Kimetsu no Yaiba: an Adventure tale, Part 1

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Chapter Four: The Sealed Boy on the Tree

Upon waking up in this forest in total shock, Shiro takes inventory of himself at the most amazing, picture-perfect forest stretched before him even if he was still wondering that all of this was a dream. “Adam,” Shiro called. he was so worried about him and his wound that he got the attack but the shrine surrounding them was gone, only the vibrant blue and pink of the leaves.

“What...? What happened to the shrine...?” Confused, Shiro could only think that something terrible must have happened. It wasn’t just the well shrine. The entire shrine, the house, and the surrounding buildings had all disappeared. Leaving him with nothing but an unfamiliar landscape.

“Adam! Adam!” As he shouted, no answer came.

“Oh, well this is just fantastic,” Shiro muttered before he spotted something out of the corner of his eye: the familiar branches of the great Tree. “Oh! The old tree! I knew I wasn’t too far from home!”

Elsewhere, somewhere at a mountain, an unknown floating purple Central Command, lies inside, in a dark room surrounded in crystals, lies a witch, her purple and yellow cloak and carries herself in a hunched posture was meditating, “ah” she moans.

Moments later, she starts walking out of her room after feeling something mysterious, once arriving at the gates of the Central Command, she is stopped by two guards

“State your business,” one of the guards asked.

“I am here to see the emperor tell him, I have something important”. She said

The guards look at each other before staring at her, “I understand I’ll score him right now” one of the guards said as he began to leave his post to escort her.

Back in the forest, Shiro was amazed by the forest canopy that stretched into the light-covered sky. Shiro’s breath caught in his throat when he found the tree at the clearing even more different than before, as the light shone on a mist that stood like a wall across a wide, rounded down below him a surprising scene; Shiro wondering if it the impenetrable mist that surrounded this place, “I wonder if” he thought.

It seemed possible but the mist appeared to enshroud large stones - the tops of which he saw poking out of the ceiling of the mist but everything else in the forest was the only thing not covered in the haze and the rolling particles of colored lights that flashed like lightning bugs as they danced through the mist. Shiro’s heart raced, he couldn’t resist the pull he felt any longer. He quickly walked inside into the mist.

The mist sparkled. Swirling particles of color danced throughout it until suddenly he got into his location and to his surprise, the tree that was very eerily and very old was now thriving once again in bright greens and blues and deep earthy browns like never before seen but not only that the tree’s main feature, it was the Ring of Stones surrounding it, in those formations has symbols, and he recognized them “Earth, fire, water, air, and balance” He said, but not only that, Adam was still nowhere to be found and no shrine.

However, that wasn’t what caught Shiro’s attention the most. What surprised her...was the strange black-haired figure lying against the tree, garbed in red ragged snow clothes, covered in tree roots...with an arrow piercing his chest.

“...A...boy...?” Shiro whispered as the wind blew softly.

Shiro stared in wonder at the Black-haired boy that was pinned to the great Tree. The wind blew softly, gently pushing up his charcoal locks. He didn’t know why, but...he felt drawn to him, somehow, like something compelled her to take a closer look at him.

“I wonder who he is...” As he was taking him in, “...Um...hello?” he asked as he slowly approached the sleeping figure. “E-excuse me?”

No answer came from the red-clad youth. Looking at him up close...he was rather handsome, and he looked so peaceful, too...deathly peaceful. His body was wrapped up in roots and the arrow in his chest seemed a bit worn with age.

He had a dark blue-grey t-shirt, with it underneath was a red, white, and yellow jumpsuit that was for the winter and boots that had white fur on them with black accents, also he wore black gloves on his hands, wearing on his waist was a White utility belt with a golden rectangular buckle and the lower back is a silver-colored and double-bladed knife with a White pommel. All of it was now in rags.

