Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Twenty-two: Stole Bones and Earth

the moonlight glistening felt like a pleasant pastime after the perils of the days that the people had faced in their world. But suddenly, a ball of light appears and zooms through Aurs. It flies by and slices of trees.

The sound from them can reach even from The afar sectors, Romelle was sleeping in her room until she is woken by the noise.

In the shrine courtyard. The light stops on top of the gate and reveals a sinister-looking old woman with a scythe slung over her shoulder.

"Who is that?!" Coran said, stared at the camera, pushing the alarm, More Alteans arrive with their guns. The old woman flies towards the temple.

"Hey, are you all right?!" Coran said, exclaimed the injured villagers.

Examining a grave "Here it is... Right here! There's no mistake!" The old woman said. Grabs some soil on the grave with enough moisture... And grab the soil, too.

"Intruder! I asked who you are?! Identify yourself!" Romelle said, demanding.

"Silence! I just have some business with the urn buried here! Once I possess it, I'll leave this sore sight of a land!" The old woman, digging at the grave.

"So... She knows what's buried here!" Coran thought.

The Alteans point their guns at the old woman.

"Leave immediately! Else I'll show no mercy!" Romelle said

"You talk too much, you stubborn ignorant girl"

The old woman scratches her scythe with her nails, making a sharp screeching sound. The Alteans cover their ears in pain. Giving the perfect opportunity to strike back, the woman leaps and swings her scythe. sends blades that destroy the grave. An explosion ensues and destroys the shrine gate.

One of the blades hit Romelle on her forehead and she winces, backing off.

"Romelle" Coran shouted, stands in front of her.

"Didn't I tell you not to interfere?!"

The Alteans are cut by more blades. The old woman reaches into the soil and takes out an urn.

"Is that Allura's...! I will not let you have it! Not a daemon like you!" Coran said

"I am the grim reaper, Urasue! Allura's ashes are now in MY possession!" The old woman laughs as she transforms into a current and flies off into the night sky.

Elsewhere as midnight falls through the rest as he was running. The forest floor and trees blurred past his vision with each sprint he made. The wind whipped around his raven hair.

Then, all of a sudden, something whistled through the air, followed by the strong thrum of a bowstring, and as he jumped in front of this lone tree, he gasped in pain as he felt the sharp point of an arrowhead in his chest, pinning him against the tree. Inuyasha grunted as he tried to pull the arrow out, but he felt his body grow weak with each attempt. That's when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching, causing him to look up and see a woman with white hair, clothed in white and blue robes while holding a longbow in her hand. Immediately, Keith growled as he narrowed his eyes, glaring hatefully at the priestess.

"Allura...!" he hissed, venomously. "Why?!"

A pause...but then the priestess raised her head, causing Keith to gasp...for it was not Allura's face he was staring at.

"...S...Shiro...?!" he whispered in horror, while Shiro reached into her quiver, pulled out another arrow, and aimed his bow at Keith. "N-no! Shiro, stop! What are you doing?!"

"...Why did you leave me to die, Keith," Shiro said, scornfully as he loosed the arrow...which sailed right toward Keith's heart.

"I didn't... I never wanted to, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Keith bolts awake from a tree branch that his on suddenly, his heart racing but relaxes and looks at his hand. All covered in blood.

Keith screamed. His eyes flew open. "A dream... Brought back ugly memories" Keith said to himself

After that, Keith looks down at Shiro and Stats, who are sleeping next to a campfire. Restless, Keith went down next to Shiro, looking at him.

"What am I thinking, ... Shiro doesn't look like Allura, but at the same time he looks exactly like Takashi". Keith thought

Soon Shiro instantly wakes and notices Keith, he yells and removing his sword from his scabbard, pointing at him, while Stats looks for a while and goes back to sleep.

"Keith, don't scare me like that I thought you were an enemy," Shiro asks

"Well, I'm sorry about that" Keith said, pauses and looks away.

