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Chapter 2 (Roses choice)

The next day Nico and Alpha headed off on a normal dirt path. A few hours passed and they came across apple trees. BARK BARK! Alpha bark with excitement next to one of the trees. ” Are you hungry boy?” BARK! Alpha barked again to answer the question. Nico climbed a tree and picked some apples. Some for now and for later. He cut an apple for Alpha to eat due to him having puppy teeth. Once they were done they started down the path once more. Nice stops...There’s a rustle in the bushes. Alpha jumps out in front of Nico acting like a strong pup. SNAP! Nico turned around and pulled his sword. Once he turned his sword met another sword. Nico kicks the cloaked figure to the ground and pointed his sword in the face of the unknown figure.

“Please don’t hurt me I just wanted your money.”

Nico “If you needed some form of help you should just ask and not attack an armed person.”

“I’m sorry...I have never seen you here before so I thought I could pull it off.”

Nico “Who are you?” Nico let the figure stand but he kept his sword handy. The figure pulls his hood down.

“My name is Cleo... I am a thief and an outsider at my home. Who may you be?”

Nico “I am Nico and I’m on a mission to save my sister from the northern wolf pack.”

Cleo “Well than...that’s something you don’t hear every day. If I may I might be of some assistance to you on your journey if you will let me.”

Nico “If I let you come can I trust you to not do anything or take anything.”

Cleo “You can trust me...Word got out that the king and queen in the west kingdom had their child taken and that they needed help.” “Are you a guard?”

( I can’t tell her who I am at least not now...) Yes, I am.

Cleo “That’s really cool but you seem a little young to be one but I wont judge. AWW cute puppy you have.”

Nico “He’s a wolf and thanks.” Said with an eye roll “We should get moving we are loosing daylight.”

Our young adventurers plus wolf hit the road. At this point, it will take two days before they reach the northern wolf tribe. As the day goes on Nico and Cleo get to know each other. Cleo spoke about her family and how she is an outsider to her home. Nico spoke about mostly his training and his sister.


Previously in the northern wolf tribe.....

The wolves howled and barked so loud. I wake up to the same thing everyday and night since I was taken from my home. I miss my mother and father. I wonder what Nico is thinking right now? Maybe he is coming to save me. That’s real love. I think my father told everyone in the kingdom there is a price if someone finds me. My parents think I’m this little girl I’m sixteen that’s not little. Being here with the wolves is actually nice. I am learning a lot and even made a friend. The alpha of the pack lets me walk around I just can’t leave.

I have been here for a few days now. Yes I would love to go home but I wasn’t really noticed in the castle. Here I am treated like a princess. I get to have fun and still learn. I do miss my family though. I guess I have some things to think about.

Garde ” Princess Rose the alpha would like to have a word with you.”

Rose “Of course I’ll be on my way there then.”

The alpha of the tribe lives in the center of the village they have.

Rose “Excuse me..? I was told you wanted to see me.”

Alpha “Please call me Jacob.”

Rose “What is it you want to talk about Jacob?”

Jacob “You see Rose....We brought you here to get your father here but that hasn’t worked.“I wanted to go to plan B you could say.”

Rose “What is plan B?”

Jacob “It's almost the time for someone else to take my place. After all I am getting to old to lead now these days.”

Rose “What are you saying?”

Jacob “I’m saying I want you to marry my son, Prince Will.” “It will bring both your kingdom and our pack together to stop this war. You are of age to marry but I will let this be your choice. I can’t keep seeing my pack fall.”

Rose (This is a chance for me to do something amazing and for me to be a princess for real.) “Jacob if I may I would like to think about it just for the rest of the day if that is ok with you?”

Jacob “I will allow that. I shall have a answer by tomorrow. I hope you make the right choice.”

Later that night....

I sat on top of a rock pile looking over the tribe. I see peace and love. (Maybe its not a bad idea?)

??? “May I join you, princess?”

I turn around and see the prince? “Sure” He came up and sat next to me but not so close.

Rose “Your father and I spoke today.”

Will “Yes I heard about that. Is everything ok?”

Rose (Does he not know...) “Your father wants to join your tribe with my kingdom by marriage. “To also end the war as well.”

Will “Oh...really?”

Rose “I am sorry did you not know that?”

Will “Yes I was aware of my fathers thoughts I thought I would have more time though.”

Rose “Time for what?”

Will “I wanted to win your heart the right way. Not some forced marriage.”

Rose “I was considering doing it...the marriage.”

Will “Really now?”

Rose “Yes....because I feel more like myself here than at home.”

Will “Well then...I will do my best to be a great husband. While I’m here I guess I’ll give you this then.”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. Its a ring. He places it onto my finger.

Rose “I will also be the best wife I can be.” “Should we go tell your father then?”

Will “I guess we could do that now it is a full moon after all.”

We get down from the pill of rocks and we walked through the village. Everyone was looking at us. I don’t know what for though.

Will “Father are you still awake?”

Jacob “It is a full moon my son of course I am awake. Oh what’s this?“Good to see you again Rose it is a beautiful night.“Is there something you two need?”

I walked forward to Jacob and got on one knee. Beside me Will did the same. I held up my left hand with the ring showing for him to see.”

Will “She has agreed father.”

Jacob “Please my children stand up.“The moon shines its brightest tonight and shines upon you two. My boy you have made me so happy. Rose I am happy the world brought you to us.“Now follow me.”

Will and I stood up and followed Jacob out of his tent. Will walked by my side. We followed Jacob to the top of the hill where all could see us.

Jacob “My children of the night I am pleased to tell you all that my son has found his mate. Not only will these to be married they will join our pack and Roses kingdom. Ending the war and bringing peace to our home! I give you Prince William and Princess Rose.

Will took my hand and we held them up high. Everyone cheered and howled in happiness.

Jacob “You two shall be married in a month. Spend time together. The village will also want to talk to you.”

Will “Of course father.”

Jacob “Goodnight”

Will “Well shall we head to my tent and get some rest?”

Rose “If I may I would like to sleep one last time in my tent.”

Will “Yes that is fine with me. Sleep well my Rose.”

Rose “Goodnight Will get rest.”

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