Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Twenty-eight: Temari Daemon and Arrow Daemon

All at once, a violent surge of noise had interrupted their conversation. Shattered wood rained down on their heads, and the rampant smack of rubber caused the room to shake and fresh air spilling in through a gaping hole in the wall.

“An attack from outside?” Shiro thought as he hesitates from raised his head while continuing to use his body to protect Cassia in case of a second attack.

Then, just as terrifyingly abrupt as it had begun, the assault was over. There was a faint echo of something hitting into something else, like a ball one might play with as a child, as the dust began to settle around them.

“AHAHAHAHAHA!” a voice of childish pleasure. “just like what you said, Yahaba! A structure appeared in a place that didn’t have anything there before”.

“Seems like they use a magical daemon art capable of hiding things,” Yahaba said. “And is the samurai accompanied by a daemon? What’s going on here? There is another one”

“Isn’t this fun? The more the merrier” she said.

“Well, anyway. Susamaru,” he turned to the blue ball girl, now possessing a scowl on his ashen complexion, “the way you handled this was immature! Too simplistic! You got my clothes dirty with dust, tch!” he raised the hem of his robe in annoyance, “and after I took good care of this too.”

“Stop being so uptight, your clothes are fine,” Susamaru said. “And besides...We Found ’em!”

“A Temari! A Temari! caused all this damage” Keith said. Looking at the damage below.

“Oh, no! You were tracked!” Ulaz’s solid yellow eyes were wide as he stared back at Shiro, Keith, and Lance.

Lance gaped. “what? Us?”

“If Zarkon knows we’re here, it’s because you ratted us out.” Keith spat out.

And yet the girl picked up on her intent. And immediately launch a second attack, getting his staff out, Lance slashed at the incoming balls in half, but they still moved at hitting them.

But with only that, even if although the force of the impact is lessened, it can still move once sliced and will disappear shortly after.

“Ulaz,” Hazar shouted as he was trying to defend him. But unfortunately in muted horror, the ball suddenly made a sharp turn. And it was not because of the motion from hitting the wall. It honed onto the galra face like an eagle—


Splattering the head in pieces, making a scene of gore straight out of a horror story.

“Hazar” Keith gasped. Realizing the gravity of the situation finally caught up with him as their attacker summoned their Temari with a triumphant laugh.

“Dammit!!” Keith cursed “Shiro, Take Cassia and the unconscious wife immediately out of the room so they can be safe”.

“We have a basement, take them there,” Ulaz said.

“Understood! Shiro” Keith said, before going back to defense mode again with Lance.

“Keith, I’m sure you hope you know what you’re doing,” Lance said, following behind him.

Keith ignored Lance and as the dust settled, they got a close look at the two dark daemons. The female was pale-skinned with bright hazel eyes with cat-like pupils and black hair with orange-colored ends. Wearing a black kimono on top of an orange dress. She was carrying the blue balls in her hand.

Behind her to the left was a demon with gray-tinted skin with a necklace of large white pearls. His eyes were shut closed, but on the palm of his hands were eyes with arrows within the pupils.

Keith and Lance marched out and stood at the front, waiting for them to make a move.

“That’s one down!” Susamaru said.

“Her energy was a lot thicker than the usual deamon we faced in the past. Even the other daemon doesn’t have this kind of energy,” Keith told Lance.

“I can see that, is it stronger? It’s thick energy!” Said Lance. “It feels so heavy in my lungs!”

“Oh, hey!” Susamaru blinked, the grin still carved on her pretty face. She bounced the kemari ball on each of her palms as she started a simple conversation, “The samurai with the quintessence Crystal, you must know where he is”.

“They’re targeting Shiro,” Keith thought.

“Ulaz? Please find a place to hide!” Keith said, “I’m the one those daemons are after!”

“No, Keith I want you to fight without worrying about us”. Ulaz told him “We’ll be fine without your protection. We’re daemons too”

The daemon ball player decided at that moment that she doesn’t like being ignored, especially by her target. So he threw a fast one, making the ball sailed within the horizontal line. Both Lance and Keith knew it was useless to evade the weapon, hence Lance crouched a bit, moving one of his staff to the back and breathe.

