Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Eighteen: Little Poltergeist

In the few days that follow, Shiro and Keith were back on their quest after dealing with the mask at Aurs. No sooner than it has over the longest forest that will make everyone alive or Dead with activity.

"Keith" Shiro called out. "So how are you feeling"

"I don't know, why" Keith Answered

"Well, you have been nicer especially towards Romelle, you care for her," Shiro said.

Keith eyed the question, "what, no!"

"Sorry, I thought you would get together with her!" said Shiro

An awkward pause fell between them. "What oh wow, is that what you bought that when you lock up together!" Keith said

"I'm so sorry, I guess you viewed her as a friend, plus you're gay," Shiro said

Keith pause by the realize station. "You don't have to apologize, I get it you trying to help me get along with people but not a people person!"

After a long day of walking, arrived at a village that looks like a seaworthy one with a Norwegian-inspired. Where villagers were scattered around the village, many of them were both human and Daemon scattered throughout the countryside as they strolled toward the fjord.

Shiro and Keith passed an aisle full of boats, some small, others huge, each of them tied up in the docks, Shiro stayed calm as he went Keith too far down the side of the fjord as could until there were no people or boats around.

This when he had to release extra energy. When whatever time might that he spent, Shiro must swing his sword, 1'000 times to practice the concentration forms as Coran once told him.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5," Shiro shouted as he swinging his sword, while Keith took a nap on top of the trees. "Man, you seem energetic!"

"6, well, of course, you got to be in Tip-Top shape, 7, what about you!" Shiro said.

"Oh I'm doing fine, thank you!" Keith said

"Come on, you should be training with me," Shiro said

"Oh please, you can hit me with that sword?" Keith asked.

"Want to challenge that?" Shiro said.

Keith ooze for a challenge, so much in fact that he got out his spot from the tree. Ready to challenge Shiro.

"Let's just spar. Don't hold back." Keith said. As he peeled off his jacket and chucked it away in favor of his plain black shirt underneath.

"Ok" Shiro dropped into a standard sparring stance, knees slightly bent and Sword raised fencing style.

Keith's throat bobbed, but he nodded. "Alright," he said, mirroring Shiro's stance, putting his dagger in a fencing style.


They circled one another. Shiro waited, focus sharp. Keith broke first with a lunge and a sharp jab Shiro sidestepped easily, and he sensed it was more of a test to see if he's serious rather than a real stab. He didn't retaliate as Keith stepped past and spun back around.

"Don't hold back," Shiro repeated.

Keith took another swing, more confident this time, followed up by a swift backhand. Shiro pushed the first to the side and blocked the other with his sword, anticipating Keith's rising dagger hits-- a mistake which Shiro took full advantage of.

He rotated away from stabbing him but make sure his sword was in a proper stand. with a sharp kick, knocked Keith onto his back.

"Saw that one coming a mile away," Shiro told him, holding out his hand."You're quicker, but your blind spots became so obvious and your cuts should flow, not be so choppy."

"Shut up." Keith huffed, refusing to take his hand as he hoisted himself back to his feet.

Shiro could sense the hesitation boiling off him as he readied his stance once more. Keith struck again, his feet like lightning, his stabs even faster than before. A swell of satisfaction rose within Shiro, if he was a cadet, he would have Rose the food chains of the Garrison.

His forearms stung, a sign that Keith was truly cutting loose. He barely avoided a sharp backside to his midsection.

"Good," Shiro said, his breathing starting to become heavy as they continued their dance about the Fjord.

He deflected another stab, dashed aside from another vicious hit. He grasped Keith by the elbow and with a leg planted behind his knee, Keith went down with another thud against the hard Stone.

"Darn it all!" Keith cursed, hauling himself back to his feet while dealing with a nosebleed. "How are you doing this? I didn't come here out here so just kick my ass without even hold a sword?"

"I don't know it's just instinct and besides I just want to make sure you're getting better," Shiro answered.

"Yeah, right. 'Better'? Better than what?" Keith said

"You can beat me, Keith just like you beating all those other enemies," Shiro said.

"How?" He paced, beating his fist against his leg, his nostrils flaring. "No matter how many times being a bad guy, they always come up ways to beat me and it becomes harder for me to beat them, I mean that Twyla girl got her hooks in me"

"Well, there are going to be some enemies are going to be unexpected, I meant think about their opponent. Think about what you know about me." Shiro said.

