Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter thirty-seventh: finale, the crystal shatte

The explosion caused a lot of panics, the soldiers were trying to control it all and none of them knew what happened.

Giving the perfect opportunity for the daemon explorers to escape the chaos. "This way!" Shouted the chief of the explorers as leading his people to safety.

Shiro and Keith discover the group by luck who ready bought their way out and racing down the corridor toward the main entrance and they join them. Sweating, heart-thumping, knowing that they had to escape or die trying.

Then suddenly, the entranceway was suddenly blocked, the fire in the incision room had taken quickly and whether it was the machine exploding, something had brought down part of the roof. People were clambering over twisted struts and girders to get up to the bitter outside but the smell of gas was strong.

Then came another explosion louder than the first and closer. The blast knocked several people over and cries of fear and pain filled the air.

"Chief, the exit is blocked," a man said.

Shiro struggled up and with Keith calling, "Shiro! Shiro!" Hearing his voice, Shiro hauled himself over the rubble. The air he was breathing was dust it was like, being a part of a collapsed building.

There really was ablaze now. When he and Keith got out onto the roof under the night sky, he could see flames licking at the edge of a great hole in the of the building. There was a throng of people by the main entrance. But this time, the man was more agitated and the women and children more fearful: much more fearful.

"Guys, Guys!" Shiro called and Keith, keen-eyed like an owl that seeing his friends. A moment later they found each other.

"There you are, we've been so worried!" Romelle said, hugging Shiro.

"Us too, after what happened to Stats, I didn't know what to think," Shiro said.

"Excuse me while I'm just glad for the reunions, we don't have much time we need to get out of here the fire is spreading faster," Keith said.

"We're trying, but everyone here is a panic!" Lance said.

Collecting his thoughts, Shiro got to the head of the group of hesitant people. Keith did the same and said the message.

"Everyone listen up" Shiro shouted as he put his hands like a cup on his mouth, making his voice louder. But only Keith, Romelle, Hunk, Lance, and Pidge seemed to pay attention to him.

"I know you are scared, believe me, I am too," Shiro said, keeping his voice strong. "But remember the people vanishing and dying, the Galra is cutting their daemons! By putting them on the machine!"

Everyone gaped, horrified, but then some collected their wits, while others clutched their daemon in fear.

"Come with me!" Shiro shouted. "We'll find a way out together and make sure this never happens again, you own your loved one for that!"

"He's right!" The Chief responded as he walked to stand beside him. Immediately everyone was silenced and calm.

"The Galra empire hasn't slaved us, they may have taken our loved ones. But they cannot take away our freedom, we are going to show them and reminded them that the world didn't score us. For Roy and the others who died a horrible death!"

Hearing that, people got the message and followed, streaming across the enclosure toward the avenue of lights, their feet pattering, and creaking in the hard-packed dirt.

Behind them, soldiers were shouting and there were a bumble and crash as another part of the building fell in. Sparks gushed into the air and flames billowed out with a sound like tearing cloth; but cutting through this came another sound, dreadfully close and violent. Shiro and the others had never heard it before but they knew it at once: it was the March of Galra robotic sentries.

They felt weak from head to foot and many people turned in fear and stumbled to a stop, for there running at a low swift tireless lope came the first of the sentries, guns at the ready, ready to kill.

Then came another and another. They were all in padded mail and they had on eyes if they had any. The only eyes you could see were the round Gray ends of the rifle barrels.

The others, especially Shiro faltered, he hadn't dreamed of how frightening those soldiers are. And now that he knew how the Galra at the intercision base have destroyed innocent lives all for the sake of power.

The sentries ran to stand in a line across the entrance to the avenue of lights, being disciplined robots. In another minute there'd be a second line because more were coming and more behind them. Shiro thought with despair: these people cannot fight soldiers, not like this.

Some of them are not exactly fighting material and the explorers don't look like the best way to fight. It was no exception for him and the others. As Shiro walks in the front of the sentries.

"Go on then and follow your orders," Shiro told the sentries.

