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Chapter 3 (Cleo's past comes back)

The next day Cleo and I woke up with the sun on our faces. Alpha jumped on me like it was the first time he saw me. Cleo picked some berries from some bushes and we had breakfast. We are at least a day's walk away from the Northern wolf pack. All I want is to take my sister home and I hope she Is not hurt. I also hope it won’t be a fight to free her. I only wish she would try to stand up to mom and dad she lets them treat her like she’s a little girl.

Nico “Ok we have a days walk ahead of us we should get going ok.?”

Cleo “Well here are some berries and an Apple.” “What trail are we taking today?”

Nico “Well we of course will still head North but there are two paths. One long one and a short one.”

Cleo “Why are there two paths?”

Nico “Well the long one just goes through the woods and get us to the entrance of the tribe but the shorter one is like a short cut but that’s also where thieves are.”

Cleo “I suggest we take a short way.”

Nico “Are you crazy we could be attacked!”

Cleo “If you would listen.. I am also a thief. Plus I have an extra cloak that you can where so no one will notice you being a guard. Also if we walk fast or run they won’t really bother us.”

Nico “That is not a bad idea.”

We headed off to the town that was on the map. It took a few hours before we finally got to the front gate. Cleo passed me the clock and I put it on. I made sure that my face was coffered. For Alpha’s safety, I put him in my bag. I am praying this plan works. We step foot into the town. Of course, there are people looking at us. Cleo is looking back and forth while I kept looking forward. We made it to the middle of the town. Before we kept going Cleo grabbed my arm.

Cleo “Wait.”

Nico “What’s going on we are halfway there?”

Cleo “Someone is following us.”

I take a look and realize something out of place. There is a shadow of a person at least two buildings away from us.

Nico “What do we do?”

Cleo “This might sound crazy but...How fast can you run?”

Nico “I can go really fast if it means getting out safe but with the weight from Alpha in the bag I might fall behind a bit.”

Cleo “Ok here’s the plan...Give me the bag and then we are going to run down that road on our left. Once we get to the end we will make a right then start running. At the end of that road make a left and get on top of the buildings. We will go rooftop to rooftop for about four roads than fall into a bail of hay. Once in the hay don’t move we will lose that person ok?”

Nico “Sounds like a plan to me but how do you know all of that?”

Cleo “That doesn’t matter now ok. Let's just go ok?”

Nico “I’m ready.”

I followed Cleo to the road. The figure continued to follow us. We made the next turn and began to run. Next thing we knew we were being chased. I went right then left then up a ladder to get on the rooftops. I ran so fast and jumped to the next rooftop. Cleo was ahead of me doing the same.


I let my body fall than I found myself in a haystack. It was dark. I heard the figure fall. He is right in front of me. He sounds confused.”


I stayed in the pile and waited for Cleo’s signal that is was safe. Minutes passed by. I finally caught my breath. I hear my name.

Cleo “Nico it's clear to come out now. He’s gone.” “Are you ok?”

Nico “Yes I am ok thanks.” “Are you guys ok?”

Cleo “Alpha and I are ok.” “Look we are at our exit.”

We walked out of the town with a few scratches but nothing serious. There’s just one thing that’s on my mind though.

Nico “Hey Cleo let's rest over there for a little while ok.”

Cleo “Sounds good to me.”

Nico “I am sorry to ask but how did you know that place so well?” “You knew every turn and even where the hay was.”

Cleo turned around and put Alpha on the ground and then looked at me.

Cleo “I knew that place well because that was my home.”

Nico “You said you were kicked out of your town.”

Cleo “Yes I said that and yes that is true. It was the only way to make sure we get closer to saving your sister.”

Nico “Do you know who that man was?”

Cleo “I have no idea who that was. Let's just be grateful we made it out ok. Otherwise, we might have been killed.”

Nico “Thank you, Cleo.”

Cleo “No problem.”

Cleo and I made our way through the forest and came to an opening. There was a pond and fresh fruits everywhere.

