Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Twenty-three: Unwelcome Malice

As Shiro was in big trouble, big as he found himself in the clutches of Urasue.

The grim reaper has put him in a tub of green water with his hands tied. The water was filled with medicinal herbs. Giving out the color green as the water smell disgusting.

“Shiro!” yelled Romelle from the bridge he remembered.

“Stats” Stats’ voice carried into the bridge.

Shiro took a deep breath and said, “Stop! What do you think you’re pulling here”.

“You are an insolent boy, are you not?” Urasue said as she was done pouring out the remains of the water. “That should do it, yeah”.

Shiro wanted nothing more than to run back to the bridge, find his friends, and return to the warm safety of Arus. He wanted to see Stats’ glow-filled smile again and seeing Romelle’s kind expression once again.

And more than anything, Shiro wanted to look into Keith’s eyes. He wanted to tell him that he was okay and all right, that deep down that he is all right, that he’s not just reincarnation especially he doesn’t know all the details but his old enemy, Allura, who ashes had been stolen by Urasue.

But Shiro can’t do any of that, instead, he stuck by this twisted plot set up by the grim reaper.

Then suddenly, Allura walks out of the kiln slowly, all dress in a costume, made from an ankle-length Altean gown with a sky blue bodice, a white skirt, and a knee-length pink cape; all accented with gold. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline and ends in a “V” shape at her waist. The skirt has a pink hem and a pale blue stripe down the front. The dress has long blue sleeves, as well as white puff sleeves attached to a white undershirt.

“So you’re dressed... the attire of a priestess is most fitting and flatters your good looks”. Urasue complimenting her. “I have done well to baked and reshape your body with Daemon remains and graveyard soil. All I need do now is place a daemon soul or in this case a human soul within you”.

“What are you saying” Shiro whispered

“My herbs will soon cause your soul to leave your body. I will have you return it... Allura’s soul”. Urasue asked.

Allura’s soul...? Does that mean this girl is Allura?” Shiro thought.

The herbs were pulsed with bright power. Surprising her.


A split second later, back at the bridge where Romelle, Keith, and Stats were on was slashed by Urasue resulting in them fall downwards into the deep valley below, with the clay warriors. But Keith steps on a branch midway and leaps off, cushioning his landing.

“Dammit, what a pain in the neck,” he cursed. “I wonder what happened to Stats and Romelle.”

BAM! He grunted as an inflatable raft fell on top of him...holding Stats and Romelle.

“That answers that question!” Keith groaned.

“Sorry, Keith!” Romelle called. “Didn’t see you!”

Now all back together again, Romelle and Keith talk about the days’ events and the days before.

“Shiro was Abducted!?” said Keith

“Yes, the Grim reaper took him,” Romelle said.

“Then, he wasn’t thrown to the ground and killed...?” Keith added.

Romelle notice among the clay warriors. Light orbs appear on their backs and float upwards.

“Stats!” asked Stats, worriedly.

“What, no way. There’s no way she’s gonna eat him!” Keith Answered.

“I doubt that, Keith,” Romelle said. “What Urasue has planned for him mayhaps be just as bad, if not worse.”

“What do you mean?” Keith asked.

“Do you not remember what Coran had said about Shiro when he first came to our world?” asked Romelle. “That he is the reincarnation of both of Allura and the samurai?”

“Yeah, what about it?” asked Keith.

“Keith...” Romelle said. “Can you tell me about it, between you and Allura, years ago, what happened!”

Keith tensed up a bit, but then he glared as he turned away.

“Why should I ask that question” he scoffed.

“I want to know in advance, plus everyone keeps telling me the story, I just want to know the real story from you” Romelle urged. “If my instincts are correct...we may just reunite with Allura.”

Keith gasped silently while Stats blinked up at him in confusion...and worry.

“Reunion with Allura...?, But she’s dying for forever”

“If Urasue uses her tricks to reincarnate her, she will become a formidable foe”. Romelle looks up, determined “We have got to stop her”.

