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CHAPTER 5 - The New Girl

Beatrice was lonely and felt unwanted on her first day at “Noble Girls School; Uncle John himself came along with her on her first day at her new school finalize the necessary arrangement that would ensure her stay here.
When he was going he told her that Mr. Opebi would come and collect her in the afternoon.
After the morning assembly they who were new comers were grouped into various arms of the J.S. classes and some seniors were told to monitor them and familiarize term with their surroundings but these seniors left them to their own devices on they were busy gisting with the friends on how they had spent their holidays.
These novo-corners finding themselves unattended to by the seniors tries to engage themselves as best they could while thee daring ones among them left their various classes to explore that the surrounding only the most timid among them stayed glued to their scats.
“Hen, J.J. ce-ell what do you think you are doing? “Come back here !stupid! ‘JJC’. Beatrice heard the two voices shouting behind her but she kept on going not knowing that the angry voices were directed at her until she suddenly felt a rough hand putting her uniform from behind.
‘Don’t you hear us! or are you deaf’ one of the girls said in annoyance. Beatrice’s only concern at that moment was her uniform which she has been managing to keep neat so that she can show off to her cousins at home who has not seen it as them left home early that morning but are the uniform has been stained by the rough hand that pulled at it nearly brought tears to the poor girls eyes. In a shaking voice, she said “oh you have dirty my new uniform.
“And so what? The girl said offensively. Beatrice having noticed their uniform was unable to utter a word anymore because part if what they had been told during assembly that morning was not to be made to their seniors so she just kept mute looking at the floor dejectedly.
“By the way”, the other senior said “ didn’t you hear us call you? “I didn’t know you were calling me”, Beatrice replied calmly, she was however boiling with rage inside as she looked at her stained uniform.
“But you heard us call J.J.C. didn’t you? the taller of the girls challenged her. “Yes, but any name is Beatrice and not J. “who cares what you are called” thundered the shortest of the girls “on this compound your name is J.J.C and that is final, with this she pulled at Beatrice ears until the girl cried out in pain.
“And don’t you dare walk across the lawn again it is an offence okay”, Beatrice could only nod while the senior girl gave her a knock on the head for emphasis. Hot tears well up in Beatrice eyes as she stared at their retreating back
“Oh I hate this school” she sobbed not so much for the pains they had inflicted upon her but for her dirty uniform.
A girl came up to her and offered her an handkerchief Beatrice was grateful for this kindness and dry her eyes only to discover to her horror that this girl was a senior ooo but the girl sensing Beatrice discomforted put an encouraging arm round her shoulder and smiled. “Please don’t walk on the lawn again because it is an offence to do so said she. “Although that was not enough reason for those two rascals to start housing yous, knowing that you are a new comer, she added all they need to do was to tell you or call your attention to the notice’ she indicated the little while sign board by the edge of the field that says “keep off the lawn’.
It’s not so much the pain that is making me cry Beatrice said “but they dirty my uniformed and now I would have to show a dirty uniforms to my cousins’ she added childishly.
The senior girl smiled and nodded “ I quite understand she said “I was just quite proud of my uniform as you worn on my first day at school rule she then deep her hand in her skirt pocket and brought out a tissue paper in which she cleaned the dirt off. Beatrice’s uniform as best as she could.
“Now there you are, it’s a little bit better now, don’t you think? the senior asked “Yes and thank you very much” Beatrice said gratefully “now please if you don’t mind what is the meaning of J.J.C. Beatrice the senior said I must answer to it anytime I am called.
The other girl laugh and Beatrice watched as the dimple on her right cheek, “J.J.C. means same as Johnny Just Come used to refer to the most junior girls as the new comers, it also stands for Junior just come to differentiate” Beatrice said “ you are wearing skirt not pinafore like me?
“Yes to you I am a senior” the girl replied “but to those girls I am a junior too and by the way my name is Simb iJaiyeola I am in S.S.1
“And my name is Beatrice Adams, J.S.1A “I am pleased to meet you Beatrice” Simbi said shaking hands. “You know where to find me if you need any help.
“Please to meet you too senior Simbi and thank you very much “said Beatrice gratefully. “But are junior just come allowed in the seniors block become I wouldn’t want molested for trespassing.’
“I love your sense of humour’ laughed Simbi as she tickle Beatrice “and I am beginning to like you, to answer your question, however J.J.Cs are welcome in my block, we are no-bullies neither are we angels because we punish offenders but not unjustly’ so anytime you decide to visit, mind the lovers will you and she laughed again.
Beatrice watch her retreating back “oh I like the dimpled are very much” she said with feelings.
“here you are I have been looking all over the place for you’re voice said behind Beatrice who was learning on a tree beside the graveled pathway, she turned to see the beaming force of the girl who have earlier been poured to be her partner in the seating arrangement in their class. As the girl drew nearer Beatrice was trying hart to remember her name but she could not. She soon gave up trying, while waiting for the other girls come nearer.
