Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Seventeen: The illuminating mask of Terror

In the country of Luke Skywalker, lies the land of Arus, the home of the Alteans. A group of daemons, beings from another world called Altea. A powerful item called the quintessence Crystal, it could give people more power than ever before.

But while it does possess tremendous power upon daemons, there are others with evil in their hearts.

A young woman named Allura who has died, years before to trying to seal its powers, along with another. However, she was reincarnated or for some part of her was a young man named Shiro and returned to this world. And now, the journey begins for Keith, a half-daemon with a human father and lover, and this young man from another world called Earth.

After their adventure at the valley of the Kitsune, Keith and Shiro decide to return and for a very good reason, Keith has suffered injuries from his fight with Hitan, and Shiro decides to take on Samson's advice to learn about Total Concentration magic so he and Keith can be defeating Zarkon. And your only way to do that they work in complete top shape.

"Start level training 3"

Shiro ordered and soon the deck dispenses a mountain top with his sword with him but it made moving a lot harder than looks, the weight's throwing him out, resulting in him getting almost caught in every trap, created by the simulation.

But that isn't going to stop him. As he swinging his sword to defend himself as it was a peaceful morning, great for concentrating, Stats was with him on that day, eyes closed.

Shiro was about to complete the training level then "Keith" Shiro miss his Target as he got stabbed by the holographic swords. Ruining his chances of survival.

"I almost got it" Shiro muttered to himself, Romelle's voice was nearby in another room within the shrine and by the looks of it, he knew what going to happen next.

Romelle shouts out Keith's name which means "I don't get why you're so upset about" he heard Keith's voice coming out, Stats had woken up from his nap and cover his ears and shook his head in disarray.

Shiro sighs, hearing her say his name was clear, Romelle and Keith were fighting again. "This is fifteen-time does this happen," he said to himself as the argument continued, Shiro shuts down the training sequence and his sword back into its sheet "this is got to stop," Shiro told Stats. He nodded

Shiro found Keith and Romelle at the shrine dining hall, "hey guys" he calls out, keeping his voice light "Everything okay? I couldn't help but overhear-"

Keith and Romelle kept on fighting as if Shiro wasn't there "not only did you take my halberd without asking," Romelle said. "you got your disgusting fingers all over it!"

Keith assisted, and then pause looking confused. "What are you talking about, First of all, what is a halberd?"

Romelle held up a long pole with a double-sided ax on the top, it was one of the many weapons that she learned on her own to do. Since she wasn't allowed to hold weapons.

Keith said "Oh! Oh, a halberd. Okay, fine, you got me, that weapon looks awesome. Great for cutting someone's head or arm off", showing off his arm where the Mark was put on him by Coran

Romelle rolled her eyes, "more like cutting off a monkey's head off"

"Come on guys," Shiro said step in between them before Romelle uses the halberd on Keith, "Okay. Okay, everyone, let's take a deep, calming, cleansing breath. he said as took a deep breath, Stats nodded in agreement.

"To be fair, I asked several times if I could use that thing."

Romelle glared at him, "And I said "No", every time, the halberd could only be used by skilled warrior".

Keith snatches the halberd, "I handled weapons before and how do you use them" unable to see the long table until it was too late. Crash the halberd cut the table in half.

"Okay that table was not sturdy"

Shiro was shocked, runs to the table's remains. "Let's not panic!" Even though he was.

"I mean it is was one of the most important things, irreplaceable, one of a kind most favorite table, but- "

"I have an idea", Romelle told Keith.

"Why not destroy another village? Oh, wait you can't! Because it was one of a kind" she smiled "And it'll probably never happened when Coran sits down for dinner tonight-or rather, doesn't do"

Keith scowled at her, "You love making me look like an idiot in front of him, don't you?"

"Nope", Romelle said. "You do a perfect job of keeping that all on your own"

Romelle and Keith continued arguing, resulting in Shiro to gave up trying to stop them.

Elsewhere, outside of the castle's way, was a woman named Andrea and the guard were on the watch. She also carried a box containing something with blood.

