Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Thirteen: Resolve

When Twyla had struck him with that inferno, Shiro was so terrified that he couldn't move. All he could do was crouch on the ground, wrap the cloak that Sokka had lent him around himself, and curl in on himself while he tried to withstand the heat of the flames.

"Am I finally going to die now? I'll never see Adam or my friends again..." But after a few dozen seconds had passed, Shiro began to think it strange. The flames were burning brightly around him, but Shiro had no sensation of his body being burned.

His clothing was like some sort of ultra-high performance fireproof outfit.

He wondered how much time had passed, when the flames subsided and he tentatively peeked his head out from other the cloak, Shiro realized that the samurai's or rather his cloak had protected him.

The ground around him had changed color due to being burned at a high temperature, and there was no trace of any of the grass and trees that had been growing there, yet Shiro himself was unharmed. Not even a single burn. Thanks to the cloak...!

"Keith... That's right, what happened to him?!" When Shiro looked out into the valley, he was appalled at what he saw. Twyla's nest had fallen to pieces, with body-laden bundles of strings streaming out in all directions. In the midst of this, he could see even at this distance that Keith had been injured. Twyla had him cornered and was taunting him.

"I want to go and help him!" he thought, but all his ideas felt futile. "But... if there is something I can do, I want to help Keith!"

Something that Shiro could do. That would be swinging the sword, and seeing things that other people couldn't see. In this situation, there had to be some way to make use of that, right...?

At that moment, there was a glimmer of light at the edge of his vision. "...?!" When he looked again, somewhat of a skull was atop Twyla's nest was glowing.

"The main line of the hair that Twyla controls... The light looks the same..."

He tried staring at it harder. The light became steadily clearer. Ah... it wasn't the skull that was glowing, he was able to see that there was something glowing inside of it.

"Here I go, I can't fail!."

Shiro resolved himself. The place where the glowing thing was was high up. On top of that, the only way up would be to climb the body-laden bundles of Black strings, he was scared just imagining it, his legs were frozen.

Even so, he'd still thought to himself 'here I go, I can't fail!'. Right now, this was all she could do, he couldn't stand forcing Keith to have to face hardship all by himself.

"Shiro, you're all right" Romelle shouted, relieved that he was still alive.

"Why?! He should have been burned to death, so why is that he unharmed?!" Twyla said as she was confused. Regardless of how much magical power he had, he wasn't a Galra or a powerful daemon, he was just an ordinary human, so why?! Even so, right now that he was currently making his way up the strings on Twyla's nest. Why?

Could she have seen it? No, that wasn't possible. Even so, she had to stop him. Right now.

Shiro grunted as he climbed up onto the strand, trying to ignore his disgust whenever he accidentally grabbed onto a human head.

But he did rejoin Romelle on the nest to fight back against her.

"Hey, you're okay! You look like you seen a ghost!" Shiro said, being casual like nothing happened.

"I don't know I feel like I'm climbing garbage!" Romelle said.

"Get down from there!" Twyla shouted...actually sounding a bit angry as she pulled at the strands, causing the nest to come tumbling down while Shiro and Romelle shrieked, hanging on for all they were worth. While Twyla was distracted, Keith grunted as he pulled his dagger out of his hand.

"Have a taste of your own medicine!" he shouted as he cut her down her back. She did stumble for a moment, but then she turned and growled at him before she swung her strands at the half-daemon, pinning him against the cliff.

With a darkly swelling anger, she shouted, "You be quiet!" as her strands of black pierced his wounds...and yet, despite that, Keith forced a cocky grin.

"If I didn't know better," he stated, "I'd say you seem a little nervous, there, Twyla. What's the matter? Something you're hiding that you don't want us to find?!"

Twyla only sneered at Keith...a nervous sweat beading down her face.

"Keith" shouted Romelle as she runs towards him. "We got to help him before it's too late!"

"We will!" Shiro told her, but the bundles of string from Twyla's nest were frighteningly difficult to climb. The surface was oddly slippery and trembled and swayed each time Shiro applied his weight. Not to mention some people were this close to death to strewn about. There was a pungent stench that was a mixture of blood, dirt, and rotting flesh...