Keith froze in place. "What, what you mean?"

"Let's say someone asked you how to beat me. Hypothetically. What would you say?" Shiro explains

Keith turns up his lip as if Shiro had spoken in pure gibberish. He shook his head. "I can't say."

Shiro straightened from his stance. "Sure you can. You usually have something to say about everyone. I want to hear what you have to say about me."

Keith balled his fists. "No, I mean I can't. I'd tell them you are lost cause and there is no reasoning in people"


He's not certain what he sees in Keith's gaze, but it comes out as a mirthless laugh. "You're perfect. There's nothing wrong."

It was Shiro's turn to reel, cocking his head. "Stop teasing. Everyone has their blind spots. And if anyone can see mine, it's you."

Keith scoffed at that, "I doubt that, considered that I'm the worst person for whatever the point of this was."

Keith blew past Shiro in a wake of warm, musty air. "Keith-, hey! Wait!" Shiro chased Keith out into the freeway and touched him on the arm.

He snatched his hand back when Keith whipped around, saying, "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't work your problems out with me without telling me what they even are. Maybe that's your blind spot."

"I'm sorry," Shiro said.

"What's wrong?" Keith said.

At Keith's wide, piercing eyes, Shiro knows the reason why he came here

"Excuse me, I know you're kind of busy but we have work to do," a man said, having to witness the fight while working on his boat.

Shiro and Keith were in the center of the village, where a playground was when a group of children and their mothers were starting fireworks. Oblivious to the alternation, Keith stood frozen in the middle of the hold. Thinking about what he said to Shiro and what he thought of him.

While Shiro caught himself smiling as he notices Keith's scrunched up nose and annoyed frown. Keith certainly was an influence of magic. Not an altogether bad one, Shiro thought as he made his way to the shop where he got some bread and fruit, even though he had no idea what type of fruit is this. After all, this was a different world.

So thanked the clerk and handed her what he owed. He shoveled the supplies into his backpack were on top of a pair of binoculars, a small knife, and a large canteen of water and left the shop.

Keith found himself next to Shiro as he let the shop to get something to eat. Everything was silent between them as they looking over the playground, that the children were playing with their mothers.

"So great swordplay, you're getting better every day," Keith said, breaking the silence.

"Thanks, you're not by yourself I'm glad I got you to spar with me," Shiro said.

"Hey, Shiro!" Keith called. "Look, over there!"

"Huh?" Shiro asked before he looked over to a nearby playground and saw some kids and their mothers, playing with fireworks. "Oh, wow! Fireworks!

"No big deal I was starting to get bored and there are kids doing Fireworks! So pretty!" Keith Sarcastically said.

"Yeah," Shiro said with a fond smile. "I remember when my Grandfather and I played with fireworks..." he then spotted something out of the corner of his eye: he could see a hand sticking out of a hideaway, and it was holding a lit sparkler.

"What in the world...?!" Shiro whispered before the sparkler dropped onto the ground and spun toward the mothers and their children, the crackling sparks setting their fireworks ablaze!

"AAAH!" one of the kids shrieked. "MOMMY!"

"Yumi!" a woman with glasses cried as she grabbed her daughter and pulled her away.

"What the-?!" Shiro questioned.

"What happened?!" asked Keith.

"I don't know!" cried Shiro.

That's when Shiro spotted the culprit: a little girl, no older than 7 or 8 years old with black hair and pigtails. She scrambled out of the hideaway and ran across the park, laughing mockingly.

"Serves you right!" she shouted.

"That girl!" Shiro called as he ran after the child while Keith looks at him, "Shiro, wait".

Wait, right there!" Shiro shouted as he chased after the girl, who gasped as she turned to face her. "What makes you think you can...huh?"

Upon getting a closer look at the girl...he saw that for some reason, she was wearing a salmon pink shawl and she had nothing on her feet but her socks.

"Who is this girl? Where're her shoes? And a winter shawl and bunny ears...when it's not wintering here?" Shiro thought, examines her

"Of course I can see you," Shiro said, walks towards her, saying nicely "Let's go apologize. I'll go with you".

