Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Twenty-one: New Moon

On a boat that they got a man, back at the town that was selling boats on the riverbank, at the Fjord. looks in the distance, Shiro exclaiming the water for fish "It feels so good!" Shiro stirred. he and Stats were curled up together. The sound of the flowing river woke him. he yawned and stretched, and jumped to his feet.

"Hey, Shiro! We're not here to have fun! Or look at the scenery" Keith said, even though he was.

"Okay, okay!" Shiro said. Puts his hand over his eyes, Aye-aye Mon Capitan"

"I never been tired before, nothing like this" Shiro thought.

While Shiro and Keith were enjoying the scenery, Stats slouched over the boat, with his glowing skin turn green as he looks unwell and moans.

"Stats!" He groaned.

Stats, you call yourself a daemon, you're not supposed to get seasick" Keith says to him.

"Stats," asked Stats.

"Is it just me or does this feel pathetic, we will never find the samurai at this rate" Keith said as he wasn't sure how long they'd been on the boat. It seemed like only yesterday they were dealing with the Soul Piper.

Keith didn't want to think too much about that night. all he knows that Shiro is safe. Just in, Keith notices something, "what is it, it is something else"

"No," he thought as he didn't notice them at first but as they got closer, A thick bundle of spider web spans across the river, in front of them.

"Spider webs? Such long strands of it" Shiro said, reminded of the time, when they face Twyla.

Shiro and Keith silently glided past them. Keith sweeps the web with his hand but the bundle of web sticks onto his hand and he claws at it with his other hand angrily. He glares at the remaining strands and clenches his fist, looking worried.

Keith, is something wrong?" Shiro asks him

"Stats" Stats shouted

"Stats what is it?" Keith saw up ahead that the river's cliff edge, a loud shriek pierced the air, causing the group to look up and see a young girl of at least 12 years old, standing on a cliff while holding a bouquet of wildflowers.

"Don't come near!" She said as she walks backward as a black thing attacks her but she dodges and falls downwards, a girl said, shrieking her head. But luckily Keith jumps in and catches her in his arms and lands on a rock by the river.

"Nice catch! Keith" Shiro said as the black thing retreats into the forest on the cliff.

"What was that thing," Shiro asked Keith

"I don't know, well whatever it is it's gone now" Keith answered Shiro.

"Umm... Thank you for..." the girl politely said until she notices Keith's eyes, "unhand me, daemon!" She shouted but as the girl slaps Keith on his head, causing him to loses his balance and both of them fall into the water.

"Oh, no!" Shiro cried in alarm.

Followed that, the group landed on a riverbank, which Keith grumbled in irritation as he shook himself dry.

"Jeez," he muttered. "Why do I even bother with you, ungrateful mortals?"

While Shiro sprays antiseptic on the girl's arm which was grazed.

"Don't worry this will only sing a little bit, do you mind my asking what was after you just now?" he asked as he bandaged the girl's wrist.

"A Daemon know as a spider head, these mountains have been plagued by their evil presence since the Galra conquer the Eastern area, many villagers have been attacked as they take possession of corpse's heads". the girl explain

"I see, Keith, we have to do something to help," Shiro said

"Why should we do that, I meant the lady here never once needed our help" Keith argued

"Oh come on Keith, just because someone rude doesn't mean they need help but," Shiro said

"But what we should be cross the mountain before nightfall". Keith said, interrupting Shiro.

"What has gotten into him, I thought he wanted to check things out," Shiro thought

"I'm going home. There's no way will I be beholden to a demon!" The girl said, getting up.

"Stats, Stats, Stats, Stats"

"Shut up! You insolent beast, this is why I hate daemons!" the girl shouted at Stats.

After that, the girl walks off and climbs up the cliff using a vine but the girl struggles with the climbing, as the vine snaps, she plops on the ground.

"Oh boy, let's help her out just this once," Shiro said

"But-" Keith began, he fell silent under the weight of Shiro's glare as the girl fixes the group with a hard-eyed stare. After several tense moments, she finally relented. "Fine," said the girl.

Later on, as the sun was slowly beginning to set beyond the horizon, the group made their way up the mountain path toward a flight of stone stairs. While Keith and Stats were walking, Shiro was forced to carry the reluctant girl, piggyback style.

"Huh! It's that temple, right?" Shiro Wondering, the Temple looks like a Japanese old style one.

"Wow! this place is nice!" Keith recalled the people he'd seen that morning as he and Shiro searched for food and places to stay,

An old priest, dressed in traditional robes of a Buddhist monk with a rakusu over them and a pair of waraji sandals, shuffles out of the temple slowly.

"Mauna? Who are these people?" The priest said?

"Oh, Master," Mauna said as she ran up and hugged him, causing him to chuckle as he pets her head, gently.

"Were you attacked by the Spider Head?" The priest added

"I went to put flowers on the graves of my parents and I had no choice to rely upon these wicked daemons to take me home... I'm sorry" Mauna asked.

"you still on that?!" Keith irked.