"Go back I order you," the robot said, in the most robotic way. But Shiro obviously didn't listen, instead, he stands his ground and did not fall into depression and fear and said. "No, I won't, I won't turn my back on these people!"

"And near will I," Keith said, reassuring Shiro by walking next to him with Cher determination.

As the men about to shoot them, "Enough!" A voice said in the distance, hearing the voice. The sentries move to the sides, revealing Adam with Sendak.

The two were standing in the spacious area, like dragons ready to pounce on their kill.

From a distance, Adam and Sendak looked perfectly harmless. Shiro and Keith knew better. "Takashi, what are you doing!" Adam said firmly "Are you really going to risk your life for these outsiders? In a place that you don't really belong" while Sendak remained calm. He didn’t seem at all surprised to see Shiro being all this rebellious. It was almost as if he’d been expecting him to do it.

Sendak fixed Shiro with a cold stare. He directed his words to Adam. "Stamped this out, make him kneel and nothing will remain the same again!"

"Oh, I'm planning to," Adam said as his mouth was set in a firm line, and his eyebrows slanted downward in an angry scowl. He clearly meant business.

"Of course you are!" Sendak commanded. Adam didn’t need further convincing. He gathered all the strength in his body and slowly walking towards Shiro, where he spoke. "Are you really going to do this, I know you're better than this".

"You're right I am but don't see they were enslaving these people and severed their daemon!"

Adam arched an eyebrow. "Well, what else am I supposed to do, just sit around and do nothing! Isn't that what you want me to do"

"No" Shiro spluttered. "Of . . . of course, I do want to go home and see our friends but"

"But what, you told me to not to harm anyone? If I'm really not to go back on my word!"

Shiro stared at him, speechless.

Sendak fixed his sights on Shiro. "See, this is why Adam understands, the willingness to go to extremes to get what you want. It is a quality that soldiers have in the empire the same as you!"

"What no, that's not true, that's not me!" Shiro protested.

"It's the strongest part of you, embrace it" Sendak walked slowly around to Shiro. "The others don't know when you're capable of!"

"No you're lying, you don't understand how capable I am" Shiro explains while trying to stand his ground.

"You don't know if I'm lying or not," Sendak said.

"And the hopes of getting home" Adam added, "so please join me, join us!" Then reaches out the hand towards Shiro.

Shiro stared at Adam, his insecurities get him. "There you go, That's my boy," Adam said.

But the truth hit Keith like a ton of bricks. So much in fact. It was clear that Adam didn't care about Shiro

"There, now that wasn't so hard!" Adam said but then suddenly, Adam gets hit by a mud ball "what the heck!"

Everyone gasped at the scene, especially Shiro "For someone who's Shiro's boyfriend, you sure don't know him very well, he's brave, he's smart Keith said. he narrowed his eyes, seething, as he realized the full extent of Sendak and Adam’s cunning. "And most of all, he's not going he pushed around by a bully like you!"

Shiro smiled, Sendak might be able to manipulate Adam into following him, but it won’t work on him. "Thanks, Keith?" Shiro said, softly.

"Eh, I think I have enough of you," Adam said darkly as unleashes his sword onto Keith. Repair to kill him.

"Ahh" Keith yells as he blocks the blow but just in, an unexpected thing happened, Shiro uses his sword to protect Keith from Adam.

"Takashi, what are you doing!" Adam said.

Shiro bristled at his unspoken threat. "Something I should have done a long time ago, standing up to you!" Pushing him back.

"Thanks for not giving up on me, Keith!" Shiro told Keith.

"Well, you have to stop becoming useless!" Keith said, reassuring him.

Adam blinked slowly. When he opened his eyes, something about him had changed. His anger boiled to the surface and a vein throbbed at his temple. "I’ve tried to work with you, Takashi, but you’ve made it impossible," he growled.

In a flash, Adam whirled away from him, but he didn't soon drew a razor-sharp sword attack and whipped it backward over his shoulder, then forward. The sword lanced out, slicing through the air with a dull whine—headed straight for Shiro.

With the blade flying toward him, Shiro gathered his strength and twisted out of the way, his body spiraling through the air like a corkscrew at the last possible moment.