"Excuse me I need to see Coran"

"What form is, Miss"

"For an exorcism"

"An exorcism, this early in the morning"

"That's right, a relative of my had died and this mask that never left the outskirts of my home was forcefully passed down to me" Andrea explain

"A Mask you say"

"Yes, it's called the mask of terror and it's was said if someone puts it on, it will be a fate far worse then in death"

"That's kind of scary, oh well I'll let you in"

"Thank you"

Soon as she left, a small rumble from the box. "Honestly, this thing is so creepy," she said, but she went down with the last words she said as the mask when escaped from its box.

"Hmm," she shouted, silently as the mask consume her face.

Exercising, Shiro was running on the steps with Stats, while thinking about Keith and Romelle.

"Stats, Stats"

"I know I can't take it anymore either, I mean why can't Keith and Romelle just get along? They are both caring in their way"

Stats shrugs by this.

"And hating people for no apparent reason except definitely offended you in some way but I bet they would become great friends if just stopped-for-once"

"Huh, who is that" Shiro wondered as he sees what at the bottom of the stairs, only to find the horrific site which has the ones alive woman.


"It's all right, don't be scared"

"But somehow her face reminds me of a Noh mask and those scars, I guess that's her real face"


"Let's go, boy"

"Somehow I have a weird feeling, but there's nothing dangerous here especially there is no Galra"


"Okay boys, we gotta think there's got to be a way we can get them alone", with that said a thought does come to him.

"Wait a minute, that's it! I will make them spend time together. Come on, let's get the person that would make that happen".

Coran stepped out along the edge of the steps and took a deep breath of fresh air as the sunshine close to him. It should have been the perfect day but Coran had duties and responsibilities to the shrine. He was supposed to see someone for an exorcism but see the box on the ground and he couldn't help getting a bad feeling that took over his face.

"Oh, Shiro how's the workout going?" He asked Shiro as running over him, hoping to ask him for a favor.

"I'm getting there but I have a problem," he said, as Coran reached out the box that contains a certain item and the broken glasses. "Man she should have been here by now".

"Who should have been here," Shiro said, questioning. Coran took a moment for collection, "Mmmm". Suddenly remembering why he was contacted for in the first place, Coran opened his eyes and said, "I was waiting for Andrea, she was supposed to deliver me a family heirloom but should have been here right now".

"Well, I'm sure she'll come eventually," Said Shiro.

"I suppose you're right but still, so why you come here for" Coran exclaimed through his cheery attitude.

"Well is about"

"Romelle and Keith" Coran answered right away, but he was only half-listening, find in the box empty-handed has left him very concerned.

"Really," he said, bewildered by his response." wait you can hear the argument"

Taking a break from the box, Coran concerned about Shiro's question. "Don't remind me I have to deal with the aftermath, especially when we lost a table-" raising his hands up to the sky.

"If you want to stop the biting and the hitting I may have the idea for" Coran responded

"Oh, really" Shiro question

"Yes, let's go" he said

Shiro glanced up at him, skeptical, and smiled. "I guess we could make them spend time together".

Stats crept down the shrine hallway on a mission, a note clasped in his mouth. He entered Romelle's room, Romelle sat near her bed, sharpening a sword. She had changed out of her maid outfit into the suit she wore for her training.

Romelle looking up as Stats approached her, she took the note from his paws.

"What's this?" She asked him. Stats shrugged. He didn't wait for her to read the note, his mission was complete for now.

Shiro was also delivering a letter-to Keith.

Shiro found him in another part of the shrine, doing push-ups in the training deck. Shiro pokes Keith's ankle to get his attention.

"Just a second, Shiro" Keith said. "I'm busy"

"I could see that," Shiro told him, annoying at Keith flexing his muscles.

"Can we talk" Shiro said

"Sure," Keith said, getting his attention.

"Here," Shiro showed Keith the note.

Taking the note "A letter from Romelle?" He said in surprise "Mmm, this ought to be interesting..."

The note instructed Keith to meet Romelle in one of the airwalks in the shrine.