"Well I forgive you, are you sure you're feeling okay," Shiro said.

Keith's eyes went wide...and then he shook his head as he began to regain his senses.

"I'm fine, forget about it," he asked.

Just then, as the wind blew gently through the trees, Keith's entire body shake as it caught unfamiliar energy, causing him to look up to the sky.

"Keith?" asked Shiro. "What's wrong? Do you Sense something?"

"Yeah," Keith replied. "Trouble...a whole stinkin' heap of it."

"Stats!" asked Stats as he pointed up at a shadow, flying across the night sky...and Shiro could make the shape of a sickle, being held by a certain person flies across the sky above them.

"What's that?" Shiro asked.

"What? A daemon?" Keith said.

"What is it? Why am I getting a sense of something dark, I hope isn't something dangerous" Keith thought.

"Keith?" Shiro asked. "Is something wrong?"

"We need to get back to Aurs," Keith said as he turned to leave. "Pronto!"

"Wait, now?" Shiro asked. "Why? What's the matter?"

"I just have a really bad feeling," Keith answered before he bounded off into the trees.

The next morning in the daylight of the forest, Shiro was walking around the river with Stats in the backpack in toll, while Keith leaps onto a rock in a river.

"What's the matter, Keith? Why the sudden urge to go back to Aurs?" Shiro asks him.

"Stats" Stats said, yawns.

Soon Keith, Shiro, and Stats arrived back in Arus and needless to say, they were quite surprised to see that some of the Aurs Guard were in bandages. However, nothing prepared Shiro for what he saw next: Romelle with her right arm in a sling and her forehead wrapped in bandages!

"Oh, no! Romelle!" Shiro cried as he ran to her side. "Romelle, are you okay?!"

"Shiro!" Romelle exclaimed as she noticed him. "You have returned!"

"What happened to you?!" Shiro asked.

"So you're still alive," Keith said, lands and scoffs.

" are here, too?" asked Coran. "But why?"

After a while, Shiro explained to Romelle and Coran that Keith had insisted on returning to Aurs and how he had noticed something was wrong, immediately.

"So I see, so you sense it the energy of the specter passing," Coran said

"Yeah I did, I'm surprised all you made it" Keith replied.

"I see... He wanted to return because he was worried about Coran and Romelle" thought Shiro

Heading to the shrine's garden, and soon, they reached a large crater that was in front of a broken shrine.

"What's this?" Shiro said.

"This used to be Allura's gravesite" Coran explains, causing Shiro to gasp while Keith tensed up.

"A grave, here?" Shiro said.

"Yes!" Coran said, woefully. "I'm afraid our forces were not strong enough to stop her."

"What happened here?!" Shiro asked.

"Last night," Coran said, remembering last night when Urasue took Allura's urn."The evil grim reaper known as Urasue, she came and defiled Allura's grave, taking her ashes and bones."

"What?!" Shiro asked. "Her ashes and bones?!"

"Even to the eyes of witches," said Coran, "Allura possessed extraordinary spiritual power. If those bones should fall into the wrong hands, there is no telling of the disaster to come." he then glanced at Keith, who glared at him. "Keith, might you be willing to-"

"Get Allura's ashes back?" Keith asked. "Nothin' doin'!"

"What?!" Shiro questioned. "But...but Keith-"

"Don't even start!" Keith barked. "I ain't helpin', Shiro! Besides, you're forgetting that Allura is my sworn enemy!" He then placed his hand over his chest. "I can still feel the pain of when she pierced my chest with that arrow of hers!"

"You're right," Coran replied, sadly. "No one hasn't forgotten, Keith."

"Hmph!" Keith snorted as he walked away.

"Keith!" Shiro whispered, worriedly. "But it happened many years ago..." Shiro thought as he knows the story or at least part of it, how Allura lost her life but to Keith, the memory seems fresh to him.