Through all that, Shiro continued to climb while encouraging himself.

"All right, just a little further to the glowing skull..." Shiro called as he pointed up at a particular skull: one that was crimson red. "This skull, here! It's red! I think she's been trying to protect this one!"

"Red?" Romelle asked. "It looks like a regular skull to me!"

"Damn you...!" Twyla cursed as she leaped after Shiro and Romelle.

"Hey! Come back here!" Keith yelled as he scrambled to his feet.

However, Twyla used her comb to swing the hairs around Shiro, entangling both him and Romelle, once again. Despite this, Shiro and Romelle refused to let go and grabbed onto the red skull, even if it did send shivers down their spine.

"I've gotta hurry and get to that skull." Shiro desperately said as he tried to clamber up the hair, but he wasn't able to Twyla had leaped to the nest above Shiro, and shouted.

The Kushi no Ori! Had lifted his left hand high above his head. Following the movement of his's hand, all of the bundles of strings began to move.

They seemed to be haphazardly going this way and that, but they lifted all at once, stretching high into the air. Almost like they were coming together to form some kind of warped Christmas tree.

It was decorated with a head in place of a star, bells, and tinsel, so it was a rather creepy tree.

The writhing, growing bundles of hair wrapped around Keith and Romelle's body as they were unexpected, dragging them inside.

Shiro was also dragged inside the writhing bundle of string against his will.

The inside of Twyla's nest-turned-tree was hollow. The long, overlapping hairs wiggled with a light rustle. The scent of blood, dirt, and decay was even stronger here. It felt like being in the belly of a beast.

The string that Romelle was just barely clinging to gave a large jolt, and Romelle's hand began to slip, threatening to drop her.

"Ugh!" She frantically stretched out her hand, trying to grab onto the hair. Her right hand touched something solid, so she grabbed onto that.

Thank goodness, she thought... but when she looked up, Romelle saw that she'd stuck her fingers in the nose socket of ahead.

"Eeeew! I'm sorry" She instinctively shuddered.

"Romelle, are you all right," Shiro said.

"Shiro...!" she whimpered, actually see him hanging on strings. She's glad that he was all right and still with her.

"You won't be for long and you can let it go." Twyla came rushing from above him at a violent speed. "You'll be in the same state soon enough!" Twyla shot her gun at Shiro with a whizz.

Shiro cried out as indescribable pain and shock ran through him. His arm had been shot off! Ahh, my arm! My arm!

"Yes!" Twyla's voice faded into the distance as Shiro fell. Down, down, down, into the cavern within the tree made over multitudes of overlapping strings.

But his fall suddenly halted. It was Twyla. The strings he was manipulating wrapped around Shiro's arms and lifted him.

Before he realized it, Twyla's questioning face was in front of her.

"Just now? Why aren't you injured?" Twyla said as she used her tendrils to lift Shiro off the ground. "What kind of mortal are you?! Why haven't you been maimed?!"

"Huh?" When he was told this, he looked with a gasp and saw that his right arm was not cut.

It was still stuck to his shoulder just as it always had been thank God for that, he thinks that he was going to lose an arm again

But it still hurt, though. But it didn't pain from a shot, it was pain from being struck by the sword, he'd probably be nursing a big blue bruise there in a while.

"Is it thanks to this cloak that I wasn't cut?" Shiro examined the white cloak wrapped snugly around him.

Sokka once said the outfit that he was wearing was made from a special fiber that was stronger than basic armor. Just like back in the flames, he was sure that it was this cloak that had protected him this time as well.

"It's strange. Your body is that of a mere human as far as I can see..., but yet do you have a daemon arm!" Twyla said.

Somewhere in the tendrils of hair, Keith grunted as he cut his way through with his dagger.

Twyla, not knowing about the power of the cloak, observed Shiro with a tilted head. But, it seemed that she felt it was useless to just think about it. "If the sword won't work, let's see if this will!"

Shuun! Twyla moved the fingers of her left hand, and a strand wrapped around Shiro's neck. It was very thin, but also ridiculously strong black strings. It was the same ones that had taken those soldier's heads, arms, and legs in a single instant.

