrong. She did not see her neither has the woman made any attempt to come near the servants quarters. This morning again she only heard her dishing out some instructions to her maids and then the sound of the car driving off. Aunt Kate brought her breakfast and while she was eating Bambi bursted into the room with all smiles.
“Waoh! everything just goes f-i-am, just like this, she dramatize waving her hand in the air and hers I am, I hope you are okay? Beatrice with her mouth full could only nod her head. But why are you just having breakfast now? asked Bambi frowning, its almost ten thirty you know.
Beatrice swallowed the contents in her mouth and replied. Aunt Kate has been very busy all morning and your mum has just left the house. ‘Did you know when she promised to be back asked Bambi.Beatrice shook her head “No, but I think Aunt Kate would know. Bambi want in search of Aunt Kate while Bambi resumed outing.
By the time Bambi came back Beatrice has finished her food and was leafing through the magazine she has found on Aunt Kate’s dresser. “Can we now go to my room?Bambi suggested Beatrice’s eyes almost popped out to their sockets as she surveyed Bambi’s bed room, there was a double bed, a stereo, a television set and a video cassette records but what really fascinated Beatrice was the wall to wall built in wardrobe. She was wondering what it could contain when Bambi’s an actress parade gingerly went over and threw it open. Beatrice mouth opened with a loud ‘aoh’ she does not know what else to say at she gazed at the beautiful dresses hanging on the hanger and the rows of stylish shoes under them with bags to match.
Bambi watched her with amusement, she knows the effort her wardrobe had created on her friend “feel very free to choose the one that pleases you, she said to the often girl as she went over to the bed to sit down. Beatrice stood tentatively by the huge wardrobe Bambi encouraged her, “go on, it won’t swallow you, choose whatever you want.
Beatrice was soon lost amidst the dresses, she emerged later with some which she took over to the long standing mirror, she hung them one by one against herself but shaking her head she returned them only to come back with some more until she finally signed and said ‘oh Bambi help me I am confused I don’t really know wish to pick they all seem so pretty.
Bambi instantly went for black velvet transparent off shoulder long dress. Try this on please; she urged it will go along very well with your light completion. Just try it on first, urged Bambi impatiently then later we can see what to do about the transpiring. While Beatrice was putting on the dress, Bambi left the room and came back with a wig, the colour of the sun, dazzling gold and brown at the same time this she arranged artistically on Beatrice’s head, she then help her to clip on a diamond neck lace and earrings.
Beatrice herself has to agree that she looks enchanting as she survey herself in the wide full length mirror. The necklace was just perfect on her slender neck while the earring sparkles off her ear, everything blended well with her dreaming eyes, her friend could not help exclaiming waoh! Beatrice you are so beautiful, enthralling.
Oh, thank you said Beatrice “I feel I have been transplanted to a wonder land I couldn’t believe it’s me there it is me that in the mirror you know, even my voice seem strange in my own ears they both laughed.
“Any way”, said Beatrice like a Cinderella, I know I will come back to my real self as soon as I remove clothes. And please Beatrice said Bambi “You have to be careful with jewelries because they belong to my mother and we have to return them later to their place. Won’t she miss them? asked Beatrice when she come back?“She won’t need them tonight” Bambi assured her”. But me must make sure we return them safe their place”.
And the gown Beatrice asked how are we going to get it clean, quickly so note return it earlier. Oh! you can keep the gown,” said Bambi, it is mine so it won’t be missed. But the wig and the necklace is my mum’s and so you must be careful with them. Oh! promise, I shall be very careful with them” Bambi said “Thank you for trusting me with your mother’s things, I quite appreciate it.
Bambi smiled “Look now that we have settled the issue of what to wear---- But out in Beatrice ‘you haven’t decided on what you are going to wear.Bambi said I’ll be putting on something similar but while to set off my ebony black completion and by the way, I brought along your garden shippers and purse, so that settles that but we still have o go out to buy you a lingerie to wear underneath. Later at the shop, Beatrice protested that they should chose black under wear but Bambi and the sales girls prevail saying white is the thing in touch now, Beatrice in order not to appear naiïve in front of the sales girl quickly agreed.
