Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Nine part 2

Adam has had to adapt mentally, he needed to push it all to the back of his mind or go mad brooding. It occurred to him quite quickly that rebelling against Troy was a waste of his time and energy, as he was really no different to him. So, his plan is to get his laptop working and contact Thomas, who incidentally, he is going to slap next time he sees him. Get caught he said, find your brother, yeah, I will find Aaron and then Sophie. That shouldn’t be too difficult, I am not watched and there isn’t a fence, so in theory I could just walk out. he suspects it won’t be that easy. Sitting on his bed as he does his laces up as Truda saunters in. After this debacle called school, Adam is going to have a look at the East side, find someone to fix his laptop.

‘Hurry up, Adam, or we will be late again.’

‘I am ready,’ Adam retorts, as he grins, grabbing his bag checking his books.

Adam spends the morning in self-defence class. That is the main objective of the school teaching them how to survive, not just the smattering of boys but the girls as well. Adam has some other lessons as well, since they know about his intelligence, what these will achieve he has no idea, after all you don’t need to be well read or be able to do calculous to make babies. Adam spends a lot of his time watching, seeing if he is guarded or watched in return. Just waiting, until he can slip away, find his brother and leave.

‘Can I sit here?’ looking up Adam registers a slim girl with dark almost black hair and pale skin. She is the first girl to openly talk to him. The others just giggle and whisper, in that annoying way girls behave. Adam really misses Gillian, not her per se but her conversation and intellect. He misses Sophie as well, but when he thinks about her it makes him angry, so he tries not to.

‘Sure,’ Adam shuffles up and then ignores her as she sits down.

‘Harriet,’ she says quietly before eating her lunch.

‘Adam,’ he sees a brief smile flash across her features.

‘You belong to Helena, don’t you?’ her voice startles him, as his head jerks up and their eyes lock.

‘Yeah, what’s it to you,’ rude, he knows, but doesn’t want to be her friend. Adam takes a bite from his sandwich. He is many things but stupid isn’t one of them and he knows what she is doing. He is so not interested in their games.

‘You will be matched then, not sold,’ she declares and then gets up, picking up her tray and walking off. Adam scrambles to his feet, shoving his stuff into his bag and goes after her. That he didn’t expect, and it caught him completely off guard. Reaching out his hand, he grasps her arm, stopping her progress.

‘What do you mean,’ she flinches at his tone.

‘Come with me,’ she sighs, as several pairs of eyes watch them, well Adam, mostly. Taking his hand, she leads him out and away from the cafeteria. The fresh air is a welcome relief, as he breaths in lungsful. A feeling of suffocation had engulfed him from her words. She leads me over to a tree a distance from habitation, pulling him down they sit cross legged.

‘No, that isn’t what I was told. I belong to Madame Ramsbottom, they will have to give me back eventually, I am underage, there are protocols,’ Adam blurts this out, as anger fills him at the injustice of it all. Damn, how much time does he have, going to have to speed things up, no time for subtleties now?

‘Not here, those rules don’t apply, sorry,’ Adam runs his hands down his face, as anger engulfs him, calming his breathing, he regains control. Going to have to speed getting out up, ideally, he wanted to see how heavily guarded the perimeter was.

‘Is that why you keep to yourself, don’t make friends,’ he nods, unable to speak, as the anger that is always with him bubbles through his veins.

‘Oh, Adam, they lied, of course they aren’t going to give you back, do you have any idea how valuable you are?’

‘No,’ Adam shakes his head, not wanting to believe her, but deep down, in the recess of his mind he knows she is right and that angers him more. ‘I don’t want to do that, I don’t even want to be here,’ Adam snarls out not caring who hears. ‘I can’t give them what they want, I am an Echo.’

‘I know you don’t, so I will help you, I am aware of what you are and so are they.’


‘Why, what?’ she frowns at me, her brows knitting together. Adam huffs and runs his hands through his hair in frustration.

‘Why are you helping me,’ he grounds out slowly. ‘What do you want?’ Everyone wants something from him! he has learnt that since being free. Not that he is free, this is just a different form of captivity. ‘Look, I know you mean well, but in all honesty, I don’t need your help. I can’t give you a baby.’ He states firmly.

‘We don’t all want that,’ she spits out, glaring at him.

‘Of course, you do, so how about we don’t lie to each other,’ Adam raises a brow and waits for her answer.

‘Oh… I like you,’ she grins and shrugs, as Adam shakes his head. He doesn’t believe her; even he isn’t that stupid, but he doesn’t question her further. Turning he heads to Helena’s tent that he now calls home. He knows she is watching but he doesn’t look back.

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