"Shiro" Keith yells, concerningly as ran towards him.

"Hold it, this is something he must do!" The chief said, reassuring Keith.

Sendak chuckled, "what are you laughing at!" Adam shouted.

"Looks like you haven't the rebellion streak under your control," Sendak said, fixed on. "You give me plenty of advice, now let me give you some, make sure you don't fail, victory or death!"

"Not going to happen!" Adam said, branching his sword, preparing to attack for another strike.

"This should be fun," Sendak said, diabolically. He then turn to the group "Instead of a messy free for all, I have a splendid idea. How about we sell this The Galra way? Royal combat!"

"If your champion wins, you all go home, no harm, no foul! But if our champion wins, well you know the rest!" Sendak said as a group of Galra soldiers form a circle.

"Shiro, you don't have to do this!" Hunk said, constrainingly.

"Yes I do," Shiro said as he faced Adam in this combat.

"Begin!" Sendak shouted.

The blade whistled past just inches from her head, cutting a few strands of hair at the end of his head. Shiro landed with a thud on the floor, simultaneously delivering a kick towards Adam. The kick became the perfect opening, churning up jagged sword fighting that streaked toward Adam as everything widened for Shiro.

Swords clash, punching Adam in the chest and propelling him into the ground.

Shiro ran forward, blasting Adam with scalding strikes. Adam reacted back against the ground. He drew back his sword into a blocking stands, shielding himself from Shiro’s attack. Sparks rolled off the sword thrust in curling cuts as Shiro’s bursts had only scratched the surface.

"What's gotten into you, Takashi?" Adam said, struggling to get a grip. "You only know these people like a day, you're going to throw that all the way, for them!"

"Do you ever stop talking" Shiro said as he knocks Adam's sword out of his hand. Everyone gasped as Shiro could win.

But not this yet as Adam touched his fingers to a hidden dagger, he launched the deadly dagger at Shiro. The hail of shards flew through the air, but the barrage barely hits him as he continues to dodge.

Instinctively, Shiro slipped into the complex movements of consolation techniques that he had been practicing for months with Keith. Even though no he did not want to bend to his command, she danced through the dagger, his arms and legs spiraling in complicated patterns. Shiro weaved in and out, dodging the dagger—even blocking some of the shards from the air. But he couldn’t avoid them all. Some of the dagger's attacks nicked his arms and torso, leaving stinging red scratches.

Give the perfect opportunity for Adam to retrieve his sword and drove his foot into the floor into a double sweep.

Next, Adam reached out with his sword to get behind Shiro. With a quick movement of his feet, he heaved a kick in the back, ramming it into Shiro.

The force of the blow sent Shiro reeling. He crashed through the ground momentum carried him over there. He tumbled through the air but managed to stand up only for Adam ran onto him to find Shiro struggling stand up.

"They're just prisoners who don't belong here, Takashi. They don't matter" he taunted.

"They're not just prisoners! They are my friends! Shiro shouted as he knocked out the weapons from Adam's hands.

Everyone cheers at the victory of Shiro. "Go, Shiro, Go Shiro".

"So that's the samurai!" The Chief said.

"I know Dad" Hunk said, reassuring his father.

"It's over, Adam, you're not gonna keep hurting people!"

Then Shiro turn to Sendak and said: "So how about Sendak, are you going to keep your word, are we free".

"Yeah I don't think so" Sendak spread his giant arm and swooped down and clamped its enhanced claws onto the Chief.

"Aah, Dad!" screeched Hunk who had been with him, desperately reaching his hand up to his father, but he was already beyond a human’s reach.

"You lied, we had a deal!" Hunk shouted, angrily. "Give me my father".

Shiro tried to pry Sendak’s claws off one by one and finally removed it from the chief. But sadly it wasn't enough.

"Hey, samurai!" Sendak’s voice sailed down from above him.


"Give me the quintessence Crystal!"

Shiro followed Sendak’s line of sight and gulped. The Chief was in danger. Just like he did before when he and Romelle were once in danger at the hands of Sendak.

The Chief in Shiro’s hand also convulsed violently, as he trying to free himself.

