Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter thirty-one: Hunk rise up and sleeps

Looking towards at the drum daemon, the person continues to say, “all right, you monster, prepare to die” they said as he crossed their weapon.

Looking towards Keith, Shiro asked. “Who is that person, first the room is like this and now this”.

“I think he was the cause of it”, Keith said, “he banged the drums ones and the room started to flip”.

“No wonder,” Shiro said.

The person raised their Katar weapons towards the daemon and yelled out, “here I go, I’m coming through!”

“Well, they are being dramatic,” Shiro thought.

The person launched herself towards the daemon, the daemon then said, “just infuriating!” Before hitting the drum on his right shoulder.


In the next moment, the room started to flip once more, quickly grabbing onto Tanjiro and Nezuko, Shiro braced himself and landed on the ceiling which is now below them. “Are you two ok?” Shiro asked them.

“Mmm,” the girl and boy muttered quickly.

Keith yelled out towards the person as they stood on his shoulder and jumped towards the daemon once more. “That one’s a Daemon with supernatural powers! Be careful with your assaults!”

But the person didn’t have a care in the world, all she wanted was to defeat this daemon as they jumped towards the daemon that was controlling the drums.

Looking at this scene was Shiro who was now upside down due to him being on the ceiling. Shiro handed Tanjiro and Nezuko over Keith and said, “Keith, look after them, it’s too dangerous for them to be here”

“Yeah, I know,” Keith told him as he turned to the Daemon as it spoke, “Curse you damn insects, running amok in my new home!”

“Dum, Dum” it hit the drum on its leg twice.

The room then flipped once again then started to turn and flip once more. Keith lost both Tanjiro and Nezuko from his grasp as they both fell onto the ground. Shiro recovered and landed very clumsily on his feet.

“Ahh” Nezuko cried out as landed back on the ground. The person fell from the ceiling and put one foot on top of Nezuko’s, causing her to cry out.

“Come on, I can’t get to him” the person complains, “the room freakin’ spun around! Just like that.”

Shiro and Keith saw the person stepping on Nezuko’s back and this caused him to be infuriated. Rushing at the person at high speed, Shiro grabbed their knee and shouted, “get your hands off of her?” Sending them stumbling away.

“Hey, who the heck are you,” the person asked in a normal tone, a more feminine tone.

“What do you think you’re doing, stepping on a girl?” Shiro berated them as he held Nezuko.

“Whatever, you should have thought about that before you decided to add a kid to a battle” the person complained about, Shiro quickly handed Nezuko over to Keith and Tanjiro to look after and turned towards the person.

“Listen I don’t know you but we have more important things to,” Shiro said as he drew his sword out from his sheath.

“Just the kind you agree on that” Keith said, drew out his dagger, and quickly defend the two kids.

“Okay it’s clear we’re on the same side,” the person said as they raised their Katar weapons behind them. “But don’t get into my way, you’re not a daemon explorer”

Shiro and Keith were surprised appearing that, that person is a daemon explorer, how could they now see it. But this person is surprisingly careful but still reckless. Having decided what to do, Shiro and Keith decided to join them in battle.

“Don’t worry we won’t, we have more important things to deal with” Shiro asked looking at The person.

“Okay but you’re wasting your time here, this is my responsibility” the person responded looking at the daemon standing in the hallway looking away.

“Cursive insects, you better get out of my sight or die!” He yelled, before lowering the body and hitting the drum on his stomach.



The moment the drum sounded, the group tense and got ready for the room to flip, however, this time Shiro saw a formidable wind pressure was coming his way at an increasing pace.

“SLASH” Shiro and the others quickly jumped to the side to dodge, as the spot he was previously standing on had three long slashes through the wooden floors.

“The floor just ripped apart, at the same speed as the sound of that drumming,” Shiro said as looked towards the drum type on the Daemon’s body.

“Dum,” the Daemon hit the drum on his stomach again, sending another slash towards Keith this time. Keith quickly jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit.

“Dum,” the Daemon then hit the drum on his right shoulder, causing the room to start flipping instead of sending out a slash. “Spinning right” Keith memorized, looking at the daemon’s hand movement.