In the memory, Keith the half-daemon wanted to take the quintessence Crystal to become a full-fledged daemon. When he came to Aurs to take the crystal, the priestess, Allura, shot a sacred arrow which held him fast to a tree. But in that battle, Allura ended up sacrifice her life by throwing herself in the fire.

In the library of the shrine, Keith was looking up information on the attacker of the shrine and if one didn't know better, he almost seemed melancholy.

"Romelle!" he spoke up. "How long are you gonna stand behind me!"

"I hate when you do that," said Romelle as she walks beside him. You don't want to get involved, you know. And yet you're here!"

"Shut up," Keith said. "Now, this 'Urasue' person...who is she, anyway?"

"To be truthful, Keith," Romelle began, "I have no idea except what Coran told me!"

"Well something stinks around here," said Keith. "When I caught her scent, last night, I didn't just sense energy...there was also the sense of graveyard soil."

"Graveyard soil, you say?!" Romelle asked.

"Why?" asked Keith. "You know something about it?"

"No," Romelle replied.

"You better not be lying to me, Romelle," said Keith, "Or else you gonna be doing will with problems with your Body, worst than a broken limb!"

"I don't, really I don't" Romelle cried "you don't have to threaten me to get an answer!"

"But come on, she's got to be here somewhere!" Keith said.


Keith and Romelle looked up and saw Shiro walking up to them.

"Shiro?" he asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to get you," Shiro said. "Come on...let's go."

Keith blinked at Shiro...but then he looked away, To the screen.

"And go where exactly?" he asked. "You better not say to go get Allura's remains."

"Oh, come on, Keith," said Shiro as he sat next to him. "Even sworn enemies should be able to rest in peace, right?"

"Easy for you to say!" Keith scoffed.

"Maybe but Keith, why are you looking up," Shiro said.

"The grim reaper, Urasue... She didn't just steal Allura's ashes. According to the shrine's computer, she's some type of witch that tackles dark magic or something" Keith added.

"Okay, I'm glad you're doing this, though although I fought you were bitter enemies with her." Shiro began.

Keith's eyes went wide at that.

"Can't you just move on from what happened between you two?" asked Shiro...but the half-deamon didn't answer, causing him to blink at him, worriedly. "Keith?"

"What?" Keith asked as he turned to look at him.

"What's going on?" asked Keith. "You've been doing that since last night!"

"Doing what since last night?" asked Keith. "Can you tell I'm busy!"

"Avoiding eye contact with me, That is what I can tell!" Shiro answered before he glared at him. "Don't tell me it's because you still that I look like Takashi! That's it, isn't it?! That's why you can't look at me!"

A pause...but then Keith turned to face Shiro completely and grabbed his hand, causing him to gasp.

"I...I Keith!" Shiro stammered.

"You're wrong, okay?!" Keith shouted...before his eyes softened. "It''s not what you think."

Shiro gasped...while Keith slowly leaned closer toward him.

'W...what's he doing?' he thought as he got closer, causing him to gasp.

"I...I.Keith?!" he stammered.

"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!" Romelle cried as she pushed Keith and Shiro away from each other. "HOLD THE PHONE!"

"AAAH!" Keith screamed as he fell Backward while Shiro whimpered as he held his hands over chest, where he could feel his heart drumming overtime.

"Okay, now I'm officially weirded out...what's going on with him?" Romelle said, "He almost...kissed you!"

"Yeah, he did!" Shiro Whispered, still in shocked

"What the hell did you push me for, Romelle!?" Keith questioned.

"...Well...You were...Well..." Romelle stuttered.

"It wasn't her fault!" Shiro said "It's just...well, you were getting so close and I didn't know what you were going to do and I...I...!" he then sighed. "I'm sorry, Keith."

"I'm sorry, too," Keith said as he looked away with him feeling drooping, causing Shiro to walk up to him and put his hand on his shoulder, which prompted him to look at him.

"Hey, it's okay," he said. "What's an awkward moment between friends, right?"

"Heheh," Keith chuckled...albeit halfheartedly. "Yeah...friends."

