Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter thirty-five: The Daemon killers

After the short funeral, Keith went into Shiro's hut to make sure that he was all right. Only to find that was empty.

Making Keith realized that Shiro was outside but nowhere to be found inside the village. "Shiro" Keith shouted, uneasily as he looking for him, but he had no more than a second looked then, as something flying his way-it was Stats, all worried and hurtled to him.

"Stats, what is it," Keith said.

"Stats, Stats, Stats".

"There's someone outside the village and he's not friendly!" Keith said, understanding him. "Okay, I'll check it out"

But who was them? Keith went outside the village and seen the enemy figures, one he did not recognize but the other instantly recognize. Sendak.

Without hesitation, Keith lunges at the enemy through the eerie silence.

Just then something knocked him down, crushing all the breath out of himself; then hands were hauling up, lifting him, stifling his cry with foul hands, tossing him like a rag doll and then pushing him flat down into the ground again, so much in fact that he was dizzy and breathless and hurt all at once and vision blurry so much in fact that he couldn't see the figure lifting his hand over his head to muffle his yells, for scream he did, and lustily:

"Hey, let me go! Shiro! Shiro!"

But could he hear? He couldn't tell; he was hurled this way and that, crushed onto a hard surface which then began to lurch and bump like a back of a wooden truck. The sounds that reached him were wild and confused for him but easily recognize.

"It's time for some payback for what you did to me," a voice said, preparing to unleash the final blow on Keith.

"Sendak!" Shiro shouted. he kicked up his sword, challenging the commander to make the next move. "Let him go!"

"Very well?" Sendak purred menacingly.

Keith felt in pain as Darkness crept in at the edges of his vision. The last thing he saw before the world faded to black was Shiro leaning over him, concerningly.

When Keith came to, he found out that Shiro was gone, disappeared without a trace. But he did find Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Romelle, Stats, and Kiaion right next to him when he's coming too.

"What happened! Where's Shiro" Keith demanded.

"I don't know, Keith!" Lance said. "Stats told us that you were looking for Shiro!"

"And then you were attacked by!" Romelle said.

"By Sendak," Keith said, continuing his sentence.

"Meant by him", Romelle said, pointing her fingers at Sendak and Adam's trail.

"They must take him!" Keith said, stand up, despite the pain he's in.

"So, what do we do!" Lance said.

Keith looked out across the bay, concerned. "I don't know, we don't know which way do they're going" he sighed. "I'm going after them!"

"Wait, I could help you look for him", Hunk offered. "We could take Kiaion" He said, leading the group toward the stables. "He is a great tracker."

"Are you sure!" Keith said as the first thing that he wanted to do was to punch Sendak in the face.

"I'm sure!" Hunk said.

"Well, it was our only lead!" Romelle said. "We better get down there! Come on!" Romelle rushed from the room. Keith and Lance ran out after her, leaving Hunk and Pidge to bring up the rear. "Wherever Sendak is keeping Shiro, I bet that’s where my family and the villagers are, too," said Hunk. Pidge nodded. "Let’s bring them all home, Hunk."

With that, Hunk, Pidge, and Lance scrambled onto Kiaion’s back in a tangle of elbows and knees. While Keith and Romelle got on an Altean motorcycle where she got from the shrine. it was clear white with a futuristic look with a wider and curvier figure. Romelle sat behind the top with Keith next to her.

And soon everyone follows the tracks while on the alert for any sign of Galra activity.

Elsewhere, Shiro was inside a truck with Adam and Sendak, driving away from Keith and the village. The thought of him kept him off this situation and annoy the fact that Adam has made a deal with the devil.

But all the time the truck was speeding onward, and Shiro pulled himself up more comfortably to try and see where they were heading, but the mountainside was beautiful and the sky was shining brighter than before and presently he became sweating out to peer out any longer and lay down.

For some reason, he and Keith could feel each other's thoughts and tried to keep calm, but the thought of Keith dead... And what had happened to everyone else, they must have known he was gone and possibly when after them. Would they ever manage to track him down?

For the first time. He began to feel a little sorry for himself, after a long time, Adam shook him by the shoulder and handed him a strip of dried meat to chew. It was rank and tough. But he was hungry and there was nourishment in it, after chewing it, he felt a little better.

He slipped his hand slowly into his hip till he was sure his sword was still there and then carefully withdraw it in case that he had to escape but not only that, he removed the quintessence Crystal from his neck and slipped it down into his boot.