"None of your business!, I don't want to talk to you," the girl said, slaps away Shiro's outreaching hand, and backs away as a ring of flames surrounds her suddenly.

The girl looks at Shiro defiantly and vanishes. The ring of flames becomes smaller and disappears too. Shiro, shocked, falls on his knees. Keith walks up behind him.

"Shiro, what's wrong, Who were you talking to?"

"Huh?! Gone... Who was she?" Shiro thought.

Later, the village has already reach nighttime, Shiro and Keith head to a cabin house to rest and repair for the next day, however, Shiro was unexpectedly not feeling to rest. Stood at his bedroom window, deep in thought, while the house windows still lit, showing groups of families, sitting at the table and going out of the shop almost close.

He recognized Keith's knock on the door, "Come on, how many times do I keep telling people" he said. Keith noticed something familiar as soon as he walked into the room. Shiro had the robe, the same one that Sokka gave him, the same one that Takashi used to wear draped around his shoulders, it brought back memories of how he had already wrapped him in his arms, keeping them secure and protected. Keith remembered the feelings of comfort and peace within himself.

"Why are you wearing that," Keith said.
Shiro continued to stare out the as if he were waiting for someone, or something before he finally turned to look at Keith "what do you mean".

"No, with you", Keith said "you're wearing that old thing and you're looking something's wrong.

It suddenly hit him, realizing what the problem could be. "This is about what happened earlier in the day, I know fireworks are dangerous but there's no reason for you to freak out about"

"No... that's not it", Shiro insisted. He paused, debating whether he should tell Keith about the girl.

"Then what is it?" Keith asked.

Shiro hesitated a moment longer, then said, " there's this...girl and was the one that set up the fireworks and from the moment I touched her"

"Yeah, what is it," Keith said

"Ashes came, where she touch me..." Shiro said.

Keith grabbed Shiro's hands and led him to the bed to sit down, "A girl?" He asked, his eyes full of Concern. "Oh come the girl might be a Deamon, maybe she those things off on purpose!"

Shiro knows Keith was right and that made him feel good. So much in fact that he reached out with his right hand, clasping Keith on his left shoulder.

"What are you doing," Keith said

"Giving you a hand"

Keith knew the answer without thinking about it. "Okay, you don't have to invade my personal space" Shiro smiled back at him, climbed onto the bed, and leaned back against the pillows with Stats joining them.

Suddenly, Shiro's ears twitched as he heard the sound of a flute playing nearby. "You hear that?"

"Stats!" Stats exclaimed in delight.

"That's..." Keith wondered as he got out of bed, into the window.

"A daemon!" Shiro said, followed him with Stats latches onto Shiro's shoulder, nervous.

"I think that's the Soul Piper" Keith exclaimed.

"The Soul Piper?" Shiro repeated.

Looking at it now, the Soul Piper was blowing a little flute, while the light balls twirl around it and fade to children laughing and playing with the eyes of the Soul Piper are almost closed.

"It is a benevolent demon," Keith replied, "given life by the souls of young children. It plays with the spirits of children who have passed away until they have come to accept their deaths and move on peacefully to the afterlife. There's no need to worry. It won't harm us as long as we don't harm it."

"...If you say so," Shiro replied. "I dunno why...but I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach..."

"Come on it's getting late," Keith said, going back to bed. Eyes blinked sleepily and then closed completely, it wasn't long before he fell asleep.

Shiro smiled, perhaps maybe he's right, there's nothing dangerous around here. He yawned and stretched his arms up, lt was late, and he was tired, too, with that out the way, Shiro lay down and fell asleep next to Keith.

The next morning, awaken from dreams that once filled his head. Shiro was walking through the room to a bathtub behind a washstand, which it was filled with water, Shiro slowly submerged himself up to him shoulders in the bathtub full to the brim with hot water and keenly savored the euphoric feeling.

The smell of lavender and rosemary bath oils. The fluffy towel and bathmat for when he got out of the tub, after a quick wash up. he searches his backpack for a new shirt to put on and his jacket, sets the jacket aside for the morning, slipping on the pants and shirt on first, before heading down.

Shiro glanced at Keith and Stats, but they were still asleep, as quickly as he could, Shiro close the door and moved quickly to the lobby of the cabin house, where he was welcomed by the attendance. Shiro waved at them, saying hello but Shiro wondered about the girl like it keeps nagging at him.

