Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter thirty-two: Something More Important Than

The room flipped all over again, “Dum” the daemon quickly hit the drum on his stomach, causing the ground below them to be slashed apart.

“We need to figure it out, a way to move our bodies without decreasing any pain,” Keith told Shiro as he evaded the attacks.

“But Keith” Shiro shouted in concern seeing Keith move about so much even though he suffering some fractured ribs.

But that didn’t matter, right now, the only thing that Shiro has to do is to gather everything into one final blow.

"That’s right" he through, ”all I have to do is concentrate, I don’t have to worry about Keith it all, he can handle himself, so come on give it everything you got and win"

In the meanwhile, Lance and Hunk were having their own problems on their own. Not in the strength of combat.

“Where are you, Shiro,” Lance said as he continues running with Hunk and the others. “Could that be the sound the Hunk been hearing, I can still hear in the hallways” he said to himself.

“I just hope Keith and Shiro are safe and sound,” Hunk said as he holding his hands at the teens.

“I hope so too Hunk,” Lance said, “is it just me or are we just going around in circles?“.

The group instantly stops from hearing that, what if he was right or he was right, “I knew it!” Hunk cried, “I was getting this exact same feeling!”

“Well I’m not exactly the kind of directions, am I,” Lance said, mentally exhausted from all that running. “I was hoping I would count on you, Hunk”

Hunk’s face fell upon hearing that, he should have known Lance would offer to sense immediate danger, after all, he was the better person. That was his best friend after all.

he sighed and fought down the unsettling feeling he sometimes got when she thought about his job. It would be easier if he could leave his life behind and start again, away from daemon exploring.

As if on cue, Inosuke’s voice rang out from the loft behind him. “Could someone please, check this room is safe?” He said, pointing over to another room

Hunk pulled on his plain, yellow tunic. “So who’s going to do it” he mumbled, barely able to hide his disappointment.

“I was hoping that you could do it,” Lance said, “after all you are closest to the room”.

“I don’t know. I was hoping one of you to do.”

“Oh,” Lance muttered in total disappointment.

Seeing his disappointing look, Hunk shouted and said, “what the heck? All right, all right, just stop giving me that look! Fine, I’ll do it myself!”

With that out of the way, Hunk sighed and open the door, leaving Lance to protect the kids in case of a new enemy arrives, like that daemon with the tongue.

“Nobody’s there,” Hunk said as he completely opens the door, “let’s go this way”

“Where are you, Keith, Shiro,” Lance said, “please come out! We desperately need you” then suddenly, the ”Dum" can be heard across the room, causing the room to flip upside down.

“Ahh, the room just flipped!” Lance screams as they were instantly lost in the upside-down world created by the drum daemon as they fall through the doors in the Castle. Suddenly, they emerged to the outside, all of them were now outside.

Everyone screams and fell to the ground.

Elsewhere, Shiro let out a breath he didn’t even know he’d been holding as he and Keith holding their ground against the daemon who standing inside the room with them, unleashing his claws.

Keith felt like anything but a daemon as he was feeling the pain from his injuries but he had to endure.

“You two insects” the Daemon shouted as it started to hit his drum’s with an even faster speed. ”Dum, Dum, Dum"

Not wasting any more time, Shiro sped up, “I can do it! I know I can, I’m the type of person who gets things done” Shiro said to himself, as he felt the urge to cough. He shouldn’t cough up, especially blood.

He remembered the day that Ulaz told him. A short while later, after Shiro and the others defeated the two Daemons.

“The sleigh beggy affect! What is that” he said

“Before I explain, there’s something we need to discuss,” Ulaz said, “when was the last time you the feelings of exhausted or feeling tired”.

Shiro stopped in his tracks. He felt a little bit confused, why would Ulaz ask him that question, unable to give him a clear answer, he looked away, embarrassed.

“Ever since I lost my arm and gained a new one, I felt a Little bit stronger, stronger than I ever felt before”. Shiro address, “but I do need a little bit of rest, for 2 hours, that’s all I can give you a clear answer.

“That’s perfectly all right,” Ulaz assured him. “It’s not your fault and nothing of this happened before! No surprise there, the sleigh biggie effect can happen to anyone”

“Well, I’m about as opposite of that as you can get,” Shiro said, snorting. “I have been practicing a lot all my moves lately, well I still cannot grab some yet”

“Give it time,” Ulaz said, “nobody can practice a move overnight!”