The string that captured these people. That was the string that was currently around Shiro's neck. Twyla tightened the hair. A sharp pain ran through his neck as blood began to spurt out.

Shiro gasped before he closed his eyes, bracing for the worst...but then...

"Shiro, Haa!" Keith's voice came suddenly with dagger came flying in with a roar, cutting off Twyla's left arm at the elbow. At the same time, the string broke away from Shiro's neck.

"Impossible!" Twyla's eyes went wide, unable to believe what happened.

When Shiro looked up, he could see Keith's figure from between the overlapping bundles of Black strings.

"Keith..." When Shiro called out to him, his voice was small and hoarse.

He... made it out alive. When he thought that, his body's strength was sapped, and felt like him energy had gone somewhere far away.

"Don't pass out on me! you old-timer!" Keith said, "If you pass out, here and now, you're on your own!"

Keith leaped down and firmly grabbed Shiro's waist. Contrary to his blunt words, his hand wrapped around Shiro's firmly and warmly body.

"Keith's hand... is so warm..." Shiro thought.

"Keith!" Romelle yelled as she grabs him by the waist, so he takes her to safety to the ground.

"That should buy us some time," said Keith. "She won't be able to attack much with both her arms severed!"

Rumble rumble. Something that sounded like a seismic roar reverberated and Twyla's nest began to sway.

"Twyla's nest is collapsing!" Shiro said.

The overlapping bundles of strings trembled, and the people fall as the nest suddenly began to collapse. Caught in the middle of it, Shiro and Keith fell as well. All while firmly holding each other's hands...with Romelle at the center.

"Looks like with both her arms gone, she can't hold up that anymore," Romelle said.

"She was stubborn, but this is it for her." Keith agreed

But it wasn't over yet, a gun shoot through the air with a whizz, stabbing into the pit of Keith's stomach. Firmly gripping the handle was Twyla's severed right hand. Another spurt of blood erupted from Keith's already blood-stained black shirt and jacket.

He gagged and coughed up blood before he stumbled and fell onto the skulls while Twyla cackled as they hit the ground along with the people.

"Keith," Shiro said.

"Dammit!" Keith made his annoyance clear as he got up. Right next to him was Shiro and Romelle who had fallen with him appeared to be looking around searching for something while his face was marred with the pain from the fall.

There was nothing but bodies surrounding them. The people with which Twyla have kept her nest, the innocent people whom Twyla had kidnapped and almost enslave them.

"Stupid half-breed," she said. "Wasting my time."

"There you are, Twyla! Show yourself" Keith yelled angrily as he began to sway from side-to-side, woozily.

"Not good," he thought as his vision began to blur. "I'm almost at my limit...I've lost...too much blood...!"

"You're are all fools" Twyla's voice came in return.

When he looked, he saw Twyla standing atop a mountain of densely-packed strings.

"You thought I couldn't do anything with my arms cut off?" Reloading her gun for the next attack.

As if to answer his question, Twyla said, "I become immortal!" Triumphantly, Twyla thrust her gun at Keith again, planning to collect one final blow in the moonlight.

However, suddenly, something stops Twyla up the air.

Twyla looked like she'd received a severe shock, her eyes wide and her body rigid.

"What is happened...?!" Keith said

Looking around, he noticed that Shiro was holding a skull With a serious expression, he was trying to stab his sword into it.

"S...Shiro...?" Keith asked. "W...what are you doing?"

"This skull, here!" Shiro said as he kept stabbing the skull with the sword. "This is her real weak spot! The strands coming from inside are tied to Twyla's fingers!" With a crack, a small crack appeared in the skull's crown.

"Ugh!" Twyla let out a muffled groan. Her's previous triumphant expression now gave way to intense anger. "I'll kill you!" She recalled her gun from where it hung in the air pointed at Keith. Now she flew straight at Shiro.

"Look out!" Keith shouted. But Shiro was too absorbed with stabbing the sword to notice.

The gun was headed straight for his head. Has suddenly lost its balance

Right then, the arrow completely pierced the skull. The skull split in two with a loud shatter. Inside the skull was a comb. The tiny comb was a transparent white, likely made of bone.