"Mm, excuse me!" Romelle said, walks towards them with determination.

"What?" they shouted together.

"Well, where are we going to take back Allura's ashes unless Keith...please do me the kindness of pointing me in the direction of Urasue."

"Of course, I don't know where" Keith scoffed.

"Don't worry, we'll figure it out on the way" Romelle said in determination.

"Are you sure, you're still no condition!" Shiro said.

"Oh, save your breath, Shiro," Keith interjected. "There's no point in trying to talk her out of it. Romelle is stubborn as a freakin' ox." He then pushes the button on the computer. "Well, let's get a move on, Romelle. We'll lay Allura's remains to rest again."

"Keith," Romelle smiled. "Thank you."

"I better go get Stats," Shiro said. "Something tells me that we should go with you guys."

"Shiro?" asked Keith as the girl turned and walked away.

"Keith wasn't looking at me, just now...was he?" thought Shiro.

Meanwhile, inside a Grand-Canyon like landscape. Laid a kiln embedded into the mountain. Where Urasue was looking at a clay container inside, baking in a fire.

"I wonder if it will be done baking soon, this new child will work my heart's content"

"You seem to be satisfied," asked a voice.

Urasue spun around and saw a certain witch, her body covered in a purple hood and a smug smile across her face.

"Spare me your demonetization, Haggar," said Urasue.

"Oh, I won't say a word," Haggar said. "But I believe someone else wants to speak with you" she added with a self-satisfied smirk.

In the blink of an eye, she showed off her claws to show up an orb made from magic, Urasue's savage expression softened into one of fear as she saw a different portal open within between the world. On the other side, the smoking shadow of a far larger figure appeared, his one glaring eye fixed upon her.

Urasue lowered her head and dropped to her knees before the unblinking stare of emperor Zarkon.

"Zarkon, i-" Urasue begin

"Silence", said Zarkon from across the portal. "Even I disapprove your methods, I have agreed to use them after hearing what you did"

"I will retrieve the crystal," Urasue said. "destroy any enemies now that I have something more powerful didn't you know"

"your possession of bringing the dead back to life is unimpressive," said Zarkon, his eye flaring in annoyance. "Even if I accept it, you still better not fail me or else"

"Of course not, lord Zarkon" Urasue said so low, Haggar could barely hear it.

"Very well, Urasue," Zarkon said, as the orb fades away.

"You heard him do not disappoint him" Haggar ordered as she disappeared to the darkness.

"Cursed that witch, let's just hope this new body is worth it, formed from Earth, holy bones and fire," Urasue said, looking over the horizon as the sun falling over the land".

Meanwhile at the beginning of Nighttime. The group had set up camp and had gathered around a bonfire. Shiro decided to lend Romelle her sleeping bag for the night, not wanting the young girl to face the chill of the night alone. Stats had already fallen asleep during the journey, so Shiro just put him down next to Romelle. Even though the young man had so many questions he wanted to ask, he didn't want to put any more strain on Romelle than there already was.

"Romelle's finally asleep, Keith," said Shiro, softly.

"Okay, according to the map on the pad, Urasue is close by" Keith explaining.

"Good, I hope we can make it in the morning," Shiro said, sitting across from Keith to each other, around the fire.

"That's why we repair for battle tomorrow" Keith replied.

"You sure, we hardly know anything about her or what she's capable of" Shiro wondered as everything after that scene seemed like a dream to Shiro. Seen Keith like that made him wonder if he hates him now. Because he reminded him of Allura, her personality.

Remembering what he said, "It's not like that" looking back at it now. Keith's eyes...weren't the eyes of hatred as Shiro first thought, while Keith continues holding onto Shiro's hand, looking into his eyes. Perhaps it was that...

"Hey, Shiro, is there something wrong," Keith asks him.

"I...I.Never mind!" Shiro said, Not wanting to answer or either way, Shiro decided not to bother him as Keith was trying to get some sleep.