"Stats" Stats glared.

the Priest chuckled, and then, as if reading her thoughts, said, "Daemon you say, they don't look like much of a threat!"

"Calm down! We're leaving right away!" Keith looks away, in a scoffing tone

"Oh no... You can spend the night at this temple." the monk implored.

"Master!" Mauna questioned. "But...they are Daemons!"

"Mauna," the monk started, "go and prepare a feast for our guests."

"But...but...!" Mauna stammered...only to sigh. "Yes, Master..." She then glared hatefully at the trio before she turned and headed inside.

"Psh!" Keith scoffed. "Nice attitude..."

"Please forgive Mauna, it seems she can't help but feel dread toward all Daemons I have cared for her since the day her father was killed of the spider heads as you know" the priest explained.

"Umm... are there a lot of Spider Heads in the area?" Shiro said.

"With the Galra invaded most of the planet, the number of Spider Heads seems to increase. In leaps and bounds..." the monk began.

"Stats?!" Stats said as he tugs Keith's sleeve. As he didn't know that and wanted to take up his offer to spend the night here.

"Why do I have to let some stupid demon control my life?" Keith said, folds arms and look away.

"If you are worried I sealed this temple with sacred sutras, so the Spider Heads cannot enter. You can rest easy, after all, you are an ordinary human are you not" the priest replied.

"What" Keith was confused, he felt frozen by that comment, "I'm an ordinary human?, Are you are freaking kidding me".

"I can't sense the magic from you at all, you see, your physical appearance is one thing?" the priest said. "But something is making you change"

"What?" he spluttered. "I'm not changing. You're . . . you're changing yourself!" In response, Keith branching out his dagger, "Whether I'm human or not, I feel like a good stab in the back" launching out at the priest.

"Patience" Shiro shouted.

Thump. Like doing a belly-flop in a pool, both Keith's arms and legs spread, and he hit the ground flat on his belly.

"Gyaaah!" he yelped pitifully like a dog whose tail had been stepped on.

"Sorry about that, Keith's not usually like that" Shiro said. "or never like that, he mostly feels like a brooding teenager sometimes"

But the truth was it didn't matter. Shiro's agreement had played right into his hands. He could tell by the way the priest has left scot-free.

"Of course, my child," said the monk. "Please, come inside."

With that, they all headed inside the temple...except for Keith, who continued to stare out toward the setting sun.

"Shiro!" Shiro called. "What are you waiting for? Come on inside! Aren't you hungry?"

"...For once, I don't have an appetite," Keith muttered under his breath as he reluctantly headed inside the temple.

Later in Nighttime, in a room in the temple. The group is having dinner, the meal that Mauna made. laying on Shiro's haversack with hands-on his tummy and rice on his face, Stats enjoy Mauna's cooking. Even if she has a sharp mouth, she can cook.

"Stats" Stats said.

Shiro sat on the floor, eating roasting fish that Mauna cook for them, normally he would be worried about gathering wood or striking flint to summon a spark or knowing how to fish that's one of the downsides. but that was not the focus here.

"Say, Keith, you've been acting strange today," Shiro said, feeling very concerned about his behavior, in the short while but slowly, he knew Keith would never act like this, sure he does act like the typical bad boy who needs to be self-disciplined but seeing him nearly attacked a defenses old men clearly shown something was up.

"Night has fallen." Keith thought as he looks into the night, all worried. "Who is that priest has he seen right through me?"

"Hey, I'm talking to you," Shiro said, concerning, causing the half-daemon to glance back at him. "Is everything okay? You've been acting weird since last night...and today, too! I seem jumpier than normal, you seem reluctant to fight other even went off on that monk over something so minor!"

"And that's what got you worried!" Keith grumbled, took a deep breath, and pressed on. "besides, I'll forget about it"

"Forget about what," Shiro said, hovers near Keith's face. "What?"

"Stats!" said Stats.

"Keith... Could you be..." Shiro pauses searching for the answer, making Keith gets uptight "Afraid of spiders?!"

"What?!" Keith questioned. "Of all the stupid things that have come outta your mouth, that's gotta be the stupidest thing I've EVER heard! Me, afraid?! As if!"

"But Keith," Shiro began, "everyone's afraid of something."

"Everyone but me!" Keith barked as he turned away. "Leave me alone! I'm going to sleep!"

"...Keith," Shiro said, causing him to turn to look back at him, only to be met with his sad gaze. "I thought we were friends...I thought you trusted me."

Keith gasped silently while Stats looked back and forth between them in concern.

"...Forget it," Shiro said as he looked away. "If you don't wanna tell me...I won't force you."

Keith's Entire body drooped as he felt a slight tinge of guilt in his stomach, then he sighed.

"...Shiro!" he called, causing him to stop in his tracks as he looked back at him. "I...I'm sorry, okay? You're're my friend and I need to start trusting you more...and the truth is...I am afraid, okay?"

"You are?" Shiro asked in surprise. "W...why?"

"Because-" Keith started, only to be interrupted by a shrill scream from Stats.