"A...a comb?!" Keith asked while Twyla froze. Her body trembled for a moment...then it evaporated into nothing but dust, leaving only her gun that fell to the ground with a clatter. Like a candle going out, Twyla's figure vanished. All that was left was her jumpsuit and black leather kimono and red ribbon flapping in the wind.

"Commander Twyla," the soldier said, they look at this and shock.

"This is the part where you run away". Romelle said.

With that, the Galra soldiers retreated and abandon the base.

Shiro sat in dazed disbelief for quite a while. The terrifying Galra woman was no more. She was gone for good.

"That stupid girl... she transferred her soul into that comb," Keith said. That's why no matter how much I cut or stabbed her, it didn't do anything."

"Keith! You're hurt!" Romelle claimed as she ran over to his side, his black shirt and jacket were completely red.

Shiro wondered just how many cut's he'd received, he hadn't realized it was this bad until now.

It's almost it like Keith had to have known that back when he returned the crystal to him. Giving away it meant that he would become a Target.

He knew that, and yet Keith had turned over his safety for Shiro. He'd been concerned for his safety.

"...Thank you for looking out for me..." Shiro found the crystal on the ground and returned it to Keith.

"Yeah." Keith was as blunt as ever. "But I don't need the crystal anymore"

"Ok... we need to get you patched up you know," said Romelle

"Finally," Keith said. "It's over..."

"...No," Shiro said. "It's just beginning."

"What?" Keith asked.

"As long as the Crystal is out there," Shiro began, "then all kinds of enemies will continue to come after us. We have to keep the Crystal out of the wrong hands."

"Looks like you're finally seeing sense, then, huh?" Keith asked before he forced himself to stand. "But this is nothing. More importantly, are the people still alive?!"

"Oh... That's right" Shiro spotted the scene, people were splattered all over the floor of the base, looking at this alone, they all look like cold dark corpses.

"Are they all dead... we saved them" Just a little earlier, it had felt hopeless. A bit overwhelming. "but I thought we could save them I guess not" Shiro thought.

Just the thing that hope was lost, soon, a mouse awoke and soon again a person rose completely alive and well.

"O...Excuse me," he said, looking at Shiro, Keith, and Romelle reflexively. "Where am I"

And to their surprise, others begin to follow.

"What happened"

"Where am I"

"Why do my limbs hurt"

"What am I doing in a Galra base"

Shiro can't believe it. The joy sees so many people alive had made him screaming throughout his body makes him dizzy, but the rush of victory gives him a second wind.

He has little time to marvel at the people who Twyla wanted to enslave were now finally free and so was the swamp.

Leaving the base at near daybreak, at the edge of the tree, Shiro, Keith, Romelle, and the people who had daemons returned.

Upon arriving there, the place was a big mess, fires were being put out all around but that didn't stop their pride preventing them from wrapping their arms up to their mouths to filter out a portion of the bonfire's drifting putrid odor.

Though possessed of olfactory sensor screens apparatus, Lien and Liam had on the need for such a screen. Working together, the two helped Billy throw the last of the robotic bodies onto the blazing pyre, then stood back and watch the dead continue to burn.

Not that the Galra sentries wouldn't have been equally efficient in picking the burned-out silver clean of flesh, but Sokka retained values most modern men would have seemed archaic, he would considering on one to the war possessive monster and the metal ones, not even for a filthy maggot.

Thought although some of the rebels were injured and got attack, the tree has suffered a heavy loss. Sokka was still injured, and still unable to do magic. What's even worse, several of the people lost their homes in the attack.

At a rising thrumming, Sokka turned from the workshop to see the rescue approaching, now traveling at a sensible pace, far different from when it had left, it slowed and hovered nearby but showed completely exhausted and done.

Gesturing for the group that stayed behind follow, the people completely welcome back there they're lost


"Glad to see you again, old friend"

"You got us worried"

"We're so glad you're safe"

Hearing destroyful smiles, Sokka started toward the heroes who saved the people from Twyla. Only to toward to reveal Shiro and the friends been motionless and it exhausted from their battle with Twyla.

Shiro didn't look up at Sokka's inquiring glance. That in itself was enough to tell the old man with had happened.

