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Nico is on a journey to save his sister from a wolf tribe. Will war break out or will there be peace in the realm?

Adventure / Fantasy
Kat Thornton
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Chapter 1 (Nico Quest)

He has wings of an angle a pet wolf that can run so fast and track like a beast. He is well known in our world. We are thankful for him and what he has done. This is the story of our hero who we call Nico.

I was in training the day it happened. I was halfway in a sword duel with my teacher. The doors flew wide open. A guard came in running. “Your highness your father once to see you at once.” I put my sword on the rank and ran out of the room towards the throne room. ” Mother??? Father??? What’s wrong did something happen?”

“Nico my boy I’m so glad you are here.” ” It’s your sister she has been taken.” WHAT! WHO WHAT WHEN!!! ” She was taken by the northern wolf pack. We need to get her back she is just a little girl.” I will go get her back. ” No my boy it is too dangerous out there for a prince.”

That night I looked out my window at the sky hoping that my little sister is ok. As the night grew quiet I closed my eyes hoping to hear something. I focused really hard and I heard wolves howling. “Don’t worry sis no matter what dad says I am coming to get you.”


That night I packed a bag and snuck out of the castle when you live here for years you know where everything is so it was easy. I left a note for my parents so they know I’m ok. Now I will spread my wings and take to the skies. I will fly low so I won’t be seen. I will stop to rest but the night I truly rest is when my family is back together again.

It's been a couple of hours so I head to the ground. I make a fire and have something to eat. I hear something in the bushes. I stand and pull out my sword. ” Come out...Now ” The sound came once more and there it is. It jumped from the bushes and began to growl at me. “Awww your a cute little thing.” It was a baby wolf I’m guessing a few months old.

Are you hungry little guy? The wolf sat and looked at me with those sad eyes. I gave him some food and he curled up next to me. Our journey has just begun little guy.

It’s a few days before I get the wolf tribe to save my sister Rose. I put out the fire and went to sleep.

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