Keith knew that somewhere down there, in the twisted heart of the graveyard, Urasue waited for them. And that when they finally came face-to-face, only one of them would survive the encounter. But Keith couldn’t worry about that just yet. Before he could take on Urasue, the half-daemon had to find someone else, Shiro.

Outside Urasue’s mountain kiln as Urasue finish pouring more green water into the tub.

“I feel awful... I can’t...move...” Shiro said, struggling.

“It won’t be long, Allura until the soul is drawn out of this boy’s body” Urasue chuckled as she glanced over at Allura...who leaning against the rock wall with a listless look in her eyes.

Shiro narrowed his eyes in a venomous glare.

“How many do I have to say it, you old bat?!” he asked. “I’m nobody’s reincarnation! How are you gonna explain this if it turns out you’re wrong, huh?!”

“Hmm?” Urasue hummed in bewilderment. “How can this be? The boy speaks, even though he is soaked from head to toe in my mystic herbs! He should be paralyzed, inside and out!” That’s when she spotted a familiar blue light, causing her to gasp silently as she eyed the Quintessence crystal around Shiro’s neck. “Ohh...what’s this? The quintessence crystal, I see!”

“No! You mustn’t” Shiro shouted as even though he projected as loud as he could, Shiro’s voice hardly seemed to carry over the dead but surprisingly a white sphere appears and pushes her away.

“Curses!” Urasue hissed. “A barrier around the casket?! He does possess Allura’s soul!”

Allura blinked before she turned her head if she were looking for something.

Not too far away, Keith was carrying Romelle on his back while Stats float on ahead of him. As they continued to ascend the mountain...Keith had a distant look in his eyes, deep in thought.

Many years prior.

Before being dragged into the darkness of the tree, Keith had gone to retrieve the crystal from Allura who once defended Aurs from threats from the outside world

“You could become human, Keith?” asked Allura, sitting on the hill with Keith as the sunset behind them.

“What are you saying, Allura?” said Keith

“I’m saying if you use the quintessence Crystal, you could become human as well”. Allura said. “Tomorrow, at dawn, wait for me here...and I will bring you the crystal. With it, you can wish to become human.”

It wasn’t exactly a story one would immediately believe, but Romelle was insistent. Both of them also knew that Keith wasn’t the kind of person who would tell that sort of lie.

“I needed the quintessence Crystal, too. To become a full-fledged daemon”. Keith added.

But someone’s perception was awfully Sharp and just getting near him was impossible to even to him, THUNK-THUNK-THUNK! Keith grunted as he out of breath after fighting with someone with a sword, not too far from him, a samurai stood, holding his sword in his scabbard. The half-daemon growled as he glared at him as he prepared to hit another strike at him, which caused him to gasp and tense up as he began to aim...but then, he lowered his sword, put it back in the scabbard, then turned and walked away. Keith blinked in bewilderment...then growled in irritation.

“Hey you bastard, why would you not finish me off”. he questioned, causing the samurai to stop in his tracks before he turned and glared at Keith.

“It’s a waste of my powers, just don’t hang around here anymore” he answered.

On that, he walked away, leaving Keith in other turmoil.

“I couldn’t understand him, at first. As much as I wanted the Quintessence crystal...I never tried to kill Takashi...and he never tried to kill me.” He Explains.

After a while, Takashi was seen, sitting upon a grassy hill as the wind blew gently.

“Keith, you’re there aren’t you? Why don’t you come out?” He called?

Keith peeked his head out from the trees, blinking in perplexity. After contemplating it for a moment, he decided to take the Samurai up on his offer and sat down next to him.

“We’ve never talked like this before. This is the first time.” Takashi asked.

“Yeah, what about it?” asked Keith.

“Keith,” Takashi said. “Tell me, what do I look like to you? Do I look human?”

“Huh?” Keith muttered. “What are you babbling about, now?”

“I never show anyone my weakness. I must never waiver. Otherwise, some daemon will get the better of me. I’m human, but I mustn’t be human. You and I have things in common”. Takashi said.