"You should be proud, Shiro" he finally ventured softly. "Well, you managed to save these people, if you have been and so brave I would fear the worst and yet you're not proud".

"I'm not, I mean we almost died" Shiro argued "and it's my fault they were here, all because I'm someone that I'm not"

Sokka took a deep breath and heard the words Shiro said, "there was nothing you could have done, these things happen for a reason that's why I must believe you happen to come the Galra would come anyway".

Hearing Sokka's words had Shiro calm down a bit, ever since they ever met, Sokka always had his best interest in mind and would have done the same thing. "How do you feel?"

"I been better I think" Shiro responded. I think I know what I need to do, If others won't do what needs to be done, then I will. I want to learn the ways of the samurai and protect others as they did in the past".

Sokka put a hand gently on the youth's shoulder, then went forward to see Keith's injuries. "I'll do my best to see that you get what you want Shiro, for now, let's check on your friends

Shiro nodded and closed the canopy. Soon Shiro will enter a new reality, leaving the only world he knew behind.

"After all you and your friends have earned our trust and our friendship. It would be our honor to have you as our ally."

Thank you," Shiro says, then suddenly felt pain unknowingly, almost like he was getting shot at.

Looking at the distance, Romelle couldn't help but smile, looking at these people being reunited with their families, it felt good to do something great.

"Hey! Romelle," Keith said.

"Yeah," Romelle replied as she went over to his side. "Say, Keith."

"I just realized," Romelle began, "You started to trust me!"

"Yeah, so what?" Keith inquired.

"Well...I guess that means you're starting to like us a little more, huh?" Romelle asked with a small, hopeful smile.

Keith scoffed. "Don't get used to it. I still think you're pretty weak."

"Well, excuse me for trying to save you!" Romelle argued as she lightly smacked his arm, causing him to grunt in pain since she accidentally hit his wound. "Oops! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you there!"

"Ugh...whatever," Keith replied as he began to stumble away, but then Shiro went up, grabbed his arm, draped it around his shoulders, and held his right arm against his right side. "H-hey! What are you-"

"I know what you're gonna say," Shiro began, "but for now, you can lean on me. At least let me do that for you, okay?"

"He's got a point!" Romelle said, draped over her left side, and held his other arm.

"We must your daemon medical attention," Sokka orders, standing. "Come. Once your wounds are treated, we will discuss getting you home, is that what you still want it"

"...OH, MAN!" Romelle froze, she forgot to mention about home. "Oh, man! I've been far away from home so long I completely forgot about it, Coran is going to kill me".

"Hey, don't worry, I know the way through the swamp! So don't you worry!" Sokka said and commanded, clapping his hands, two men appear, fowling their heads into the ground, before drag Keith away, one man under each of his arms. His right shoulder and his ribs ache with each step, but his legs no longer have the strength to carry him.

When they finally stop, his skin burns with irritation as his shirt off him like a tacky bandage, and his open wounds stinging even worse than when they were freshly received.

He only grunts with discomfort, however, too exhausted to vocalize further-- much less resistance as the men herd him into a coma.

He is only capable of singular words from Shiro: "You did well. You did well. You did well..."

While Keith is recovering, Evening fall around the tree, the Evening after she, Shiro, and Keith had defeated the dreaded commander Twyla.

So Romelle took the time to gather items and put them in a yellow backpack and getting it over her shoulder. Once she arrived at Sokka's workshop, she panted as she dropped her backpack on the ground.

"Phew!" she sighed before she opened it up, revealing several items such as a water bottle, fire Starter, pocket knife and utensils, first aid Kit, sandwiches, and most importantly, a Map and Compass.

"I knew I should have packed lighter," the girl whispered as she and Shiro gather around a fire in Sokka's workshop.

"So you want to learn the ways of the samurai" Sokka takes a seat across from Shiro and Romelle, leaning back.

"Well it's not exactly my first choice but in this world, you're going to have to do whatever you can to survive," Shiro told him

Sokka puts his fingers to his mask, pursing his lips in thought. "That's true, surviving in this world isn't easy, especially with the galra empire on the loose"

"Even if I know what to do I still don't know about the samurai or where to find them," Shiro said

"Well I know they are an unrecognizable group, they are trained in the ways of secrecy, but if you find one, they might train you and your friend"

"My friend" Shiro questions

"You know, you know your half Daemon friend, I can't explain it but your friend here it is destined for greatness, greatness tied with you," Sokka said

"Keith, I knew he was powerful," Romelle said.