"Um, Excuse me!" Shiro said as he walked over to the hotel manager who was Female.

"Yes, What is it!" the hotel manager said.

"I was this wondering where I can get more medical supplies!" Shiro said, looking around the place.

"Well, that would be in our Hospital", the woman said, politely.

"Thank you!" Shiro darted toward the hospital. Upon arriving there, Shiro went down to the pharmacy to get the medical supplies that he requires. Upon leaving, he glimpsed in a room where a young boy that was about the age of 8, lying on the bed in his pajamas while wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth. Next to him was a woman in her 30s, gently holding his hand.

"Hello, Mrs. Belcher," said a boy who went past Shiro along with his older sister.

"Hello, Ruya," said Mrs. Belcher "Towa. How's your mother?"

"She's doing okay," Towa replied.

"How's Ping doing?" asked Ruya.

"Well, his body's recovered," Mrs. Belcher, answered, "but he still won't wake up. He's been in a coma for about 6 months, now. You're the only one in his class who still visits him, Ruya...thank you so much."

"Well, Ping is my best friend," said Ruya. "...Oh, right! We brought some presents!" He then held up the flowers and cranes. "Here you go."

"Oh, get-well cranes," smiled Mrs. Belcher "Thank you."

"Huh...?" Shiro whispered as he took a closer look at Mrs. Belcher's hands. They were a bit hidden under her sleeves, but she could see what looked like burns...and they were quite bad, at that.

"Excuse me! I know this you're staring at me!" asked Mrs. Belcher before she looked at her hands. "Oh...the burns. I got them from a fire in our apartment, six Phoebs ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stare" Shiro replied.

"No, it's all right," Mrs. Belcher assured. "I don't blame you..." She then sighed as she looked to the floor. "That's how Ping ended up in the hospital, he was in the fire too".

"Huh?!" Shiro notices someone lying on his bed as light glows from under the bed and a hand reaches out. It grabs the tube of a drip and pulls it down, shattering the drip.

"The girl at the park...!" Shiro discoveries the girl under the bed, tugging at the drip tube as she fades away.

"She disappeared!" Shiro thought as Mrs. Belcher walks towards "Again... Why must this happen?"

"Who is she anyway? I can't ignore this". Shiro thought.

Above the hospital, the girl floats in midair with the Soul-Piper blows his flute next to her.

"Darn it, foiled again!" she said. "I didn't kill him, this time..."

"Are you sure you want to give up if you do you might be able to find closer" the Soul-Piper said to her? While playing its flute in an eerie note.

"Oh please, you know my answer, Ping should die just like I did". She said.

Back at the hotel, Shiro had made it back home. Keith noticed that Shiro seemed unusually tense when he got back, but Shiro assured him that he was fine. However, he was too nervous to sleep. He wanted answers
So the next morning, He went up to the hotel manager again.

"Um, I need an answer!" He said, Explaining.

"What type of answer!" She said.

"Well, this may sound crazy!" Shiro asked. "But, do you know anything about ghosts!"

The hotel manager looked up at Shiro, who stared at her with a serious expression. It made her nervous...but at the same time, it told her that she could trust him. She sighed as she trying to calm her nerves.

"...It's about Ping, Mrs, Belcher's son," she said. "Everyone in the town has been saying he's being haunted by some kind of evil spirit or something."

"...What do you mean?" asked Shiro.

"When Ping first went into his coma after that fire," said the hotel manager, "my friends' son would go and see him. At first, everything was fine...but then...after we left, the accidents started."

"Accidents?" Shiro repeated.

"One of my friend's children," the hotel manager said. "He fell down the stairs after we left Ping's room, and he said somebody pushed him...but they didn't see anyone. And then, When I was doing errands, I almost got hit by construction equipment, Ever since then, my friends say that Ping's cursed or something, so the children stopped visiting him. I try to tell myself that those were all just freak accidents, but I don't believe me!"

"Why not?" asked Shiro.

"...Because," the hotel manager began, "in that same fire...she died...Louise!"

"...Louise...That must be the girl I saw in the park!" Shiro realized. "Who was Louise, anyway?"