Keith blinked at the samurai, who sighed as the wind blew, once more.

“Keith,” said Takashi. “You, the half-daemon. That’s why I couldn’t kill you and besides you were friends with the Priestess...You and I...we are kindred spirits. You, too, fight for humanity”.

“Humph! Complaining? It’s not like you at all.” Keith said, scoffs at that, and walks off. But he stops and looks back at Takashi, who looks at him with soft eyes but a forced, sad smile.

“No,” he said. “I shouldn’t complain, should I?”

Keith’s eyes went wide...and he felt his heart sink.

“Looking at Takashi’s sad face... For the first time in my life, I felt like I’d done something wrong”. Keith said, narrating. “I knew the tale, the samurai, the number by the hundreds, an organization, shrouded by mystery, since ancient times, they served as the balance between humans and Daemons but whoever is leading this group is unknown, Daemons... mystical creatures of the unknown, strong and mighty, having incredible powers and wounds heal in the blink of the eye, no mere person will ever have, but the samurai fight with mortal bodies nevertheless they fight to defend the world”.

“Hmph,” Keith scoffed. “And to think I could have a life with him!”

“Pardon?” Romelle asked.

“Nothing,” Keith replied.

“Keith,” Romelle began, “if I didn’t know better, I would almost say you are remembering the love you once felt for the Samurai and the friendship you had with Allura”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Keith bit back. “Allura!”

“She tricked you?” Romelle asked. “I don’t understand.”

“You could become human, Keith” Allura explained to Keith, “if you use the quintessence Crystal”

“I agreed to it...I agreed to become a human using the crystal’s power, but the next day, as I was waiting for Allura to bring me the Quintessence crystal...”

Keith stood in the middle of the forest, in the Winter, waiting for Allura to arrive with Takashi. As he was telling Takashi of his plan...but then, his ears twitched as he heard the creaking of a bowstring.

“Huh?” he muttered as he looked back. “Allura? Is that you?”

THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! Keith gasped as Takashi pushes him away from the arrows, Getting hit in the process, then turned to see Allura, who glared at him with her longbow drawn.

“Allura...?!” Keith whispered. “But...but why?!”

“The rest you know, Romelle,” said Keith, coldly. “I attacked Aurs and tried to steal the Quintessence crystal...but then Allura sealed me to the great Tree.”

“What?” Romelle asked. “But...that’s impossible!”

“How is impossible?!” Keith asked. “Allura betrayed me!”

Romelle was so lost in thought. It couldn’t have been like that, there must have been some kind of mistake in some kind.

“Stats!” Stats called as he pointed up at the mountaintop.

“It looks like Stats can see smoke rising from the top! I think we’re almost there!” Romelle added.

“Then let’s hurry,” said Keith as he grabbed Stats and began to jump up toward the summit. “Hang on, Shiro! We’re coming!”

Back with Shiro, the barrier that shielded her from Urasue was growling larger, forcing the Reaper to stand back.

“This is, The shield expanded rapidly all of this is, the soul is huge”. Urasue hissed

“I feel sick... I’m going to throw up...” Shiro said, weakly.

Urasue looks at Allura who is sitting at a corner, “It is a powerful grudge. Something damnable must surely have happened to her in her previous life.”

K...Keith!” thought Shiro. “Where are you?! Please help me!

“Shiro!” Keith shouted.

Shiro gasped as he looked up to see Keith, Stats, and Romelle!

“K...Keith...!” Shiro cried.

“Shiro!” Keith cried as he ran towards him and yet stepped away, due to the barrier. “Urgh...damn! I can’t get close enough!” He then glared at Urasue. “You! What did you do to Shiro?!”

“ you’re alive after all,” Urasue mused as she held her scythe. “I should have known...half-daemon.”

Romelle gasped upon seeing the lifeless husk that was the great Priestess of Aurs. “Lady Allura! She lives!”

“What?” Keith asked before he looked toward Allura, causing him to gasp silently. “W...what the...?!”