"It's a pretty weird place to offer an apology", Keith told himself as he entered the cell. "But then again, this is Romelle we're talking about".

Romelle suddenly stepped out of the shadows, Keith jumped, started. "Did you just say I was going to offer you an apology?" She asked him.

Keith held up his note "your note said to meet you here so you could tell me you were sorry".

"I didn't write you a note", Romelle told Keith "You wrote me a note".

Before Keith could answer, the sliding door slammed shut, locking them both in. Outside the cell stood Shiro and Coran, with Stats on Shiro's shoulder, and a big grin on Coran's face.

"Hey!" Romelle said, "What are you doing?"

"It's time for the games to begin," Coran said.

"Game?, What game" Keith said. "What are you talking about?"

Coran pressed the tips of his fingers together and gave Romelle and Keith a sly look, "don't you see? I wrote the notes. It was just a trick to get you down here. The only way you can get out is by working together to solve the puzzle".

"What puzzle," Keith asks.

Coran gesture to the silver dungeon. "Within these walls, you find a series of clues, put them together and you're free to go. Fall or the doors behind you will be opened up and air will arrive and push you out, smacking you into the end of the shrine", he let out a cackle, like a storybook villain, and strode down the hall toward the prison exit with Shiro in toll.

"Seriously you're going let him do this" Keith argued with Shiro

"Yes, I am," Shiro said, spinning around and running back. "You've been rude this entire time and still waiting for your wounds to recover even though it's faster, so sorry", before starting off again.

Keith pouted and sits down with folds arms.

Romelle didn't care about Keith or he was the last person she wanted to see. There was no way she wanted to be locked in with Keith for another second, much less the rest of her life.

"This is all your fault," she said to him.

"It's not my fault, is Shiro's" Keith replied.

Romelle marched over to him, frustrated like a bunch of do-do.

"Are you going to help me" she said

"Is not my problem" Keith replied with a grin, "there aren't any clues here" he patted the wall where he was examining his point.

"Ugh! You're a selfish freeloader!" Romelle said.

"I could rattle off insults describing your personality too," Keith told her "but if you actually have one".

He was about to pop off until he discovered something, a laser pointer he activates it when Romelle grabbed it.

"Hey what are you doing with the wall" She'd notice something strange about it. "Let me borrow it for a minute" she snatches the laser pointer from Keith.

The wall had 'x6' written all over the wall. The other side had 'y15'

"That it" Romelle declared. Coran and Shiro did say there were clues around. And they just found it "I think I just discovered the secret of getting out of here"

Outside one of the windows of the shrine was an estranged being set across from outside, just wondering what if the Crystal was never found.

"How wonderful it might... be that the quintessence Crystal... might still exist in this world"

It was Andrea except it wasn't she was a woman anymore let alone being alive, she was now a victim of the dreaded mask of terror, scratching its face it begins it's searched.

"I must find" it's said heading further into darkness.

Keith leaned over Romelle's shoulders examining the coded wall.

"These are coordinates for a grid", Romelle said, Coran must've hidden the key to the airlock behind a loose piece of metal in the wall, and these messages could tell them which one.

Romelle remembered from her math classes that x reference to horizontal lines across a grid, and y was the line that went up and down. She moved to the metal area of the wall and counted six columns in from the barred door. She then counted fifteen parts up from the floor. The fifteenth part was loose! In a second they'd be free!

Romelle removed the piece of metal and reached into space behind it. She felt something metal, with a sharp end, but it didn't feel like a key. She pulled it out.

It was a rusty spring the length of her middle finger.

Keith frowned. "That's it? That's no key".

"Wait, there's more", Romelle said, reaching into the hole again. He grasped a piece of paper between her fingers and pulled it out. It was another clue, she read it aloud.

"This one easy, just follow my lead".

Now Romelle frowned. "Follow his lead? How? He locked us in here". He groaned. "This makes no sense"

Keith spotted something on the floor near the wall of the cell, "that's because we're supposed to follow his lead or not", he said, pronouncing it "led".

He pointed to a pencil at the base of the wall. "Lead pencil" he explained. "Different words, same spelling".