"S-S-S-STATS" he cried as he pointed outside, causing Shiro and Keith to look out and see a bunch of enlarged spiders with human faces were hanging on the ceiling, starling at them.

"Oh, no!" Shiro cried, only to shriek as they burst inside the room, as well! "They're everywhere!"

"Darn it... I'm losing my sense of detection. " Keith thought as the spider heads peering everywhere.

Meanwhile, Mauna running hurriedly along a corridor, looking for her master.


Mauna gaped in horror at what she had just found: the monk, lying on the floor, surrounded by the Spider Heads as they began to weave their webs around him.

"...No...!" she whispered, tearfully.

Back at the room, many spider heads appeared everywhere, surround Shiro, Keith, and Stats.

"Darn it," Shiro said, unsheathes his sword, "they just keep on coming!" delivering a kick at a spider.

"Dang that priest! Whatever happened to his sacred magic seals?!" Keith said unsheathes his dagger. However, the dagger suddenly felt heavy.

Noticing the struggle, Shiro wondered and thought "why does Keith's dagger feel so heavy all of a sudden".

"Stats" Stats said

"I know buddy, I feel the same too" Shiro agreeing

Shiro and Keith are slashing at some Spider Heads with their weapons. They spew webs at them, but they wave them away. But that wasn't enough as more Spider Heads surround Shiro.

"Shiro looks out," Keith said as they spew webs at him. He has a hard time trying to fend them off and becomes mostly covered on the web, particularly over his head.

"Keith, hold on, third from Aries" Shiro shouted as he does his breathing technique to attacks some Spider Heads

The Spider Heads back away and Shiro tries to drag Keith from the scene. He has a difficult time as the web on him is also stuck on the ground.

"Keith" Shiro cried.

"Stats" Stats called as he ran toward them.

"Let's get outta here!" Shiro shouted as they all ran out, heading deep into the forest.

After escaping, Shiro, Keith, and Stats all sat in the middle of the forest, panting heavily as they tried to catch their breath.

"Damn!" said Keith.

"Keith... What's wrong?" Shiro said as he reaches for the web on Keith's head.

"...Yeah," Keith answered. "More or less...besides, if I were you, I'd be more worried about myself."

"Stats" Stats said as he was frustrated by Keith's attitude towards Shiro since he was worried about him too.

But Keith didn't care about what he had to say. "If you wanted help as usual you better think again," he said as he continued removing the Web way, showing a shocking appearance

"Keith," Shiro said shockingly stare at Keith as his hair appears Brown.

Back in the other room, Mauna felt useless as the Spiders with their human heads loom around her old master.

"Mau-na," The master Priest said, gathering up all his strength to look at her and said. "Please run away-I cannot hold on to the spider heads very long- please hurry."

"But master I cannot just leave you," Mauna said, tears welling from her face".

"but you can, run to Shiro and Keith, at least you can save your self.." the Master said, with the last of his strength, passed out.

With that out of the way, Mauna ran as fast as she could hoping to find Keith and Shiro. But they were already having their problems.

"Keith," Shiro said in disbelief. "You're...a human?! But how is that possible?!"

"...It's the night of the new moon," Keith answered as he looked to the ground as if in shame."Quit staring," he said as he was sitting under a tree and remove the last bundle of the web, revealed the appearance of change, his hair and eyes were Brown.

"What's happening to your hair? And your eyes, they're no longer purple anymore" Shiro said

"Stats, Stats, Stats" Stats plops on Keith's head and tugs

"You're lucky I don't have my Powers anymore" Keith apologized.

"Lucky, but the new moon?", Shiro asked before he looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was nowhere in sight. "Oh, my God! You're right! The moon's gone! But I don't tell this turning into a human!"

"There's nothing to tell, this how lost my Powers," said Keith.

"Your power, what do you mean". Shiro said

"Because it's life threatened for half-daemon like me". Keith said, finally explain himself.

"Like me, Like you, l don't understand" Shiro narrowed his eyes. Keith might be an amazing fighter, he might even be just the slightest bit off, but this attitude had to go sometime.

"That's right you don't, it's only when noon is dark, it was the reason why I was so rude to the priest because he knew that I will be wearing without the moonlight, you must think of me as a terrible person" Keith included.

"What no, I just wish you could open up to me more, we talked about this" Shiro said, he was hoping Keith to open up more as his friend, not as some host to keep him contained.

"Hey, it has nothing to do with you, That's how I've lived until now! It's the only way I know how to protect myself!" Keith shouted and barely glanced in his direction.

"...Keith," Shiro whispered before he looked to the ground. "I'm sorry, I insisted on staying here and now, we're all in this mess because of my stupid mistake! Had I known earlier, I never would have forced us to stay in that giant spider's nest!"

"It's not your fault!" Keith spoke up, causing him to look up at him. "I...I should've said something, sooner a lot sooner." He then closed his eyes as he sighed. "It's just that I grew up all alone, trying to survive to the age that I am, now. During that time there was always somebody who was out to get me, daemons and humans alike so I learned that I couldn't trust anybody." He then looked at Shiro. "Until now, that is. I'm sorry I let my stupid beliefs keep me from telling you, Shiro."