Allura slowly blinked at Keith...then opened her mouth, as if attempting to speak.

“Don’t... Don’t call my name...!”

Huh?” Shiro thought. “Who voice is this!

Keith gaped in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he was seeing...and yet, the more he stared at this woman with a body of clay and graveyard soil...the more he felt compelled to believe. Here she was...Allura, his former friend, back from the dead, and looking the same as she did when she died.

“Allura...” he whispered.

Upon hearing that, Shiro suddenly opens his eyes, and his body jerks upwards. The white shield explodes and the white orbs fly out of Shiro’s body.

“Shiro!” Keith cried.

“Shiro!” Romelle cried.

“Hahahaha!” Urasue cackled. “The is freed! When you mentioned Allura’s name, her heart skipped a beat and the barrier burst open!” She then looked to Keith. “I must thank you, boy...for you have given me the final ingredient needed to revive Allura, at last!”

“What?!” Keith questioned.

“No!” Romelle cried.

“And now, Allura,” Urasue began, “may your soul return to its proper body!”

Soon, the orbs flew into Allura’s body, causing her to gasp as she finally took a deep breath...then she shuddered as her body slumped. As for Shiro, he lied limp in the tub of herbal water while Stats began to shake him.

“Stats, Stats, Stats!” Stats shouted.

“That boy is just an empty shell now. My allies are going to be pleased to see this!” Urasue grinned.

Shiro’s soul has gone into Allura,” Keith thought

“Listen, Urasue... You dared to use Allura’s bones...” Romelle shouted at her.

“Ah, yes, girl,” Urasue replied as she looked to Allura, who began to stand up, “and with my powers, I have given her a living body from her bones! In a way, you could say that I am now her mother!”

“ hag!” Keith growled.

“And now, Allura,” Urasue began, “as your mother, I give you these orders: drive off these pests with your restored powers”

Allura put her hands on Urasue’s shoulders...before she squeezed them, then unexpectedly, current charges out of her hands and shocks her. Urasue falls backward and spins, yelling in reclusive pain, drops to the ground, and is reduced to a burning mess.

“Idiot not me...” Urasue screamed as she writhed about.

“You dragged me out, I never wanted to wake up” Allura hissed as she glared, hatefully, at the grim reaper’ burning corpse.

“Allura!” Romelle whispered in shock.

“Allura,” Keith said as he walked toward the revived priestess. “Is it you?”

“Keith... Why are you alive? I know I sealed you up...” Allura said, slowly...before she glared at him and thrust her hands against his chest, causing him to scream in pain as he felt a powerful electric shock. Thankfully, he managed to push himself away from her before it could hit his heart, then panted as he looked down at his red jacket, which had been reduced to shreds.

“Allura!” he said as he looked up at her. “I’m sorry about that! It took me about years to get out, but I’m fine, ready to take you on again!”

“You’re hateful! I hate you!” Allura said, looks up in tears.

Suddenly a red glow appears on Allura’s shoulders and she winces in pain. She holds a hand to it. The red glow disappears and a bloody appears in its place.

“What’s the matter, Allura?” Keith asked

Allura then holds up her bloodied hand and shouts “Why did you betray me, Keith!?”

“Wh-What is that? That blood...” Keith repeated.

“Keith...? Isn’t that the fatal wound you inflicted on Allura?” Romelle said.

“I...inflicted what are you saying you think I’m the one who killed Allura!” Keith said.

“That’s right! That’s how she died”. Romelle explains as blood drips from Allura’s wound and forms a red puddle on the ground.

“Not me! Romelle, don’t you remember my side of the story” Keith added.

“Yeah...I did but still” Romelle said.

“I never thought... I never expected to hear such excuses... Stop it, Keith. It’s unbecoming.” Allura hissed, “Stop it... Stop it! Keith... Don’t you remember saying it? That’s you’d become human”

Human...? That’s right he wanted to become human.” Romelle thought.