"She's Mrs. Belcher's daughter!" the hotel manager answered. "She's a year older than my son is."

"...Oh, my God...!" whispered Shiro in horror. "She was only 8? That poor girl..."

The next day, Shiro arrived at the apartment with Stats where Ping and his mother lived. The only clue they had was the window with soot and broken glass all over it, possibly due to an explosion from the fire.

"This must be the place that she mentions!" Shiro said. "And they haven't cleaned it in six months?"

Shiro felt an uneasy chill go down his spine. Something about this made his stomach feel queasy and her heart pound in her chest. He didn't know why...but he could sense a sort of evilness in there.

"Save me, Mama, I'm over here" a voice whispered "I'm over here, can anyone hear me"

"But no one didn't and in what even worse, Mama only saved my brother," said the voice.

Listening to that, Shiro somehow got a bad feeling about this place before something tug on his jacket.

"Ahh" removing his sword from his sheath, Shiro swings it to the unexpected Target.

"I'm so sorry, my baby didn't mean to startle you," a woman said, with a baby in her hands.

"It's all right," Shiro said as he put back his sword in its sheath.

What a little understanding, the woman left with her baby child. "Man that was close," Shiro said to himself, then suddenly A pot of plant floats up and hits Shiro on the forehead, and then later shattered pieces of glass begin heading towards them.

While Stats was scared out of his wits, Shiro looked up and saw Louise standing on top of the railing!

"Huh?! Watch out!" Shiro shouted.

"What are you doing here?!" Louise questioned as he jumped off the railing and floated down in front of Shiro and Stats.

"Wait, hold on!" Shiro exclaimed. "'re Louise Belcher, right? Ping's big sister?"

Hearing that caused Louise to tense up, momentarily. "So what!" She said.

"Why are you doing all these things?" asked Shiro. "And of all people, why your brother?!"

"Shut up!" Louise shouted. "Ping has to die! That way he'll know how I felt!"

"What?!" Shiro asked. "What are you talking about?!"

"Stats!" asked a shivering Stats.

"...Mommy..." Louise muttered as she looked down to the ground. "Mommy hated me...all she ever cared about was Ping. That's why...that's why she only saved him instead of me!"

"...What...?" Shiro whispered in disbelief.

"...Nobody loves me..." Louise whispered...her voice taking on just a slight hint of sadness. "Nobody cared enough about me...they don't even care that I died...!"

"That's impossible!" Shiro told, "No one is the type to forget someone like your mother, she seems so nice doesn't she."

"Shut up!" Louise shouted. "If you keep interfering, I'll kill you, too!"

Louise disappears and the plants and trees around Shiro are uprooted from the soil. Shiro shields Stats while the plants crash onto the ground around them.

When the commotion stopped, Shiro looked up. A flute tune is heard. Shiro turns around to find the Soul Piper blowing his eerie tune in front of him and said: "Until my eyes open"

"Huh? Until my eyes...are open...?" Shiro thought

The Soul Piper disappears. Leaving Shiro in disarray.

"Wait, what do you mean your eyes will open?" Said, Shiro

Later on back at the hotel, Shiro was unexpectedly left with so much confusion, why is that girl attacking people including her family. What will happen if the soul Piper's eyes will open? So many questions left unanswered.

Sit on the bed in his room. While Keith sits in front of them, leaning on a log with his arms folded.

'What?!' Romelle asked, talking through the communicator. 'The Soul Piper's eyes weren't shut?!'

'Yes, he told me it was completely harmless' Shiro parroted while Stats sat next to him on the lip of the Bed

'So that daemon, the Soul Piper? he is supposed to console the souls of the dead children. He plays its flute until the souls find peace'. Romelle said.

"...So...what happens if that spirit is filled with hatred and anger? Who knows!" asked Shiro.

'Well is it Enabled to find peace, the Soul Piper hurls the child into the depths of the netherworld, but as long as the eyes are not open you're fine' Romelle said.

"Stats!" Stats whispered.

"...The Soul Piper's eyes were already half-open," Shiro realized. "If Louise doesn't find a way to accept her death-"

"But you're not a kid or a ghost so your chances are good, but you can't slay a ghost. One misstep and you'll regret it," said Keith.

