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Chapter 5 (Betrayed)

I am happy for my sister really I am. I just wish that my father didn’t blow a fuss as he did. What matters is that she is happy. I trust that Will will take care of her.

Elizabeth “Your Cleo right?”

Cleo “Yes your highness I am.“I hope that I am not in trouble for helping your son.”

Elizabeth “Of course not. For one I am happy that my son has a friend and now a pet of his own.”

I looked at my mother and smiled. Alpha walked by my side as my father walked ahead of us.

Nico “Mother are we really having peace with the wolf tribe?“Father doesn’t look too happy.”

Elizabeth “Your father doesn’t realize that Rose is a grown lady and that is ready to play her part as a princess.“Right now let's be happy for your sister and get back to your camp so we can head home.”

The day went on like every other day from that point on. Cleo and I told my mother and father of our journey. It was nice to have this moment with them. I hope that Rose will keep in touch with our parents.

We get back to camp and my father still doesn't seem happy. Every time we speak about the wolves and Rose he rolls his eyes. As king, he should be happy for his daughter and that peace is coming to the kingdom. My mother is making sure that the carriage is ready to go here soon. As for the guards, they are standing watch like normal.

We got into the carriage and headed on our way home. My mother is allowing Cleo to come home with us since she does not have a home.

The ride home was silent. Alpha was asleep and everyone else was looking out a window. I was too as I sorted out my thoughts.


Meanwhile at the wolf tribe.......

Will and I fell asleep in the field that night. I know because the sun was right in my face. I opened my eyes and saw the beauty of nature around me. I manage to remove myself from Will's grasps. I stood up and looked at Will. (He lays there in peace he seems to be calm now.)

I knelt down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Will? Hey...I’m gonna go do some planning will you be ok here?” He rolled over and somewhat opened his eyes. “Ya, I’ll be ok.” With that, I took my leave to the tribe.

I walked around looking at everything that was being put together. “Let's see I still need a dress.” I turned the corner and saw a lady with a spinning wheel. “Hello, mam do you know where I can find wedding dresses?”

“Oh yes. You came to the right place.“I have already pulled a few out for you to look at.“These are the ones that past queens have worn.”

I looked at all the dresses and tried some on. They were all wonderful. How does one pick out their dress for their big day? I wish my mother was here to help me. After some time I finally picked out a dress. Those who helped me took it to where I’ll go on the day of the wedding. I then found me with the people who were in charge of the decor. Everything was coming along nicely.

I met with Will's mom to talk about the flower crown I have to wear. She even showed me how to make one the proper way. “The wedding is in a few days...Are you ready to be apart of this family?” “Yes, I am. It feels more like home here.”

The sun started to set and I headed back to the field to see if Will was still there. Once I got there I saw well nothing he wasn’t there. (Where did you go?) I headed to the alphas tent to see if he was there?

Rose “Jacob? sir are you here?”

Jacob “I am in here my dear come in.”

Rose “I am sorry to intrude but I can not find Will.”

Jacob “I know where he is my child I am sad to say that your father has taken him.”

Rose “Why would he do that? Will is strong he could of escape.”

Jacob “It was a sneak attack if I had to guess. We don’t have the time to put an army together to go save him.”

Rose “I will go...I know my way in and out of the castle. I just won't be able to get there fast enough.”

Jacob “There should be a horse outside my tent. You go save him but be careful.”

I headed off into the woods as fast as the horse would go. “I’m coming Will just stay strong.”

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