“You said you’d become human. I believed you, and took the quintessence Crystal to you that day.” Allura repeated.

Allura walked through the snowy field, on her way to the forest where she was going to meet Keith and Takashi...seeming unaware that someone was rushing up to her from behind.

“Hmm?” She hummed before she glanced back. “Keith?”

SLASH! Allura screamed in pain as someone runs up behind her and cut her back, causing her to fall to the snow surface, dropping the Quintessence crystal in the process. With her shoulder bleeding, she looked up and gasped upon seeing Keith, his Dagger dripping with blood and a wicked smirk on his face as he held the crystal in his fingers.

“You think I’d want to be human to be with you? How dense can you get? I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this so I can be with Takashi. After that, I’m taking the crystal to Lord Zarkon. It is where it belongs.” With that being said, Keith walks away.

Agitated, Allura couldn’t understand, “you traitor, TRAITOR?”

“But, Allura, I can’t believe that Keith committed such a heinous crime,” Romelle said.

“Are you suggesting that I was the one that betrayed you?” Keith repeated.

“You know it’s true, that is the way I summons up the last vestiges of my strength and bound you to the tree with my arrow” Allura spat as she walks to Keith.

“Allura” Keith gaps, it wasn’t him, what is this to all of this.

“You and I were fated never to meet again, and yet fate is a funny thing”, Allura said, holds Keith’s arms gently until the current surges from Allura’s hands and shocks Keith. Causing him falls backward in pain.

“Stop this assault, Allura” Romelle said, holds Allura’s sleeves

“Who are you,” Allura asked before she got a closer look. “...It can’t be...An Altean?”

“My name is Romelle, I came from the same place, Aurs, and an Altean, and you may not know this, but many years have passed since your demise”. Romelle replied.

“Then explain why you would speak on Keith’s behalf!” Allura began, she then glared at Keith, who stared at her in shock. “That...that damned, detestable half-daemon...he tricked me! He wounded me and stole the Quintessence crystal!”

Then suddenly, Allura takes Romelle’s bow and arrow and pushes her away, and continue shoots at Keith. Thankfully, he jumped out of the way, causing the ground to explode from the impact of Allura’s spiritual power!

“Allura!” Keith cried.

“Don’t move!” Allura yelled as she prepared to shoot another arrow. “This time, I really will kill you, you scourge! I SWEAR IT!”

“Allura!” Keith whispered in disbelief. “You hate me...don’t you?”

Meanwhile, Romelle and Stats were tending to Shiro, who was still unconscious.

“Shiro,” Romelle said as she held him. “Wake up!”

“Stats” Stats asked, worriedly.

“I know”, Romelle said, but Being concern about Shiro, Romelle wondered if Allura will be satisfied or not or even if possible to destroy her hatred and calm her soul within since the soul won’t return into this body and Shiro will never wake up again.

“Allura, please!” Keith urged. “Put the bow down! I don’t wanna fight you!”

“Then you will die for your cowardice,” Allura said as she loosed the arrow, forcing Keith to draw his Dagger from its sheath and cut down the projectile...but then, he tossed the dagger away and grabbed Allura by her wrists!

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Allura questioned. “Release me, at once!”

“No, I meant every word?” Keith continued. “I don’t know what happened what you saw on that day but I don’t know that I wasn’t the cause of death”.

“You think I will fall your lies?!” Allura questioned. “I was a fool to believe you, I was a fool to keep thinking that I want to live with you!”

“SHUT UP!” Keith he pulled Allura into his arms in a tight embrace, causing her to gasp.

“Keith?!” she whispered as she slumped against him.

Keith took a step, then stopped. His brow furrowed as he thought about what Allura had just said.

Um, that came out wrong. I mean, why would she think that, I meant I always viewed her as a friend or sister, I guess she must have thought alone, heartbroken you been” Keith thought.

While Keith trailed off, a sense of relief from Romelle starting to creep in before adding, “Allura has calmed down? That’s good”

Keith waited for a response, but none came.