"Oh, Keith," Shiro whispered before she went over and hugged him, causing him to tense up for a moment, but then he slowly embraced the young man while Stats smiled fondly, something rustles in the bushes makes him shrieks so much that he dashes back to Keith and cowers next to him, all scared like. Keith stretches out a hand to hold Stats while Shiro grabs his sword for the upcoming threat.

"Who's there!" Shiro said on the defensive

Mauna appears from the bushes, all exhausted. "Mauna, you made it out of there," Shiro said, welcome her into a hug.

"Please, you must return and aid the priest," Mauna said

"What, you want us to go back" Keith questioned.

"Huh?" Mauna muttered. "What happened to the daemon that was with you?"

"I've just turned human for a while! It's not fun" Keith said, resumed his usual bad boylike demeanor.

"That's...him," Keith replied. "Mauna...I'm afraid Keith can't help you. It's the night of the new moon, so this is the night that he loses his powers and becomes human, just like you and me."

Keith scoffed as he got up and turned to leave. "Come on, Shiro. Let's get outta here. The farther away from that time that we are, the better."

"But what about the Master?!" asked Mauna. "Please, we can't just leave him!"

"In case you haven't noticed, we can't help you!" Keith barked. "Sorry, kid...but it looks like the old man is bug food."

"...This can't be," Mauna whispered, tearfully. "Master...!"

"Come on, Shiro, Stats," Keith said. "We gotta go."

Shiro could not believe his eyes again, Keith wanted to abandon someone, just all because he was scared of being human or even wanted to show this the side of him.

"No, Keith," he said

"No, then you just heard what I said". Keith said.

"I did but I simply refuse to leave someone behind," Shiro said. "I can't do that, especially one who feels like a coward, just because he hasn't had powers.

Keith's eyes softened as he watched Shiro fight back and walk toward the waiting Temple, a solemn expression on his face.

"Shiro, wait," he said. Shiro stopped. Keith quietly moved to his side. "Shiro you cannot fight like this and there are millions of spider heads!"

"True, but I'm not stupid, I know that the odds are not great, but I rather not do anything or do anything at all"

Keith granite on the thought, even though his appearance was different, he was still him.

"I'm sorry," he said, "Let's go

With that, the group was back at the temple...where they could see several Spider Heads skulking about.

"I don't see the monk," Shiro whispered. "He must be further inside."

"Shiro," Keith whispered as he held a few branches under his armpit while Stats sat on his shoulder. "You and Mauna wait here for me, okay?"

"Right," Shiro nodded. "Wait, are you sure!"

"And here," Keith said as he handed him his Dagger. "Take my weapon It should be able to protect you from the Spider Heads."

"Are you sure you don't need it?" asked Shiro.

"Even if my dagger is heavy, you can hit Spider Heads on their heads!" Keith said. "Stats...let's go...and be prepared to run when I tell you, got it?"

"Okay but Keith!"

Before he could answer back Keith already left, leaving Shiro to wonder about Keith's body being turned to normal.

"Will that the man save the master," Mauna asked Shiro

"Probably, despite his rude attitude, he does have a good side, take care," Shiro said.

Keith and Stats entered the temple, the main altar of which was completely covered in spider webs.

"Ugh..." Keith shuddered. "Normally, I'm not afraid of spiders, but even this gives me the creeps."

"Stats!" Stats exclaimed as he pointed to where Shiro's backpack was last seen.

"Where did it go," Keith said, but then he heard some sort of scratching noise up ahead, causing him to glare toward the darkness.

"Stats!" Stats whimpered.

"Hey, Stats," said Keith as he held up a branch, "light 'er up."

Followed on command, Stats light up the wooden stick where Keith thrust it into the hallway. To their complete discovery, they find Shiro's backpack surrounded by spider heads.

"Stats!" Stats shrieked.

"Relax," said Keith. "They're not after us. They only want the Quintessence crystal in Shiro's bag."

Launching at them, Keith analyzes the right way in his surroundings, using the wood and lighting it thanks to Stats' magic they can burn those threads completely.

After removing the threads from the backpack, Keith went on his second Target, to find the priest. But as soon as he arrives there, he found thousands of spider webs surrounding the priest's body.

"Stats!" Stats exclaimed.

"Yeah, boy!" Keith said, "but, we might be too late."

Shiro and Mauna looked toward the temple, the latter hugging her knees to her chest, prompting the former to gently place his hand on his shoulder.

"Are you okay, Mauna?" she asked.

"I can't help but worry for the Master," said Mauna. "My master has been protecting this mountain from the spider heads with his balance magic ever since my father was killed, he also protected me as well".

"That's very sweet, Mauna," Shiro smiled...although he seemed uneasy. Despite him trying to lighten up the mood.

"He has held memorials for the for those who have been killed by the spider heads," she said.

"Why, and despite all that, the spider heads have still attacked this place, It couldn't be...Unless." Shiro thought.

Then, he gasped in shock. "Oh, no...!" he whispered.

"What?" Mauna asked. "What's the matter?"