“I suppose you’re right but still” Shiro said, he thought about the samurai that he heard from Keith. He was always so calm, so quiet, so graceful and introspective. Yeah, he was going to have to work on that. Even if he got the calm and patience right.

Ulaz stifled a smile, “I’m sure you do” he said, “but who knows for how long”

Shiro felt after he listening to that statement, ”what does he mean by that" he thought.

“The sleigh beggy effect has its downhills as the ability to do have to both regenerate and absorb a large amount of magic can quickly tear any person apart, in other words, it could instantly kill you” Ulaz conclusion.

Shiro pause at the moment, he has heard it so many times that he could count, told by thousands of people. That he was going to die soon. In what age could be on.

“That’s why I need to study your blood” Ulaz responded, “so I can find a way to prevent it”

“And if you can’t,” Shiro said, hopefully, “please, can you or can you not”

“I don’t know but I’m willing to give it a shot,” Ulaz said, “that’s why you must be careful, any wrong move brings you closer to death!”

Remembering this, Shiro has to remain careful, “sleigh beggy effect my foot, no matter what. I know I can do it, I can fight!”

"Dum" as the daemon tried to defeat his enemies in the rank he’s going, Keith had to show him how unstoppable he is! Broken bones or not.

"Dum, Dum, Dum" the room keeps spinning and spinning around as Shiro and Keith tripped sideways and was bounced from floor to wall.

“It’s no good! Nothing’s changed at all!” Keith said.

“Spirit alone isn’t going get me anywhere!” Shiro cried. “We got use your head, not just spirit!”

Shiro was indeed right, Keith and he really need to think. And soon as a claw attack came to them, luckily Keith with able to dodge until the room’s doors open, But Keith managed to grab to the doorknob and barely survived this one!

“Damn! This is so annoying” the daemon said, frustrated. “I gotta consume some Marechi! There’s no time to lose!”

Keith managed to climb up to the room, does as the room flip back to its proper place.

“What is wrong with me?” Shiro wondered aloud later on. “There isn’t even time to stop and think”

It was getting harder, to beat this daemon, especially this it’s claw attacks coming at Shiro.

Leaving this is at the last moment for him, Shiro says the impossible question. “Hey, you! What’s your name?”

The Daemon answered, “it’s Kyogai”

“Kyogai huh,” Keith said, “guess what, we’re not handing over that kid, we’re not going to cave into you! I won’t give up to you, we won’t give up to you!”

"Keith,” Shiro thought as he was surprised to hear that.

Hearing his words, Kyogai remembers the day when someone told him to just give up, but now he wasn’t going to give up he is going to get his hand on some Marechi and reclaim his place among the 4 directions.

"Dum, DUM" the drums are definitely getting louder and louder as claws were getting, even more, wilder and more powerful. With each passing hit as Kyogai remembering that he was in a dark room as a human man, kneeling with his papers on the ground in front of him with a man with an obscured face was standing opposite to him. Saying.

“This is so boring! disappointing, your writing is absolutely insipid, every word on these pages is utterly horrible, there’s no beauty vulnerability or impact, why don’t you forget this fantasy of being a writer, it will simply be a waste of ink and paper”

“I also wonder why did you didn’t come outside anymore, it’s no wonder you’re a dull individual, if that’s the case you should stick to your original hobby of playing the drum, not that you weren’t good enough for that.”

The man then stepped on the papers before walking away. The man continued kneeling as he stared at his pride in his work being trampled on by the man, shaking in his position, so much in back, that he summoned all his magic or drum playing to slice the man in pieces.

Remembering that day sends shivers down his spine, “cursive insects, get out of my sight” he shouted out loud “rapid drumming”

“don’t tell me, he could strike that drum even faster now,” Keith said to himself as the Daemon made the drums hit even faster making the room spin, ”Dum, Dum, Dum"

Shiro and Keith were going around and around and around like they were in an amusement park ride, the rotations, the speed was making them feel dizzy. This was bad, the terrifying but amazing skill that Kyogai producing but not only that he’s now using five claw marks instead of three.

Luckily, Kyogai was reaching his limit and soon, Shiro and Keith were currently crouched to pieces of paper, holding their balance. Kyodai seemed to be shocked for a second, seeing the pile of on the ground, not being trampled on, “I got it” Shiro said, after seeing what was on the paper.

“Hey Keith, I got it,” Shiro told him.

“Really you got a plan,” Keith said.

