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I Am Hers, She Is Mine

“They tried to burn her, not knowing she was a flame.”
~ R.H. Sin


Dom’s terrified scream echoed in my head, and when I turned around to see what was wrong with Anna, I barely had time to register the ax about to decapitate her when Elsa latched onto the Shadow’s wrist. She yanked him back so hard, I heard his neck snap from the force. His body slumped to the ground, and she left him wheezing to death. Dom finished him off, furiously ripping out his throat.

As much as I wanted to check on Elsa, we still had other Shadows to deal with. Elsa, for being injured, fought like a demon, raining hell down on anyone who crossed her path, never taking a breath between each attack. She moved in one fluid, deadly motion. Anna, Dom, and I could hardly keep up with her, and every time we finished taking down one Shadow, she’d taken out at least two or three in the same time.

With the kids’ help, we soon took down the remaining Shadows, adding to the disturbing body count. Slick with blood, I shifted into human, wiping the excrement on my clothes. Along with Anna, I made my way to Elsa to check on her, but her focus went to Viktor, and she asked in a scary calm voice, “Where is she?”

“I don’t know,” Viktor admitted, taking a cautious step towards her. “Elsa, I think it’s best you take a breather and-”

Elsa cut him off. “I want Odette. Where is she?”

“I think she went to the first floor, where her office is. But Elsa, you really need to-”

My girlfriend paid no further attention, shifting and taking off. Unable to do anything but follow, we chased after her. Elsa easily outdistanced us, not even touching the stairs as she went through the stairwell.

The hell is she on? Dom inquired, sounding slightly irked.

Whatever’s in that patch Kline gave her, it’s giving her a one-track mind. Anna replied. I want to know who this Odette bitch is. I’ve never seen Elsa ask about someone like that.

I’ve never seen Elsa like this at all. I remarked, barely managing to keep Elsa in my sights. She entered the frenzy of the first floor, leaping into the fight. Jesus Christ, how is she still going?

“Nice of you to join us again!” Brayden hollered over the cacophony, grinning like a madman. I began, then and there, to suspect he might actually be psychotic if he was enjoying this. That, or he was thrilled to finally get revenge on these people. Still, it was unnerving.

“Yeah, well, we have a mad Shifter on the loose,” Viktor said, kneeling to the floor and aiming his gun into the crowd, taking careful shots at the adult Shadows.

“I heard about the Game of Thrones-esque bloodbath upstairs.” Brayden dodged a spear that flew at his head. “Looks like it’s continuing here. Seriously, what the fuck did Kline put in that patch?”

“You knew about that?”

“Uh, I might’ve eavesdropped on one of his conversations with Miriam.”



Viktor shook his head. “Just shut up and fight. We’ll talk about socially acceptable manners afterward.”

I paid no further attention to their conversation, throwing myself into the battle and attempting to stay as close to Elsa as possible. Her devilish rampage continued as she single-handedly took Shadow by Shadow down, saving countless lives in the process. Any Shadows that didn’t die from her first attack, Anna, Dom, or I took care of them, crushing their windpipes, ripping their throats out, or cracking their skulls.

Elsa had yet to say a word to us, but she seemed to know we were behind her, finishing off her path of destruction.

At least, we were until an explosion rocked the compound.

We all ducked for cover, desperately trying to shield ourselves from the debris. I hated not knowing what was going on, but I feared if I looked up, I’d be blinded by the dust or flying fragments.

Spencer? Dom asked worriedly. Are you okay?

Yeah, I think so. You?

I’m fine, but Anna got knocked in the head pretty badly.

I’m fine! Anna protested although she didn’t sound ‘fine.’ Where’s Elsa and the rest of the pack?

I cautiously lifted my head up, scanning my surroundings. My pack, some injured and some unscathed, were lifting their heads up from underneath the rubble. At the end of the hallway, a woman stood with a grenade launcher. The sight of her sent chills down my spine. It dawned on me that she was willing to risk her allies’ lives at the expense of taking us out.

Movement behind me caught my eye. Turning around, I saw Elsa standing up and shaking the dust off her coat. I sighed in relief, knowing she was okay. Her focus zeroed in on the terrifying woman at the end of the hall, and I swear I saw a red haze descend over her vision. Instinct told me this mystery woman must be Odette.

A gunshot rang out, and suddenly, and Odette’s grenade launcher clattered to the ground, her hand mangled and bleeding. Snarling, she pulled out her own gun and shot the kid point-blank. Bile rose in my throat at the sight, and I could only pray it was a quick death for the girl.

Elsa howled a battle cry. The remaining Shadow allies and our pack rose up from the ground- beaten down and exhausted- ready for the final push to victory. Elsa still made one thing clear: Odette was hers.

My girlfriend took off down the hall after Odette, who, by now, had bolted down another corridor. I chased after her, briefly glancing over my shoulder to see if Anna was with me. She remained behind with Dom.

Dom’s hurt. Anna said, her voice shaky. Go save Elsa.

Take care of him and yourself.

You too.

Elsa’s scent was strong, stronger than it had been on the third floor where she’d left all the carnage, and the only way that was possible was if she was bleeding severely herself. Losing that amount of blood meant she wouldn’t be able to hold up much longer, no matter what was in that suspicious patch.

I skidded around a corner and entered a large office. Papers were strewn about, furniture was toppled and broken, and in the middle of it all, Odette and Elsa circled each other. Elsa’s foamed at the mouth, and if I didn’t know her, I would’ve been petrified.

Odette was deathly pale, sweat rolling down her body. Her hand bled severely, drops of blood trailing her. I caught a whiff of it, and it smelled strange yet familiar.

Then, when Elsa launched herself at Odette, realization and horror struck me simultaneously. Shifting, I shouted, ”ELSA, NO!"

I was too late.

Elsa clamped down on Odette’s neck, blood gushing out along with the all-too-potent stench of wolfsbane.

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