"Mauna," Shiro said, "We gotta get in the temple, and quick!"

Back at the temple, Keith and Stats cautiously approached the master, who was still wrapped up in spider webs...but for some reason, he seemed, for the most part, unharmed.

"Stats," Stats said.

"You're right!" Keith muttered as he got closer. "The spider heads should have eaten him right now? Hey, old okay?"

"Ugh...Keith...?" the Master groaned. "Is that you? Did you come here to me?"

"So you're alive," Keith said as he reached toward the master. "Hold still, okay? I'm gonna get you out." He then grabbed the master by the hand and pulled...but when he did, the master's hand-stretched!

"Stats?!" Stats questioned.

"What the- OOF!" Keith started, only to gag as the master's hand wrapped itself around his throat and pinned him up against the ceiling. "Ugh! W...what in the...?!" He then looked down at the master...who gave a wicked grin and snickered, sinisterly.

"Got you...half-daemon..."

"Rrrgh... Darn it!" Keith cursed as he tried to pull the master's hand away from his neck. "I get it now...the reason why the Spider Heads got in so because you're their leader, aren't you?!"

"Clever deduction," said the Master, or rather, the Spider Head Leader...whose body began to take the form of a giant, gangly-looking spider web with eight limbs. "Looks like the rumors were true, about the half-daemon boy and the reincarnation samurai, you were making quite a stir in the galra empire".

"Yeah what about it, the empire," Keith questioned, "don't tell me, you working for them!"

"Something like that!" the Master answered. "You could say that I was hired by one of them, she told me that you will lose your powers, and she was right."

"So what?!" Keith questioned as he struggled to get the Spider Head Leader's hand off his throat. "Even if I don't have my powers, I can still squash you like the bug you are!" He then pulled the hand off his neck and lunged for him, but the Spider Head Leader opened his mouth, entangling Keith in his webs!

"Stats!" Stats cried as he ran to his aid.

"No, Stats! Get back!" Keith yelled, but it was too late, for the leader soon had the Larval pinned under his hand!

"Stats!" the Larval cried as he struggled to get away while the spider daemon chuckled sinisterly.

"And as for you, half-daemon," he said as he opened his mouth...revealing to gigantic fangs, "let's see if your human body can survive my venom!" He then bit down on Keith's neck, causing him to gag.

"Ahh!" Keith scream, the pain feels like snakes, striking at you nonstop, He winces in pain and his head slowly droops backward. Vision getting blurry.

"That takes care of him," said the Spider Head Leader as he reached inside Shiro's backpack. "How fortunate you protected the crystal for nothing with their power I can extend my life 10.000 years just like Zarkon," the Master said, He then pulled out the Quintessence crystal, Officially celebrating his victory.

"Master...??" Manua said as she looked on in horror. The chill she'd felt earlier blossomed into full-fledged fright as Mauna and Shiro enter the room with Stats holds his dagger in his hands.

"What?" Manua gasped. "I do not understand"

"He was tricking us," Shiro told her

"Stats, Stats, Stats"

"Keith is what," Shiro said as he looks up to see Keith's body so different as to look frozen and turned sideways on the web. Keeping up the appearance that you look dead.

"Keith!" Shiro cried. "Keith, can you hear me?! Say something!"

No response, causing him to gasp in horror. "...No...don't tell me he's...!"

"Foolish boy," said the Spider Head Leader. "I filled every bit of his blood with my venom! Soon, his innards will be liquified!"

Mind racing in Shiro's eyes as he rushes to Keith's side climbs up the master's limbs "Do you want to become my bite as well"; the master spews a bundle of the web at Shiro. But something unexpected happened, the web dissipates.

"What" the master Wondered "The web didn't surround him"

But that didn't matter how it might be safe now but Shiro was still around by the spider heads who are planning to get the kill on him.

"Keith!" Shiro nodded as he kept climbing. "Hang on, I'm coming!"

"Sh-iro," Keith said, coming weak from the poison.

"He still alive," Shiro thought, "Hang on, I'm coming," Shiro said as he continues climbs up The master's limbs towards Keith.

"Shiro...get away from me," Keith said, weakly.

"No!" Shiro shouted as he jumped toward him. "Don't give in, stop saying that you are weak."

"I'm not giving up on anyone" Shiro leaps towards Keith with his hand outstretched, dissipates the web that tangling Keith, resulting in them both land on the floor, near Manua.

"Shiro, are you all right" Mauna put an arm around Shiro's shoulder.

"I'm fine, but Keith, we need to get out of here" Shiro put an arm around Keith's shoulder, planning to carry him to safety.

But Spider Heads gather near the door, so going outside is not an option, definitely not an option.

Uh...oh!" Mauna exclaimed before she ran over to a nearby wall, but then she began to pull it open, revealing it to be a door to a hidden room. "This way! There's an alcove behind the main altar! We can hide in here!"

"Hurry!" Shiro yelled as he dragged Keith into the room while Mauna followed.

"Stats!" Stats cried as he ran after them, and once they were inside, Shiro quickly closed the door!