“That Temari will only swerve if we dodge it.” Lance said, “I just have to concentrate”

Lance thrust, making the air swayed and creating a pattern of several snowflakes in the air as he stabbed the ball right in the middle.

He caught the blue temari, stopping its movement abruptly. Hard. This is not a normal ball that he could deflate with one hole. What should he?

The ball that was still stuck in the middle of his weapon abruptly stirred. It was so sudden, the force of the movement managed to smack his forehead, bruising it blue.

“How does it move around like that” Keith Wondered.

“I don’t know, but It swerved so unnaturally when hit Razar,” Lance told him as he witnesses Razar’s head being generated.

“Razar,” Ulaz said, responded to Razar’s regenerated head.

“Ul...Ulaz, I told you not to get caught up by the samurai and I was right” Razar said as his head was regenerate, “My sister’s technology is still a work in progress!”

“Yes I know, the technology can be able to conceal the presence of buildings and people, their energy,” Ulaz said, “but it’s not like it’s can mask their very existence!”

“But The greater our numbers,
the more traces we’ll leave, and the greater the odds that Zarkon will discover us and the blade of Marmora!” Razar explained.

“I hate people coming to interfere with the time you and I spend together!” he roared, “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I CAN’T FORGIVE THEM ALL!”

Ulaz bowed his head in shame, Keith’s stomach twisted with guilt.

“Those Galra got this close to us,” Lance said.

“Yeah I know, yet there was no energy around until we came under attack!” Keith said. “That was the technology?”

“Ahahaha, what are you talking about, you silly boy?” Susamaru cackled. She started to undress the top half of her dress now only leaving her with black cloth binding her chest, “you are so fun! So interesting!”

“I will allow you the glorious death of dying by the hands of one of the druids of the four directions...You should be honored!”

“The four directions?” Keith wondered, raising his dagger point.

“They serve directly under Haggar!” Ulaz shouted the explanation.

“Now then, let’s keep playing! Until the morning comes” Susamaru said as she threw out six Temari balls towards Keith and Lance as they flew towards him from different angles. Causing major struggles within the building as Keith and Lance were holding their ground together.

The next attacks were devastating, now the amount of the ball increased. It’ll bounce at sharp angles, making Lance and Keith’s eye crossed, trying to follow its movement. She tried slicing the ball in half, spinning the deadly blade to destroy the moving ball. Yet it doesn’t do anything. Even if the power of their momentum was reduced, the ball still hit them and they were sure they’re going to get a lot of bruises from this. So as long as the ball maintained its form—be it full-circle or half-circle—the movement won’t end. She had to tear it into pieces within one second or else everything will be naught. Easier said than done! Some of them managed to get past their defense, cutting chunks of Ulaz’s and Razar’s flesh.

They really should just hide somewhere, dangit! Even if they’re daemons, they still can feel the pain, the brain still working to remind them of the damage they get from the outer force.

“Ulaz, Hazar no” Lance said, in shock.

“It’s no good! We don’t have time to protect them!” Keith said.

“We’ll be healed soon enough! So don’t worry!” Ulaz said, responded.

“Hey, idiots. If you look at the arrows,
you can tell which direction they’re going!” Hazar said. “Dodge the arrows!”

“Arrows? What arrows” Keith said.

“Seriously, you can’t even see them?” Hazar takes as he covered his remaining eye for a second. It flashes bright lime before it dimmed, “Here, I lend you my Sight!” and then threw something at Lance and Keith. The two yelped a bit when that something embedded right in the middle of their foreheads, a rustle of paper resounded, the cloaking spell that was on the front porch was the first thing that came to Keith’s mind. Was that it? Did put that strange symbol on them? and instantly, their eyes cleared.

“I can see now!” Keith said. “She was using these arrows to control...”

“Me too, the trajectory of the Temari!” Lance told him. “Thanks, Hazar, we can see the arrows now, too!”