When that was done, the motion of the truck changed. It was suddenly smoother and when his eyes got blinded by passing lights dazzling above him. So bright he had to cover his eyes before peering out again.

He was stiff after that drive but he managed to pull himself upright enough to see the truck was driving swiftly between a row of high poles, each carrying a glaring flash of light. As he got his bearings, they passed through an open metal gate at the end of the avenue of lights and into a wide-open space like an empty marketplace or an arena for some game or sport.

It was perfectly flat and smooth and white and about a hundred yards across, around the edge, ran a high metal frame.

At the far end of this arena, the truck halted. They were outside a low building or a range of low buildings, over which the ground made it look like a prison. It was hard to tell but he had the impression that tunnels connected one part of the buildings with another, tunnels jumped under the ground. At one side a stout metal mast had a familiar look, though he couldn't say what it reminded him of.

Before he could take much more in, Adam hauled him out of the truck while the driver talks to Sendak. A door opened in the building a few yards away and a light came on overhead, swiveling to find them, like a searchlight.

Adam thrust him forward like he was comforting him like the time in the Garrison before that unfortunate day and something to the figure in the Galra black coat answered in the same language and Shiro saw his features: he was not a Galra or a cyborg. He could just like Sokka. He looked at him and particularly at his sword.

Adam spoke again and the man from the base said to Shiro, "come with me!"

"I don't have a matter of choice!" He said.

"No of course not, but come in quickly". He said. "It's warm and comfortable, don't stand out in the cold!" His voice was a ghoulish one, without the horror story, Shiro could name but he must have been the type of group that Sokka choose to leave, being all terrifying and stuff.

"Make sure he's well taken care of," Adam said.

"Of course, we will make sure he's well taken care of, don't worry". He was colder than he was, even though he'd been outside for far longer; he was impatient to be in the warm again if he had emotion.

So Shiro decided to play along and reluctant and dragged his feet as he stepped over the high threshold into the building. Taking one last look at Adam. Dressed in a gray jacket over his shirt, carrying the Galra symbol on his chest and bootleg pants.

There were two doors, with a wide space between them so that not too much warm air escaped. Once they were through the inner doorway, Shiro found himself sweltering in what seemed unbearable heat and had to pull open his jacket and push back.

They were in a space about eight feet square, with corridors to the right and left and in front of him, the sort of reception desk that you might see in a hospital. Everything was brilliantly lit, with the glint of shiny Gray surface and stainless steel.

There was the smell of food in the air, familiar food, bacon and coffee, and under it a faint perpetual hospital-medical small and coming from the walls all around was a slight humming sound, almost too low to hear, the sort of sound you had to get used to or go mad.

People were looking down at him: the man who'd brought him in, another man wearing a black hood, a Galra woman in a police's uniform or what's it looks like.

"Commander Adam" the first man was saying. "He wants us to take care of his partner!"

"I see, as far as I could tell. Sister Mira, could you take Shiro to see to him?"

"Certainly, Vrepit sa. Come with me, dear". Said the nurse, and Shiro obediently followed.

They went along a short corridor with doors on the right and a canteen on the left, from which came a clatter of knives and forks and voices and more cooking, smells. The nurse was around his age as Shiro guessed, with a break, sensitive air; she would be able to stitch a wound or change a bandage, but never to tell a story. For obvious reasons.

"What's your name, dear?" Said the nurse, opening a heavy door.

"Shiro, just Shiro?" he said "Takashi Shirogane".

"Well, Mr. Shirogane, we were told to make your stay more comfortable," the nurse said. "So you'll be free to go wherever you like?"

In the room, they entered there was a couch and a table and two chairs and a filing cabinet, and a glass cupboard with medicine and bandages, and a washbasin. As soon as they were inside, the nurse took Shiro's jacket off and dropped it on the shiny floor.

"Off with the rest, sir," she said. "We'll have a quick little look to see you're nice and healthy and we'll find some nice clean clothes, we'll pop you in the shower, too." The nurse added, for Shiro had not changed or washed for days and in the enveloping warmth, that was becoming more and more evidence.

"And the sword, Mr, Shirogane", asked the nurse and untied it himself with strong fingers. He went to drop it on the edge of the sword.

"That's a nice sword!" She said and hanging up the jacket.

"Thanks", said Shiro "it's mine".

"Yes, we won't take it away from you, dear". Sister Mira, grabbing the sword and putting it in a cabin. "That's amazing, isn't it! Into the shower with you", she went on, and folded Shiro's clothes and whisking back a coal-silk curtain in the corner.