If he didn't know better, Shiro would say that Keith looked the same as he did when she first saw him when he was pinned to the great Tree in a 50-year sleep: a peaceful, almost death-like state with roots wrapped around his body. He couldn't imagine what it must have been like. Everything around him had changed with age...but time lost its effect on him while he was sealed by that arrow.

What happened 50 years ago must have felt like just yesterday to him.

...50 years ago...

"I still don't understand," thought Shiro. "Why is Keith going through all this trouble for someone who pinned him to a tree with an arrow? I thought he hated Allura, but earlier...when I looked into his eyes, I didn't see any trace of anger or hatred for her." he then placed his hand on his chest, where he could still feel his heart beating, overtime. "My heart is still pounding from what happened, earlier today...I can't believe Keith tried to kiss me!"

he then gasped silently as he looked up at the half-daemon, who was still lying on his side.

"Wait...could it be...? Was Keith... Was love with Allura, all along or the other way around?!"

The campfire flickered, burning away until the morning light.

The next day, after Stats had gotten through washing his face and taking care of any, the group continued on the path to Urasue's lair, way up in the mountains.

"Time is of the essence," said Romelle. "We must make haste and recover Allura's remains or Urasue use them to some evil end. I sense trouble on the path ahead. Dreadful trouble!"

"Well, it’s too late now?! If Coran didn’t want the ashes stolen, why didn’t he just scatter the ashes into the river? Instead, you guys stayed sentimental and kept hanging on to them, and look what happened?" Keith rambled.

"Keith, it's that how you feel about a grave? A grave is not simply a place to bury a body or ashes. A grave is necessary for the hearts of ones who are left behind." Romelle explains.

"Hearts of those left behind?"

"Yes, Allura was born a priestess, she used her special powers for the good of Aurs. She kept daemons away from Aurs and battle illness and famine countless times, encouraging the people around her. Even after her demise, the villagers have not weakened, they are resolved to live".

"However, people are weak. Danger and uncertainty can weaken his heart. The grave was a place of reassurance. A place where hearts could find peace."

"Huh I didn't know then," Keith said.

"Hmm? Just like that time… Keith was thinking about Allura…thinking about Takashi…something must have happened in the past I always wondered ever since I came to this world I've been having dreams I... I never truly understood them, they were all full of pain and suffering" Shiro thought.

He then stopped walking as he stared at the half-daemon.

"Huh?" Romelle asked as she looked up at him. "What's the matter?"

"Huh?" Keith muttered as he glanced back at Shiro, as well, and noticed the almost sad look in his eyes.

"What the?" Keith notices him stopping and turns around to look at Shiro who instantly realizes something horrible happened to them…between the two. Something involved Takashi.

"What’s with you, Shiro?! You have been silent since the moment we left"

"Oh sorry I guess I have a lot on my mind"

"That's okay I get it, we don't know what we're getting into but we got to return those ashes"

"Right" Shiro agreed although, in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but feeling sorry for Keith.

Meanwhile, somewhere up in the mountains...something sinister takes place. Smoke billowed into the air from a stone chimney, and in front of it stood an old, haggard-looking woman with bulbous, red eyes and holding a scythe in her hands.

It was Urasue, the grim reaper, she chuckled sinisterly as she raised her sickle and slashed apart the rocks that blocked the opening of the hut, which fell apart to reveal some sort of casket, surrounded by fire.

"Now then! Let’s see the result of my special magic…and hopefully I don't have to deal with that witch. Kneading the earth from the grace with the ashes and baking it in my Daemon Kiln!"

Entered the kiln, "Hmm… Looks quite good! Now then…" she said as takes a leaf from her hair and throws it onto the clay container, and swings her scythe to cracks open the container.

"Arise! Open your eyes, Priestess Allura", she said as a naked girl with white hair in the container grabs the leaf slowly, sits up, and opens her eyes.