“Dum,” the daemon proceeded to hit the drum on his left shoulder, causing the room to once more flip. “Spinning left” Keith memorized, looking at the Daemon’s hand movement.

“Hey, I’m starting to get the pattern of his attacks,” Keith said out loud.

“Damn Insect”. “Dum,” the daemon muttered as it hit the drum on it’s left shoulder. “You damn miserable insects!” “Dum, Dum” it then proceeds to hit the drum on its stomach and left thigh at the same moment.

This time the room flipped differently, causing the wall at the back where the person came out. Causing the person to fell in the hole they didn’t mean it to have the wall to land on as they broke it like they own the place.

Looking directly up, Shiro and Keith could see the daemon standing there. “Hey, you’re thinking what I’m thinking,” Keith said, he looked over to Shiro with Tanjiro and Nezuko in his arms and with a clear understanding of the patterns as well, after all, he did tell them.

The daemon started muttering something, but the two were too far away to hear what he said.

“Dum” another beat was heard, but this time the room changed once more. Looking around, the person noticed that instead of being in a room, they were the hallway outside of the room they were just in had disappeared and a new one took its place, looking around, the person couldn’t find anything significant including finding Shiro, Keith, and the kids.

The person sounds off, “looks like I’m on my own from here” they said to themselves before having to decide which way to run.

“Sigh, looks like I have to find my way again especially after 3 days in here”. The person said to themself again, before planning to throw its boomerang in the hallway, the person then threw the boomerang with a flip into the air. As it spun, the boomerang went back to its proper owner, showing up in the hallway.

“Looks like there are no enemies down there,” the person said as they put their weapons behind their back and started running down the hall.

Running down the hall, The person came upon a dead body of a boy who seemed to have his arms torn off. Looking into the lifeless eyes of the boy, the person felt sympathy and frustration with themselves.

Then suddenly, loud footsteps have certainly attracted the person’s attention as a large, fat horned daemon turned around the corner. “Wow, your healthy flesh will be well enough to eat”. The daemon said, putting his hand into the side of the wall and crushing it.

“I’ll make sure your flesh and your heart will be good enough to eat,” it says, padding its fat stomach with its fat stomach.

The person looked at the daemon and saw blood on its and chest. “Self-taught style, Air style,” the person said, then “swoosh” the Katar hit its Target with a “Splurt”.

The person disappeared from their position and stood behind the daemon with the boomerang coming back get them with a spin.

And then “thud!” The body crashed into the floor lifelessly, with its daemon head rolling away. Looking down at the daemon expressionlessly, The person started to continue running down the hallway once more.

Meanwhile in a hallway. Hunk and Lance were having a pretty hard time finding their friends however Hunk’s panting and footsteps scraping wasn’t helping anyone.

“Come on, Hunk,” Lance said, holding Kanao’s hand to make sure she’s well protected.

“I’m trying, man” hunk told him. “Who knows who will attack us?”

“Excuse me, can we stop” Inosuke grunts, feeling all nervous.

But all he did was to make Hunk shriek and wailing at him. “You gotta warn us first before speaking up, you can go and surprises like that”.

“Sorry about that” Inosuke said.

“Lance and I had a heart attack, you will be responsible, you would have been a murderer, you understand right”. Hunk collusions.

“Well, you’d to sweat and gassing and shivering the whole the whole way,” Inosuke said, not being surprised at all.

“Well, he does have a point on that” Lance said, agreeing with him.

“What about it, I’m doing the best I can here” Hunk cried out, “I mean I was willing to go in, anyway without someone willing to protect me”.

“Exactly, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Lance said, finally he was waiting for him to get his point.

“Um, forgive me what I’m about to say,” Kanao said to them, “but I’m feeling a little bit nervous myself?”

“Oh, no I’m sorry!” Hunk said.

“Sorry but the plan is now made so much noise or the daemon will find us and kill us” Lance explains.

Just then a Daemon with a long Tongue was smiling back at them with murderous Intel.

“A couple of kids, I bet you’ll taste delicious,” the daemon said, laughing diabolically.