“Then, hurry up and defeat her!” Hazar shouted at them.

“Keith” Shiro yelled, having to arrive at the scene.

“Shiro, let’s go outside!” Keith told him, “Take care of the daemon up in the piles of junk!”

“Ok,” Shiro said, “but Keith, be careful”.

With that being said, Shiro jumping out while Keith and Lance walked out and stood at the front, waiting for them to make a move.

“Are you sure you should be able to handle this, she’s pretty tough” Keith told Lance.

“Don’t worry about me, I handle a bunch of tough girls before” Lance said.

“Very well,” Keith said. “Just don’t ask me if your head does fly off”, disappeared from his spot running towards Susamaru, and then the daemon threw out more Temari balls towards Keith as they flew towards different angles.

“Magical deamon art: Soul Stealer" Keith used the second form as he moved forward, leaving a trail of magic as he made multiple consecutive while twisting his body in a flowing fashion. Getting closer to Susamaru, Keith quickly came and slash towards her arms.

In one clean cut, all of Susamaru arms were cut in one stroke.

“Agghh! That attack was never I see before” Susamaru yelled out.

“What?” Yahaba said, looked in surprise. “This has never happened before” Yahaba muttered, waving his hands around.

That was amazing,” Lance thought as the balls were redirected towards his direction, “He took down that girl in one in fell swoop

“Don’t just stand there help me finish her off” Keith shouted at Lance.

“Oh, okay!” Lance said, “looks like it’s all over for you,” he told Susamaru who was completely armless.

“Nice move, you learn from the Samurai” Susamaru said, “if I’m not mistaken that is”.

“That’s right,” Keith said, taking a defensive stand, “I’ll never let you take your Hands-on Shiro”

Elsewhere, In a location in the junkyard, Shiro was wondering about find that second daemon, “come on where are you, how much longer? That Keith and Lance going to hold out”

Luckily his wish was answered when he sees Yahaba up in the piles of junk.

“I find you,” Shiro said, before jumping up the pile, delivering a punch to Yahaba. However, just he got close.

“Don’t kick up so much dust, barbaric boy!” Yahaba snarled. “it’s so dirty!

The eye on his right palm closed with a snap, Shiro’s body tensed without his will.

And then his whole figure moved back, like an invisible string from an invisible puppeteer pulling him away from the neurotic daemon. But despite this, the arrows suddenly disappeared on the tamari balls.

“They’re gone! I don’t see them anymore” Keith said.

“That’s fantastic,” Lance said, faces Susamaru, and removes his beads around his right hand. “Time to summon the ice cream” Lance performed, fiercely twisting his upper and lower body, freezing all the surrounding balls as they approached.

“Not bad, Lance,” Keith said.

“You think so,” Lance said, closes his Handoff, “that’s the first time someone freezing me”

“Yeah, but you need better puns,” Keith said. “Now, to deal with you,” looking forward to Susamaru, preparing for the final blow on her, however, before he can get close. He answers this simple question.

“Hey, Ulaz, Are these two daemons
closely related to Zarkon or Haggar?” Said Keith, asking Ulaz who is still in recovery.

“Most likely”. He said.

“Then, I’m going to extract blood from them for sure!” Keith said.

“I have two favors to ask of you,” Ulaz said, before the attack. “One, permission to study of your blood and Two, to retrieve blood samples from daemons” Ulaz concluded.

“What for, I don’t understand,” Shiro said.

“Your arm, is a daemon one, as I already explained before” Ulaz added “I meant demons whose powers are more
on par with that of Zarkon himself”.

“It won’t be easy to extract blood
from such daemons”.

Remembering that, Keith knew the reason they have to collect blood but what for reasons that he needs Shiro arm or how to extract blood from it.

“You think you’re going to extract blood from us?” Susamaru said, “I don’t know what you’re scheming, but I won’t allow you to do anything to displease the empire.

“If you think you can extract blood
from us Four directions, then have at it!” Susamaru yelled at them as her limbs regenerate.