Shiro reluctantly slipped under the warm water and soaped himself, normally he will relieve to find himself a shower, but the situation he's in fell like he was in a prison. When he washed and dry, the nurse took his temperature and looked into his eyes and ears and throat and then measured his height and put him on some scales before writing a note on a clipboard.

Then she gave Shiro some pajamas and a t-shirt and pants. They were clean and of good quality, unlike Roy's prison outfit. But again there was a secondhand air about them. Shiro felt very uneasy.

"These aren't mine", Shiro said

"No, dear. Your clothes need a good wash". Mira said.

"Am I going to getting my own ones back?" Shiro said

"I expect so. Yes, of course". Mira explain.

"So what is this place?" Shiro answered.

"It's called the experimental station".

That wasn't an answer that Shiro wasn't expecting to say or pointed that out to ask for more information, he didn't think someone would answer especially the Galra but then again he was their 'guest' as he assented dumbly in the dressing and said no more.

"I want my sword back". He said stubbornly when he was dressed.

"I'm sorry but you cannot have it," said the nurse. "This is a weapon-free area"

"Ok," Shiro said, silently as he putting on his T-shirt and pants and continue to said. "So are there more people in this place!"

"Yes just me and the staff and a group of people from the village, next door," said Sister Mira, who was filling in a form on pink paper.

"I see, what about my Jacket and boots?" he said.

"We'll have them cleared for you", said the nurse automatically.

Then a communicator buzzed and while the nurse answered it, Shiro stopped quickly to recover the quintessence Crystal and put it in his pocket.

"Come along, Mr. Shirogane," said the nurse, putting the receiver down. "We'll go and find you something to eat. I expect you're hungry".

Shiro followed sister Mira to the canteen, where a dozen round black tables were covered in crumbs and the sticky rings where drinks had been carelessly put down. Dirty plates and cutlery were stacked on a steel trolley.

There were no windows, so to give an illusion of light and space one wall was covered in a huge photogram showing a tropical beach, with bright blue sky and white sand and coconut palms.

Adam who had brought him in was collecting a tray from a serving hatch.

"Eat up", he said.

There was no need to starve, so he ate the stew and mashed potatoes with gravy. There was a bowl of tinned corn and a piece of cake to follow. As he ate, Adam and the nurse talked quickly at another table and when he had finished, the nurse brought his a glass of tea and took the tray away.

Adam came to sit down opposite of him politely.

"Now, Takashi," he said, "have you eaten enough?"

"Yeah, I did, thanks".

"That's good, are you hurt!" Adam said

"No I'm fine, what about you!" Shiro said. Pointed out at Adam's face, his scar.

"Oh, I'm fine, better!" Adam said

"I see, but what are you doing with these people!" Shiro said, concerningly.

"Oh, well," Adam said nonchalantly. "At first I started out as a prisoner and then I help them defend their base from giant birds and after that, Sendak made me a commander and that's how I got here!"

"Unbelievable!" Shiro said.

"Yeah, I know!" Adam said. "Sendak said If I keep up the hard work. He'll say to help find our way home!"

"Seriously, Sendak promise you that," Shiro said, on the verge of laughing.

"Yeah what's so funny about it?" Adam explain.

"I don't know what Sendak promises you". Shiro said, "but he's clearly manipulating you!"

Adam's face falls blank and said. "I know they're not exactly ideal but what choice do I have, it's either this or still continue like being a prisoner".

"So you only cared if Sendak is manipulating you or not!" Shiro said.

"Well anyway I'm glad that you're safe and sound, now sister Mira will take you along to the dormitory where I live and I had to talk Sendak, we'll talk about it later".

Shiro stood up as the nurse opened the door to lead him out. More corridors and Shiro was tired by now, so sleepy he kept yawning and could hardly lift his feet in the woolly slipped away as he had the impression of a large bed and then he was asleep.

In the mountains outside the experimental station, Kiaion emerged from the woods carrying Hunk, Pidge, and Lance. The three of them climbed down from Kiaion’s back and studied their surroundings. Up ahead was a low ridge with a steep canyon on the other side.

Keith looked up as guards were guarding the area around the canyon. He nodded to the others and they ran over to the ridge. When they looked down into the canyon, they spotted an enormous hangar.

"I think we found our secret base," Keith said. "once we get down there, we need to find a way in!"

"I think I might have an idea!" Hunk replied as drew in a nervous breath, he knew that following the trail of the road would lead directly to the people who had his family and the one that was responsible for killing his nephew, it was time to put a stop to his plans.