“Yeah, A really good plan” he said

"Dum,” the daemon quickly hit the drum on his stomach, causing the five claw marks to slashed apart any target.

“I figure it out, now that we dodge his strikes without stepping on those papers, you can protect your wounds,” Shiro said.

“Hey you’re right” Keith agreed as he evaded the attacks “I can focus on my attacks”

With that being said, Keith launches himself at Kyogai, planning to serve himself as a distraction to allow Shiro to deliver the final blow, quickly activated his full force of power, and started pushing his speed to the limits.

Shiro quickly activated his full force breathing and started pushing his speed to the limits, quickly arrived at the daemon, Keith sliced off one of its arms. Before the room started flipping once more. ”Dum“, “Agghh! You insects!” The daemon shouted.

The Daemon then started hitting all the drums on the body at an even faster pace. “Shiro! Finish it!” Keith yelled out, as he jumped around and maneuvered himself to dodge the attacks.

Having had one of its arms cut off made it easier for Shiro to close in on the daemon. “Take shallow breaths. Quickly! Use that breathing technique to reinforce the muscles around the parts of your body! And right before the claw attack, there’s the scent of mold!” Shiro said as he breathed in.

“Total concentration... Consolation breathing! Tenth from: Scorpio” Shiro performance, running along the sides of the walls leaving a trail of water behind his every step.

“That’s it,” Keith said, “Minimize the landing time and area as much as possible!”

“He’s adapting the room’s orientation changes!” Kyodai said, glaring at the scene.

“Go! Get in there!” Shiro said, putting to met the water blast head-on, using his strength to deflect it right back at Kyodai. He sprayed out within striking distance in a wide arc forward! Get right up in his face!

“Kyogai!” Shiro yelled out. “Your magic art was incredible!”

Kyodai had no time to recover or react before Shiro cut his head off in a solid slash. In one smooth movement, blood splattering around the room as his body fell to the ground. ”Thump" Kyogai’s head rolled a distance away.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” Keith cried out, holding his ribs.

“Whoa! Keith, are you all right” Shiro said, walking over to Keith.

“I took a deep breath by mistake!” Keith told him. “But it’s okay I can bear this, it can pass

“Boy... Answer me. Did you really think my magic...was incredible?” The daemon head said.

Shiro and Keith turned to the side, with Shiro saying in a low tone. “I truly did, however... I cannot forgive you for killing innocent lives”

“I see,” Kyogai said, glaring as his body slowly fades away.

“Oh, that’s right, gotta get a blood sample,” Keith said, turning to Shiro.

Shiro took a needle from his sleeve, removing the plastic cap and throwing it towards the Daemon’s body and stuck into the body it began to collect its blood.

Walking up to it, Shiro said, “wow, it works, she said it would automatically extract blood when applied like this but seeing it in action proves how Dorma really is”

“Yes, Dorma is really something,” Keith said.

As Keith collected the needle, a little girl appeared out of nowhere. “Hello.”

“Cassia?” Shiro said, immediately recognized her by simply looking at her, she was clearly clean and had a similar outfit that Ulaz was wearing. “Did Ulaz send you to collect the sample”, Keith said, petting her daemon.

“Yes, he did” She replied as she opening the bag on her shoulder, Keith secured the needle inside of it tightly, before saying. “You’re all set”.

“Okay” Cassia started walking away before slowly disappeared, “good luck, you two”

“Oh, I was told that under the tech that Ulaz was using, Cassia will be invisible until her task was complete,” Shiro said.

“I guess there is a reason why we trusted him,” Keith said. Nodded his head in understanding, thinking to himself, ”I have no idea what she meant, I wasn’t paying attention!?"

“Well I’m just glad that Cassia is ok,” Shiro said, gaps. “Those kids, we got to find them!” Shiro and Keith scrambled to their feet.

As the two walked to the door, they turned around to look at the Daemon’s head once more. In his eyes, they could see his blue pupils present.

"My... writing..." Kyodai thought to himself, as he was waiting for its slow disappearance from this world, remembering the day that the man who told him that his writing was disappointing, horrible, and worthless.

"It wasn’t worthless,” Kyogai thought as he was Shiro’s and Keith’s figure in the doorway looking at him. “At the very least, those men didn’t believe so, they respectfully avoid trampled upon my work”

“May your soul rest in peace!” Shiro said as he bowed towards the daemon, Keith reluctantly bowed as well under Shiro’s gaze.