But he still looks aboundingly beautiful, with surprisingly high long choppy bangs of his raven hair that they were described as a mullet, trending to sit on the top of the collar with uneven-cut bangs that tend to sweep to the left of his face, just covering underneath his eyes but containing two strands of hair sprout from the top of his head, but the framing his pale face was slightly longer and curled at his cheekbone alongside his pale lips as they are delicate, most to Shiro’s bewilderment, wondering how as leaning closer.

“How can he still sleep right now?” Shiro nodded, climbing on the roof, and reaches out to touch him cautiously to pat his head for a few seconds before stopping. “Though maybe I should stop doing that”.

“I got find Adam,” Shiro thought as he was about to climb down of the tree’s roots.

Suddenly, loud bangs joined the sudden atmosphere, creating a rhythmic beat. The noise filled the air with uncertainty.

“What’s going on” Shiro thought as the grass in front of him, next to the stones, rustled. Shiro had enough. Since he enters the old shrine before, his experience had been anything but shocking and enchanting. Stepping forward with determination, he reached toward a branch of the tree for combat.

Shiro asked. “Who’s there,” as he was about to swing at the offensive down in the middle. It was time to reveal whatever danger lurked within! Then he saw a group of people, both males and females corner him, crouched low with arrows being drawn to the clearing.

“What are they” Shiro thought as he stared at their unfamiliar appearance.


Shiro spun at the loud sound. More people from the stones. Each person had their weapon “lower your weapon, Galra”, a young woman, command.

She was styled, in a fuchsia bodysuit with black areas on her midsection and thighs, with a tapered pink belt, shoes, and clunky wristguards, red accents are located on the collar, above her ribs, separating the fuchsia and black on her thighs, and under her kneepads alongside a fuchsia ruffled skirt, which begins under the belt, is open at the front of the suit and a pink “V” shape on her chest.

She was the leader of this group who were hiding behind the stones, with raised arrows she moved toward Shiro. The others moved behind her.

Machines march towards them with heavy sounds, five newcomers appeared, looking different from the group, their guns ready “And YOU lower yours, Altean”, the soldier in charge commended the group of Alteans. He stood strong but menacing in a uniform that was all black and purple.

“Galra, Altean?” Shiro asked himself, wondering if it was possible to be on earth. Upon arriving there he had had always assumed that he couldn’t be on Earth. Especially with the atmosphere and the people here are not human.

An older man seemed to from nowhere, he looks like a gentleman, dressed in a trim outfit of blues with white accents at his breast and gloves, and gold trimming at his waist and boots. Shiro also makes note of the bright orange hair and mustache, and telltale markings that imbue him just under his set of crow’s feet, accumulated by stress, just does like them. He stood at the soldier’s side, all proud and Independence, the soldier closed at the man, then stopped to just stare at the man on equal ground.

“Threatening my people again, Haxus?” The man said. He regarded him like an old acquaintance he had been squabble with for years.

“Invading our base again, Coran?” The two continued to bicker like old enemies and formal friends.

“Going after our home again, just before planting our crops? We’re short-handed as it is!” Coran argued. The history between the two groups in the forest was complicated as it is, ever since they arrived here, they go after their land. The alteans wouldn’t allow that to happen.

“Normally we would go after your food, but that’s not what we’re here for, our systems have detected an unknown energy force in your area and we have been sent to check it out”, Haxus responded as he demanded back at him.

“How dare you” a young woman’s eyes hardened. “Our people had nothing to hide, it’s you daemons, ever since you arrived here you’ve been poisoning our lands and destroying anything in your path”.

Shiro watched the decades-old enemies rehash an argument they seemed to have had many times before. Suddenly a mysterious figure whipped out from behind them, then vanished as it had appeared. Everyone stood on guard, looking around, trying to see where it had gone BOOM! The tree began tumbling down and revealing a monster, “Mistress centipeetle!” Coran shouted, looking in horror at the site “she’s supposed to be dead” whispering to himself, “the quintessence Crystal” Mistress centipeetle said, began to move, leaving a path of destruction in her wake. “Everybody gets back” Coran ordered, wanting nothing but to keep his people safe, away from her.