“Oh great, that’s my luck” Hunk shouted. “There’s any chance that we ran into a daemon that will kill us”.

Looking away, the group ran away in terror, “Hey, come back here” the daemon shouted, crawling on all fours.

“No thanks we rather not get eaten today” Lance shouted as he was running away from the Daemon.

This is not what he expected as Hunk raced along with his friends, the daemon’s gaze felt troubled, he knew it was impossible to fight. The demon they were facing was mere weakling, nothing more, but the people that Hunk was sworn to protect had been so damaged in the recent attack that he couldn’t help imagining everybody’s reaction. he was sure it would mirror his own.

“Splish” the Daemon splashes its tongue at the enemy which that was like paper to the eyes of Lance, Hunk, and the kids.

Hunk pulled Inosuke to a halt in front of another room. The room has view lights in it.

“Hunk” Lance yelled, looking out for his friend.

Hunk shivered as he took in the damage, and a cold feeling of foreboding crept over him. He has never something just terrifying before. Before this, he was on a mission with the other daemon explorers to stop a daemon but he was just being too much of a coward to do anything.

“Hunk, get up!” Inosuke said after they slamming through the door.

“It’s in my knees now! All the fear in me is making them freak out” Hunk argued.

“This isn’t the time to whine, all right?” Inosuke said.

“Just leave me behind, okay?” Hunk cried, “Make a run for it!”

“We can’t do, leaving you behind,” Lance said, “that’s a fool’s errand, we will never do something like that”

Hunk though, “really, everyone staying behind me, even though I’m being really terrified right now, I got to find a way somehow! If I don’t protect everyone right now what will come to me later!

“Everyone gets up,” Lance told everybody as the daemon was getting closer and closer to them, to the room.
“Is it dead-end”

“But I’m so horrible weak!” Hunk thought, “I can’t protect everyone, but Lance does, he has his powers, but if I don’t help anyone...”

“I’m gonna guzzle your brain through your ears!” The daemon said, laughing.

His sudden appearance causes Hunk to faint on the ground. “Hunk”. Lance said, concerningly but to his total shock, Hunk was asleep, fast asleep.

“What’s up with him?” The daemon said, crawling on all fours up to the group, the horror on everyone’s face, except Lance who cannot believe Hunk of all places decided to fall asleep.

“Die” the daemon shouted, as he was about slicing his tongue on his next victim.

“Ahh, Hunk! Please wake up!” Inosuke sounded with all his might and soon a sudden flash, strong enough to cut the tongue.

Surprising everybody, especially Lance and the daemon. And soon Hunk easily rose to protect Inosuke.

“Hunk” Lance said, in surprise as Hunk got into a running stand. All calm like with no fear.

“Wh-what’s this sound?” The daemon thought, “this guy... Something felt different about him, he’s not like one of his friends?”

“Hunk, what’s wrong with you!” Lance said, wondering about this sudden change of attitude.

And then whoosh, Hunk disappeared from his position at high speeds, so much in back in fact that he cut Daemon with his dagger gauntlet to his side.

“Thud! And splash!” The daemon crashed into the floor all bloody like, with its head rolling away.

Followed that attack, Hunk woke up, all confused until he sees the Daemon’s body without its head.

“Ahhh, all of a sudden, it’s dead!” Hunk, said, “What the heck, I can’t take this!”

“Wait, you don’t remember doing, that,” Lance said. Really confused by his sudden change in attitude.

“Really, I did that” Hunk asked.

“Yeah, yeah you did that” Lance explain, “just like I knew you would”

“You really think I did that” Hunk said, “I-I was awesome, I knew I had that kind of strength? Why did I realize it until now”

“I don’t know maybe when you stop acting so scared, maybe you might feel” Lance replied wistfully.

Just then, Kanao stepped into the room. “Guys, hate to interrupt but we should find the others?”

Lance glanced at Kanao, a smile beginning to tug at the corners of his mouth. The budding grin froze, however, and a flush heated his cheeks. He dropped his eyes.

“Let’s go,” Lance said, and soon the group started running down the hallway once again.

Meanwhile, in Shiro and Keith’s position has they once again transported to a different room, they looked around.

