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Beatrice however found it difficult to relax during this one week holiday she was around wishing that the university would open soon so that she could start her studies in earnest “the earlier the better, she thought.
Uncle John soon noticed that his name was far from relaxing and he had to rebuke her ‘Look here Beatrice, you cannot afford to break down now, thank God you have been looked for but now you have a great task ahead of you so you must just try and relax, it will do you good and prepare you for the task ahead.
Beatrice who however grateful when the one week holiday ends, despite herself, she recall for refresh and was grateful to Uncle John for his concern and on the holiday also afforded her the opportunity to get to know baby faith hope better, she find one little girl and her pranks amusing which makes her wonder if she was really are one who gave birth to this charming little girl.
Tai remarked that Faith hope was going to be more intelligent than his mother, to this remark, urge John gave him a sharp look of disapproval which did not escape Beatrice who smiled and said ‘No Brall see went to bet it’ and she put down a few naira notes.
They all laughed as Tai stood up moving to another chair while checking both pockets he said ‘If you are broke say so and I would gladly give you some money without much interest instead of boring your eagle eyes into my pockets.
The academic session started with the first two weeks being devoted to registration and settling down, as usual uncle John came to Beatrice’s aid with too help of Aunt Helen making sure that she lacks nothing, her mother also brought over the proceeding from her honest to help her along.
Beatrice was amused at the various names they were given to the new conversion campus, it ranges from freshmen to Jambites, it all serves to remind her of her firs day at Noble girls college where they had been called J.J.C. but unlike noble girls college, one was not lonely here at all because there was not time to be and she has me? some people from success Model College and even Noble Girls College.
Once class resumed in earnest, Beatrice has no time for mundane. Things as she shuttle from one lecture room to another and then to the Library only to go back to her room isle at night worried and tired as she was by now used to her room models calling her workaholic and ‘book-warm’.

It was in her fourth year that Aunt Helen who was her only confident started hunting he that she should be thinking of having a boy friend but Beatrice pretended as if she does not understand what her Aunt was saying until her Aunt sat her down one day to lecture her on the need to start thinking of settling down. To This Beatrice replied that he still has many years of study ahead. Where would it end me? she said shaking her heads. Helen’s eyes was full of pity as she surveyed the girl in front of her ‘I know you an bite because of your nasty experience ‘she said but to be happy you must try and put the past behind you as you tin of your studies, you must also not forget you are going to settle down one day unless you want to live the life of a celibacy.
But Aunt, that would come by and by said Beatrice. But you have to start the process now so that you would not be left on the shelve on the long run. Aunt Helen continues ‘our society believes that highly educated girls don’t always make good wife. But that’s a wrong notion that has no bass and moreover you are educated and happily married.
‘That’s because is though of it right early to my cause ‘her Aunt said so try and think about what I have just said.
It was not long after this that Beatrice and Frances started going study. it was not too if they had just not but both has been too pre occupied with their studies to note what was going on around them until the day they found themselves sitting together in the hall watching a health moving being shown for her during one lecture time and then a conversation ensued which developed into friendship and slowly grown into courtship.
When Aunt Helen finally met Frances, she could not hide her joy at Beatrice choice because Frances set a cool level headed, serious and handsome young man.
When Frances finally made his intention knows to marry Beatrice the end of their course, she too not wasted time in informing him about fatigue and the circumstances surrounding her birth. foretold her that he was grateful to her for not hiding anything from him he also made it a quite dear that he has no obstacle to his intention of making her his wife. To her is human’ he said ‘and a fall could not be compared to the determination to rise after such fall’ playfully pulling at Beatrice know his added. Determination get you there, you know and you are sure of making impact in the field. Beatrice smiled and said ‘Non, I haven’t made it yet but you know that I can still make it.
Believe you me’ said Frances’ at the rate you are going, the say is the limit for you, I would say you should wait for me because I don’t want to pull you down but I will rather run and keep up with you because I don’t want to be left behind. To this, they both laughed. Beatrice had been opportune to meet Frances family on more than one occasion; she has taken for them as much as they had been glad to meet her. But she has not had the opportunity of meeting Frances mother.
By then the whole village came to know that she was pursuing a career in medicine. They praised her courage and determination and some has even resolved to calling her ‘deaths’ anytime she was around to the administration of her proud mother who they now refer to as Mama dokita or Mama faith.
During one Easter period however, Frances make up his mind to pay Beatrice a surprise visit in her village. Having made his intention known to his parents, his father advice him to take the family Nissan Pathfinder for his journey but Frances has opted for a smaller car saying he was going on a friendly visit and not a shameff or parade. His father retorted I have met the deem girl on more than one occasion and I know that she’s quite reasonable. She will know instantly that the jeep is the late vehicle on an untarred village road with bump and potholes.
Mrs. Balingo said deadly ‘I wonder why all this hullaballo a pass village girl. Frances glared at his mother sharply while her husband gave her a look that warm her she was threading on dangerous ground and she need to be very careful.
But the defiant woman was resolute in nick shouldn’t any of our rich friend girls have suffer for far so she said. Love is room not enforced or brought for that matter my dear. Her husband smiled tolerantly as he said this. “Mum, you have a wrong notion entirely about Beatrice she is not a good digger at all one of her daughter said.
“Nonsense” smarted Mrs. Blaingoat her daughter “you are infatuated wit the girl because you bear the same name. Mum, you have only to meet Beatrice and you change your opinion, she’s quite beautiful you know climate. “So simple, not like all this girls you find around render added she’s so humble and highly intelligent.
So the village girl has highly charmed my entire household mocked Mrs. baling ‘except me or? I don’t know how a person could be so prejudice against another without having met her drawled Frances in annoyance.
Mrs. Balingo flared up ‘so, I am now referred to as a person in my own home eh and by my own son she shouted ‘Beatrice of a mere village tart, I wonder what I will be called when she……
I want have you call Beatrice a tart. Frances shouted back.
Then what’s she? asked the infrared mother. Don’t work yourself up for nothing her husband said trying to soothing his wife’s nerves. But why can’t Frances choose his wife from any of her rich neighbor’s daughter or from our friends. Mrs. Balingo asked turning to her husband why must he be little us.
“Love her husband replied smiling.” Love my dear ‘love my foot’ the arrived woman smarted. If not love, than what then what asked the amused man.
Be watchman! I the arranged woman shouted back. He has been charmed, pure and simple. In this time and age? her amused husband laughed out loud Nancy be yourself with all your education, I am ashamed of you.
What can this village is not do has they civilized she asked without waiting force reply she continue ‘ I know that they would go to my laugh to achieve their goal. Nancy! you may be a city girl, remember, I am also from the village said her husband. But the woman did not seem to bear him as she continued “I am not going to sit and watch a village sewn harm my son. And what are you going to do? asked her husband? go to a native doctor yourself. I know you don’t always see sense in whatever I say”, the woman said mournfully, oh o, my heart I, think I am going to have an attack as she said this she sloped deeper into the safe she was sitting on.
Still smiling her husband went to her side and said ‘come off it Nancy, I have never know you to have any history of high blood, pressure in your family.
Mrs. Balingo’s four children gave one another knowing glances, they were all amused except for Frances who were a grimace, they have come to know their mother imagine that she was going to have a heart attack whenever she was unable to have her way, initially they have dreaded such moments but as they grow older they have come to realize that it was just her way of win her defeat or of securing their attention or that of her husband.

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