Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Two: Earth

10th, June 2083, in Plaht city.

In this day and age, you expected that is the future, which it was, everything was no longer polluted, thanks to clean energy but that didn’t replace the sounds of blaring car horns, roaring motors of motorcycles, and the chattering of the people that were moving about the concrete streets with towering skyscrapers and supermarkets from which people would buy their food and people got around on foot, by bicycle, by car, by bus, or by metro train. Or in this case, hover riding.

That was the case in the city in the desert, which has beautifully high futuristic skyscrapers that shine like the sunlight, that sets at the end of the day. Along with the blistering hot air.

Yes, the way of Altea is truly a thing of fantasy and myth as time gave way to the modern age. However, even as the world continues to modernize and advance...some things in this world never changed.

Take a young man for example, who was at the age of twenty-four who goes by the name Takashi Shirogane or Shiro for short, was riding his hovercraft through the desert City toward his job, the Galaxy Garrison with his hair blowing in the wind.

After hovercraft and arrived at the Garrison “Hey, Takashi” a voice called him.

“Adam,” Shiro replied exciting and walking towards him to kiss him.

As a couple, the two men looked as different as night and day: Shiro with his dark hair styled in an undercut and his taller herculean physique along with piercing dark gray eyes, and Adam, with his light brown hair, half-frame with brown eyes, a somewhat-triangular jaw.

As Adam held him to share a kiss on the lip.

“Thank you,” Shiro said, after kissing him.

“No problem, after all, we’re Junior officers now,” Adam bragging.

He was right after 4 years of experience in the field of work and study about becoming an astroexplorer along with breaking records for the highest speed up the top of the food chain of command in Shiro’s case. So much fun with, since he could remember. His parents were killed in a car accident as a baby and adopted by his grandfather.

Later in a black world that was covered in stars, a man crowded in the darkness along with his friends, confronted an unknown force, from somewhere come to the high, clear echo of a drop of water striking the surface of a calm pool.

Some will believe it was a cave, but it wasn’t, it never was, a crimson light blossom from the distance, the flames flickering and twisted, shifted in shape and form.

The conflagration climbed up higher than before, casting long shadows into the gloom and doom-the shadows of men, carrying guns and war machines, marching in rows but ordinary men they were aliens, being that came from outer space, normally you would see them Syfy show or movie, but they leaped and pranced as they run from the fire.

Next to them were sentries, they also part of the lines, the unexpected traits within them were purple fur over most of their skin, seamlessly blending in with the hair on their scalps. They also possess beastly facial features that vary extensively, ranging from mammalian-like humans to reptilian and the shades of purple fur and red markings, or dark spines and scales. They are diverse in their appearance.

They whirled like dervishes, reared, and raked the air with killing intent, it makes the group feel like they’re in hell and people whipping themselves into an ecstatic fervor but even if they danced and spun around, their attention remain focused on them.

Four hundred yards away from them and their mad and murderous intent beat against them like a heard wind, the leader at the head of the army opened its wide mavy in a commanding voice “charge”.

They heard nothing but knowing they have each other by their side, with that the only sound of a drop of water, breaking the quiet surface of a lake.

The man could not tear his gaze from the rushing shadows “when they reach us” he knew without a shadow of a doubt how dangerous it is, “but I know we’re okay” and he was right because the group he was with, knew how to fight, in the time he watched, the army had pressed a hundred yards away, but the man shouted, “for Altea”. And soon both sides collide.

Shiro awoke with a start, it was later on that day, Shiro had already put his satchel underneath his chair and finished up his notes on his latest recruitment for the Garrison, “a dream...” He said out loud.

Hearing his voice confirming he was indeed awake, it must be a dream, a fairly odd dream, Shiro turned his gaze around his office, looking around he looked at the notes of the next endurance, even if he hates the recruitment circuit. The number of universities he checked off only served to remind him that his application for Kerberos had been stewing for weeks now. But it didn’t matter, it was nice to new cadets for the garrison, students he met helped bolster his spirits for a time.