Allura trailed off, a sense of isolation starting to creep in before remembering, “Me... A human?” Keith asked Allura as they sitting on a knoll in the sunset.

“Sure you can. You’re half-human after all.” Remembering like it was yesterday with Keith looks down, “If the quintessence Crystal fell into the hands of a true daemon, its powers would greatly increase. But if it was used to turn you into a human, the crystal would be purified and would probably cease to exist.”

“Then what would happen to you, Allura?”

“I’m the one who protected the crystal, if it were to disappear, we could become ordinary people”.

Keith had no second thoughts...! He believed that he could live as a human with Takashi and Allura. He wanted that life! But...that day...change.

“At that time you said you were willing to become human and I thought that you were willing to live together, I was a fool, a-” Allura said.

“Cut it out”, Keith said out loud, hugging Allura so tightly like you couldn’t see a single sign of life anywhere around them.

“You see, Allura, you’ve had a heartbroken experience too...” Keith began. “Just remember, you’re an ordinary person too, far from it that’s why I wanted to become human to help you escape from the burden of the quintessence Crystal”.

Allura bit her lip as tears welled up in her eyes...then she buried her face into Keith’s shoulder.

“Let go, Keith, it’s too late for me”. Allura said as she grabbed Keith’s arms.

“What...?!” Keith questioned.

“Keith! Let go of her, now!” Romelle cried. “Get away, quickly!”

Allura shoots currants of magic flies at Keith with a pink glow. Luckily Keith got away from her, getting new scars in the process but got away from her from the last

“Allura” Keith trailed, trying to recover from the attack.

“I don’t care what you said, I detested you, at the moment of my death, So long as the hatred is not erased, this soul will not return to the Afterlife! Keith! All it takes is your death...!” Allura said.

“Keith... I want you to destroy Allura’s body. This rebirth is nothing more than a sham. You must release her soul from within.” Romelle said, still on the ground with Shiro and Stats.

“It’s no use unless my hated disappeared, my soul cannot return to that body either” Allura shouted as she rushes to him, determined that Keith’s death that will put an end to her suffering.

But Keith, Keith just stood there, ignoring Romelle’s command as he cannot make himself to kill her. But then, all of a sudden, Shiro’s body jerked...and his eyes flew open!

“Shiro, he’s trying to take back his soul! Romelle asked while Allura suddenly collapsed.

“W...what’s happening?!” She asked as the orbs of white light began to fly out of her. “No...! I... I... I still have my revenge!”

The souls fly back into Shiro’s body. “Shiro, you... weren’t just a cast-off shell without a soul” Romelle through as she witnesses the event.

“Shiro” Keith shouted as he wonders that did Allura calm down for a bit, however that wasn’t the case as Allura, still moving and walks away from the group unsteadily.

“She’s...she’s still moving!” Keith exclaimed.

“That is possible, she still has a bit of her soul left!” Romelle exclaimed.


The group turned to see Urasue’s charred body.

“Fools,” the reaper said, weakly. “What moves Allura nothing more than her hatred.”

“U...Urasue?!” Keith questioned.

“Stats!” Stats cried.

“Most of her soul seems to have returned to the one you call ‘Shiro’,” said Urasue, “and yet, the dark power of vengeance stays behind within a body of bones and graveyard suits her. A priestess with a pure heart...has become as vengeful and hateful as any demon she could ever”

With that, she disintegrated into dust.

“...Damn you, Urasue...!” Keith cursed before he turned and ran after Allura. “Allura! Come back!”

“No! Keith, don’t follow her!” Romelle cried.

As Allura walks in the mountain path. All in pain and struggling for air. “If I remain near that boy, he’ll take the rest of my soul! I’ve got to get away... Oh!” Allura trailed trying not to get back but trips and slides down the cliff edge. But luckily Keith appears and grabs her hand. She hangs over the cliff while Keith struggles to hold on to her.

“Keith...” Allura asked.

“Allura... You can’t go on like this. You must return to Shiro”. Keith said as his eyes then softened.