Shiro fixed his eyes keenly on the Sendak that he was determined to get the crystal, no matter what happens.

"Oh no… We have to do something fast…!" So he thought, choosing the alternative Shiro gave the crystal to Sendak.

"Hey, what do you think you’re doing, you know can't trust him!"

Shiro was too immersed in his work to answer Keith’s question. he took a deep breath, then another. Clear your mind, concentrate… "take it!" Putting his meaning into words.

"Good, I knew you will fall in line!" Sendak purred menacingly.

"It's not over!" Shiro snapped as he suspected, Shiro flew straight to Sendak. He didn’t stall like before but rather approached it with increasing speed

he thought he heard a "thunk” sound. His sword had struck the crystal perfectly, piercing right through the middle... And this time a dazzling light burst into the sky. The light had come from the center of Sendak’s hand and spread distantly in all directions. It was a light strong enough to change the color of the surrounding landscape. The light completely covered the sky…

"Ah…?!" he gasped as he watched the light silently fade into the sky, then vanish. "What… was that light…?" Shiro wondered to himself as the light was different than before.

"What did you what have you done!" Sendak said.

"I think I saved the world from you" Shiro answer him.

"You!" Sendak whirled around to face the guards. "Round up all the prisoners!"

The Sentries responded at once and began to capture people. Innocent people shrieked as they found themselves tied up. The Sentries guided the rope toward them, effectively capturing the so-called prisoners.

Keith and the others sprang into action, striking out at the air, Keith and Romelle begin to cut the rope. The officers were undaunted. They unleashed their metal cables, capturing anyone who tried to escape.

"Let's go" Lance screamed and flung himself at the gate into the avenue of lights.

Everyone went after him, everyone, dodging the rope toward them and racing as hard as they could down the avenue toward the beckoning open dark beyond.

A harsh scream came from behind as an officer shouted an order, and then a score of rifle bolts worked at once, and then there were another scream and a tense silence with only the fleeing people's pounding feet and gasping breath to be heard.

They were aiming. They wouldn't miss it. Making sure that they kill the prisoners.

But before they could fire, a choking gasp came from of the Galra soldiers and a cry of surprise from another.

Everybody stopped and turned to see a man lying on the ground with a gray-feathered arrow in his back. He was writhing and twitching and coughing out blood and the other soldiers were looking around to left and right for whoever had fired it, but the archer was nowhere to be seen.

And then an arrow came flying straight down from the sky and struck another man behind the head. He fell at once. A shout from the officer and everyone looked up at the dark sky.

"Sokka," said Keith. And so he was: ragged and rebellion streak shapes sweeping past high above with a hiss and swish of air through the needles of the cloud-pine branches they flew on. As Shiro watched, one swooped low and loosed an arrow: another man fell.

And then all the Galra soldiers turned their rifles up and blazed into the dark, firing at nothing at shadows at clouds and more and more arrows rained down on them.

Giving Shiro the perfect opportunity to rescue Hunk's father, the chief but the officer in charge, seeing the people almost away, ordered a squad to race after them. Some people screamed and then more screamed and they weren't moving forward anymore, they were turning back in confusion, terrified by the monstrous shape hurtling toward them from the dark beyond the avenue of lights.

Angered by Shiro’s attempt to thwart him, Sendak lashed out with a whip. It wrapped around Keith’s wrist. "Hey! Let me go!" he shouted.

"I think not," Sendak said.

"Let go of him!" Hunk roared, running toward Keith.

Sendak narrowed his eyes, considering, and then turned to them. "We shall see..." Suddenly, Sendak is struck from behind by an unexpected attack from Lance's ice rifle attack.

"How's that!" Lance said, with Pidge and Romelle, enter the fight. As Shiro rushes at Sendak but is knocked aside.

Luckily, Romelle begins to battles Sendak. But he throws Keith and Pidge, having to finally transform back to a human, slice the energy chain of his gauntlet, rendering it useless.

"No!" Sendak said.

Shiro rose to his feet as the fight subsided. he could feel the power coursing through his body. Sendak scrambled to back away from everyone, a look of desperation on his face. "What are you going to do now? pal! You're all out" asked Keith.

