Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Twenty: Prison Break

The tridimensional solid building filled with one group of daemons, known as the Galra, from floor to ceiling, lt showed many of them having so many jobs, some on guard duty and some on maintenance, While others are having fun in the mess hall. Doing throwing darts, arm wrestle, and reading books.

The line and lives between them and the Alteans had been beneficial to their profit despite their complicated history. But a certain Galra was not having it. With a red glowing robotic eye and large, powerful, and terrifying clawed robotic gauntlet, bursting into the doors, all seriously like preparing for the kill. Can make any soldier salute with the saying; "is Commander Sendak"

Commander Sendak entered the quiet commissary area, his gaze at his soldiers in disarray with raspy breathing, "So there are the land's strongest warriors, pathetic, wait, hold on" he said walking in the hallway like a boss before stopping to a Galra who is clearly distracted. "Is this guy seriously reading a book where I'm delivering a point"

Getting the man undistracted, pound sand his huge robotic fist on the table, starling him, "yes sir, I wasn't distracted by this book, I'm truly sorry it won't happen again"

"No, it won't. Take him to the torture room"

Snapping his fingers, two men wearing execution mask came and snatches the man up to the pain room "not the torture room, I can change don't do this to me".

"I'm sure you've all heard people are rebelling against the Galra, they're going against our authority. Some villages have stopped paying their taxes" raising his voice even more "And do you know why?"

"Maybe they, I don't know, forgot"

"No, you imbeciles, it's all because the samurai, ever since he arrived people have been getting hope. But it's not just him, the half daemon he's been traveling with" punching his robotic fist into a wall, making the soldiers gulp.

"To get this planet back under Zarkon's will, I need warriors who are fierce, cunning and about all, ruthless"

In the prison cell where darkness, dread in purple cold walls, lay a man a uniform that showed the wear and tear of a major disaster but it was still clearly a Galaxy Garrison uniform.

Peering through the ceiling. Wondering about his fate, then suddenly, his look of confusion and uncertainty was replaced by first puzzlement and then excitement with his cell door went wide opened.

"Hey, Adam, brought you dinner, ramen weekends"

"Percy" Adam finally commented.

A Galra dress in the same uniform from the galra empire, caring a one-man drum set with him. With joy on his face. "Hey I've been working on my act, do you wanna see it"

"Totally, bring it on"

"Okay here we, go", Percy said, using his one-man drum, he performs one of the most amazing acts in Adam's eyes. "Ta-da!"

"That was amazing, Percy"

"You really think so"

"Of course, but if I have to be honest, you're wasting your time as a guard here"

"You know you're right, Thanks Adam, I can't wait to see the look on Sendak's face and tell him I'm--"Percy said and soon his gaze went to the spot where Commander Sendak stood before the jail cell

"Tell me what, soldier".

Despite the evidence of the human man telling him what to do but he knew what he had to say, he formally announced, "I always hated this job and I want to pursue my own dreams, so bye" he shouted as he running through the door.

The door signaled and Sendak made a furious face to the deserter, "well well that is the second time or the fifth time, I don't know I lost count" Adam said, as watches the soldier that he once called his friend.

"There are much better soldiers than Percy if you" Sendak begin

"I know where you're going to said" he spat, "you want to know where I came from but I don't know and besides no one can recognize your unique stench when I was taken, the only thing that I am focused on is finding Shiro.

"Wow you're still charming" Sendak declared in a fascist which suggested he was anything but charmed "but it won't last for long when I'm through with you" his expression changed to feelings of rage.

"Please you haven't even taken control of this place"

Caught off guard, Sendak sputters then suddenly another guard named Flintstone. "Commander Sendak, sir" after saluting, she turns around and says, "hey, Adam!"

"Flintstone, my man in another woman, how's the painting going through with you" Adam said, confident.

"Always doing great although I am having a hard time with buyers". She said.

Sendak bares his jagged teeth, "do you have something to, say soldier"

"Well we have a small problem, outside!" Flintstone said

"Put it on screen" Sendak commanded.

The screen appeared at the jail cell, show the outside of the Base were out two giant birds with red feathers and their beaks are purple and lined razor-sharper teeth were nearing by. Adam didn't believe his eyes but then again nothing in this world is what it seems to be.

"Really birds" he said.

"Not just any birds" Sendak declared, his voice trembled in fear "they're called Riesenteufel and they have a knack the or flesh"

Adam tensed but didn't offer a response to that. The thing for flesh is if you were a cannibal. But those birds did look dangerous.

However, their luck was about to change as Percy was walking away, with instruments and pursuing dreams.

"What is that idiot doing," Sendak said

"Should we going try to warn him?" Adam told him.