Nico “Let's rest here for a while. After all, we are just a few hours away from the tribe. We might as well get our strength back.”

We put out our blankets and made a small fire. We talked and played with Alpha. I sharpened my sword and decided to lay down. Cleo would stand watch than she will rest and I will stand guard.

“We are almost there Rose.”


Back at the wolf tribe...

I wake up with the sun in my face...No wolfs howling or birds singing... Just peace and quiet. I get up and got a dress like it was any other day. The thing is it's not just a normal day. I am engaged with William.

I get ready for the day and headed out. It was a lovely day. I went down a path to take a morning walk. The peace was so nice. While I was walking I kept messing with the ring Will gave me last night. I wonder what he is doing right now.

We have a month to prepare for the wedding. The whole tribe is so happy and is already putting things together. All I have to do is plan my dress and a few small things. Since the wedding is happening in the center of the village the tribe is planning the traditional plans. For example, I will wear a white dress with a flower crown made by the mother of the groom. The wedding will take place during a full moon.

Legend says if a human marries a wolf they gain the abilities of a wolf. Some say its a myth I guess I will figure that out soon.

I headed back to the village looking at what everyone is doing. As I walk past everyone they say hello and how are you. I greeted each one of them. As I headed to my tent I saw something. There was a rose at the entrance of my tent. With a note from Will.

The note reads...

My dear Rose would you be so kind as to meet me at my tent so we can talk about some plans. From yours truly William.

I made my way to Williams's tent and walked in.

Rose “Will? Are you here? I got your rose.”

Next thing I knew I was spinning in the air. Will snuck up behind me and picked me up.

Rose “Will what are you doing you scared me?”

Will “I am just happy to see you.”

Rose “What is it you wanted to talk about?”

Will “My father is making sure that everything is getting ready for the wedding. Have you picked out a dress yet?”

Rose “I have two in mind right now but I am working on it. How about you?”

Will “I am doing my best, after all this is our first wedding I don’t want to mess anything up.”

He’s right it is our first wedding. This is a big deal for a lot of people.

Rose “I was going to talk to the villagers like your father said and see what I can do.”

Will “Can I join you? I have to do the same.”

Rose “I don’t see why not. They might have questions for both of us.”

We headed off into town and spoke to the people. We picked out the flowers that are white. The food has been picked as well. As for the place, settings were not sure just yet due to my parents not knowing about the wedding right now. I should send word to them. I would love for them to come.

We spoke to a few more people. This one lady had Will and I stumped. She asked us about starting a family. I looked at Will and he looked at me. I looked at the ground like I was shy about the question.

Will “Are you ok Rose?”

Rose “Huh um yes I am fine. The question has me thinking.”

The lady looks at me and smiles. “I can see in your eyes child that you want a child.” She shocked me with what she said. How did she know?

Will “Would you like to have a child someday?”

Rose “I always wanted a family of my own. Yes, I would love to have a kid or two. I would like to have a son.”

Lady “I think when the time is right you shall have your son.” “Here take this and let your dreams be sweet.”

She hands me a dream catcher. It was clearly made from scratch a true piece of art.

Rose “It is so pretty thank you so much.”

She looks so happy with the compliment I gave her.

A few hours later...

Will and I are in his tent enjoying some time together. Right now I am trying to keep my eyes open but I am so tired.

Will “You look sleepy maybe you should lay down before tonight?”

Rose “I’m fine I promise I just had a rough night that’s all.”

Will “I can’t let you tier yourself out here just lay down.”

Rose “Ok ok I will take a little nap.” “Only on one condition.”

Will “Ah and what does my lady wish?”

Rose “Will you join me?” “You know so we can get used to it.”

Will “I would love to.”

Will picks me up and puts me on his bed. He makes sure I am covered up so I won’t get cold. He laid down next to me and placed his hand on my cheek. I felt safe and warm. I looked at his face one last time before I closed my eyes. Next thing I knew I was sound asleep.

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