"He's got a point, Shiro," Romelle said. "We're talking about evil spirits here, not daemons. They're two different things. They're not something you can just cut up or beat sense into, and a loss could more than just a physical injury."

Keith and Romelle were right about that, but Shiro came from a shrine family! There must be something he can do! There is no reason that girl can be ignored as she has so much sadness in her. With that, Shiro stands up and ran out of the room, determined to save Louise.

Evening in the hospital. Mrs. Belcher is sewing a dress, remembering of a Time that Louise was still alive. She was looking at a goldfish swimming in a fish tank with Mrs. Belcher is washing dishes behind her.

"Mom, I want a cotton dress with goldfish on it." She said as turns around to look at her mother. "When the summer comes, I'll go to the fairs and catch lots and lots of his goldfish friends. I want to wear my cotton dress then."

Okay, Louise but summer's a long way off.

"That's okay. Promise?"

"All right!"

Looking back. Mrs. Belcher stops sewing and sighs. "Louise, it would've been her birthday, soon" She then sniffled as a few rogue tears fell from her eyes.

Outside the window... Louise floated there, eyeing her mother...unable to see her tears.

"When Mom leaves the hospital tonight, I'm going to kill her dear, little Ping". She said.

"We shall see about that," the Soul Piper said as he appears behind her, and his eyes open a little.

"Louise's ghost is already becoming evil and unless I hurry," Shiro said, If he didn't do something before the daemon's eyes were completely open...the girl's fate would be sealed.

Nighttime in the hospital reception. With darkness arriving

"You're going home now?"

"Yes, I'll see you again tomorrow".

"Take care".

As Mrs. Belcher walked out of the hospital, Shiro panted as he ran up to her, putting his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

"Excuse me..."

"Oh, I know you, you were outside the door, Yesterday? If I'm not mistaken!" asked Mrs. Belcher.

"Yes, I was but that's not what I want to talk to you about, it's about your daughter" Shiro started, "I know this probably isn't my place to ask!"

Mrs. Belcher gasped silently, just as an ambulance came driving into the hospital, its siren wailing as it began to make its way around the back.

"...It's strange you should ask about her," said Mrs. Belcher, solemnly. "I was just thinking about her." She sighed as she looked to the starry sky. "...It seemed like such a short time ago."

She recalled the day when Louise just returned to the apartment. All furious

"Mom, you idiot, why won't you come to the Open House?! she shouted.

"It couldn't be helped. Ping's temperature shot up". said, Mrs. Belcher

"Grrr...!" Louise growled "All you care about is him!"

"Louise! You washed your tone" Mrs. Belcher started.

"I hate you and Ping!" Louise shouted, plops her bag down, and runs out.

"Louise, just a minute! Louise!" Mrs. Belcher said, stops from chasing her at the door."

"We always had arguments like that. On that day, when Louise ran off, I thought, 'Oh, there she goes again'. But I was wrong"

Returning from her grocery shopping. Her two neighbors stop her and point in a certain direction and to her complete shock, the apartment was engulfed in flames. Mrs. Belcher rushes in and looks around, coughing from the smoke. While firemen surround the fire. Trying to put it out

"But... If I had known that Louise was inside the apartment..."

After the firemen have taken out the fire, with Mrs. Belcher and an unconscious Ping in her arms. A fireman put a blanket over her. And tells her the tragic Truth.

"Miss, we found a body in the closet." One of the firemen said.

"What are you sure," said Mrs. Belcher

"I'm sure, A child! Poor thing!" the fireman said.

"If I had known, I would have gone back... If I had only known...!" Mrs. Belcher said as she starts crying.

"She didn't know that Louise was inside during the fire." Shiro thought.

Just then, SMASH! They heard the sound of glass breaking, causing them to look up at one of the windows, where they saw the lights flicker on and off!

"Oh, no...that's Ping's room!" cried Mrs. Belcher.

"Louise!" Shiro cried as he ran into the building.

"Wait, what?!" Mrs. Belcher questioned as she ran after him. "What do you mean!"

Opening the door to Ping's hospital room to find Louise hovers above her Brother's bed.

"Louise, stop!" Shiro shouted just soon Mrs. Belcher arrived and gaped to see her daughter in this state. "Louise".

Walks towards her but Louise sends her flying, crashes onto a wall to the ground, and faints with the dress in her bag falls out a little.

