Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Adam and Aaron are now both actively looking for the other. Over coming the hurdles the world they inhabit places in their path's because they are male. With many dangers ahead of them they discover their bond is still strong. This is written in the third person so both boys stories can be told.

Adventure / Action
Claire Booth
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The car glides through the silent night. The occupants shrouded by the dark that wraps its tranquillity around them. The boy deep in thought. Trying to block the chilling scenes that proceeded him being here. Tears drift down his perfect face, but he makes no effort to wipe them away. His normally electric blue eyes lifeless and dull. Obscured by floppy blonde hair. His hands lay twisted together in his lap. As his teeth worry his bottom lip.

The girl is completely absorbed in her laptop furiously typing away a scowl on her face. She glances at him and huffs, before reaching across and wrapping one of her hands around his. Gently she pulls his fingers free. Stroking is hands flat she smiles at him. Her blue eyes a mirror of his full of concern at his distress.

‘Adam, sweetheart,’ her soft voice full of concern as her finger brushes his mouth releasing his lip. He turns to her slightly as her thumbs brush away the tears. ‘I am sorry, but I have to demonstrate my authority. I have to keep you safe,’

He nods his head unable to speak showing his acceptance. She is right and he is tired of running. His gaze returns to somewhere outside the window. A distant place to allow his mind to shut off and give him some semblance of peace.

The car smooths to a gentle stop. The young chauffeur steps out and opens the door. The girl gets out first, turning she extends her had to the boy. The chauffeur watches as he climbs gracefully out. Hesitating, as he stretches all the while his eyes takein the new surroundings.

Turning a small smile graces his lips. ‘Thank you,’ he mutters and the young chauffeur blushes. She has never seen a male before and marvels at his beauty. Knowing not to comment or show any reaction. She likes this job and intends to keep it. She touches her cap in silent acknowledgement.

He takes a breath as he looks up at the imposing manor house and its gothic architecture. The girl links her arm with his.

‘Oh, Adam you worry too much we are going to be great friends you and I,’ pulling him forward her whole demeaner quivers with anticipation. Her companion follows his shoulders not as straight as they might be.

‘Yeah sure Gillian,’ his voice devoid of emotion as he follows her inside. To be greeted by a smartly dressed woman. She smiles at the boy. He bows his head and places his hands behind his back to show his submission in her presence. She is a Mother and she will take care of all his needs.

‘Adam,’ Gillian lifts his chin. ‘You don’t need to do that here,’ her gaze softens as she leans forward her lips feather lite against his. Her hand reaching his behind his back prising them apart.

‘I… yes, sorry, habit,’ his words stumble out.

‘It will be alright, you will see,’ turning she walks away along the hallway. Adam watches her go without comment.

‘Come Adam,’ He startles as he had momentarily forgotten she was stood with them. Adam follows the Mother along a corridor and stops outside a room. The Mother turns to him with a smile. He knows not to smile back but to keep his expression neutral.

‘Adam dear you wait here a moment,’ she gazes at him with her hazel eyes, she has a nice face, round and perfectly made up her hair is swept up in a bun but tendrils float around her face softening the effect. As usual she is dressed in a black form fitting dress her cleavage pushed up and on display complimenting her perfect hourglass figure. Adam fights the need to smile as he feels sort of comforted by her and her familiarity.

As she pushes the door open, he catches a glimpse inside. A large desk dominates the room as a small lamp sheds a soft glow of light over the room and its occupant. Gillian is sat looking at a computer screen while holding a paper folder. She frowns as she looks up listening to the Mother. Adam strains to hear what they are saying in their hushed tones as he is sure it is about him. All he hears is he is being moved again tomorrow. He wonders where too! His next thought where is this?

The Mother comes out and Adam bows his head again. She walks further along the hallway. Ushering Adam into a room, he gives it a quick glance taking in the layout and the sparse furniture and the bed dominating the room and the other door that probably leads to a bathroom.

‘Right let’s get you clean and then take a sample, strip please,’ she commands. Having no choice but to obey the indoctrination of his birth and upbringing always coming to the fore.

‘Good boy,’ she surveys him walking slowly around, finally she stands in front of him and frowns before reaching out and lifting his arms. ‘Hmm a bit skinny, need to feed you up, otherwise a very nice specimen,’ she lowers his arms and smiles. ‘Shower please.’

Moving to the bathroom as instructed. Taking in the pristine tiles and large walk in shower a shelf filled with fluffy white towels. Switching the water on waiting mere seconds for it to warm. Stepping into the shower grateful she hasn’t followed him. Standing letting the water wash away the grime and tension before washing his hair. Taking a deep breath before turning the water off and wrapping a towel around his waist, using another towel to dry his hair.

He knows she is waiting for him in the bedroom and he is fully aware what comes next. It is protocol and even Gillian must follow it. In its way it will keep him safe. He will be back on Gen-Corps data base no longer missing. He resigns himself to this as it is the only way to get the movement papers he needs.

She has laid out clothes for him the medical bag by the bed. Taking the towel, she dry’s him, touching, getting him ready all part of the familiar process. Moving to the bed he lays back closing his eyes as her voice washes over him. Blocking out the words he concentrates on the tone letting his body perform as it has been trained while he shuts his mind. Feeling the familiar clench of his belly he lets out a groan with the release.

Pulling on his pyjamas as she packs away the samples all carefully labelled. He relaxes once he hears the door shut quietly as she leaves the room. Scooting over the bed he pulls out his laptop from his bag and reads the latest report. Knowing he will have to read it again tomorrow as his mind is mush at the moment.

The door opening and closing with the scent of her perfume distracts him as she drifts about the room kicking off her shoes she sighs as she stands on one leg rubbing her foot. There gazes lock for a moment as he raises a brow with a smirk. She knows he finds her heels amusing. That she wears them despite the discomfort they cause.

‘Adam honey could you undo my dress?’ Shedding her jacket as he climbs off the bed and saunters over to her. Taking a handful of her pale hair he lifts it out the way as he pulls down the zip. She sighs at his touch. His finger gently brushes the fabric off her shoulders. Watching as she wiggles to allow the dress to pool at her feet. Stepping out of it, making sure he gets a full view of her toned body the scrapes of lace masquerading as underwear shown to there full advantage. His breath hitching is all the conformation she needs.

‘What are you reading?’ She turns and kisses him on the mouth.

‘Some of the files you sent me and the results from the tests the doctors have been running,’ a gasp escapes him as her hands find his skin as she pulls his night shirt free. ‘We are missing something. I don’t suppose you have the original files from when they first made the contraceptive?’ Unable to stifle the groan as her hands start drifting down. ‘Gillian are you even listening to me?’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ she pulls his night shirt off and lets her bra drop to the floor. ‘I have the original research he did if you want to read that. You look like him you know. I noticed that the first time I saw you.’

‘Who do I look…like?’ Finding it really hard to concentrate as her hands slip into his pyjama bottoms.

‘Doctor Martin Echo of course silly,’ she pushes him back on to the bed. With little resistance from him lifting his hips so she can remove his bottoms giggling as there is no other barrier between them.

‘I have really missed you,’ she says before her mouth claims his and her legs straddle his hips. A contented sigh escaping her lips.

‘Gillian I was doing research,’ his voice amused before her mouth silences him.

‘This is research,’ she sniggers.

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