On their way back, Bambi suggested that they branch at Balowe’s house. don’t you think it is still to early to do so? questioned Beatrice I doubt if he will be come now anyway. I am sure he will be, said Bambi if he has to be fully prepared for tomorrow party. When they got to Balowe’s house, they met Steve, Balowe’s cousin who told them that double Bee has just gone out to buy beer and that he will soon be back.
Steve was however pleased to meet the girl in whose honour the party was organized to took them inside and offered them drink. But why didn’t you go with the asked Bambi well, I am waiting for my babe and her friends we have to get the garden ready? Is it going to be a garden party then asked Bambi.
Oh yes’ said Steve ‘and I bet you girls are staying overnight. Beatrice would be staying Bambi quickly replied “I will have to go home, but I promise to be here as early as possible tomorrow. Beatrice opened her mouth to protest but the sound of the door burst open and three girls come in each carrying at ravelling bag in her hand. Steve made the introductions “Meet my babe Laura, and her friend Judy and Mercy, girls this is the celebrant Tracy and you already know Bambi her friend.
Laura asked Are they staying tonight too? Bambi replied. The celebrant is but I would be back tomorrow to help with the arrangement. just then, the heard the sound of a car, Steve and That’s sure to be Double Bee, let’s go and help him inland.
They all trooped out the already parted brown Isuzu trooper. Double Bee was happy to see to girls and shaken hands with their all but he pecked Beatrice on the right cheecks, then they all helped him to unload the drinks.
Later Double Bee asked for their permission to show Beatrice round the house and as soon as e and Beatrice moves out Bambi took her leave. She however left a note with Steve for Beatrice.
While the girls took their things to the guest room, Steve went in search of Double Bee hands of you dare touch my boy fried. The girl swing round to face Laura who was standing arms akimbo, she surveys Laura in her
short pants an quickly changed her mad, hissing she said threat hissingly ‘you’ll all regret this and left abruptly as she has come. Beatrice who had all a long been holding nor breath asked in relief who is she?
“Oh! never mind Steve said. But I want to know, Beatrice insisted after all it was me she was aiming at, although what on earth for I cannot falham because I have never come across her in all my life.
Don’t you allow the little incident to worry your poor beautiful head, “Double Bee said trying to leave her. Steve was by now on another swing and Laura was gently pushing him. Beatrice sat thoughtfully on the swing while Double Bee continued to push her this time very fast as if wiling her not to think about the drama that has just taken place.
Suddenly, Beatrice shouted stop! and inter stopped abruptly. What’s up, he tries to sound cheerful. That girl Beatrice stammered she’s your girl friend is that not it? And in her eyes she thinks I have snatched her boy fired she wants to show down with me, is that it. Beatrice went on now more sure of herself answer me now? Answer me she screamed at Double Bee who just stared at her.
“You are not snatching anybody to boy friend Steve said “Double Bee likes you, that’s that about that he laughed. but Beatrice did not see anything funny in that she said “so tomorrow, he will find another girl that took his funny and then I too will be left on the shelve, now I understand how that girl was feeling, she was once part of you but you have all dimped her for whatever reason I don----
Laura cut in “You are wrong that Treey and please don’t ump into conclusions , personally Cecilia an I have never gone along very well together for reasons best known to both of is and if I may say it she was the one who attracted herself to Double Bee, although I don’t know what caused their recent quarrel but I am glad of it and besides since I have known Double Bee, he has never given any party on behalf of any girl which means for him to now deny it, you are someone special and to be candid.
Beatrice was however not convinced “but I understand that he usually give parties she said “yes Double Bee opened up at last. But it was usually for the guys or on my birthdays for send offs or to mark our academic achievements.
And what academic achievement have I attained to warrant this party. Beatrice asked. At this junction Laura and Steven tactfully withdraw to give them the opportunity to sort things all. Look Beatrice “Double Bee said I know you ask one of the brilliant girls in your school and for somebody who has lived in the village all her life to come to the city and start to make not just impact but to excel and shine as well as a fast worth celebrating.
It seems everyone knows me more than I know myself said Beatrice and I’ll soon realized that everything about his affair has been pre arranged.

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