“Oh, Tracy” the other girl breathed out “I want yo to come an meet my sister. My name is Beatrice”, she corrected her gently “oh, well, well, I know it has some “Y” in it but I could not remember whether it was Theresa or Beatrice so I decided to play safe, “ the other smile ‘after all a lot of people this days shorten their names to make it easy to pronounce or remember.
Beatrice as has to credit the other girl for remembering part of her name while she on the other hand could not even remember anything about her name.
“Please can you kindly remind me your name she asked the other girl. “My name is Hauwa” Hauwa Taofeek” but my friends call me Hay so you too can…. Beatrice gazed at the other girl as if she has not heard her properly but not wanting to give an offence she shrugged her should, “who am I to object if she wanted to be called ‘gross”, she reasoned within herself “come along and meet my sister? Hausa urged Beatrice “Is your sister in this school? Beatrice asked “Yes, she’s a senior’s senior” Hausa replied proudly “what do you mean by that” asked Beatrice. I mean that she is now in her final year, S.S.3, the two “s” stands for senior’s senior” Hausa replied hearing and went on to give Beatrice full lecture on the set up of the students laid down rules and regulations which was quite different from the schools even which has been and to them but which in no doubt was affecting if not much more than the school laid down twice.
you already known that all the seniors from S.S.1 to S.S.3 put on skirt and blouse, don’t you asked Hausa. Beatrice nodded, Hausa continued “I will new give you a low down on how to distinguish them from one another by looking at their skirts.
Beatrice was puzzled as to how skirt has got to do with differentiating S.S.1 girls from S.S. 3 girls since they all wear the same colour given skirt over a pink blouse.
Hausa was not doubted by Beatrice’s view as she continued. “The S.S.1 student’s uniform will be new like our own for the fact that they have just discoursed their pinafore she smiled as she locked at their uniform which was almost reaching to their ankle. She went on “as I was saying their skirt to be precise will be almost as long as our or a bid short although mind you the dare devise among them will try to new theirs up to kneel-length but a least it will still we knew so you know at a glance that they are SS1 students. you must try to avoid them like a plague because some of them are even more wicked than the SS3 girls.
“But why” Beatrice asked she could not father why this should be see Hauwa shrugged. “You know they have just been promoted to the senior’s black and not only that their new uniform gets into their head, she laughed “they have now graduated from wearing pinafore to skirt which makes their head to swell up making them look down on those of us who are wearing pinafore.
The SS2 students skirt will normally be kneel length because of the increase in their stature and it would not be new, it would by now have passed through a lot of ironing so they will not be all that neat anymore.
The SS2 girls are the one’s you see with micro mini skirts an faced uniforms that has seen better days, some almost tread bare. she laughed again at her own illustration mind you this apply also to S.S. 1 students too but there are some exceptions to this major rule however you have to be very observant and careful because some of those girls in micro-mini skirts as it has been sown can be real angels, she finished off. “Like the dimpled one “Beater ice replied, come to think of it her skirt was almost as long as my pinafores” Beatrice remembered.
“Here comes one of the daredevil “ Hauwa whispered conspiring into Beatrice’s ear as a senior girl in a skirt so high up hr thighs came striding to ants thing the two young girls moved closer to the wall leaning a word room for her to pass but she come bearing down on them like a bear and asked in menace “what are you J.J. cee’s doing here.
“We went to see our sister”? Hauwa replied. And who the hell is your sister she sneered while both girls. “We want to see our sister” Hauwa replied and who the hell is you sister she sneered while both girls looked at the floor. “I say who is your sister or doesn’t she has a name.
“She’s Idiat Taofeek” Hauwa stammered “umm, I see,” she was unrelenting in tormenting the poor girls “which class is your so called sister “she’s in, she’s in SS 3A, Hauwa replied again “I give you just five minutes to get out of this block, do you hear m, she thundered.
“Both girls nodded again, she reared “mona” as she off pleased with herself. The girls wanted her retreating back silently until she has rounded a corner then Hauwa coughed “did you now short her skirt was” Beatrice nodded and she continued.
“When you see such run for you life, they can be a real menace look at how she was behaving as if she owns the entire place” I give you five minutes Hauwa mimicked the senior then turning towards her sister’s class, she beckons to Beatrice to follow her while having along her buttocks as the senior has just done. Beatrice started to giggle.
The following morning after the resumption day, lesson started in earnest. Each teacher has made it quite clear form the onset that they intend to finish the syllabus on time so as to leave ample room for revision exercises.
Right from the first day of the lesson you can see the determination of the teachers faces as they geared up for the task ahead each having prepared their scheme of work far ahead of time. The principal had already inspected these and given her approval so work commended in earnest.
Before they know it, the first term has come and gone and within a twinkling of an eye Beatrice’s first year in noble girls school has ended without any hitch.
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