“Are you telling me to die...? If I return to that man, that means I will no longer be myself. Keith... Is that what you want? I’ll never die!” Allura repeated.

Allura grabs Keith’s hand and shocks him. “Didn’t I tell you? When I die, you’re coming with me!” She said, angry.

“Allura...stop!” Keith cried. “PLEASE!”

Keith falls over the cliff and hangs on to the edge with one hand. He struggles to keep his hold on Allura, but her hand slips and falls into the valley below. She looks at him in shock as she falls.

“Allura” Keith shouted in horror.

He looked over the edge of the cliff and wondered how did this happen. Keith suddenly found himself realizing that someone had disguised as Allura, why did it, why come to this, did someone else disguise as him and attacked Allura, somebody has made Allura and Keith hate each other, for what purpose as he walks from the cliff. Returning to Romelle and Shiro.

“Keith, are you all right,” Romelle asked him, “where’s Allura”.

“I’m sorry, she felt from the cliff, I was unable to save her,” Keith said.

“Stats” Stats said as Shiro groaned as he woke up.

“It’s okay, boy, I’m fine” Shiro asking him.

“Think goodness!” Romelle said. “Are you all right!”

“Aside from the fact that it feels like my head feels heavy,” Shiro began, “I think I’m okay.” he then looked up and noticed Keith, causing him to gasp as he tried to get up. “Keith! Oh, my god, are you all right?! What happened?!”

“Shiro,” Keith said. “Are you okay?”

“It’s nothing, these are nothing but flesh wounds!” Keith Answered. “Shiro, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you!”

it’s all right, I’m just glad that you’re okay,” Shiro said.

“I see, you have forgiven me” Keith added

“Forgive you, why do you think that,” Shiro asked

“Because I was unable to look at you, I know you’re not Allura or Takashi, but I didn’t care about that I was so consumed with rage at Allura, I took it out on you,” Keith said

Shiro leaned in, putting his hand on Keith’s shoulder, “it’s okay, I finally got you to look me in the face”.

“Eh,” Keith said to himself, for some strange reason, Keith felt relieved when he saw Shiro smile.

“Speaking of that, where’s Urasue” There was a part of him that wanted to throw her into the kiln and burn her alive after what she had done to him. But there was more of a pressing matter. “... And Allura also?”

“Oh, that’s over,” Keith told him

“Oh, Really,” Shiro said.

Rest in peace, Allura” Keith thought.

At a riverbank near the mountainside “Alive, I’m alive, Keith!” Allura shouts it to the sky as she was surrounded by a land of skeletons. While Shiro and Keith were walking on different land, skeleton free.

“You, really don’t remember anything!” Keith said

“Not a thing, sorry,” Shiro said

“How many times are you going to be saying that, don’t apologize wasn’t your fault,” Keith said.

“Stats” Stats said.

“I know Stats, he doesn’t feel the same but Shiro is strange, even Allura’s powerful soul could not win against Shiro, I guess Shiro is not some mere reincarnation he’s more than that”. Romelle told to herself.

the group arrived back at Temple of Lions to find a worried Coran waiting for them at the entrance with a group of sentries.

“Thank goodness!” he said. “I was just about to send out a search party. Are you all right?”

Keith shook his head. he was far from all right. Ever since he’d witnessed Allura’s return, he hadn’t been able to shake the image of her. “Romelle, what happened?” Coran pressed. “did you retrieve the remains?”

“No, we didn’t . . Urasue use them to revive her”

“That’s . . . that’s impossible!” Coran looked at Romelle. He saw the intense fear in her eyes. “And she said I was the one responsible for her death-that I’ve turned my back on her. Is it true? where there was a reason behind her death” Keith told him.

“No! Allura died in the fire after she got her injury” Coran tugged at his mustache in thought. “That was very disturbing news, I feel like the challenges are getting more and more dangerous

More indeed what kind of challenges those to they face as the journey continues for Shiro and Keith.

And the journey for another one, incoming.

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