"There's got to be away," Shiro said as he witnesses so many spider heads, until he got an idea, a crazy idea that might blow up in your face but an idea none less, Shiro thrusts Keith's blade onto the door. Where outside, when the master touches the door sparks appear and burning his hand.

"Damn them they must have used the shield Eminem from the dagger, but no matter I have the" The master said that's as soon he looked behind, a certain item disappeared.

"The crystal is gone!" He hissed.

Inside the hidden room, Shiro, Mauna, and Stats panted as they tried to catch their breath.

"Thank goodness we got away," said Mauna.

"Stats!" Stats answered.


The group turned to see Shiro, who was gently shaking the motionless Keith.

"Keith!" he called. "Keith, wake up! Please!" he then held his hand, only to gasp. "Oh, no...his hand is getting colder...!" he then began to shake him, again. "Keith, please! You have to snap out of it! Please don't die!"

"You may not shake him or the poison will circulate". Manua said as she looks for the crates, grabbing olive oil.

"Although it might be too late, his human body may not be able the handle it unless," Mauna said "Unless there might be a chance"

"Maybe if I, I know is a possible treatment but if I suck the poison out, he will be saved" She replied as she tested her shaky legs.

With that, Manua drinks the olive oil and begin sucks Keith's blood before a sudden rumbling came from the boxes.

"There that should do it," Manua said as she spins out the last remaining poison.

"Now the rest is up to Keith". Now tired from the sucking, Manua went back to the walls.

"Hey Manua, thanks for doing that," Shiro said.

"No problem it's the least I can do for him after the way I treated him," Mauna said

"Keith is dripping in sweat," Shiro thought as he takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the sweat off Keith's forehead just before Keith opens his eyes.

"Keith!" Shiro exclaimed.

"S...Shiro...?" he asked as he looked up at him. "W...what happened? Where am I?"

"It's okay," Shiro answered. "We're safe, now." She then sighed. "Well...I don't know for how long. The Spider Head Leader got the Crystal."

"Stats!" Stats asked with a cocky smirk before he reached into his back and pulled out the quintessence crystal!

"Stats!" Shiro exclaimed as he took the Crystal and gently ruffled his head. "You got the Crystal back! You clever one!"

"Stats!" Stats said, crossing his arms with pride, but then he dropped them to his sides as he walked up to Keith, who was breathing softly. "Stats?"

"I Don't know, Stats!" said Shiro. "The rest is up to Keith! He just needs to rest...hopefully, he'll pull through." He then looked over to Keith's Dagger. "Let's also hope that the barrier holds until daybreak. Until then...we best stay here and bide our time."

"Stats!" He said, Sadly.

Soon, the group began to fall asleep, one-by-one. Mauna quietly dozed against the wall while Stats lied beside her. As for Shiro, however, he was sitting by Keith's side, keeping a watch on his condition. he noticed that the room was slowly getting lighter, signifying that the sun would be rising in the next hour or so. he then glanced down at Keith, who had a strained look on his face as sweat formed on his face and he let out labored breaths.

"Keith, Please try to stay alive!" Shiro said, reached into his pocket and pulled out his handkerchief again, which he used to try and wipe off the sweat from Keith's brow, which caused him to open his eyes.

"S...Shiro?" he asked.

"Keith," Shiro said, softly. "I'm sorry...did I wake you?"

"No you didn't, I'm so sorry Shiro," Keith said, eyes softened.

"No, don't say anything, you still have poison in your system", He told him "After all, this my fault that we're in this mess"

"No, the fault on me" Keith whispered. "I was acting stubborn and full of pride, after all, I am a pathetic waste of a daemon"

"Don't say saying that about yourself. I told you before, I'm never giving up on you, keep fighting for you, so don't you dare start dying now."

"Shiro is it too much trouble may I lie on your lap. Keith replied, his dark eyes staring hard into the past.

"...Okay," Shiro nodded as he gently raised his head and placed it upon his lap, being careful not to move him too quickly. " that better?"

"Yeah, it's better!" Keith said, with eyes still closed.

"Okay, but Keith I," Shiro said before realizing that Keith was asleep but something has made his heart pounding so hard?

Suddenly, the room began to shake, causing everyone, except for Keith, to gasp as they looked up.

"Stats?!" Stats asked. "Stats?!"

"The Master must be in pursuit again!" Shiro cried. "We're going to have to carry Keith! He's unconscious!"

Suddenly, the roof broke apart...revealing the Master, pulling it open!

"AAAAH!" Mauna screamed. "IT'S HIM!"

"Found you!" the Master roared. "Give me the quintessence crystal!"

"Rrrgh!" Shiro grunted as he tried to hoist the unconscious Keith up off the floor. "Mauna! Let's go!"

"Right!" Mauna cried as she grabbed Keith by his legs and tried to help carry him out, but the Master slammed his hand down on the floor, blocking their path and jarring Keith's Dagger from the door.

"Stats!" Stats cried as he backed away, only for the Master to grab him by one of his legs and pull him up into the air!