Above the pencil was a drawing of an arrow, pointing to a small gear wedged into a crack in the cell's windowsill.

Keith plucked the gear from the wall, "Aha" he said

"That's two clues so far", said Romelle, "there must be more hidden around here".

She and Keith worked together, searching every corner of the cell. They found two screws, a large hook, a short steel rod, and a flat piece of metal with two holes in it. Finally, under one of the bookends, they found a book with a hidden compartment containing a small comb.

"Not much of an anything" Keith grabbed the comb. He crossed to a piece of metal hanging on the cell wall and began to comb his hair.

Romelle spotted a piece of paper at the bottom of the book's compartment. She unfolded it and read, "this is your final clue, so pick up the pace. You'll find your last treasure where your face is shown"

Romelle glanced around the airwalk, she was sure they'd searched everywhere, so where was the final piece to the puzzle?

Keith grinned at his reflection in the mirror, "I hope I can look good in front of Shiro" he said to himself".

"Face...," Romelle murmured. She darted to the mirror and snatched it off the wall.

"Hey, I was using that!" Keith protested.

But Romelle ignored him. She flipped over the mirror and found a cork taped to the back. "Another useless item", she said, she frowned and tossed it to the floor with the other mysterious bits and pieces of things they'd found.

"That's it" Keith sighed, frustrated. They'd located all the clues and weren't any closer to getting out than when they'd started. They were still stuck in the cell, and with each other.

Romelle and Keith exchanged a worried look, would they really be trapped in this dungeon forever?

Meanwhile, back at the Training Deck, Shiro had just finished the level, now on the next level, Stats, on his shoulder, nodded in approval, "19 levels are done only 98 levels to go" he said to him.

"In the best part of all, do you hear that?" Coran said.

Shiro and Stats cocked their heads and listened. They didn't hear anything.

"That's the sound of peace", Coran told him.

After locking his friends in the airlock, Shiro had stent the rest of the morning in the deck. Descend the mountain, again and again, each time on a different level, each harder than the last but luckily Shiro's stamina was not the only thing that increased his senses can increase as well be even swifter than before.

"You're right, Sticking those two together to work their differences was one of the best ideas ever had", He said.

Coran peered up at him doubtfully. "Hold on do not give your boots in a bunch. You can't expect it to happen overnight" he told him. "But I'm sure they're doing Just find"

"Well I suppose you're right"

"Exactly, now that out of the way, it's time to focus on Total Concentration magic," Coran said, excitingly.

"Really I've been getting the wonder what is that"

Elsewhere, The monster mask and victim move through the shrine. Looking for its Target before noticing the voices of certain people. "A body... A body...must have one"

The mask was sure now: the body that it wanted was directly above it, almost within reach. So it paced the shrine, struggling to maintain this body. But patience comes and goes as it's time will come.

Romelle and Keith lay on the floor, at the ceiling. An awkward silence hung between them.

Finally, Romelle spoke. "So, Keith, tell me... what's your story? Other than a rough, short-tempered, and not understanding"

"What do you want to know?" He asked.

"I meant when are you going to do when you... Nevermind"

"Doing what, you can tell me"

Romelle glanced over at him. "Enjoy destructing villages, going after the crystal I meant that is what you're doing when with Shiro" They both knew the story of how he wanted to take the quintessence Crystal and become a full-fledged daemon.

"No, I learned that the hard way getting a quintessence Crystal isn't the perfect way" Keith explained.

Romelle nodded. "Being stealing on the tree must've been difficult".

"Wasn't all that difficult, waking up in a few years that was difficult for me" Keith said, quickly. It was difficult waking up learning how much time has passed on how much has changed.

"I had to learn how to defend myself from enemies," he told Romelle. "You know being a half-Daemon is hard, especially if you have secrets" he paused as a pang of sadness came over him "Besides, I don't remember my time before Aurs, I mean I did have parents before but they died a long time ago".