Romelle noticed a rocky path leading down into the canyon. She motioned for Keith and the others to follow, and the group set out along the path. Giant metal fence posts rose from the ground just a few feet ahead on either side of the trail.

"Why would there be fence posts but no fence?" Romelle wondered aloud. Before either Keith or any of them could respond, Only Pidge hung back, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Wait," she called to them. Everyone stopped and turned to look at her.

"Something's up," Pidge said.

"What?" Hunk asked, concerned.

"Why?" Keith said.

Pidge throw a puffball from her tail and threw it was before the group walked straight into an invisible electric fence. The electricity arced through the puffball in a painful shock, which almost could have been them, it Pidge should have sensitive the fence.

"Okay, so how do we get in," Lance said. "Possibly with less electricity!"

"Or maybe we could go and find the way that Roy left" Hunk’s mind was made up. "He got out of here somehow!"

"Yeah but how!" Lance advised.

Hunk shook his head emphatically and said. "There must be away, I cannot live my family dies".

"Hunk, this is something you should be handling alone," Keith warned him. "And the place is surrounded by the electric fence!"

Romelle scratched her chin, considering Hunk’s determination. At last, she heaved a heavy sigh. "Well, I might have an idea for that? Come on"

With that the group decided to follow her, After that day’s horrible moment, they were relieved that there was still hope of there's any more survivors and getting them out safely.

When the group abandons the electric gateway, they were right at the edge of the base. They walked down into the tunnel and Romelle led the entire group all sneaky like and avoiding the lights.

A short while later, they emerged on the entrance.

As they going to the entrance, they noticed a Galra airship hovering next to the tall spire of the temple. A cable hung down from the underside of the ship. Slowly, it began to retract, drawing someone up into the gondola.

"That’s Sendak!" Keith whispered. Once the Galra leader was on board, the ship banked and floated off toward locations unknown.

"Good he's leaving!" Romelle said quietly. "We don't need him figuring out where we are!"

"Yeah, I suppose you're right!" Keith nodded but just as they reached the front entrance when suddenly sister Mira stepped into their path. Who are you people, what are you doing here is?" She asked.

Everybody froze. They knew that the nurse work for the Galra and everyone became instantly afraid of being found out.

"Are you here to visit someone!" Sister Mira said, being a blank is ever.

"Yes, we're looking for someone!" Keith answered.

"Of course who is it," sister Mira said.

"Shiro!" Keith said.

"Shiro, you mean Mr. Shirogane!" She said.

"Yes, that's the one," Keith said. "Do you know where he is!"

"Yes, I have put them in one of the personal rooms!" She said.

Moments later, Keith and the others had sister Mira bound and gagged. "You two stay here and keep an eye on her," Keith said to Lance and Romelle. They nodded and watched as Keith went into the other room where the shower and nursing staff was. After a moment, he looks at the cabin and turned to the group. "There's something inside!"

Opening the cabin, Keith discovered weapons including Shiro's sword.

"These weapons came from the village!" Hunk asked desperately. "That means my people must be here!"

"Possible! Judging from Roy's state, he shouldn't have been walking that very long!" Keith said.

Hunk looked away from him, disappointed, but there was no time to dwell on his feelings. Keith took off down the long corridor in front them, eager to find the room where Shiro is.

Keith used the directions on what the nurse said to navigate the halls of the Galra prison.

After a few minutes, they came to the end of a winding hallway lined with iron-barred cells. Ahead, two Galra guards looked up at their approach.

The Galra reacted immediately, pulling guns from their belts and immediately repaired to shoot. But before they could release their weapons, Lance attacked. He whipped up a furious pack of ice and hurled it at the guards. The Frozen-force blast knocked them into the iron wall, stunning them.

Hunk ran forward and grabbed one of the galra by the front of his coat. He dragged the guard to his feet, pushed him up against the wall. "My family—where are you keeping them?" Hunk yelled heatedly.

Farther down the hall, Keith located the room holding Shiro captured, he opened the door of the room and stepped inside, and once he enters he found Shiro fast asleep.

"Shiro, Wake up!" Keith shouted.

Someone was shaking him. The first thing he did was to him and the Crystal was still there, still safe; so he tried to open his eyes, but oh, it was hard; he had never felt so sleepy.

"Come on!"

It was a whisper in more than one voice. With a huge effort, as if he were pushing a boulder up a slope, Shiro forced himself to wake up.