Sokka's hardened expression falters, his severe gaze softening. "Well that's up to you to decide"

Shiro can only agree. "If that's the case, I'll help him in any way I can but not just him We can learn it together!"

Sokka's eyes look joyful "I suppose you're right" and then face Romelle; cheerfully.

"And, if you're wondering what I'm talking about I can reassure you we'll try everything we can to work together!"

That's great to hear!" Romelle said "But Right now my people need some hope, and we can find a samurai it might bring some hope to my people again"

"I suppose you're right, Romelle, then we're in this together!" Shiro said.

"Now just done, then I recommend that you stay and recover for one final night with us, and leave for Aurs at dawn," Sokka says, rising to his feet.

"Alright, thank you!" With that, Shiro and Romelle head back to the plaza for good night rest.

The next morning, The alarm clock on the phone clicked to 6:00 a.m., emitting the same annoying beep it did every day. Shiro. blinked his eyes open slowly, still remembering the last event night earlier.

But he still okay, he had no basis for that, but that's what Shiro thought, he remembered when they were bounding across forests and fields arriving at the swamp while he was with Keith. That he was oddly unafraid. Normally he would have freaked out and panicked, like most idiotic adults since he is one but he didn't.

"Back then, I thought it was because I was desperate. But that probably wasn't the case..." he wasn't afraid because he was with Keith. That had to be it... with Romelle and Stats.

Lost in his thoughts, Shiro went downstairs where everyone was doing cleanup, Twyla's attack did a toll on this place.

"Hey," Romelle greets, like a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Her voice reminds him to breathe. "Hey, I'm glad to see you up," He said.

"Me too, Do you think I packed everything right!" Romelle asked, Looking at the items.

"I think you packed enough!" Shiro said.

"Curse this infernal chaos!" Lian as he saw a wooden beam falling in front of him, Liem hunched behind him and winced at the noise, his eyes welling with tears. For both of them had watched their place be destroyed by Twyla.

Shiro could help with feeling cuz it's his fault, he was the one that did.

"Hey, I know what you're thinking, it's not your fault," Romelle said.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right but still I," Shiro said.

"Look! It's Master Shiro and Miss Romelle!"

Soon, Shiro and Romelle were surrounded by the people that they had to save on the day after they had first arrived in Balto.

"Hi, everybody!" Shiro greeted.

Are you back to see with us, again?" asked Billy, the man with a daemon and whom Shiro, Keith, and Romelle had saved from Twyla.

"Oh, I'm sorry but we are grateful that you took in," Romelle said, "but right now. We have to return to the place that we came from!"

Suddenly, one of the men who was taking care of Keith had appeared in front of them, out of breath.

"What is it, Jonathan" Liam ask him.

"It's that boy, he is missing" Jonathan explained.

"What" Shiro was confused, why would he leave he thought they were getting along

"Seriously" Romelle shouted as they both had each felt unsettled after Keith left the hospital, especially after he got injured so severely by Twyla.

Now he's nowhere to be found Shiro wonders about Keith on what he'd said-or hadn't said-and the way the half-daemon's eyes wouldn't quite meet his own, had concerned both of them.

"Mm...excuse me when was the last time you saw him!" Shiro said.

"Well, The last time that I saw him he climbed out the window and...who knows where!"

So going on, Keith should be in recovery not running around somewhere, Shiro and Romelle traveled from the plaza to the rest of the tree. As the sun broke through the morning fog, and sure enough, there was Keith, lying on top of a wall with his arms dangling off the sides.

"Keith, there you are, you had us worried sick!" Shiro said.

"Thanking you for pointing down the obvious" Keith said, lazily opened one eye and glanced down at Shiro and Romelle.

"That's a funny way to say good morning," he told Keith, whose shaggy hair and petulant expression offered no sign of remorse. "How are you feeling"

"I'm feeling good" Keith repeated. "Now, go away!"