“Watch your back!” Hazar said. Don’t let your guard down for a second! If those two are four directions, then they’re undeniably more formidable than any other daemon you’ve killed until now!”

“Right! Understood!” Lance said.

“He’s right, this is different” Keith said, softly, of all the battles he’s been put into. This one was his toughest one of all. “Watch my back, don’t let my guard down for a second.”

Before he could call out in surprise, all of Susamaru’s limbs have finally grown back.

“She grew new arms in such a short time!” Surprising Lance. “Well go figure, she’s a lot tougher than any daemon that I face before”

Back at the sidelines, “Ulaz, Let’s use those two as decoys and escape!“. Hazar said

“What, do that we’re not going to do that,” said Ulaz, complaining.

“Don’t worry I am just kidding,” Hazar said.

Then suddenly, Shiro dropped to the ground with a look of disbelief in his eyes. Keith saw this and quickly grab him from suffering any injuries.

“Shiro, what happened,” Keith said, “are you okay”.

“Yeah I’m fine, but I found him.” Said, Shiro.

Ignoring this, Yahaba turned towards Susamaru and said, “damn you, I just found a good spot from not getting filthy, until you ruined it”. Pulling his hand back, Yahaba took control of one of Susamaru’s balls and launch to Shiro and Keith.

Moving quickly, Keith and Shiro got out of the way. “Are you okay, Keith, Shiro?” Lance said. Concerningly.

“Yeah we’re fine,” Shiro said.

“Now then, why don’t you both die at once?” She said.

“Hey, half-Daemon, samurai!” Hazar shouted "You get rid of that arrow man first! We’ll take on the temari woman
with Shiro!”

“Ok, Shiro, whatever you do, don’t push yourself too hard”. Keith said.

“Okay, I’ll protect Ulaz,” Shiro said. “Just make sure you be careful too”

“I’m counting on you”. Keith said as he and Lance swap places with Shiro.

“I swear...I’m going to extract their blood! Even means I have no idea what’s going on but I’ll fight and win!” Keith thought as he ran towards Yahaba with Lance.

“What a grimy little urchin you are. You stay away from me!” Yahaba said, waving its hand with the eye towards Keith as it closes and releasing a purple wave.

Suddenly, a bright red arrow appeared from under his feet, causing him to slip as he swung his dagger forward, missing the daemon.

The red arrow pushes him away and imbedded itself into Keith, controlling his body. “Thack”.

“Gack!” Keith coughed out as he was slammed into a tree.

“Keith!” Lance shouted as he clutched his staff in a death grip, trying to minimize the force of the invisible arrows, no, he already surmised that these arrows acted like a fast current of water they couldn’t escape. Could only flail uselessly because the moment you were caught in it, you were doomed to the momentum, by giving the opposite reaction of the arrow that was pointing him to the destination the daemon-boy wanted too.

The first few times, he was too late, the arrow controlled him too and launched him around the junkyard, into the ground, and smashing into trees.

Being controlled by the evil puppeteer. Lance managed to soften his landing when the boy brought him to the sky, only to drop his back from the highest vantage. By using his right hand; creating several gushes of ice that slowed down his fall. Yahaba huffed.

“Good grieve, you’re like a cockroach.”

“Lance” Keith shouted as he felt the pain. “This hurts! I mean this... It seriously hurts!”

But back in the fight in hand, with Susamaru, Hazar rushed to her, sending punches and kicks its way. The daemon raised its hand to block the strike.

“You hurt my friend, Ulaz” Hazar told Susamaru, “I’ll never forgive you for that!”

“Ulaz, Hey, Susamaru, the one over there...” Yahaba said, “Wouldn’t that be Ulaz the Fugitive? What a great souvenir he’ll make!”

“Is that right?” Susamaru said, preparing another hit of balls, “now we have two targets”.

“Oh no you don’t,” Shiro said, moved, a sword sharpened, and killing intent flared, slashing the kemari player with utmost force. Sasamaru ducked, throwing the ball at the same time. Her laughter echoed through the night as Shiro evade the first attack and intended to punch the second.