The two then proceeded to run down the hallway, leaving the Daemon’s head to slowly await his demise. The sound of tears dropping could be heard, as the Daemon’s eyes swell up, flowing down the side of his remaining face. In his eyes, the look of the drum daemon was no longer remained but instead of a man having finally been recognized.

"Both my Daemon magic art and my drum playing... have been recognized"
The last remains of Kyogai floated into the air, as it dissipated and because one with the wind.

As the two ran down the hallway, Shiro told Keith, “I hope those two are okay, with the Daemon dead, it will be easier to find them.”

“Mm, I hope you’re right,” Keith said, sounds his understanding, “because we don’t know where the kids are, now!”

“Giyu, Tanjirō, Nezuko” Shiro called out, opening a door. “Ah!” A girl’s voice cried out as Shiro dodged an object being thrown at him.

“Wait!” As Keith dodged the second object, a book came and hit him square in his forehead.

“Oh, Shiro, Keith” both Nezuko and Giyu muttered seeing who it was.

“Hey! Calm down it’s me” Keith said, poking his hand out from the side of the door.

“Ah! We’re sorry but the drum vanished, so we panic” Giyu said, apologetically.

“Ok, we glad that you’re safe”, Shiro said.

“So the daemon is gone,” Tanjirō said.

“Yeah, he is he won’t go after anyone anymore,” Shiro told him.

“Thank goodness!” Giyu said, relieved.

Keith walked up and ruffled Tanjirō’s hair lightly, before softly saying. “Well you don’t have to freak out anymore, you did well hanging in there, you guys are pretty brave, you too.” Keith looked over to Giyu who nodded back at him.

Shiro walked up and said, “Come on, let’s head outside, Giyu, hop on”.

The group then walks towards, “How’s your leg feeling” Shiro asked Giyu as they head to Lance’s group’s location with Keith guiding them, “not too bad.”

“Just hang, just for a little longer”. Shiro said, carrying the injured young man.

“Hey, I know you’ve been through a lot,” Keith said “but I just want to know about something”

Just in, Shiro stopped for a second as he flinched. ”What did I just sense this now..." He thought nervously.

Giyu and Keith was the look in Shiro’s eyes and said, “We should hurry up.”

Running outside, they see Hunk, Lance, and the kids as the person that encounter during their fight Kyogai has kicked Hunk.

“Seriously, why do you always run out!”

Seeing this, Keith immediately disappeared from his location.

“Huh,” the person yelled out as Keith trying to landing a kick towards their stomach, however they dodge the attack, sending them crashing into a tree and knocked them out. Grabbing his dagger, Keith was ready to kill them before Shiro yelled out.

“Keith doesn’t! Please! You don’t have to kill them!” Shiro said.

Then suddenly, Shiro felt darkness pressing in on him. In the blackness a series of images swirled before him: a man’s hands reaching out to something; darkness surrounding; several people struggling against an unseen force. Shiro clung to the images, trying desperately to decipher them, but soon the darkness engulfed him, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

“Shiro” Keith halted for a second, before slowly putting his dagger. He then looked down at Shiro who was on the ground, clearly exhausted from the fight. While kneeling, Lance took care of Hunk’s face covered in bruises and wounds. Before helping him up.

“The fact is, I always had really good hearing, there were times I couldn’t tell anyone about it and if I did they’ll probably be freaked out about it,” Hunk said, “I don’t hear any more daemons, they must have finished the job, those two” looking over at Shiro and Keith.

Shiro awoke to the sound of heavy sounds, he was groggy and his thoughts were confused. A man strode toward him, concern etched on his face. His figure stood out in the dim light of the world.

“Keith,” he asked weakly. Keith knelt beside him, “Shiro, are you all right? What happened?”

Shiro shook his head to clear his thoughts. Keith was leaning over him. he glanced around and determined that he was lying on the ground the outside at the base of the Castle.

“Sorry, I must have faint, all that fighting took a toll on me! I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m just glad you’re okay,” Keith told him.

Shiro studied him for a moment. Something didn’t add up. The way he was acting, the way he was looking at him—fiercely—was almost as if he cared. But before he could get an answer, they were approached by Giyu.

“You said you wanted to ask me directly... About what happened here?” Giyu said.

The surrounding area turned silent waiting for Keith and Shiro’s answer.

Keith then spoke up, “let’s not do this here”.