“We’re in yet another room now?” Shiro Wondered.

“But what does this mean?” Keith blurted, easily on the defensive. “That daemon didn’t strike his drum just now”.

“It’s strange, I’m picking up the energy of multiple Daemons in this Castle”. Shiro told him. “Is there another daemon with a Daemon, then? Is that why...”

“I can feel an energy fading, away,” Keith said, with uncertainty.

“It’s gonna be all right. Okay?” Shiro told Tanjiro and Nezuko, trying to be as calm as possible. “Just stay behind me”.

“Okay,” Tanjiro nodded.

Opening the door, Keith looked and the hallway and sees a woman, ripped to shreds and devoured! Keith couldn’t help but feel shame for the victim.

“Wh-what’s the matter,” Nezuko asked him.

“Keith,” Shiro said, knowing the answer.

“It’s all right, there are no daemons around,” Keith said, trying to become calm as possible. “Come on, let’s head over there, without a backward glance, look straight ahead, okay”.

In a part of the hallway, Keith and Shiro had stunningly hit another roadblock.

“Now there’s another energy,” Shiro said “unique energy that I never felt before, looks like it didn’t suffer the same fate as the others”

Stopping in the middle of the door, Shiro put his fingering on his mouth, singling The two kids to be quiet while Keith opens the door, he looked at the room for a while and saw a boy carry a drum in his hand about to hit it.

“Brother Giyu” Nezuko cried out as she ran to her brother and hugged him.

“Nezuko!” The boy cried out as Nezuko dove into her arms. “Who is he, who are they” the boy who was around the age of 21, Giyu, asked who Shiro and Keith were.

“I’m Takashi Shirogane, but you can call me Shiro, me, and my friends came here to defeat Daemons”. Shiro said, kneeling in front of the scared Giyu, “Come here, let me take a look at your wounds”.

Softening his eyes, Shiro looked Giyu and said, “you’ve already worked hard for hanging in there on your own?”

Giyu was surprised, especially after having to survive on his own for so long.

Taking out an ointment from his pocket, Shiro said, “Now this ointment here is amazing! A friend of mine gave it to me!”

Shiro started applying for the medicine on Giyu’s leg and chatted with him to calm him down. “My friend is an Altean, she’s pretty awesome”.

“Altean? Really?”

“Yes, it’s true. Her ointment is so amazing it works in a split second”.

“Achoo!” Romelle sneeze, “Sniff, I wonder if Shiro missing me?” Romelle Wondering as she was reading a book in her room.

Now back at Shiro and Keith, after applying for the medicine, he asked Giyu. Well? The pain’s gone, isn’t it?”


Then Keith finally explain the elephant in the room, “do you think you can you tell me what happened here? Giyu started shivering as he thought back to what happened to him. “A monster drags me away nearly eat me, mm but then another one showed up out of nowhere, they all started biting over the death over who will be the one to eat me”. Giyu was shaken with fear.

Keith thought to himself, “multiple Daemons...”

“Then...the Daemon with the drums growing out of him... Left one of the drums behind after he was defeated by the others when I picked it up and hit it, the room changed, that’s how I held out”.

“A daemon with drums growing out of him, that guy?” Shiro said, “he said, I think something about Marechi?”

Giyu gasped, “yes, that’s right, I don’t know what that means but he kept calling me that!”

“Well ,no surprise there,” Keith said, explain. “Marechi is like rare energy”.

“What do you mean by rare energy exactly?” Shiro asks him.

“Well, the energy of all living species be categorized into types, and the ultimate in Marechi, the more scarce the energy, the more uncommon for a daemon! A single human has the same nutritional value as eating fifty humans! For daemon, Marechi is a feast! Marechi is their favorite food!”

After explaining that so long, Shiro senses the area and remembered the energy to have been from the drum daemon.

“Marechi...Marechi...” The daemon said to, exhausted.

“He’s coming to this way,” Keith said, “he isn’t going to stop until he gets this guy”

“We leaving this room now,” Shiro said, looking towards the two kids. “Keep calm. It’s alright”. Shiro comforted the boy. “Me and Keith going to take down that daemon”. Shiro turned to Tanjiro and Nezuko and patted their shoulders. “Listen to me, you two, Right now, your brother is terribly exhausted, so, you gotta look after him, okay?”