“Idiot!” Hazar shouted

“You mustn’t hit it!” Ulaz warns, but it was too late, a ball had successfully hit Shiro, ripping off his daemon arm in the process.

“Shiro” Ulaz shouted, looking back at Susamaru in anger.

“What fun this is! I like kemari, too!” Susamaru said, send a kick to push Shiro back into the house.

“Yahaba!” Said Susamaru, “Will four heads be enough to take home?”

“No. We’re taking two.” Yahaba said, “The samurai and the fugitive.”

“Shiro, are you all right” Ulaz added as Shiro was sitting down in pain.

“Yeah I’m alright,” Shiro said, “I can’t believe I lost another arm”

“If it was a regular limb, it would have been the end of you” Ulaz responded.

“What do you mean by exactly,” Shiro said, putting on a brave face.

“As long as it a daemon arm, it could regenerate slowly,” Ulaz said, looking out the bleeding area where the arm used to be, “you will recovering so slowly. This medicine will help heal your arm right away, all right?”

“Are you sure?” Shiro said.

“I’m sure,” Ulaz said, putting on a small smile.

After recovery, Lance and Keith were buried exhausted. “That took quite a bit out of me,” Keith said, turning towards Lance’s fight and location.

“I know right, but What should we do?” Lance told him. “We can’t lose no matter what!”

“I hate to agree with you but you’re right,” Keith said, “but Any move would be pointless”

“Yeah unless you can land a blow
in the opening with pinpoint accuracy!” Lance explains, “If I’m off by even a little, the movie won’t be nearly as potent!”

“Are you sure about that, He’ll only change the dagger’s direction
using his arrow skills!” Keith added. “And I hate to say it, but those eyeballs
on his hands are creepy!”

“Beat it, you man! I don’t have time with you anymore,” in their sight, a couple of red arrows rushed like a bullet. Lance and Keith danced through them with a move that made her twirled, spinning and rolling, able to evade every single one of them but cannot cut them because the arrow itself is not something tangible.

They knew the moment it touched them or their weapon, the arrow will just sweep her away without mercy. Yet he advanced, more determined than before, he realized. Yahaba’s eye opened again and an arrow that coiled around Keith’s right socket appeared, “I will just pop your arm off so you’ll stay down for good!”

It blinked in a second.

Then Keith twisted his whole body according to the direction of the arrow, the force of that arrow moved to his jacket and tore the cloth away from him, completely negating the damage.

“Why won’t you just stay down already!” he shouted, sending another arrow. “Damn monkey!”

“We can’t take much more of his attacks!” Keith said. “We gotta strike back!”

“We gotta change the arrow’s direction
without touching it directly!” Lance said.

“But how?” Keith said.

“I don’t know, but Something rattled him!” Lance said.

He is right, even Keith could see it under the distress of this battle. It made his attack straight forwards and a bit sloppy. A thing she could take advantage of as a plan formed inside Keith’s head.

“Ok,” he said as Keith charges at the daemon, attended to adapt his moves! And gather the arrows into one place, his form, the form to envelope the arrow! Then use the footwork of the second close in on him!

“What? How!?” The Daemon yelled, sending even more furies of arrows.

Luckily, Lance and Keith charged together, getting past the arrows, dodging them, gritting his teeth, Lance sent a low sweep with his staff, cutting off the Daemon’s legs.

“Keith! Now” Lance shouted

“My dagger’s so heavy!” Keith thought as he Twist! And the Envelope! The arrows.

But he got this, “Second Form...Modified! Pisces” Keith shouted, as he jumped sideways and twisted his body, slicing at the fallen daemon neck and severing it from its body.

“Gack!” Yahaba shouted as his head getting cut off.

“We did it!” Lance said as leaned on his as he slowly recovered. That fight took a lot of energy from him. Both he and Keith but got the job done.

“The move loses force when it’s not underwater!” Keith said. “But thanks to my opponent’s attack, it gained power and I was able to envelop the arrows!”