All around, the Alteans and the Galra grabbed their weapons, trying to get away from her as much as they could.

“Open fire” Haxus ordered, responding the soldiers shot their guns at her, but Mistress centipeetle’s attack has appeared to be at random, not logical to its direction. Because of it, the Galra ran around in confusion as Mistress Centipeetle was defeating them.

Shiro, who was seeing the scene, raced towards them to escape from the chaos, “ha!, Stand back, stay away from us” an Altean shouted, trying to defend his friends from Mistress Centipeetle who switch her Target to someone else.

Shiro felt like he wanted to help the group in any way he could, so getting a gun in his hands from the ground, shot Mistress Centipeetle to off her sights was at the Alteans, “Get away from them!” Shiro shouted. He has been terrified of her and these events but he does know that he cannot let this continue any longer. “The quintessence Crystal,” she said, excitedly, as she ran towards him. He had no idea what she was talking about. It was up to him to stop her, even knowing that he could be stuck on this planet, for the rest of his life, but no matter Shiro would do whatever it takes to stop her.

However, Whoosh! An explosion of energy burst from his arm, knocking Shiro on his back and sending the others tumbling. All Shiro could see was intensely bright blue light. This is faded to black.

Shiro blinked, he was standing in a field in the forest covered in snow with the ice air, flowing in his hair as he was waiting for someone, and in his hand was a bright blue crystal. “The quintessence crystal”. a feminine voice said “what, who are you,” Shiro asked “what’s going on?” then suddenly, a mysterious figure started running through the fields, to attack him, to strike down which it excessively did as he was suddenly struck down by his right shoulder and landed on the ground with blood gushing out, covering the snow. Using the last of his strength, he tries to get the jewel, but his hand is stepping on by the mysterious Aslam, “You think I’d went to be human to be with you? How dense can you get I’m not doing this for you I’m doing this so I can be with Takashi? After that, I’m taking the crystal to Lord Zarkon. it is where it belongs.” “what are you talking about?” Shiro asked “what is- What’s the Crystal, who is Zarkon? how did you know my name, none of it makes any sense! I don’t understand.” The vision began to fade away. “wait” Shiro cried as he started to lose consciousness.

“what just happened,” Shiro asked himself as the sunshine came back into focus. Surrounded by the Alteans, all exhausted from battling Mistress Centipeetle, Coran turned to face the leader, looking furiously. “Romelle, your actions put us all at risk, Will be war from the Galra?“.

“what am I supposed to do, let them keep attacking our lands, the planet is dying things to them” Romelle protested as she trying to protect her home from falling into the Galra’s grasp.

“You were reckless and put yourself and the others in danger”, Coran scolded her, all their bickering was like father and daughter.

“Hey, can you stop arguing and tell me who are you,” Shiro asked, desperate to know more about the vision, the world, and hoping to find Adam to make sure he was all right?

“Oh, right, How that we’re out of immediate danger, we can have a proper welcome,” Coran said “so my name is... and yet you look kind of familiar”, he was stun, “you’re supposed to be dead.” he thought.

“What I just... walked in”, Shiro replied.

“Ok, but this place is forbidden” Coran responded calmly.

“Excuse me, sir,” an altean man said, “should we get back to Ares we have a lot injured”, “all right, I almost forgot about that”, “Romelle, as punishment you’re going back to handmaiden duties,” Coran said, Romelle groaned. “Wha, Coran!”

“You heard me”. he said.

“You never let me do anything!” Romelle complained.

“We are not having this conversation again,” Coran said calmly but annoyed.

“Ugh,” then she stormed away to the Alteans.

“Right this way,” Coran said as he led him as they walked away from the Tree with the young man still on it, away inside into the mist so, with uncertainty, Shiro decided to go with them.

“Adam.” Shiro whispered, even though he felt exhausted from the day, mentally how much that one person can take, but he still hopes that Adam is ok and all right.

If he is, hopefully, he isn’t stuck in another world.

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