The powerful siblings

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Pearl the eldest of four siblings lives in a big house near a village but what they don't know is that there the most powerful siblings in the land and people will stop at nothing to get them find out what happens to these four siblings in a thrilling adventure filled with magic and wonders will the siblings use there powers to protect the land and them self's or will they get captured

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Pearl was starting out the window looking at the moon It was a cold night and snow was falling softly on the ground outside and frost covered her window sill then the door to the library opened. A boy with black hair and green eyes walked into the library. "Sister it's getting very late why don't you go to sleep"he said softly. "I guess your right Rex maybe I should go to bed"said Pearl. "What are you doing in the library anyway" inquired Rex? Pearl got up and started to the books back on shelf's where they belong then she turned around to look at her. "You know perfectly well what I was doing I'm looking for information on where mom and dad could be they've been missing for nine years"said Pearl. "I know and we'll find them someday now it's time for you to get some sleep"said Rex. "Yeah I know thank you Rex your always there when I need you"said Pearl softly. "No matter what I'm here for you and I always will be"said Rex.
(The next day)
When Pearl woke up she brushed her black hair and when she opened her bedroom door Rex was there green eyes meet blue eyes. "I was about to knock to breakfast was ready"said Rex. "Thank you Rex for checking on me"said Pearl. "Your welcome sister"said Rex. When they got dinning room there sat Lewis a year younger then Rex Lewis has blonde hair and blue eyes and sitting next to is Ruby with blonde hair and green eyes. (An: Pearl is eighteen years old Rex is sixteen years old Lewis is fifteen years old and Ruby is ten years old) Pearl spent the rest of the day in the library til Rex got her for lunch and dinner then to tell her to get some sleep. Well that's it for now hope you liked it stay safe and have a lovely day and or night.

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