Then, the person slowly stood up. “I see, so you won’t mess with me? Like crazy, well then let’s fight”. The person said once more before jumping off the ground and rushing towards Keith.

"Fwoosh" Keith dodged their high kick as he strafed backward. “Seriously, I haven’t gotten sorted out just yet, I mean I was in part of the biggest fight of my life? And itching to get more into fighting” Keith said while casually redirecting the person to the side. “What do you think, Shiro”

“Well, I don’t think that none of you should be fighting!” Shiro asks out. He then looked towards the person and yelled out, “you shouldn’t have been attached so recklessly! The fighting is over and the daemons have been destroyed, so stop before you cause even more damage to your body!”

“I can’t, not until I stopped the one who can tell me what happened to my brother!” The person explains out, “so stop dodging me and fight back!”

"All of their attacks seem to be low to the ground, almost like I’m battling a four-legged beast,” Keith thought, looking at them. “Fight back? Let me indulge you for a second then”.
Keith then said, before suddenly head-butting them straight up on the forehead.

“Oh, I think you put in too much power on that one” Shiro said

“Oh really, you think,” Keith said.

“Ugh!” The person started staggering background as they were stunned from the attack, making mismatched steps.

“Do you think you break her skull!?” Hunk said from the side.

The person then transform into a foxfire which disappears in a puff as she landed on the ground in a big ”THUD" Looking at the change, it has an Orange cream-colored, fluffy tail, and the jumpsuit shrink to fit the smaller figure of the person, their feet look like those of a fox and hair is kept up in a tiny ponytail with a green bow.

“What???” Shiro, Keith, Lance, and Hunk cried out seeing the person’s unnaturally Daemon appearance.

“Huh? That’s what you look like!” Hunk yelled out as he started to question everything about society.

“You’ve got a problem with my appearance or something?” The person asked smiling towards the group with her forehead bleeding down a trail of blood in between her eyes.

“You’re one unique person, you know that? You are a Kitsune.” Shiro said.

“Umm, if she is Kitsune and a girl, is it alright for me to hitting her?” Keith asked, scratching his head in a moral dilemma. “I don’t know what to make of it right now?”

“What? Why are you obsessed with my appearance all the sudden?” The person explains towards Keith and Shiro.

“No, I’m not it was just an observation”. Keith told her.

“There’s nothing wrong with your appearance!” Shiro said assertively with confidence “In fact, the deamon appearance is quite cute for you!”

"Huh,?! Shiro is right, how did a Kitsune end up with the daemon explores?! That’s what I’d like to know" Keith thought as he stared wide-eyed towards the person.

“Okay, you’re a dead man! You wanna go?” The person yelled out towards Shiro.

“I don’t, I won’t fight you or anyone anymore,” Shiro said, shaking his head.

“Come on, head butt me?”

“No I’m done, there’s no reason for us to continue the fight? Plus you should sit down?” Shiro asked him concerned.

The person ignored and let out a frustrated bellow. “Maybe, I should tell you my name, is Katie but everyone calls me Pidge!”

“Really, that’s a cute name,” Shiro said, sincerely.

Pidge was shocked at his words “Cute!? Cute...” She started stuttering. “That’s what you think, you’re not the type to say that!”

Keith looked on from the side with a trace of surprise on his face. While Hunk hid behind the siblings.

“What! Why is everyone looked at me like I’m crazy” Pidge shouted, pointing towards Keith? “Well maybe we got off on the wrong foot-” soon her body froze up before he could finish and fainted.

As Pidge gurgling up foam from her mouth, “Oh no, she collapses, is she dead”

“No, she’s not, I think is a concussion, I did head-butt her really hard,” Keith said.

“But are you all right, Keith,” Tanjirō said, concern over him.


“Amazing, your head even harder than mine”. Tanjiro said. “That’s insane, there’s hardly a single drop of blood from your head! I’m curious how hard it is, I wonder is harder than mine!”

“Now, is that done, already. Shiro, Keith, we need to go and find if there are any survivors left inside the Castle. If not...” Lance’s words trailed off at the last moment as he looked toward the five siblings. “I would have to ask you to dig some holes for us...”

The siblings looked sad but nodded their heads in understanding. Shiro walked up to Pidge’s body and took his jacket off to cushion her head, and covered his body with Keith’s jacket.

An hour later, Keith and Shiro were currently burying the bodies of the people they found inside of the Castle. So far there were no survivors. Hunk had a constant look of grief on his face.