In the dim light from a very low-powered barbaric bulb over the doorway, he saw Keith clustered around him. It wasn't easy to see, because his eyes were slow to focus, but it seems that Keith has already found him.

"You're awake! Thank God" Keith said.

"Keith" Shiro mumbled."You're here"

"Well of course I'm here!" Keith said.

Shiro struggled to sit up. He didn't remember being this sleepy before. His head felt full of eiderdown and there was a faint pain throbbing behind his eyes.

"How did you find this place?" Shiro said as he was gradually coming more and more awake.

"We follow your scent?" Keith answered. Come on. Let’s get you out of here."

Keith stepped back through the door and throw his sword at him and led Shiro down the corridor, he arrived in time to see Hunk brandishing a hidden Dagger above the palm of his hand and threatening one of the guards. "I’ll ask you one more time. Where is my family?"

Frightened, the Galra guard cowered. "They're at the holding cells!"

"Are you sure?" Hunk asked angrily.

"Yes, it's down three hallways down!" He said as Keith walked over to Hunk and pried the guard’s coat from his fingers.

"My family they're here!" Hunk said, Just then, a loud alarm sounded. Startled, the group quickly gathered themselves and raced back to the office.

"Let’s go, people!" Lance ordered.

"Keith, Shiro, Hunk, and the others jumped on board as they were following the guard's directions.

A cold drench of terror went down Hunk's spine and Kiaion crept very close as the fear suddenly came out, he had one day in which to find his family and discover whatever they can find their way out, just like Roy did.

It wasn't before long enough, that they found the place that they were looking for. The prison.

And was inside the prison was horrible, no one with much imagination could ever see the horrors of this prison as it was like a shying Black box that you can see no one. But the invisible eyes. Despite this, the people inside were wearing the same prison outfit that Roy was wearing.

But there was Hunk's family, his parents, his older sister and her husband, and his niece. All were sitting together on the floor.

"Dad, Mom!" Hunk shouted as he ran next to them.

"Hunk, son!" The chief responded after seeing his son, in this place.

"I'm sorry!" Hunk said, with tears in his eyes. "I let you down, I left all scared! I didn't know if I see you again".

"It's all right son! I'm just grateful that you are right!" The chief said.

Keith, Shiro, and Pidge stepped quietly into the room."Listen, I know you all have been for a lot! And I’m so sorry to interrupt but we have to escape" Shiro said. he and Keith exchanged a worried glance.

Hunk saw the troubled expression on his father’s face. "I know it's dangerous, at least we have to try!"

"I don't know! I mean every time a person tries to escape! The Galra would take them away!" The Chief explains "I don't know there any way to escape!"

"Maybe there is," Shiro said. "If I can figure out a way to get out."

"But how, what can you do," Hunk's mother said. "The last time a person was taken was Roy!"

Hearing that name again brought back the feelings of grieving and sadness within everyone especially Hunk.

"His Daemon had the highest change in magic!" The chief explains. "So they took him."

"Why are they so interested in Daemons?" Said, Shiro

"No one knows", said Hunk's mother "but a lot of people have been thinking, especially the children!"

"I know," said Hunk's niece, "some of the kids say because open your daemon and eat their guts!"

"That's not what exactly is," Romelle said, awkwardly as she knows what happens.

"What that's true or still screw your head!" She said. "Or cut you"

"Cut, did you just say cut," Keith said.

"Well according to the nurses, it is a little operation, just a little cut. It won't even hurt, but we put you to sleep to make sure".

All the room had gone quiet now. They're seeing Roy's appearance all over again. Maybe that's how he got his daemon separate from him. Before they could say anything about what happened to Roy. A group of guards appears in the room.

Seeing them with like themselves had been cut and all eyes turned to the door. Sister Mira stood there, bland and mild and matter of fact, and besides was a man in a black coat whom Shiro or the others hadn't seen before.

"Release him!" He said, firmly. "Don’t make this worse for yourself,".

Everyone's eyes grew large. It was clear that they’d been caught, especially Keith as he felt the trap close around him and reacted like a cornered animal.

Keith lifted his dagger, prepare for the attack until a hand stopped him. It was Shiro delivering a clear message.

Understanding the message, Keith stands down and let Shiro go to Sister Mira. Obediently leaving in silence before looking back at the prisoners. Old and new vivid with fear.

The rest of that morning was spent in the prison everyone except Shiro were treated horribly, since their attempt of rescuing everybody has costed the prisoners without anything to eat for the next week, what's even worse, they have been forced to wear those prison outfits.

