Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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the story begins with Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, a 24-year-old young man who falls into a well in an abandoned shrine after his boyfriend, Adam was missing, falling into an argument. He is magically transported to a land named Altea, a dimension surrounded by magical creatures called daemons, where he meets the half daemon named Keith who helps him try to adapt to this world and protect the quintessence Crystal that was embedded in his right arm while discovering the first true love of his life and finding things that are important to him as well as trying to defend the planet, while Keith on the other hand, is dealing with a betrayal that seals him to a tree for the years to come and the loss of his lover. Because of that, he's planning to become a full deamon to defeat the Galra Empire.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter One, Prologue: Altea

A long time ago or years ago on a winter day where the snowfall as coldness wind is blowing up where any man, woman, or child had ever been in places, It probably just seemed like a normal day. Farmers were going about, tending to their fields and livestock. The women were out doing their laundry. The children frolicked and laughed as they ran about in the streets.

But this wasn't an ordinary place it was in another dimension of a planet called Altea. In this beautiful world was the home of daemons, the benevolent spirits of nature of the planet itself or sometimes the mortals' inner-self and living separately from mortals that also lived on the planet as well, among all this beauty and wonder of a world, dwell a kingdom called Arus and in this kingdom was habitant by.

The mysterious people known as Alteans, they were daemons too who valued diplomacy, sheltering and helping the weak, respecting other races, you could was also home to the quintessence Crystal, that had...and most powerful.

Yes...everything seemed relatively peaceful on this day...until it happened.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" cried a man as he ran through the streets. "HE IS ATTACKING THE VILLAGE!"

Not long after the villager cried appeared, the villagers gasped as they spotted a blur of red, flying through the sky. It appeared to be a young man, neither a human nor a beast, born into this world by a chance of fate: a half-daemon, who has learned all about the power that the Crystal had, it too will turn him into a full daemon.

"Outta my way." he shouted as he leaped through the air, over the crowds of fleeing Alteans. Some tried to bind him down with rope nets, but he easily sliced through them with his dagger.

"Get him, get the boy", they said, screaming their heads off as they tried to capture again him in the process. But surprisingly, his speed was no match for them to handle along with his fighting style since their swords, spears, shields, and guns were no good to stop him.

Eventually, he soon got away from them into a clearing and crashed through the roof of a small house. Where traps were set everywhere. But soon, he found it: a blue, marble-sized crystal, glistening in all its splendor as it hung from a beaded rosary...and it was exactly what he came for.

"The quintessence crystal," said the boy as he went up and snatched it from its pedestal. "'s all mine!" He said with an arrogant grin on his face.

"Halt, invader! Drop the crystal!"

The boy turned, only to dodge the many Gunshots that were being fired at him as he went outside with the crystal and unknowingly activates the traps that were outside the chamber, however with his speed, he dodgers the traps escaping with it but the chamber got blown up covered in flames and burn to the ground, but it wasn't the only thing that got destroyed, Arus's buildings got to burn to the ground, caused by the traps.

Despite this destruction, he felt no remorse and no care for the world upon his actions of grabbing the crystal and escape with joyful eyes "it was too easy, now I can help him", he said, dazed as he left Arus to its fate. However, he is going to pay the price for his actions, against the Alteans. Once he tries to escape into the forest of Arus in the darkness of night, with the Crystal in tow. He suddenly heard a sound, like someone who felt angry and betrayed, and launched a single arrow met its mark.

"STOP, KEITH" it shouted, with so much thunder that turned his eyes to see the one who fired it, a girl. One who holds the power to see what others cannot see, to hear what others cannot hear: a beautiful woman with voluptuous white hair and wearing a beautiful white dress, light blue coat with a navy blue shawl, enraged as him with arrows on her shoulders, a fighting stance for shooting, she launches her arrow, zipped it took out and shot at his left shoulder, pinning him to a large tree behind him. Because of this, to his sudden shock, the crystal slipped out of his hand and fell into the ground.

"...A...Allura...?" the boy now known as Keith asked, feeling his strength leaving him...and for some reason, his voice carried the subtle hints of betrayal.

"But...but why? I..Why did you do it" He then sighed as his body soon went limp and his eyes closed.

Once the villagers seemed at ease, enough, they approached the daemon boy, but they didn't get too close, for fear of his awakening. But their problems didn't stop there, there now a Fire surrounding them and their homes.

On top of that, across from the tree stood Allura, the current priestess of Arus, her bow still up for her for a final time as a deep gash of blood on her right shoulder, once her enemy captured and defeated, although as she picked up the Crystal, the girl's face was colored by deep sorrow.

" he dead?" asked A young man.

"I don't know," said An older man.

"...He's...not dead..." Allura spoke up as she approached the villagers as her Injury to take over her.

"L-Lady Allura!" cried one of the men as he went to her side along with the other Alteans, with all their faces whiten by the scene she was in, falling to the ground, bleeding heavily and exhausted from the process.


Allura looked back and saw a young man run-up to her, he had a mustache on his face, but he was around her age.

"Allura! What happened how did... hurt!" He asked, kneeled towards her as he saw the wound in horror.

"Coran," Allura said as she forced herself to smile at the young man, gently cupping his face as the white-haired woman spoke, ignored his worries about her, talking to herself and at the destruction took place.

"This is my fault that he did this to our ignorance, my feelings have resulted in Arus to..." She gestured in pain and look down where the Crystal lay.

"It's not your fault, It was Keith! He was the one who did this!" cried Coran".

"The Crystal." She thought with concern. All this destruction was caused by this.

"Allura, we must tend to your wound!" Coran says with worries but soon he was suddenly cut off by her as she answered. "It's too late...I've lost too much blood. I'm not long for this world...but Arus is not".

"What do you mean?" Coran whimpered as he helps Allura stand up.

"Coran!..." Allura said, looking at Coran with a look of seriousness and the urge to stand up on her own, despite feeling pain. "Listen to me...I'm gonna take the Crystal and burn it with my body. It must never be allowed to fall in the hands of those who will abuse it, especially with our enemies" she spoke with these final words to Coran and her people, so with the last of her straight, she walked into the remains of Arus's fire and fell in.

Coran stared wide-eyed in horror at the scene. "A-Allura?....ALLURA!". He screamed in grief.

Within her final moments, she shouted. "I will take this Crystal to another world". With that, she was gone as Arus has continued burning, however she wasn't the only person that was gone on that day, a sudden corpse of a young man that was burned along with Allura.

As the Alteans mourned the loss of the priestess that they cherished so dearly, one woman glared up at Keith, whose body remained pinned to the tree with this almost peaceful look on his face.

"...I hope you're satisfied, you damn, detestable half-breed!" he shouted. "Lady Allura lost her life because of you! Let's hope the hands of time take you to death!"

For good measure, she even spits in the boy's face before she turned away the alteans.

Following this disaster to days to come of that winter day, but 50 years later and the seasons changes, to summer to spring and to fall. Where in another world in another time like sand and water, time flowed on until a little cry from a newborn baby boy was born and unknowing to him in the time, he had a little surprise for him and someone still waiting for him in time in a deep sleep.

This was a story of long ago...

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