"Stats!" Shiro cried.

"Give me the crystal!" the master yelled as he shook the Larval up and down, causing the Quintessence crystal to fall out of him.

"Stats!" Stats cried.

"Hahahahaha!" cackled the Spider Head Leader. "At last, this is mine!" He then tossed Stats to the ground, but luckily, Shiro managed to catch him. Then, the giant spider daemon devoured the crystal, causing him to grunt as he felt the change in his body, then, his human skin was torn away, revealing dark green skin, large fangs, and bulbous yellow eyes!

"AAAAARGH!" he roared. "The power...I can feel it coursing through my very veins! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Oh, no...this is bad!" Shiro said.

"Stats?!" Stats asked.

Mauna growled as she glared up at the Master "Hey, you dared to steal the Master Priest’s body!"

"There never was a priest. All of this was to lure the half-daemon who possessed the crystal". he said. Being Ominous.

"You…killed my father and the rest of the villagers?!" Mauna cried as she noticed Keith's dagger lying on the ground. Without giving a second thought about it, he grabbed the sword and charged at the daemon with a loud cry.

"Mauna, no!" Shiro shouted. "Come back!"

"Curse you, you murderous beast!" she shouted. "I WILL AVENGE MY FATHER!" She then swung the blade at the master's arm, but it didn't even leave a scratch on him, and yet, despite that, she kept trying to cut the daemon, who grabbed her and held her up in the air!

"Mauna!" Shiro cried.

"Rrrgh...damn you...!" Mauna cursed.

"Aww, don't fret, my dear child," the master grinned. "Once I devour you, you will join your father, again!"

"...Father..." Mauna whispered. "Forgive me...for trusting this monster..."

Sorrowed by the feelings of regret and failure, the girl dropped Keith's Dagger...only for it to be caught by someone else.

"You're pretty determined for a human that is!"

The group looked up and gasped upon seeing that it was Keith, who was standing on his own two feet!

"Keith!" Shiro exclaimed. "You're all right!"

"Heh!" Keith smirked. "Sure am." He then looked up at Mauna. "Hey, Mauna!"

"Huh?" Mauna asked.

"I never got to thank you For saving me!" Keith began.

"So, you're alive after all, eh, half-daemon?" asked the Master as he tossed Mauna aside, then grabbed him and picked him up so that he could meet his face.

"Oh, no!" Shiro cried. "Keith!"

Just then, a familiar light began to shine over the horizon.

"Stats!" Stats! exclaimed.

"You're right the Sun is rising!" Shiro said.

"Well, well," said the master as he held Keith up to his face for further inspection, "you're unique, even as far as humans go!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Keith his eyes began to glow a purple color, and his hair began to go from brown to black.

"What?!" the master questioned. "You're beginning to transform!" He then opened his jaws. "But I will devour you before you do!"

"I don't think so," Keith said as he raised his Dagger."If there's one thing I hate, it's an arrogant spider who doesn't know when to keep his grubby hands off!" He then squeezed the hilt of his blade and cut the rest of the way.

"Finally, The moonless night is over!" Keith said.

"Keith you're back to normal" Shiro said the Masters's grip loose from his neck and ran straight to Keith.

"Well of course I'm back to normal, Shiro, now let deal with him"

"Right, it's time that we take back the quintessence Crystal" Shiro added, putting his sword up in attack mode.

"You think you won, think again" the master cried. "You may regain your power! But I am still invincible"

"That is enough talking," Shiro said, flies towards the Master in attack position, slicing the head.

"You did you crushed the head" Keith wondered

"No, I didn't, the head is gone," Shiro told him

"!?" Keith thank, suddenly the head appeared into another portion of the body and started shooting webs, but Shiro dodges the webs.

"You scumbag," Keith said as he slices the head. But soon more heads have begun to multiply, forcing Shiro and Keith to slashes him many times as it counts.

Well, this was going on, Mauna has sudden Witnessing everything of Shiro and Keith struggling to defeat the master.

"Please, defeat him!" She said.

"Man we're not getting nowhere," Keith said.

"The heads must be powered by the quintessence Crystal" Shiro added.

"We got to get the crystal back," Keith said.

"But how, how are we going to do that," Shiro thought until the answer arrived in front of him as he notices a blue glow emanating from the Master's tattered clothes.

"Keith I know what the crystal is" Shiro shouted, turned to look across the room.

"What you do," Keith said.

"Yes, we have to go to the head by the clothes," Shiro said

Upon hearing back from Shiro, the monster master using his hands to attack but he grabs Mauna again and raises her into the air.

"Stats" Stats shouted.

"Darn it" Keith shouted back at the master. Scrambling to his feet, Keith launched his dagger, quickly, designed to throw his opponent off balance.

"Not so fast," the master said as he soon covered Shiro and Keith into an entirely new web and absorb the dagger

"Now you two won't cost me any more trouble because you can't move anymore". the master growled, "that there's no place in the Temple for you anymore!"

"Stats" Stats said.

"And If I were you I would rather cause any trouble for me or else tear Mauna apart" The Master, celebrating his victory again!

