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Chapter 4 (Maybe peace)


It took me a second to wake

James “Wake up boy.”

I jumped up so fast that I got light-headed and fell. When I look up I see my father standing there along with my mother.

Nico “Mother... Father what a total surprise. How did you two catch up to us?”

Dad “The better question is why are you here. I told you to stay at home.”

Mom “What!! your father means to say. Is that we were worried about you. Also, who is the girl with the grey hair and the oh so cute puppy.”

Nico “I came because I care for my sister and I want her safe. Also mom that is Cleo, and the puppy is Alpha.”

Everyone got quiet. I walked over to Cleo and untied her from the tree. She followed me back to my parents and I gave Alpha to my mom for her to pet.

Nico “Why are you guys here if I may ask again?”

Dad “We got word from the tribe that they have news. That they want to have peace.”

Nico “That’s a good thing right. That means Rose is safe and we can bring her home.”

Mom “Yes we are all happy to know that Rose hasn’t been harmed. You know your father though he thinks something is wrong. Luckily we found you so we can all go together.”

I walked over and hugged my mother. I grabbed Alpha and put him into Cleo’s bag. I picked up my sword and looked back at my parents. My father gathered some men so we can leave. As we walked to the entrance to the tribe the silence grew and grew. We are at the gate and we were stopped. Three wolves were at the gate blocking our way in.

James “I am king James I am here to get my daughter back. I demand to speak to your leader.”

We walked into the tribe...


This morning I woke up in a warm embrace. I open my eyes and see that Will had his arms around me. I felt safe.

I lay still enjoying the moment. Like always the moment ends with something. There was a commotion coming from outside. I sat up rubbing my eye. Will sat up as well stretching his arms out.

Will “What’s going on out there?”

Rose “I have no idea whatever it is its sounds serious.”

Will “Aw man... I was really enjoying this. Anywho we should go see what’s going on.”

Rose “Might as well.”

Will and I got ready and heading out to see what was going on. As we walked side by side we notice that everyone was going to Jacob's tent. Why was everyone there? We manage to get some of the crowd than we stopped. Will's arm got in front of me.

Will “Rose stay behind me.”

Rose “Will what’s going on?” (He seems angry)

I manage to get a look to see what was happening. A rush of emotion came over me. I saw my parents and my brother. “Oh no-no.” I pushed Wills arm out of the way and started making my way to the tent.

Will “Rose wait for me!”

I made it to the tent. Before I went in I took a deep breath. I went heart started to speed up as I met eyes with my father.


James “Rose??? Is that really you... my daughter?” I nodded my head.

Elizabeth “It is so good to see you. My sweet girl.” I smiled at my mother. My eyes met Nico’s.

I walked over to my brother and gave him a hug. “I missed you so big brother.”

Will came in and saw everyone. He walked over to his father. I walked over to them as well.

Jacob “I see that you got our letter please take a seat.” We all sat down.

James “We are here for our daughter Rose.”

Jacob “I understand that your highness but I will like to talk to you about a peace treaty.”

Elizabeth “I for one will like to hear about that.”

Jacob “I suggest that we combine kingdoms. With marriage.”

Nico “WHAT!!”

Elizabeth “I think that is a lovely idea. We can finally stop fighting. What do you think dear?”

James “I disagree! You took our daughter and now you want peace. This is an outrage I am taking Rose home today!”

Rose “No father!” The room went quiet. “I am putting my foot down I am not leaving. I am happy here. With Will.”

James “How dare you to talk to me in that tone. I am your father and you will listen to me.”

Will “I will not let you speak to her that way sir. Yes, you are her father but she is my fiancé.”

Elizabeth “Fiancé!!! Really I am so happy for you two. Honey calm down can’t you see that there trying to help the kingdom.”

I looked at Will and saw that his eyes have change colors. I was so nervous about everything going on. Nico looked frozen I have to say something.

Rose “Mother, Father please listen to me. I made this choice myself. I want to help the kingdom but I also want to help this tribe. Please understand that. Nico do you know what I’m trying to say.?”

Nico “Yes I understand. I am also happy for you. My friend and I will wait for you guys outside the gates. Can I hug you, one last time sis?”

I hugged my brother one last time. I was happy to see him. I turn and see that Will's eyes were still a different color. I tried placing my hand on his arm but he was burning up I couldn’t touch him.

Some time passed and Jacob finally got my father to understand everything and that would happen if we made peace. Of course, my parents will come to the wedding. I told my parents goodbye. I said my goodbyes to Jacob for the day as well. Will sat down I guess to calm down. I headed into the woods to clear my head. It was getting dark so I laid down to look at the stars. I was there for a while till I saw Will standing over me.

Rose “Are you ok?”

Will “I am now. What are you doing?”

Rose “I just wanted to give you some space I didn’t know what to do. It kind of scared me.”

Will “How did I scare you?”

I sat up. As I looked at Will I started to tear up a bit.

Rose “I couldn’t touch you. Your skin was on fire. Your eyes were a different color. I didn’t understand what was happening.”

Will looked at me with a concerned look. He grabbed my hand.

Will “I am so sorry I scared you. It's the werewolf in me. When I get angry my eyes change and the burning skin well that was me trying not to turn.”

Rose “I get it you were doing the right thing. I am sorry about my father. Your eyes are still different.

Will “I am still a little on edge that’s all.”

I place my hand on his face hoping that would help him. He smiles at me. He leans in and gives me a kiss. I laid down looking up hoping that my brother is ok. After all only he was born with wings.

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