Romelle realized they had more in common than she thought. "I don't remember my family either," she told him. "The last thing I remember them was fire and screaming but besides that, I did have a younger brother, I just think that he's okay somewhere, doing who knows what" she let out a soft laugh "dumb I know. How about you? Do you ever imagine what someone from your family was like?"

That was a question Keith didn't like thinking about. "I really don't want to discuss this with you, Romelle," he said sharply, rolling over on his side to face the wall. "Stop trying to pry into my life".

"I wasn't prying," Romelle said, offended. "I was asking a simple-wait a minute! That's it! Pry!" She jumped off from the floor and dashed over to the items they'd found.

Keith sat up and looked down at his, confused.

"We're supposed to build a jack with this stuff", Romelle explained as he sorted through the odds and ends. "And use it to pay the door open!

Keith joining her on the floor. Together they sorted through the pieces, putting them together one by one. When they finished, they had a tool that could be wedged between the cell door and it's a frame to pry the door open.

Keith snatched up the jack and darted to the door. He shoved one end of the jack, near the bottom of the door.

Romelle hurried over and grabbed the jack out of his hand. "You're not doing it right," he told him, "leverage, Keith, it's all about leverage".

Romelle had learned about leverage during her years' training, being able to use something small but strong like a sturdy stick or a thin metal bar, had come in handy when prying open locked doors, you use your strength to move the lever, but you also have to have the lever in the right spot at the right angle. Even using a finger to open an envelope is a form of leverage. If your angle is wrong, you end up with a shredded envelope and probably a paper cut, too.

Romelle was lining up the metal base of the jack with the door frame when Keith yanked it away from her again. "I know what I'm doing," he said. He hated it when Romelle wanted to act like she was so much smarter than he was.

"You don't know what you're doing" Romelle instead, reaching for the jack.

"Cut it out!" Cried Keith as he shielded the jack with his body.

"You cut it out!" Romelle replied. "The jack was my idea". She grabbed one end of it, but Keith refused to let go. They tugged back and forth with the jack.

"We wouldn't have gone this far if I founded the laser pointer" Keith exclaimed.

As they each gave a final tug on the jack, it slipped from their hands, falling to the floor and crush by the door destroy forever.

The monster mask watched its surroundings "The flesh keeps rotting away I'm running out of time!".

It Explains as the body develops black blobs, dropped from the hand, which was loses its shape, "If I can absorb a little more... I'll be able to mold a complete body. A little more... oh, if only I had the quintessence Crystal!"

But luckily it discovered something far more interesting as it witnesses four, two boys, two girls, Alteans walking Its way.

"Interesting more bodies"

"Yeah in this hope," a Male one said, walking alongside his friends. , "Huh?" He notices the mask, looks at him.

"What is it," one of the girls said.

"I don't know it looks like a woman," he said towards her.

But fortunately, the monster mask launches it's long neck to the Target and devour the man's head, cleaning it off.

When it's finished, it started to devour more of its victims. The monster had never used leverage to break through, with his new body it was ready to do some even more damage. Anywhere in the shrine.

Elsewhere, "Concentration magic is the acceleration of energy within your body, it helps you reconnect with the world as well as keeping the blood flow and beating within your heart, that way your body's energy will rise up and allow you the maximum amount of chakra that you are able with your magic" Coran to explain to Shiro who was sitting down next to him at the training deck.

"I didn't know that," Shiro said to him, "it sort of feels complicated"

"Yes, it can't be complicated sometimes" Coran remarks. "But it can boost confidence as long as you-".

"Coran, Coran".

A voice calls to them from the training deck. Galvanized by its tone of urgency, Coran goes, followed by Shiro and Stats. There, they meet a messenger at the bottom of the floor, who drops to one knee.

"Please forgive the interruption, sir! But something happened in the hallway"

Coran's face falls. "How we never had trouble in the shrine before"

Listening to him in the background, Shiro and Stats lowered their heads and frowned, then realizing that Coran is right something's different. Until now, everything was normal. So has something changed?

With another thought racing to his head and with Stats perched on his shoulder, Shiro headed to the airwalk. He hoped Keith and Romelle were alright and that hasn't heard from them because they were having too much fun with Coran's game and had become friends. That was what he hoped...but he had doubts.