Yahaba itself was screaming his mouth off, frustration rolling out of his bloodied mouth, “dammit, dammit, dammit! And we are so close too! We finally found him after all this time. — That’s all would it take, I’ll never forgive you! Shoving my face into this vile dirt! You both going down with me!” With the last of his strength, Yahaba releasing a purple wave of arrows on Keith and Lance.


“Oh, man!” Keith gritted his teeth when his and Lance’s entire body sailed through the air.

The wall was steadily approaching and Lance needs to do something before all the impact crushed their body like butter, he took a stance in mid-air and swung his arm, executing his ice powers into locations where he and Keith are.

“The pressure is bearing down on my body”, Keith said, “and I can’t swing my dagger!”

“Don’t worry about it” Lance said. “Let’s not get beat in here” with that being said, Lance kept on releasing his ice moves to prevent the hits.

“I’ve never made thismany consecutive moves before!” Lance thought as he feels like his entire body was getting frozen.

“Not yet!” Yahaba said, quietly “It’s still not enough yet!” With that, his body slowly fades away into nothingness, finally putting it into his arrows.

Keith and Lance fell on the ground and out of breath, erratically came out from their pale lips, it felt so hard to breathe and her heart sounded like a studded drum, and with Lance, his entire body was frozen and Keith literally got a broken rib and leg. But didn’t matter as Keith runs up to Lance regardless

“Lance, are you all right,” he said.

“We did it, we are a good team,” Lance said to Keith, closes his frozen hand. “N-No good! I’m too exhausted to grip my staff!”

“We gotta get over there!” Keith said, putting him underneath his shoulders “There’s still one more daemon to go!” Keith turned and walked back to the collapsed wall.

Hazar would have sworn that it was snowing. But that didn’t matter, only have to do with a focus on Susamaru and her balls, which she basketball into the dirt.

Bet there was no snow anywhere in the sky, making it the perfect opportunity to spread dust.

“Ridiculous!” Said Hazar “It’s child’s play for me to evade a linear attack like this! Locating you is a breeze, as well!”

“The same goes for you!” Susamaru said, send another ball at Hazar, “No matter how well you might conceal yourself, I can see you clear as day!”

Hazar gaps. His mind and body were in a vibrating, distorted, almost shimmering state of the sensation of being hit. But luckily someone came to the rescue with swing up his sword like a baseball player.

It was Shiro, back and ready for action. “Hey, you owe me an arm,” he said.

“What fun this is!” Susamaru chuckled softly and summon another ball.

“Hey, you!” Hazar yelled, “Don’t be so rash, you’re not immortal”

“Thanks for the concern,” Shiro said putting his stands like a baseball player. “I’ll be careful this time”

The balls are like boulders,” Shiro thought, Bile caught in his throat, burning with familiarity with the other fights he’s gone through. “If I keep swinging back and forth, I might be able to slow her down”.

“Here it comes!” Hazar shouted in front of them. Susamaru kicks the ball. But Shiro slice it. So much to her surprise.

“How dare you sliced my tamaris” Susamaru yelled out. “How insolent!”

“That’s funny, I think the insolent one is you,” Shiro said, putting his sword down to the ground. “Attacking people who have no interest in your conflict, well I ain’t going to let that harm these people, not by a long shot.”

“Look at him,” Hazar said, softly. “Ulaz, what did you do to him” Susamaru threw her ball at Shiro, only getting sliced afterward, unable to hit the target.

“Ulaz,” Hazar whispered, eyes locked onto the battle, “did he—”

“Yes,” he answered immediately, knowing what he wanted to say even without him finishing the sentences. Susamaru kicked the ball, Shiro maneuvered it back. They kept doing the same thing, trying to overpower one another by sheer power alone, “What we’re seeing is Shiro’s power”

He was right, Solely on his own... Shiro is gaining strength at a rapid rate. Even more powerful than he was before. A clean-cut was seen cutting through the air, past the next of the air, past the next neck of the Daemon.

However, his opponent is also formidable.” Ulaz thought. “If she were to go all-out, Shiro wouldn’t stand a chance. I’ve got to do something.”