While Shiro on the other hand, was still treated better, he was still allowed to go around the base except to the prison, and security was put around him, to make sure he wasn't taken by anyone

At lunchtime, when the people who work here were lining up in the canteen, Shiro felt uncomfortable being here especially with his friends in prison, and turned to find Adam sitting at another table.

"Sister Mira told me what happened," he said, "Are you all right!"

"I'm fine!" Shiro said, "you know me, always getting the crazy situations!"

"Yeah, you always do," Adam said, distracted on his tablet and drinking coffee.

"Ok. So what do you do! You got to tell me everything" Shiro said as sat together when it was safe to tell him about these things. When the Galra empire soldiers spent more time coming and going between the tables and the counter, where bland-looking soldiers served equally bland food. Under the clatter of knives and forks and plates, Adam told him as much as they know, a nurse told him that people who had the operation were often taken to furnaces just in case they don't survive the operation further south, which might explain how Roy come to be wandering in the wild.

But Adam had something even more interesting to tell him.

"The next operation is coming!" He said

"What? When?"

"After we're done eating, I could just show you how it works!" Adam said. "The doctor says I could"

Shiro saw it not as an option, the doctor's probably was ordered by Sendak to try to interrogate him for answers of the quintessence Crystal, it wasn't the best thing to ever happen to him since he'd arrived, but before they could talk anymore.

A soldier arrives and whispered in Adam's ear.

"I see, tell him the next fire alarm will be setting an example to the prisoners?"

"Yes, commander we will prep the next experiment this afternoon!" The soldier said, "Vrepit sa?"

"Vrepit sa?" Adam said.

During the first part of the afternoon, Keith and the others were tested. The doctors didn't say that was that they were doing, but it was to guess. They were taken one by one to a laboratory and of course, this made them all very frightened; how cruel it would be, Keith thought if he perished without striking a blow at them! But they were no going to do that operation just yet, it seemed.

"We want to make some measurements", the doctor explained. It was hard to tell the difference between these people: all the men looked similar in their gray cloaks and mask and with tablets and the woman resembled one another too, the uniforms and their strange bland calm manner making them all look like brother and sister.

"I wasn't measured," Keith said.

"No you were, we're making different measurements today, stand on the metal plate, hold your daemon if you like. Look forward, that's it, stare at the little green light. Good boy..."

Something flashed. The doctors made his face to the other way and then to left and right and each time something clicked and flashed.

"That's fine. Now come over to this machine and put your hand into the tube. Nothing to harm you, I promise straight your fingers. That's it".

"What are you measuring? Keith said. "Is it demon magic?"

"Who told you about magic?"

"One of the other prisoners, I don't know his name. He said we were all over magic. I don't have mythical powers at least I don't think I am".

"Well that's different, I meant it's very different. Now clench your fist, that's right. Good. Now if you feel around in there, you'll find a sort of handle thing got that? Take hold of that, there's a good boy. Now can you put your other hand over this way, rest it on this brass globe. Good, fine, now you'll feel a slight tingling, nothing to worry about, it just a slight current in your body"

Stats, in his most tense and wary form, look on in the most suspicious way around the apparatus, continually returning to rub himself against Keith.

He was sure by now that they weren't going to operate on him yet and sure too that his disguise as a normal human was secure; so he risked a question.

"Do you see the magic in those pictures?"

"What? No not really the pictures haven't gone enough yet? Who told you about magic?" The doctor said

"One of the prisoners?"

"No, they didn't, where you from!"

"Nowhere, just nowhere!" Keith said

He was nervous, though. he went on:

"What happens to the prisoners that this place?"

"To a place they live, of course?"

"So, they don't die? You don't cut their Daemon away?"

The doctor met Keith’s gaze with a hard stare, but it quickly dissolved as he chuckled softly. "It's not true at all. When we take prisoners out, it's because it's time for them to move on to another place where they become protective citizens of the galra empire. Nothing nefarious".

The doctor went to speak quietly to the nurse. As the two of them conferred, Keith watched the door, thinking the best way to escape and tell Shiro.

Presently the doctor comes back and they went on with the examination, weighing him and Stats separately, looking at him from behind a special screen, measuring his heartbeat, placing him under a little nozzle that hissed and gave off a smell like fresh air.

But in the middle of one of the tests, a loud bell began to ring and kept ringing.

"The fire alarm," said the doctor, signing. "Very well. Uh."


"Right, can you follow Sister Pandora"?