“Hey, there was nothing more that we could have done,” Keith said, patting Hunk’s back to encourage him.

“But if I never having run away,” Hunk told him, as they placed some rocks around one of the graves.

While Pidge flopped down on the ground, sleeping away. Shiro didn’t want to disturb her or want her to do anything.

“Hey, what’s going on,” Pidge said, weakly. At first, she thought her imagination was getting the better of her. There was no way she could hear something from the distance. But it is. Shiro and the others were burying people.

Intrigued, she followed the action of the group work. They making sure these poor souls get to rest in peace. “What are you doing!” Pidge shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“We having a burial for the lives Lost”. Shiro said

“Oh, I see this means that the daemon that was attacking this place! Is defeated”. Pidge said. “Can I help!”

“Sure, we could use all the help we can get,” Shiro told her, with that out of the way, Pidge help with the burials, even if her small size.

“Hey, Your name’s Keith, right? Sorry for fighting with you!” Pidge said, towards Keith.

“Yeah sure, just don’t bug me anymore!” Keith said, trying his best to avoid her words as he went back to the Castle to gathered the last of the bodies.

“Ok!” Pidge said, For what seemed like the hundredth time that day, Keith stalked away from her. Pidge buried her face in her hands. She doubted even her fluffy tail could set things right now.

A couple of hours later, After Keith and the others have finally located the last of the bodies Just as the sun had started to sit down, leaving the color of Orange across the land. Shiro and the others were kneeling behind the last grave as they were giving out their last prayer for the fallen.

Keith was doing his best to embrace the situation, but today’s exercise was particularly trying to get a flight with another Daemon, he sat cross-legged, along with Shiro and the others, with his eyes closed, facing the dirt. Keith held her hands together, palms facing each other, with his thumbs pressed against his sternum.

he tried to focus on the sound of the light wind. Somehow this meditation was supposed to help him focus but Keith just wasn’t feeling it. he kept fidgeting and finally opened his eyes.

he was shocked to see that even Hunk was sitting quietly with his eyes closed, still as a stone.

“Are we done here!” Keith said.

Shiro sighed and opened his eyes. “No, not yet, we have to still respect the people.”

Something about the tone of his voice caught Keith’s attention. Was it just him, or was Mr. Zen over there starting to get annoyed?

“You heard the man, so please, Keith. Look at Hunk. He’s able to bow peacefully” Lance said.

he looked at Hunk again. It was impossible that this kid had mastered patience, after all, he is was around his age! Sure enough, Hunk heard a faint snoring sound. “I think he’s asleep,” she said.

“What?” Lance leaned over to take a closer look at his friend. “Well, at least he has the relaxing part down.”

Hunk finally woke up and stand up, “all right, it’s time to ascend the mountain?”

“Ok, I suppose you’re right,” Shiro said. “I think it’s time we head to the demon explorer!”

Then Keith turned to Giyu, “anyway now that we have done saluting to the Dead! Something has been bugging me, how did a guy like you ended up in this place!”

“Well, I was just doing a normal job, until the daemon explores arrive, they were sent to hunt down a dark daemon, but unfortunately it all went South and you know the rest?”

Then Giyu kept walking. The way Keith saw it, there was something else, about him, the way did he look mysterious. Very mysterious indeed.

The group started to descend the mountain, with Pidge trying to switch back to human form. Hunk had a moment where he cried after having to from Inosuke, claiming that he was the one that killed the tongue Daemon, not him.

But was the surprising thing the most was Lance knocking Hunk out, surprising the group. Pidge also gave Giyu a parting present, a meant to ward off any dark daemons made from wisteria.

“We can get home on our from here, thank you for the help”, Tanjirō said, with his siblings as they walked off to their home.

“Take care!” Shiro called out behind them, with Keith waving his hand.

As they continued down the mountain, Pidge kept walking, trying to get back into human form.

“Come on, why is it working” Pidge shouted out.

“What’s not working!” Shiro asked her. Keith walked in front trying to conceal his presence as best he could to avoid getting involved.

“My transformations!” Pidge pointed as she started pulling off moves. “I always switch back to human, but this time is not working, does it have something to do after I got head-butted!”

“Excuse me, can you keep it down?!” Hunk said, from Lance’s back.

After that episode, night had fully descended as the moon became the ruler of the sky. Following Hunk, the group heads to the location of the daemon explorers.

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