"Allura… I have heard about your exploits from the Galra, you foiled many an attempt by daemons to possess the quintessence Crystal. But I hear that the Crystal has returned and because of that, you will serve me…the one who has brought you back to life! Now go and retrieve the crystal".

Urasue points her finger at Allura which sends a current of magic at her, makes her stand up, laughs up as Allura walks towards her slowly. But the current dissipates and Allura fall sideways on the ground.

"What?!" Urasue questioned as she approached her and grabbed her by the hair. "How can this be?!" She then took a closer look at her face...and noticed that her eyes lacked any shine in them. "Her body may have been brought back, but her soul has not returned to her! This body is nothing more than a useless empty husk..." She then tossed Allura to the floor. "Curses! I worked so hard but my time is wasted this time, Haggar is going to give me now! The soul was already been reincarnated in another body?!"

Back at the group, they travel slowly in a forest with a lot of clay containers are strewn around.

"What’s this?" Keith said.

"Stats" Stats said

"You said it, Earthen statues? Are so creepy!" Shiro told him.

The group continues to walks on. A long and narrow bridge connects the forest and the base of Urasue’s mountain hideout. Below the bridge is a deep valley.

"Well, there it is," Keith said

"Huh?! We have to cross this?!" Romelle said, grabbing the bridge nervously while Keith and Shiro are in front of her.

"Okay, this is not what I signed up for," Romelle whimpered as she tried to steady herself on the old, rickety rope bridge, trying to follow Keith and Shiro while Stats scampered along behind them.

"You don’t have to come. We're going in and talk some sense into her". Keith said

"Don’t be silly! I refuse to be left behind on a bridge like this?!". Romelle said.

"I can help you with that!" Shiro said.

"Guys, look!" Keith shouted as he sees a group of earthen statues, lumbering towards them in groups of two, three, and even more than that!

"There’s more of the earthen statues," Shiro said. And to his surprise, the earthen statues crack to reveal warriors in them. They tumble towards the group slowly.

"There’s more of the earthen statues"

"Stats" stats shouted.

"Soldiers of the old woman," Keith said.

"Those are the statue we saw… It can’t be…?!" Shiro shouted notices warriors approaching them from behind, "Keith! Behind you!"

"Shiro, Romelle… It’s gonna shake a bit". Keith said as he sprints and attacks the warriors in front with Shiro behind him.

The warriors break, making the sound of breaking pottery. The warriors are hollow inside.

"Are these guys made of mud?!"

Shiro attacks the warriors in the back with his sword, slicing them a little while Romelle knocks them with her staff, breaking them.

"They’re not that strong! Just that there’re so many of ‘em!" Shiro said.

At that moment, Urasue appeared, having heard all the ruckus.

What's with all the rockets? Is better that I go over there and work off some frustration!" She said

Suddenly before she goes off, the body of Allura started moving outside the kin. Surprising her. "She starts to move on her own, why is that unless!"

"Keith! Watch out!" Shiro shouted in the background.

"What does this mean? Could it…" Urasue wondered as she flies outside, above the bridge, and suddenly looks at Shiro.

"I heard rumors about a reincarnation samurai but could it be possible," she told herself.

Urasue flies downwards and slashes the bridge into two with her scythe. The bridge falls and everyone hangs on for dear life.

"Everybody holds on" Shiro shrieking.

And soon Urasue swoops down and grabs Shiro as Stats and Romelle continue to fall into the valley.

"Shiro" Romelle and Stats shouted as they witnessed Shiro getting taken.

"Romelle! Stats! release me, let me go!"

Instead of getting a clear answer, Urasue swings her scythe at Shiro’s neck. "If I let you, you’ll die. And now that I’ve found my reincarnated soul… As if I’d let you go! I need you! To fully bring back priestess Allura!"

"Bring back…Allura?! That doesn't sound good" Shiro asked, nervously.

Doesn't sound good indeed, After years of separation, doesn't sound good for Keith and Shiro as darkness full of malice arises from the dead.
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