Keith and Romelle were sitting in their cell, feeling defeated.

Suddenly, they heard the door unlock Keith spun around "Shiro!" He cried out. "Finally! Wh-"

It wasn't Shiro outside the airwalk. It was a flesh-eating monster. Romelle glanced between Keith and the hulking monster, made from a grotesque mass of flesh. Looming in the doorway. "I'm assuming that's not Shiro," she asked him.

Keith ignored her and gave the monster mask a big smile. "I have been dying for a challenge!" He said. "You look great! Did you lose weight?" There was no answer from either of the men towering over them "I'm...I guess not".

A whistle sounded in the distance and a voice cried out. "Something's happening at the airlock"

The mask turned towards them before Keith or Romelle could react and the next Keith and Romelle are running for their lives. "Give it to me... Give it to me..." it said but Keith kicked it and squirmed away.

Keith knew it was foolish to fight. Right now, anyway.

Several guards appeared at the opposite end of the hall, and Keith and Romelle came to a stop.

The guards pointing their guns at them. "Hold it right there!" Coran called out.

"Coran" Romelle wished this was a normal time but it wasn't, especially that monster chasing after them.

At the same time, Shiro and Stats had reached the location of the airlock. "I hear voices", Shiro said with a smile. "I hope it isn't something serious"

He turned the corner-only to see the monster mask next to them, to Keith and Romelle. Shiro hurried up behind the guards.

"Stay back, everybody" Coran warned. He then turned to the men, "men keep your weapon high, we can not let the flesh-eating mask from devouring any more victims".

The guards reluctantly agreed with Coran, they cannot let this mask continue roaming but the mask had suddenly burst out and quickly raced off in the opposite direction from the guards.

"Coran!" Shiro cried. "What is that"

"That was the flesh-eating mask, it was made by from the wood from a Daemon tree, I was supposed to exorcism today but clearly it managed to come back to life". Coran exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, Shiro knew that if the mask reached the tunnel at the other end of the shrine, it'd be able to get outside. Once it did, it will devour even more victims and the guards might never catch up to them. It will be a major disaster for everyone.

Shiro, Keith, Romelle, Coran, and the guards chased the mask. But the mask was slow because its body was pieced together by an enormous amount of bodies. By the time they arrived. It already went to Shiro's room.

"Where is it, the quintessence Crystal," it said, reaches for the container which rolls away, "The crystal..." but Shiro grabs the container before its grubby hands could reach it.

"Shiro!" Romelle told Shiro "are you all right"

"Yeah, I got it," Shiro said, "don't just stand there! Run!" The mask chases Shiro as he runs down the hallway. he couldn't see the guards anymore, he could only hear the echo of their voices and he knew they couldn't catch up in time.

"Wait!" Shiro told himself "because of Romelle, I know where this tunnel leads!" It was the same tunnel they had used to sneak out not too long ago. He spun around and ran back the way he'd come. He only hoped it wouldn't be too late.

The guards had gotten ahead of the mask but Keith has already gone ahead to make sure Shiro is alive and well. But the monster was smart, it noticed wooden beams crisscrossing the ceiling of the tunnel, there were also support beams attached along either wall. Using his massive body, it kicked out one of the beams. Resulting in the fallen beam causes the ceiling to collapse, creating a wall of rock between the mask and Keith.

Romelle pushed back next to her. "Better watch your blank" Romelle said with a sneer.

"Don't remind me" Keith lifted himself from the ground. "We need to get Shiro"

Shiro runs in one of the highest floors of the shrine, underground. He stops and catches him breath against the rocks as the mask closed in on him.

"There's got to be away, I can defeat this thing?" He said

The mask, at the bottom of the shrine, shoots itself upwards and lands in a blob in front of him, and recompose itself. Shiro gasp in horror. He tried to make a run for it, but the mask blocks his way in the meantime. Behind it, Romelle began to crawl quietly towards the weapon.