“You’re an amusing man!” Susamaru chuckled at Shiro.

“You’re not bad yourself, Susamaru,” said Shiro, “Especially for a member of the four”

“Thanks, but This time, I’m going all-out against you!” Susamaru said, “I wonder how long you can hold out!”

“Maybe I will,” Shiro said before he could go in all out. Ulaz enters the field.

“If you’re a member of the four directions, then I have a question for you,” his soothing voice echoed, stopping the daemon-girl from his next motion, “are you aware of the true identity of your emperor?”

“Ulaz,” Shiro said.

Susamaru jolted, face went pale and eyes widening, “what are you talking about?!” she exclaimed, “you’re just a traitor!”

“That woman and her leader is nothing but cowards”. Ulaz explains, “They live in constant fear of something and they only gathered the daemon together to prevent himself from being attacked!”

“Shut up, shut up!” Susamaru yelled out “No way is he that petty!”

“What is it,” Shiro said before a hand was put on his mouth. It was Hazar and said, “Ulaz is casting a spell.” Pointing out his already exposed and clawed skin, letting the blood inside drip and making a lot amount of otherworldly purple fog wafted slowly.

“The power he wields is mind-blowing! There’s no one stronger than him! Not The Priestess” Susamaru yelled out.

Plop, Susamaru quickly drops everything with a look of disbelief that makes someone bury their own grave.

“You’ve uttered that name out loud, haven’t you?” Ulaz said, “That will trigger the curse.”

“Magical Aroma of Daylight.” Hazar explains to Shiro, “It weakens its target’s brain functions, rendering that person
unable to lie or keep secrets. It’s immensely potent.”

“I do feel sorry for you, but...farewell,” Ulaz said.

Just then, Susamaru yelled out, begging for forgiveness in a blood-curdling scream that tore across the night. Keith and Lance felt sick when they realized something horrible, looked up to a truly horrific sight. Gigantic arms, larger than most of the surrounding trees, had burst from the demon’s stomach, torso, and mouth, almost managing to mute the gurgling sounds of the woman’s distress as her body tears apart after falling victim to Haggar’s curse.

The gory scene leaves everyone in a state of shock as her body is dismantled, it made Shiro want to gag, while Keith and Lance merely stared at the sight in horror.

“Did she just die?” Keith said as this thing’s going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

“She will die momentarily” Ulaz responded, “That’s the curse. Her physical body will be destroyed by Zarkon’s cells still in her body. In general, people who served the empire. It’s pointless. The hopelessness the people around the Galra empire feel”.

A fervent Hazar managed to pull Keith and Lance’s attention back from the disturbing sight. “Don’t go inhaling Ulaz’s spell! Trust me, the human body can’t take it”

“Keith, Lance, Shiro” Ulaz said in a low tone. “She is not one of the directions, the four directions have colors that represent the elements, engraved on their eyeballs, but this demon doesn’t have one, same goes for the other, they were too weak to be a four-direction”.

“Too weak? At that level?” Shiro said.

“If Ulaz says so, there’s no mistake about it, Still, who knew there were such stupid daemons?” Hazar explains. “She physically injured Ulaz. She got exactly what she deserved.”

Ulaz then soon, sticking a needle in its remains of a body. ” I hope this blood will be instrumental in developing Sokka’s serum”.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” said Ulaz, apologize “I must see Dorma completed it”

“Don’t move a muscle!” Hazar said, “You’re on your own now! don’t want to leave Ulaz’s side! Not for a second!”

After Hazar leave them, to their own devices, Shiro walked up to Keith and Lance and said, “how are you feeling!”

“Broken both in and out” Keith remark.

“Easy for you to say you feel like a frozen popsicle,” Lance said. “It was the longest time since I use my ice powers, it almost killed me”

“Well I’m glad you’re both alive”, Shiro said, padding Keith’s shoulder, “We better go inside, maybe Ulaz will have to whip up some serum for you guys”

It was a tough battle for both of them, both physically and mentally, the fight of Altea has just begun.

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