"Good, bye my biggest nightmare," Percy said where he reaches the biggest disaster of them all. The Riesenteufel.

"Eh, okay maybe is not the right moment ahhhh" Percy screaming his head off, running back to the Base. But as soon as he arrived right before Sendak declared to close the gate, it was already too late.

The Riesenteufhasave already cracked through the gate. Adam didn't even know what to do "this looks bad," he thought just as soon he was eating those words when a Riesenteufel crash through his prison cell.

"Oh, crud" Adam shouted. But as soon as he was about to get eaten. Sendak launches his massive Arm, whips it back around to skewer The Riesenteufel through the back.

"Whoa," Adam said as he looks at Sendak who was holding the beast in his jaws and shouted: "outsider fight with me" but only to look that Adam was gone.

"Victory or death" Sendak shouted as the battle to take the base proved to be harder than anticipated, the soldiers did not fight back, instead, they were so in panic send, some hide, others cradle, trying to find their happy place. These soldiers were not in the best shape ever since what happened before. Before they all got their butts to whoop by Keith and Romelle.

But that didn't matter, Sendak was determined to make sure his base doesn't fall apart, Just then, Adam headed toward the Riesenteufel. With a gun in his hand, hoping he might be able to save some of the Galra from being slaughtered.

Smoke and debris concealed him from the Riesenteufel but not from the open eyes of Sendak who was impressed by the man. "He can fight, he could be worth something," he said to himself as continue to watch this man fight like a soldier.

"Take this" Adam shouted as he shoots the Riesenteufel right in the eye. This victory reminded him of why he wanted to escape here. This place only has one thing: danger. As the Riesenteufel escape, Sendak approached Adam and said, "where did you learn to fight like that".

"The Garrison believe it or not," Adam said as it was the obvious question. But Sendak didn't get it. "I'm sorry the Garrison what"

"Ok, listen up, if I help you get rid of these birds, you will give me provisions and release me, deal?" Adam said

"Deal?" Sendak said

Before they could shake on it, the Riesenteufel return to finish the job of their gorgeous meal.

"Quickly to the safe room" Sendak commanded

With that order, all the men within the base went to the safe room with Adam and Sendak who declared Mendeley that his team is completely useless. But Adam was not hearing it.

Seen the atmosphere so stressful and surrounded by fear, Percy decided to take on a joke to lighten the mood.

"So who wants to hear a joke, how many Riesenteufel is the storm the Base" he jokes

Silence fell into the scared group. Percy realizes it was too soon as his smile turned to dread it was way too soon for him when Sendak reaches out his left hand and shoots out to grabs Percy by the throat, raising him up until his feet dangle and kick.

"How utterly disappointing. If all of you had a scrap of courage, we wouldn't be in this mess and encountering like a bunch of"

Hearing Sendak's words were like a mother outburst to her son. Especially towards the Galra seeing their faces all in tears and feeling sorry for themselves.

"Okay that's enough, charming as ever, Sendak," Adam said in disguise "how about we have a word in private, now!"

Adam reached for his hand over his shoulders and took him behind a dark corridor to talk.

"Okay here is the problem" Adam explaining the situation, the metal blades are worn around his neck inside his voice clinked together as he spoke. "You keep yelling them like that, they still continue being useless and we'll all die"

Sendak pointed his talon at the obvious and said: "Then what am I supposed to do, graduate them, give them an award".

"No, but saying nice things for a change, it will boost the confidence for a bit" Adam said

"Will it work" Sendak ask him

"I don't know Someone that I used to Love always does that, but what the heck let's give it a shot" Adam said

Leaving their dark spot, Sendak faces the clearly scared soldiers.

"uh, Soldiers" he mumbled.

Falling on command, the soldiers look up at Sendak who was trying to take Adam's advice.

"So, who wants to hear me say nice things" he said

"Okay, he clearly needs some help" Adam through

"So Sendak what's the nice thing you have to say but you're obviously too scared to admit it" Adam said

"I told you I don't fear anything" Sendak added

"Are you sure about that or you're too afraid to show up your true feelings" Adam added and said "hey everybody, guess that we found out about Sendak"

"What" he gaps

"So you think your guards are all amazing but it obvious you don't like showing up your true feelings" Adam shouted

"Hey on what are you doing" he said, but Adam didn't listen.

"Let me hear that again you think that Flintstone is like the toughest guard because she doesn't take garbage from anyone" Adam said

Sendak turns around to see Flintstone and said. "Yes! Flintstone is tough, tough like a thousand tanks"

Upon hearing that Flintstone blush in surprise and embarrassment at the guards complimenting her.