"Seriously, after everything we've been through!" Romelle said. "You are still being a loner!"

"She's got a point, Keith!" Shiro countered. "And emphasize?! You were covered in cuts and stabbed through the gut! Now get down from there!"

Keith rolled his eyes. And just like that, Shiro figured he could stand to wait a little longer on returning home.

"Nothin' doin'!" Keith replied, causing Romelle to sneer.

"We said come here!" Romelle demanded, again.

Keith only shrugged, flipping back his unruly bangs and sucked his teeth.

"Ok, hey Shiro" Romelle asked.


"How do you work now that Mark," Romelle said.

Showing off his mark, Normally it would go to the user willingly, but sometimes if you want to control a daemon, you must contact a password.

"Ok" Shiro didn't like to use force if indeed necessary but with Keith, he's willing to make an exception.

"...Patience!" he shouted, causing the half-daemon to come crashing to the ground Like doing a classic anime move where the character does something incredibly annoying and causing them to fall face.

"Gyaaah!" he yelped pitifully like a person getting dish by a guy who much power.

As steam rose from around him, Shiro stood blinking in surprise at the now immobilized Keith.

"What... just happened?!"

"That's how you subdued him, properly!" Romelle said.

"So What does it mean? So it does work? So if I say 'patience', this is what happens to Keith?!"

Keith shouted bitterly as he rose. "Wh... What the hell did you do?!"

"Stop being so stubborn!" Shiro shouted. "We are just trying to get your attention"

"Well, if you're wondering about my wounds, don't bother," Keith asked, removing his shirt, revealing that his wounds had completely disappeared.

Shiro gasped, "it's already gone"

"For so great a wound to have healed so quickly and left no scar." Romelle mused.

Keith scoffed as he put his back on. "Just because it would've killed a normal human, don't make it a big deal for someone like me!"

"So he's not only human but not all daemon either," Shiro thought as he hesitated but he handed Keith a good pat on the back.

"Listen, I'm sorry for what I did to you. But next time give us a head-up ok, alright?" Shiro told him

"Yeah, sure but next time don't be so nice because I won't be so nice!" Keith said.

"There you are!"

Suddenly, the trio turned to see Sokka hobbling up to them as the only thing giving him support was an old gnarled wooden cane, due to him wearing bandages around his forehead and his left arm in a sling.

"I thought I might find you out here!" said Sokka.

"Sokka!" asked Romelle. "So did you how do we get back!"

"I might have an idea," Sokka said, calmly coming forward. "Follow me"

Listening to him, they went back to the Crystal stairwell "where are you taking us" Keith said.

"Somewhere" Sokka explains "to here" he gestures to a speeder in the water.

"Wait, you had that all this time," Shiro shouted.

"I did, it's amazing how many raids that people go on" Sokka, smiling warmly.

"You'll need these". Sokka holds up a key. "You have a long journey ahead of you".

Romelle Running over to Sokka! To hugs him. "Thank you"

"Of course, you're welcome, It's been so long since we had hope, I had hope, you brought it back to life", Sokka said as he hugs Shiro who at the end takes the key out of his hands and hands it over to Keith. "And you, Keith, be nice to your friends and your boyfriend".

What! Shiro and Keith scream at top of their lungs, "He's not my --"

"Come on, we have a long journey we're going to get back to Arus," Romelle said "hurry up we got no time" They hopped onto the skiff and sped back to Arus

"Bye-bye" Shiro shouted at Sokka, upon leaving the tree.

"Thank you" thousands of people bid farewell to their heroes.

Upon waving at them Shiro couldn't help but smile as his new friends continue to squabble and all those self-pitying thoughts of losing to those daemons and running away quickly dissolved.

With his mind cleared again, Shiro had a new realization, maybe that battle with Mistress Centipede, Sendak and now Twyla wasn't the end of his life. Maybe it was just the start of a whole new one.

Shiro faced Keith, Romelle, and Stats who were arguing and bickering Non-Stop but not as bad, especially since Stats wasn't involved and all smiles at him in relief Shiro had surprised them and himself by surviving this night, perhaps he owed it to them- plus all those people back at the tree and all the people outside, like his boyfriend Adam - to try surviving another.

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