"We're crying out loud, not at this now!" The doctor said, annoyed at having his experiments interrupted and snapped his fingers in irritation.

They hurried out. In the wide arena in front of the main group of buildings, a hundred or so people, humans, and demons were milling about: some in excitement, some in irritation, many just bewildered.

"See?" One Galra was saying. "It's worth doing this to find out what chaos we'd be in with a real fire".

After gathering, Everyone was put in lines. They were all facing a stage set up at the far end of the area. The doctor and Adam and Shiro. Keith scrutinized the huge Galra hanging from the rafters of the high ceiling. Zarkon’s eerie masked face stared down from the banners, seeming to watch over them.

Someone was blowing a whistle and waving his arms but no one was taking much notice. Keith saw Lance beckoned. Lance tugged Hunk's arm and got the attention of Pidge and Romelle and soon the friends were together in a maelstrom of people.

"Are you okay!" Lance said.

"Yeah I'm fine, didn't experience the operation!"

They maneuvered their way through the crowd, moving closer to the stage.

"There's he is, we got here our way to get him out of there!" Keith whispered.

Suddenly, the factory lights dimmed and a spotlight beamed down to the center of the stage, a cloaked figure slowly rose into the spotlight, his pale mask glinting through the smoke. It was Adam. He was swiftly flanked by a group of Galra soldiers.

A chill ran through Shiro as he looked into the eyes of the people above him. They seemed to be filled with zealous fear on what he had to say.

Adam raised his hand for silence, and instantly the room fell quiet. He walked up to a microphone at the front of the stage and began to speak.

"Well well well, you're all expecting to be a normal fire alarm system. But it isn't you're our prisoners, none of you are supposed to get special treatment. You're only here to be tested on."

Keith and Shiro narrowed their eyes. Something about Adam rang sinisterly.

Looking at a tablet, Adam looked upon the audience. "Prisoner 128"

The audience gaps as staring down at a little girl as that was her serial number. Shiro looked away from the stage. He knew what's was going to happen and it was devastatingly familiar.

"No matter where you're from, you are all test subjects of the galra!" Adam continued. "I know it's rough, but it's very good for you, for generations, people like you been outcasts and weapons of war, humans without daemons looked at you with scored and disgust in their faces".

The crowd rumbled in disagreement.

"As you know, the samurai has recently arrived in Altea," Adam still continued. "But he cannot save you from this, we made sure of that!"

Shiro looked around uncomfortably and tilted his head farther down to cover his eyes.

"The Galra empire will make sure you are reformed, stronger, starting with her!" Adam said, ordering his guards to get the little girl.

"No!" The chief responded as he tries to reach the little girl, but the guards stop him and push him away.

"Oop!" As he was pushed over the ground. "Dad, are you okay!" Hunk said.

"Stop this!" Shiro hissed as looking at Adam.

"I know what I'm doing!" Adam said as the guards were delivering the little girl to him.

"This little girl volunteered to be in part of their little experiment!" Adam cried as he signaled the soldiers back next to the stand.

"And now she's going-" he said. "Wait" a voice cried outcry out to the distance!"

"Okay, who interrupted me!" Adam said in annoyance.

"I volunteer!" The group turn to a woman, she was willing to try anything to save her daughter. "I'm her mother!" She said as her daemon was a Red fox.

"Very well, normally we won't allow volunteers, but with you will make an exception!" Adam said.

The audience gasped in horror as they knew the fate of her was coming soon as Adam quickly dodged the subject and approached the girl from behind

Under his orders, the little girl was replaced and free from her fate as she was reunited with her mother.

"Mama!" She said, softly as she delivers one final hug to her daughter before the guards took her away.

"I never bought that one of you would whatever volunteer but that's life!"

Shiro felt the sense of scourge within him as Adam didn't care about these people. That made him very angry.

"Come on don't make a bust!" Adam said.

"We do something!" Keith said, charging forward. "Wait" Lance grabbed his arm. "We can’t fight them all. We need to come up with a plan."

While Keith and the others hung back, thinking of a way to rescue everyone. Adam, Shiro, and the guards left the scene and out of sight as the fire alarm stopped and everyone returns to the prison.

The woman went to the guards, untied and brought before Adam and Shiro. She had given herself up to save her daughter. Shiro couldn't help by the woman's bravery, if he had a daughter he would have done that the exact same thing and led the way to a squat, square building a little apart from the rest, with a low power light at the corner.