"Louise, think hard! Try to remember Did your mother abandon you? She didn't know you were inside the apartment during that fire?" Shiro said to her.

"Think back," Louise said as she stops and ponders on what Shiro said. Thinking back to the time that she died, she just returned from her outburst.

"Brrr... It was cold!" warms her hand around the fire as she takes off her muffler and places it on a clothesline over the heater.

"Sis... You're not supposed to hang things above the heater when Mom is not at home". Ping asked as he opened his eyes.

"Oh, be quiet!" She said as she opens a closet and hides in it. "Don't you dare tell Mom that I'm hiding here? I want to make her worry!" With that said she closes the closet.

"That muffler caught fire! It's all my fault. Mom's not to blame. Even Ping..." She thought.

"Louise" Shiro said, concerningly.

"I... I... I completely forgot that!! Now but it doesn't matter now I never wanted to die, that's why I still hate my mother" Louise shouted as the floor shatters and rumbles. Ping's bed is flipped and he is thrown out of the window.

"Ping" Shiro shouted as he rushes to the window. "Huh?! He fell! The poor boy"

"Oh, man! I can't stand to watch you!" Keith greeted, casually.

Shiro runs upwards to the façade of the hospital only to find Keith hangs from above the window, with his dagger stuck in the wall as support with him holds the boy in his other hand.

"Keith, you saved him" Shiro exclaimed.

"Well of course I saved him, what else am I supposed to do, just sit around let you do all the stuff by yourself," Keith said.

Keith looks at Louise who is floating in front of them and said, "so this is the girl you mentioned, looks like you were right about her."

Shiro holds Ping and Keith jumps onto the window ledge.

"Making her realize the truth it's not going to help her find peace. It's not that simple!"

He was right, Shiro soon realizes this as The Soul-Piper appears behind Louise with his eyes fully opens.

"Look?! The eyes!" thought Shiro.

Chains suddenly appear and tie around Louise. "Aghh! What are you doing?!"

"I'm sorry but you left me with no choice". The Soul Piper said as he drags Louise away with the chains.

"But I want to stay here" Louise cried. Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears. All of a sudden, her's arms and torso were wrapped in chains, causing her to let out a scream of protest as the Soul Piper flew off with her!

"Louise" Shiro shouted.

After witnessing that scene "Well, that's that, we should probably leave this alone" Keith said as he wanted to leave the situation as soon possible as he believed it was no longer being handled.

"Let's go, Keith" Shiro urged.

"Wait are you serious we saw what happened with the soul piper. I meant this is his situation". Keith questioned.

"Don't you think I don't know that but I believe in the soul piper never wanted to take Louise to the netherworld, so I'm going" Shiro said as he left the hospital room?

"Jesus, why does he have to make things so difficult," Keith said as he followed Shiro.

Time was running out as the Soul Piper drag Louise to the netherworld to the bridge spanning across a river. Shiro and Keith run hurriedly along the top of the bridge. Both of them look determined and worried.

"Remember this! I don’t know anything about ghosts! So you work it out on your own!" Keith said.

"I know but we must help Louise find peace before she falls into the never world". Shiro said.

"Well! Gotcha" Keith replied. "according to the stories that Romelle told us, the Soul piper drags his tormented victim to the place they died!"

Soon Shiro and Keith head towards a building, the same building that Louise died which now glowing in a pink ominous light.

"This must be the place," Keith said as he and Shiro enter the house, only to find the Soul piper playing a hominid tune.

"So you come," The soul piper said he stop playing his tune.

Upon waking up, almost like a zombie be, Louise kneels in a dark area with her hands in chains.

"It’s pitch black. Where am I?" She said.

A slit of light appears as Louise reaches the vertical slit of light but she opens it. Flames of fire and smoke rush in. She is in the closet, confronted by the fire that killed her.

"Where is she" Shiro asking the soul piper.

"I am giving her, her Divine punishment," the soul piper said as flames surround them.

"But the girl doesn't need to be punishment, she knows the truth on how she died," said, Shiro

"I doubt that since you hardly knew her" called the soul piper

"You're right I did but she still a girl who doesn't need to face it again," Shiro said.

"If you were so insisted this wouldn't happen but then again it is time you faced her punishment," The soul piper said as he raps Shiro's wrists in chains.