But still, there were the dreams that he’s been getting, they started about a month ago, in the beginning, he had seen nothing but a battlefield, hearing the screams of those who are facing against the darkness, at the first time in five nights ago he remembers waking up screaming his head off, it was almost coming after him and stab him unexpectedly.

For three nights now, he understood what the dreams meant, the rising darkness of war might be his inner self talking to him trying to tell him that things are not going to change for him they’ll never will.

But thankfully, an incoming call flashed on his comm. His heart leaped. He kept his voice steady enough to acknowledge the summon to Admiral Sanda’s office, finally, The waiting will end and maybe the dreams will end.

He could hardly stop himself from breaking into a sprint on his way there. His brisk pace through the halls of the command wing nonetheless earned him a few upturned eyebrows. He didn’t care.

He greeted the reception with what he hoped was a casual nod. He brushed down his coat and touched up his lock of hair as he waited in the reception room.

“The Admiral will see you now,” the receptionist said, waving him through.

“Thank you,” Shiro said as he left the room, Admiral Sanda sat reclined behind her desk as he entered, thumbing through some text-heavy document on her tablet. She set it down on the desk and stood when Shiro approached.

“Shirogane. Thank you for coming on short notice.” She said.

“Admiral,” he greeted, saluting before sitting down.

“At ease, Shiro. I’m afraid we have something sensitive to discuss.” Shiro’s face fell at that, “Sensitive? it is about my physical tests”.

“It’s about your application for the Kerberos mission. As you are aware, the Garrison will be in charge of transportation and escort for Dr. Holt and his assistant out into space.”

“What about my application? Do I need to make some changes?” Shiro asked. While growing up Dr. Holt was his father’s best friend and because of that, he helped him and his grandfather, before he passed away.

Sanda’s flat expression swiftly douses his enthusiasm. She informs him, “no you do not but you are sick and should not be sent out to another mission, especially as far away as Kerberos, so we’re deferring you until we can get this sorted out.”

His throat constricted. His heart flip-flopped in his chest. A slick, clammy feeling flooded under his collar. His gaze settled on the desk, unable to meet her eyes. “Admiral, this is a complete shock, actually. I know I am the best qualified for this”. Shiro protests, “I know I can, I have been preparing for this my whole life”.

“Your doctors had updated about your condition”, Sanda explained.

“Because it’s not relevant. I can do the mission,” Shiro snapped.

Sanda chewed the inside of her lip. She then said, “A lot is riding on the success of this mission as much you think, that is why I report it to flight command you could be out there for a very long time.”

“With all due respect, I am aware of the stakes. Tell me, is there something the matter with my qualifications?” Shiro shot back, complained.

“Of course not. You are exemplary and you should be thinking to do when you’re on time.” Sanda said

“Then why are we having this discussion? madam.” Shiro protests “Look? With all due respect sir, the only one in charge of what I do with my time is me. I have considered this. I have considered this for so many long, agonizing months. You have no idea how sick I am of hearing about why I should hold myself back!”

“Shirogane, watch yourself,” Sanda started, but stopped as her eyes fell shut. “Look, I’m sorry this has been such difficult news to take.”

“But, madam!” Shiro said.

“You are dismissed, I’ll let you know what they decide.”

Shiro watched as everything crashed down upon him

Those upturned eyebrows scrutinize him once more as he stomped like an ogre through the Garrison halls back to quarters. He didn’t care. Since he was born, he has had a rare disease and has been getting worse over the years so has been limiting his missions ever since.

Afternoon. “Well, I’m off! Johnny, Shiro said in a sad farewell to a follows officer before heading to the door to leave. “bye Shiro! Have a good night at home!“, He grinned back at him before heading outside, adjusted the strap of his bag on his shoulder, and gets on his hovercraft. the young man was about to start his ride home.

“I may not have I had another mission again.” He thought.

Returning to the city, Shiro made his way to a flower store, to get flowers of Sierra for a certain location, a place that he can once use for comfort and home.

But, up ahed, it was going to be a life-changing event forever.

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