Upon arriving at the room, the woman was about to stumble as her knees felt that all the energy was stuck out of her. But now her time will be over soon. Along purple empty corridors, past rooms humming with power. Then a door which opened utilizing a large wheel; a hiss of the air; and a brilliantly lit chamber with dazzling gray tiles and stainless steel.

And at the center, was a kind of guillotine, made from black metal and Platinum, designed to make sure the human and Daemon separately permanently!

The guards quickly grasped the woman between his hands. As soon as they put her in the machine, they activate panels and switches as they unleash a stream of sparks at the woman.

"Reactor is activated," a doctor said, "Intercession primed".

A sudden screeching and grinding sound withered into a thin wisp of power as the guillotine fall between the woman and her daemon which then dissolved in a plume of harmless sparks. The woman moaned and collapse onto the floor.

everyone sat in stunned silence. "What this happened, what did you do?" Shiro wailed.

Adam didn't listen to him. "Check!"

Under his orders. The guard uses his Electrostaff to zap the woman to make sure she was alive.

"We've lost all her vital signs," the doctor said, "she's dead now!"

Shiro looked on in horror. The chill he’d felt earlier blossomed into full-fledged fright. those first horrible moments that he witnessed today. he grabbed hold of his shirt to steady herself, taking several deep breaths.

"But grabbing the magic source was a success," Adam said as the doctor removed the glass case, finally showing Shiro to an understanding of what Ulaz said to him. Not only they cut people's Daemon away, thereafter the magic inside of them. The daemon of the several women was nothing but a swirling energy Force.

"Excellent looks like I have to tell Sendak that the attempt with his machine was a success," Adam said. "Only this time we'll try a different method!"

When Keith and the others reached the prison area, they found they found a vent by a huge metal wall. The muffled sounds of a test leaked through from the other side.

Hunk’s stomach dropped. Whatever was happening on the other side of that wall couldn’t be good. Desperate to discover what was going on, the group decided to use the vent. As the silent one in the group, it was up to Stats to go into the passage. He focused his thoughts on the task of figuring out the mysteries of the galra base.

Slowly but surely, Stats floating inside the vent in the wall. When he arrived at the spot at last, in a chunk of metal in a dark corner of the vent, he was shocked at the scene before him.

The woman lay dead on the ground, and the Deamon disintegrate into nothing but a being of pure magic.

"Stats!" Stats whispered as head back to the group.

"Stats, did you find something!" Keith said.

"Stats, Stats"

"They what, We gotta do something, quick!" Romelle said.

They stumbled away to join Hunk and the others, who was beckoning from the corner of the prison building. The children tired now, the adults had regained some authority over themselves because people view them as weapons or didn't believe what Adam told them. Keith, Romelle, and Stats sit down with the group and Hunk's family and mingled with them.

Keith said, "pass the word around among everybody here. They got to be ready to escape".

"Escape how!" The Chief Said.

"I don't know how but if we don't, everyone including your family will be used as energy sources!" Romelle said.

"She's right!" Hunk said, with tears in his eyes, "I saw them for what they did Roy! We cannot let them do this to everyone else!"

"I know son, but still this place is like a fortress! No one can get in or out!"

Keith thought about what he said. Yes, he indeed right this place is like a fortress but every fortress had a weakness.

"The fire bell," said Keith "when the time comes, I'll set it off and they got to keep this a deadly secret, understand?"

The chief nodded. And Pidge said, "how are you going to activate the signal!?"

They had almost thought of a plan on how to get to the fire alarm when there comes another distraction, though, and from Keith and everyone's point of view, it was the worst possible.

They heard the sound as everyone else did. Heads began to turn and scan the dark sky for the zeppelin, whose gas engine was throbbing clearly in the still air.

The one lucky thing was that it was coming from the direction opposite to the one in which the clouded sky had flown.

But that was the only comfort. Very soon it was visible and a murmur of excitement went around the crowd. Its fat sleek black drifted over the average of lights and its lights blazed downward from the nose and the cabin slung beneath the body.

The pilot cut the speed and began the complex business of adjusting the height. Looking at the window. Keith and the others realized what the stout mast was for: of course, it was a mooring mast. The ground crew clambered up the ladders in the mast and prepared to attach the mooring cables. The engines were roaring and dust was swirling up from the ground and the faces of passengers showed in the cabin windows.

Keith looked, and there was no mistake. Kiaion clutched at him, because a large lion again, hissed in hatred, because looking out with curiosity was the large Commander of Sendak, with his large hand on his left, Troubled, Keith closed his fist around it, their job got a lot harder.
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