"Soul piper, what are you doing to him" Keith shouted but soon did he hit his dagger, The soul piper and Shiro disappear. To Keith's complete shock.

At the hospital, Mrs. Belcher sat outside the hall, her temple bandaged after she got thrown to the wall by Louise. As she sat on the bench, she stared at her hands, nervously.

"Mrs. Belcher!"

Mrs. Belcher gasped as she looked up to see a nurse run-up to her from the intensive care unit.

"Umm… What happened?" She said

"Never mind… Look at Ping! He has awake" she called.

"Unh...w...where am I?" Ping asked as he looked around and soon noticed his mother. "M...Mom?"

"Huh?! Ping!" She said.

"Mom… Umm… Sis is inside the closet." Ping opens his eyes and says weakly "Please hurry and get her!"

Back in the apartment, Louise is surrounded by flames. She cowers and shields her head with her hands. "This is how I died. I couldn’t be saved…"

"Louise! Louise!"

"Who is that?! Mom?!" She said.

But instead, it was Shiro who walks into the burning apartment and said "Where are you?! Answer me!"

"Louise! Hurry! Let’s get out of here!" Shiro said as he holds up his hand, in a hopeful tone.

"Are you crazy?! I’m already dead! I don’t have a home anymore!"

The ground behind Louise rumbles and falls away. The chains around Louise are dragged downwards, pulling her into the void below. Louise shrieks in fear.

"Louise!" Shiro as he grabs Louise’s hand.

The eye of the Soul Piper appears and loom above Louise. Flame sparks fly all over the place as Shiro struggles to hold on to her.

"You’re going home, Louise. You’re going home and make peace with your mother. Your mother loves you so very much! Is it okay if you never see her again?" Shiro said.

"Let go, let go," The soul piper said as he made the chain tugs harder at Louise.

"She’s not angry at me?", after a pause, says softly. "Are you sure she's not mad at me?" said Louise

"She's not and judging by her character, I can tell she's a very nice person," Shiro told her

Remembering her’s fond memories of her mother, at a carnival, at the beach, and taking photographs of her had made her realize and the soul piper sensing the same.

"Mom! I want to see you one more time, so I can say I’m sorry! I wanted to make up with you!" Louise said.

Upon hearing that the soul piper closes his eyes and the chains suddenly break and fall into the void.

The following morning, Mrs. Belcher returned to the apartment...and stood before the closet where Louise's body had been found. She could still see the outline that showed where Louise had been laying before she sighed.

"Mama," Louise said, appears behind her mother.

"Louise," she asked...but then she ran up and hugged her.

M smiled as she hugged her mother back.

"Mom, I'm sorry but I'm leaving now".

Shiro and Keith sit on a ledge, at the top of the house.

"I hope it worked," Shiro said.

"Man! You get into much danger! One wrong move and you’d have been dragged into the neverworld but you did it, you calmed a ghost" Keith replied.

"Thanks, it was worth the risk" Shiro replied.

Worth the risk indeed," the soul piper said. Appearing in front of them.

"Soul piper were you here for now," Keith said.

"I just came by and thank you" the soul piper replied.

"Thank me," Shiro asked.

"Yes, you saved that girl from falling to the depths of the netherworld and brought peace to her something that I could never do," he said.

"Oh, Thank you," shiro asked.

"I should get going now, be careful samurai there are more dangerous ahead," the soul piper said, fading away.

After that, after spending a week and with Ping been released from the hospital. Shiro started packing for the journey ahead.


"Louise," Shiro said, walks to the window.


"Louise," Shiro said, walks to the window.

"I wanted to thank you before I left," She said, floats outside the window in a goldfish dress.

"Such a pretty dress"

"Yes it is, my mom sewed it for me. Thanks for everything. Bye-bye!" Louise said, flies upwards.

"Louise, you weren’t meant to be an evil spirit. You were just a little girl who loved her mother very much."

As the tune of the Soul Piper plays in the background. Louise flies upwards and joins the Soul-Piper with closed eyes. Louise turns into a light and flies around it, laughing happily. They fade away.

"Hey ready to go"

"Yeah I am"

With that on the way, Shiro and Keith repair for their next journey ahead. Prepared in darkness.
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