“As soon as we leave the room, strike the drum, and move out. Just like Giyu’s been doing until now. Whenever someone tries to open the door or you hear something, strike that drum right away and make a run ton for it. I promise to come to get you, I’ll follow your energy. We call out your names when I open the door”. Shiro then stood up as he finished and prepared for the daemon to come into the room next to them.

“Thump, Thump” the sounds of stepped could be heard and the body of the drum daemon showed itself. Shiro and Keith launched himself out of the room towards the daemon. “Strike it!”

“Dum,” the room behind Shiro and Keith changed, as they run to the room with the drum daemon. “Damn Insects!” The daemon shouted out. “So infuriating!”

“Dum” Shiro heard the Distance again as the room start to spin once again, now they were on the ceiling position. “Dum, Dum” the daemon quickly hit the drum on his stomach, causing the ground below him to be slashed apart.


“The drum on his right shoulder flips the room right!” Shiro said “the left one flips it left! Right leg, forward spin! Left leg, backward spin!”

“Come on, Shiro,” Keith said, “there’s no time for talking!”

“I know, but the way he’s attacking,” Shiro said, “the drum on his belly launches that claw attack!”

“Dum” Keith heard the drum once again, every spin that Shiro learned was going even faster now. Leading Shiro and Keith to not get a clean hit on him with the room going around and around

“Dum” especially with those claws attacks, “so fast, the speed of the rotations and attacks is devastating!” Shiro thought as he notices Keith being in pain.

“Ahhh” Keith shouted.

“Keith, are you okay?”

“Don’t worry I’m fine”, Keith said, “Ulaz did treat my wounds”

“Yeah just barely, they still haven’t recovered yet!” Shiro said as he kept dodging left and right further, he sees the strikes from the drum once more “Dum, Dum” each time they seemed to be faster.

“Can we beat him?” Shiro thought as he was imagining the awful things could happen I meant, there was this was Twyla and she injured him.

“I know what you’re thinking, these injuries hurt so bad I can hardly stand it!” Keith thought, “all this time, I’ve just been ensuring it! When I wanted to get away from hunk, not wanting anything to do with him, I was ensuring the most terrible pain! But I was able to resend it because I’m your daemon! But I couldn’t have if I was a regular human!”

Keith continues to think, his eyes narrowing, and started dodging at an even faster speed, kicking up the dust around the room, but whenever he digs in, the broken parts creak and he can’t muster any strength.

This worried Shiro even more as the daemon’s attack is leaving scars that look like claw marks. It scares him so much that neither he nor Keith can’t move in closer! Since none of them were at full strength. Even if they charge forward to get within striking distance. A flash of pain makes him stumble! And soon he or Keith sliced into rings

“Man, why do you try to shoulder so much responsibility on yourself, Keith,” Shiro said to himself, shaking his head.
“Your injuries are making me imagine the most awful things!”

“Someone please help us?” Shiro shouted.

Unknowingly, In the distance, Keith putting his hand on Shiro and said, “don’t worry about me, just remember the stars, they light up the sky into any form, they light up the dark sky just remember that”

“That’s right!” Shiro said “there are twelve constellation forms! So, I can battle any kind of opponent!, Even if the person is hurt, and then make a move that will compensate for it! Yeah, I can take on any form! And the flow will never be stopped!”

“Dum, Dum”

“Right now, focusing on Keith, looking him by like that, reminding me that my heart has been broken,” Shiro thought and soon he imagined hunk crying out, “a broken Shiro’s not gonna do any good!”

“All right, will you please stay out my head?” Shiro shouted. “Just remember, look forward ahead!”

“Rouse yourself!” Keith said. “Give it all you’re got, Shiro”

Signaling his sword in a fighting stance, Shiro has done a good job so far until now! When he’s facing down this daemon with Keith.

“I have what it takes,” Shiro said, “and not today...or any time in the future, I know I have a chance for survival here, I will not give up no matter what!”
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