Shiro charged toward Sendak, determined to put an end to the battle. Tendrils of flame drifted from his outstretched sword as he gathered his strength for one final strike.

Suddenly, Shiro froze midstep. His body seized up, unable to move. It was almost as if he’d been turned to stone or rather his sword as it was unable to hit the target.

Instead, the sword was blocked by another sword and to Shiro's surprise, the sword came from a certain person.

"Adam" cried Shiro, his chest nearly bursting at the steams.

Adam at the charge seemed to be conscious of no weight except what has his momentum. He bounded past Shiro almost in a blur and crashed in front of him.

"Retreat!" Adam ordered, The Galra retreated and stop chasing the people.

"Adam, what are you doing!" Sendak said, enraged.

"We can't fight them like this!" Adam said, reassuring him.

Sendak narrowed down to Adam, he hates to agree with him but he's right. So he filed with him.

"Adam! I-" Shiro shivers as takes another step closer.

Adam then whips back to him. He says, "don't touch me, you always choose the other way." His blood ices at the edge in his voice. Keith and the others shift beside him, the precarious tension seeming to be on the verge of exploding. "See you later! This time on the battlefield!" Then he disappears into the darkness with Sendak and the Galra soldiers.

"Adam!" Shiro shouted but it was too late, he had already disappeared before he could do anything.

Lance and the others shared a celebratory high five. Even Keith couldn’t keep the excitement from his face. "Shiro, what can I say? You came alive in that last moment," he said. "I can't believe you managed to find our way to escape!"

"Thanks, Keith, so have you!" Shiro said, with tears in his eyes.

"Hey, are you okay!" Keith said, concerningly.

"Yeah I never better, but I will be!" Shiro said, softly.

Hunk looked up and noticed his father, all safe and sound. "Dad, you're right!" Hunk said, hugging him.

"Yeah all thanks to you" he answered

Hunk nodded and searched awkwardly for something more to say. "Well . . . thanks."

Lance reached toward Hunk, stopped, and then clapped his stiffly on the shoulder. "Yeah Hunk, we did it"

"Really? That’s your big thank- you?" Hunk asked, eyebrow arched.

"What? I said thanks."Lance looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Yeah, but it’s the way you said it." Lance threw up his hands in exasperation. Dealing with Hunk's new attitude is going to be a problem, but not to the problems of the chief.

Later that day, everybody returns to the village, even though they were exhausted, there was still a lot of work to do. The houses still need to be repaired and the offenses doubled.

Keith and Shiro stood in the stone courtyard on the village, Romelle and Stats approached them, with apples in her hands.

"I’m really sorry about everything has happened to you" she apologized. "I didn't know that another person came from the same place that you came from!"

"It's okay it's not your fault!" Shiro responded gently.

Keith shrugged. "See no hard feelings."

"Stats!" Stats said, laying on his lap.

"You know I'm glad you guys are with me!" Shiro smiled at everybody. "Because I know, that we're going to be okay!"

Keith thought a moment. "Me too! I'm Glad you released me from that tree"

Shiro smiled, even though Adam has joined the Galra empire, he still has to Keith who never gave up on him. Same as he did.

At the other end of the village, in a sprawling, dimly lit building, the chief and Sokka were speaking in secret.

"Sokka, I never got to thank you!"

His tall hooded figure stepped forward, "you don't need to thank me, I'm just glad that your people are all right!"

"Well, almost!" the chief said, looking over the distance where his wife and daughter were standing close to the grave of his grandson, Roy.

"There was nothing you could have done!" Sokka reassuring him. "And besides the village is safe".

"Yes, but the war!"

"I know, that is why I ordered a squad to protect your people from the Galra!"

"Yes, that's why some of us must step in the war! Especially to help the samurai now that the crystal shattered".

Sokka steepled his fingers beneath his chin. "The war has become more complicated, it looks like I need to contact an old friend of mine!" he announced.

Shiro and his new friends smiled. For the first time, everything felt absolutely right. he liked how this place became his home, and anyone who didn’t . . . well, they would just have to deal with it.

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