"Oh, well I do wash with a steel wool brush, it really hurts," Flintstone said, chuckled.

"And what were those nice things that you said about Gary," Adam said, pointing over to an injured guard.

"Oh, Gary Um, he never missed a day even he was sick and about to die". He said

"What can I say, I'm dedicated" Gary said

The guards could not believe it, Sendak actually likes them, that was the result that Adam and Sendak wanted but one more person.

"And Perry?" Adam said, pointing out his new friend.

"I don't want to say anything to Perry" Sendak grimace.

"Oh come on there's got to be something nice for him" Adam said

"The only thing nice of him it's a grumbling idiot," Sendak said, losing his temper.

This causes Perry's eyes to develop tears in his eyes and gaining the total shock of his teammates.

"Seriously, that's harsh even for me," Adam thought, in embarrassment.

Sendak sighs as if it were obvious. "Uh... but, when he makes a mistake, he owns it and he doesn't stop until he makes things right. And because of that"

The guards' gaps and Adam was waiting for results when Sendak said "he's earned my respect".

Everybody gasping by what Sendak told everybody, "I have?" Percy gasps.

"Yes!" stammers Sendak.

Move by this, Percy and the guards salute him and said "Commander Sendak, sir, we're taking this Base back, even if we have to fight through 20 Riesenteufel".

Then turned around and said, "Now come on, you soldiers, no one wants to live forever!" The guard cheering for their Commander as they started to run out of the door.

After they left, Adam went in front of Sendak, "see I told you, one compliment and they walk right in front of you".

"yes, I suppose you're right," Sendak told him. "But still I"

"Oh, come on you did the right thing!" Adam pointing out. "Now all you have to do is lead your soldiers into battle."

"Yes, it's time" Sendak said.

"Of course it is you don't have to ask me twice," Adam said as he and Sendak joining the army.

Shouts and jeers swell and roll over the men like a helicopter rising up from a battlefield as they faced off against the Riesenteufel.

"For Sendak!" Percy shouted. Under his command, the soldiers begin shooting their weapons at the monsters but they were still no match for them.

"Before we die, Flintstone, I love you, always had," Percy said, so much to the shock and the slap of the face of Flintstone before she kissed him.

As the birds were looking for victims, "up here, weaklings" Sendak shouted as he and Adam bought against the Riesenteufel with all their might.

This causes them to leave the Base in defeat and fly off. Resulting in Adam and Sendak to get the amazement of the soldiers

"On this day, it became a great victory for the Galra, if it weren't for your bravery, the fortress would be lost, you're all heroes" Sendak declared

"Did Sendak" one of the soldiers said

"Just call us..." Another soldier added.

"Heroes?" the soldier said to one another, then cheering in celebration of their victory.

"All right, troops, listen up". Sendak said.

"Sir, yes sir!" All the troops said in unison and salute in respect of their leader. "Ok. Wow Um..." Sendak pointed out to himself. Then orders his troops again, "head down to the mess hall for some food and a round of dark berry juice, you've earned it"

"Sir, yes, sir" the soldiers said in unison. "Hup, hup, hup, hup!"

After the troops leave, Sendak had a moment to breathe "Unbelievable, this compliment stuff is amazing and Powerful"

"Yeah it is," Adam said then said again "anyways, I upheld my part of the deal, so give me some rations, a map may be a cool cloak or two, and I'll be on my way"

However, instead of giving in to the demands, Sendak pointed a gun sprayed into Adam's face. "Not so fast, you're far too dangerous and manipulate to be left to Rome free"

"You son of a-" Adam was pretty angry at Sendak.

Sendak interrupts him, "but we both know I can't stop you, so go ahead, be a vagabond, wandering alone in the wilderness.

Looking back and now, Adam realized something, how is he going to survive this, unless "or!" Adam answered.

"Or stay here, help us rebuild the base, perhaps serve as the leader of a project we been working on and when we're done here, you, me, and the entire galra empire will March on the world, bring order and find your Shiro, now, how does that sound?"

Adam wasn't expecting that to have that kind of deal, "I think I can live with that".

"Then come, lieutenant, we have much to discuss" then Sendak went to the location where a soldier "Commander Sendak, sir. Haxus has just returned from Aurs and is waiting for you in the briefing room".

Adam reading out to his pocket and grabbed his phone and found a picture of him and Shiro, "Hold on for a little longer, Takashi. I'm coming for you and when I find you, we're gonna get home".

With a devious smile arrive on Adam's face. "But first, I think we're gonna have some fun with this place".

Going to have fun with this place indeed, Adam when on the same precision as Sendak did, enjoying in his own precision in power.
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