"And you need not fear the Spider Heads anymore. Once transformed, you'll become one of us!" The Master said, squeezing her and preparing to launch at her.

"Cursed him... I was such a fool..." Mauna realized it wasn't true. She pushed herself up to fight back and suddenly burst into tears as she weakened and drops the wood falls downwards and before a dagger wind inside his mouth.

"you pick the wrong reason to choose your victims!" a voice said.

"You...?" Mauna awoke to the sound of a heavy door creaking open. She was groggy and her thoughts were confused. A man strode toward her, concern etched on his face. His fist was inside the Master's mouth.

It was Keith and he is standing up, much stronger than he was before.

"We're your opponent this time," Keith said, "Give up, you nasty act is over"

The man growls as Shiro struggles to get out of the web where he sees a light swirling around the pinnacle, it was the quintessence Crystal.

"The crystal is merging his body," Shiro thought

"Keith, we have to hurry Crystal's powers is blending inside of him" Shiro shouted

"What" the master reaches out four of his hands and surrounds the three with a smirk on his face and doesn't even flinch.

"He going to squeeze us" Shiro shouted as he was getting crushed by him.

"It was my fault I was so stupid to believe this Daemon and I helped it become even more powerful," Mauna said.

"No, it wasn't your fault, you didn't know," Keith said.

"How do you know, you just a daemon, how do you care for someone like me," Mauna asked him

"I don't, sometimes we all need a hand, even if you have to ask someone who stubborn and stupid just like me," he said quietly.

Suddenly everything starts to get smaller around Keith and Manua.

"Keith, Manua" Shiro shouted trying to reach them.

"Fools I'm going to squash you now"

"I got to think of something fast or else we're done for," Shiro thought

"Shiro do you see where the crystal is," Keith says, trying not to get a crush.

Upon listening to him, looks around of the cage of arms, Shiro discovers that the crystal is still in the main part, the real head. So concentrating his magic over one move. But have to deal with the crushing.

"Soon, the Power of quintessence Crystal will surge through me and none of you can stop it. The master said, excitedly.

"We'll see about that, Sixth from Cancer" Shiro shouted as he slashes the master in a crab-like attack. Resulting in the master's body suddenly falls apart and explodes and the Spider Heads minions also dissipate with the quintessence Crystal falling on the ground.

"We got it we got the quintessence Crystal back," Keith said, excited.

"I don't know why you're happy about it but I'm glad we're safe," Shiro said.

Mauna smiled as she watched the trio...but then she looked down the ground, sadly.

"What's wrong, Mauna?" asked Shiro.

"...What am I going to do, now?" she asked. "I have no family...nothing."

"Oh, Mauna..." Shiro said, worriedly.

"Ah, don't sweat it too much," Keith said. "There should be a village not too far from here that'll take you in. We can take you there by boat, but you'll have to walk the rest of the way."

"...Keith," Mauna whispered, smiling for the first time.

Later on in the daytime, arrived at the riverbank. Keith, Shiro, and Stats return in their boat, while Mauna stands on the riverbank. Finally free.

"This far I go. The village is close by". Mauna said.

"Really? Then take care." Shiro said, bidding farewell to her.

"Keith... Thank you. I'll remember that there are good daemons, too." Said Mauna, looking uncomfortable but happy now the less.

The boat moves along the river with Keith, folds his arms, and said: "Forget that! All daemons are bad but some of them are good".

"I won't forget, Keith! I won't forget what you did for me" Mauna shouted in the distance.

Keith looks at her sideways and turns his back towards her when rather than saying goodbye, he raises his hand to wave goodbye without turning around. Before sitting at the front of the boat, with arms folded, Shiro and Stats sit behind him.

"Keith...seems to be okay now." Shiro thought, thinking about last night, where Keith laid on his lap. Shiro looks intently at Keith, with his face resting on his hand. Wondering about his feelings about him.

"Hey Shiro what's wrong," Keith said, notices Shiro, looking at him, and turns around.

"Oh nothing I'm just glad you're okay," Shiro said

"Oh really you do, well you have nothing to worry about me, I knew we're going to be okay" Keith continued. "But now that I think about it, how did that Daemon know about my weakness"

"I don't know that either but the master did mention the galra" Shiro said

"You're right but still, let's keep it as a secret" Keith said

"A secret are you sure," Shiro asked him.

"Yeah we don't know who to trust," Keith said

"Ok, alright," Shiro said, agreeing but it the Galra have allies. Then who knows what type of danger they might go through.

Stats slouched over the back of the boat, with swirly eyes, looking seasick.


"Keith I think we could stop, Stats doesn't look good," Shiro said.

"What no way! Let him get over the seasickness". Keith said, arguing with him.

"That's it I'm turning around," Shiro said, putting his foot down.

"What no. Give me the paddle" Keith said

"Keith, I'm the adult here" Shiro shouted,


"Now you have done it" Shiro continues to be the bigger man or at least trying to.

But secrets high, secrets low, what kind of adventures waiting now for them, as the journey continues by the River Bank.
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