"Come on think", Shiro said putting his hand up. He noticed the support beam above His head and got an idea. "Concentrate" he continued. "I have to concentrate my magic energy".

Shiro had reached his sword. As he entered a Stand and quietly stood up, he saw Keith glance his way.

"Okay focus, focus on the energy" Shiro went on, using all the training that he focuses on. When Keith and Romelle arrive. They felt a sudden surge of energy, flickering the area around them.

"First from Aquarius," he said as he cut the mask into two blobs, he didn't see himself wedge apart the bean.

Disconnecting it from its supports on either side. Now only the force of the sword held it up. "I am the Flesh-Eating Mask. Several centuries ago, I was carved out of a giant katsura tree in which a dark Daemon used its magic. Since then, I have craved flesh and devoured beings. Now, I want a good body that will not rot!" The mask continued. "And for that, it needs more power from the quintessence Crystal"

But the moment that Shiro cleared his throat, and the mask turned toward him, it dislodged the beam, which fell right on top of the mask, destroying it and trapping them.

"Whoa, that was incredible" Keith grinned at Shiro defiantly.

"Yep," Romelle agreed. "It's all about the leverage", They exchanged a smile.

Suddenly The mask opens in the middle, with teeth along the edges, and bites the beam.


"You fell into my trap. Now you won't be able to escape!" It said as drags the beam into its body.


"What a rotten trick...!"

The mask emerges from its body and joins together again. It zooms towards Shiro and pushes itself on his hand with the container.

"Shiro" shouted Romelle

"If I don't do something, the Crystal will...!"

"Keith, take this and run!" Shiro shouted as he throws the container to Keith.

"Ok" Keith nods and run but the mask chases him.

"Keep running" Shiro kept shouting but Keith trips and falls, the container falling out of his hand, "That mask is after this bottle. I know! If I throw it away...!" Keith thought but he shakes his head, grabs the container, and continues running.

But he stops suddenly as he reached the edge of the wall. He turns around and stares in stupefied horror at the oncoming monster. But luckily Shiro breaking out of the body with the sword and running towards him with Romelle follow suit.

"Keith, get out of the way," Romelle said as she and Shiro slice the mask into two with one sweep of the halberd and the sword. Together it breaks into four pieces and disintegrates into thin air.

"You did it! Not bad" Keith shouted, excited.

"And that is how you use a halberd," Romelle said. Suddenly, the ceiling above them began to crumble "Let's get out of here!" Shiro cried

Shiro, Keith, and Romelle raced away from the falling rocks, only to reach the end of the tunnel, which had already caved in. They were trapped together again.

"Stats" called a voice from above them. They looked up to see Stats leaning in through a hole in the fallen section of the ceiling. Behind him, stars twinkled in the night sky.

Stats let his long arm down through the hole until it reached them. As she pulled up his friends, the guards broke through the rocks and saw the remains of the mask fading away. After that Coran called up to Romelle "Are you okay?"

Romelle glanced at Shiro and Keith and smiled. "I am now," she said.

"I'm so sorry", Shiro told Keith as they walked to dinner later that night "I had no idea that the game would lead to such a disaster. I really thought you guys would have fun".

Keith shrugged "you don't have to apologize it wasn't your fault. I always get defensive about everything. From now on, I'll try to be nicer to people especially if that person is Romelle". Shiro smiled at that.

Keith paused at the door to the dining room, suddenly nervous. "I can't believe I have to walk in there and tell the most important man in the shrine that I broke his favorite table" he dropped his face into his hands. "He's going to kill me".

"He's not going to kill you," Shiro said. "Even if that table was the only one like it in the entire world".

"Not helping," Keith told him.

Shiro bit his lip "Sorry". But Keith took a deep breath pushed open the door... and froze.

Coran and Romelle were already seated and between them was the table--completely repaired!

At the side of the room stood Romelle once again in her maid dress. Keith spotted a jar of glue nestled in her palms. She smiled at him and he realized she had repaired the table.

Shiro grinned. He knew his friends would be fighting again soon enough, but been had proven they get along and even help each other when it really mattered.
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