Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Nine part 3

Harriet is waiting for him the next morning and he has a feeling she is going to be his new best friend, whether he wants her to be or not. So, he decides his only course of action is to use this friendship to his advantage. As they walk through the camp they are joined by John and Luke. They are both rescued Adams a similar age to Adam.

‘How long have they been here?’

‘Four months,’ Luke answers, he finds Adam amusing with his sullenness; his dark chocolate eyes laugh at him. He reminds Adam of Matthew; except he has dark flawless skin and black curly hair that is always styled perfectly. Not like Adams that seems to have a mind of its own, always in his eyes despite Truda’s best efforts.

‘We came from the same boy’s home,’ John explains his voice quiet, matching his pale, frail look. With his translucent skin and shock of red hair, he is delicate like Adam.

‘Ready for the move,’ he then enquires, and Adam sees a faint colour in Harriet’s cheeks as her head snaps up and she glares at him.

‘What move?’ she demands, her brow furrowing.

‘The move to Germany, it is next month now, they moved it forward,’ he explains, a frown marring his perfect Adam features.

‘Oh, that,’ Harriet replies with indifference, but Adam knows she is far from indifferent, that caught her by surprise. Harriet glances sideways at Adam.

Adam ambles between the tents that make up the school making his way to his next class. His mind still churning over the information he received, the anger still bubbling beneath the surface, his hands ball into fists, the urge to hit something is almost over whelming. He has never felt like this before, at the boy’s home it was mostly apathy and with Sophie he was happy, but here he is angry. John and Truda catch him up, along with Harriet.

‘Hi Adam, will you be my partner in self-defence?’ Harriet asks, linking her arm with his; she has sort of claimed him, Adam realises.

‘Course he will, it’s the only time he gets to be on top of you,’ John chuckles and Adam blushes, as even Truda sniggers.

‘Shut up you lot,’ no longer able to hold the anger in, he stomps away from them.

‘Adam, they didn’t mean anything,’ he feels her hand on his arm and shrugs it off as he turns on her.

‘What do you want from me?’ Adam is shouting and right now he doesn’t care who hears or sees.

‘Nothing,’ she steps away from him and he can see the fear on her face as he realises, he wants her to be frightened, he wants her to experience it like he has had too, as he laughs.

‘Yes, you do, you all want something, now leave me alone,’ walking away from her, he runs his hands through his hair, damn he will have to find a new partner now.


‘It’s okay Truda, I just need a minute,’ Adam pulls her into a hug ‘See you later, okay, you get to class,’ he ruffles her hair and pushes her toward the others.

Adam meanders through the myriad of tents heading toward the east side. His attention caught by a woman sat fixing a computer. Stopping he watches her for a bit. Taking in her dark hair and young face as her slim fingers expertly put it back together.

‘Can I help you?’ She looks up at him and he swallows, nervous, coughing to clear his throat. She smiles again as he pulls his hands from his pockets.

‘Um, could you fix one with water damage?’ she blinks, and her eyes travel down the length of his body and then back to his face.

‘Where did you get it, is it stolen?’ Adam can feel a blush creep up his face, good grief, I hate being blond. His first thought.

‘No, it is not stolen, it is mine,’ giving her a hard stare, trying to look intimidating, judging by her grin it’s not working.

‘How do you have a computer, you are an Adam?’

‘I was given it, by the girl that used to own me.’

‘Not your current owner?’ Adam gives his head a shake and she smiles again.

‘Who knows you have it?’

‘No one,’ Adam snaps back. ‘Sorry,’ he immediately apologises, and she smiles at me again.

‘How will you pay?’ Adam gives a shrug, he doesn’t have any money, well not enough to pay with. He watches her gaze slide over him again as he realises, he can pay her in another way despite that being truly distasteful. ‘Bring it tomorrow; if I can fix it, you will give me a sample, Deal.’

‘Deal,’ he reaches out his hand to shake deciding that isn’t as bad as the things he was imagining shaking it she smiles at him again.

‘You are brave, you haven’t even asked how I want that sample,’ she holds Adams hand tight as she looks him in the eye.

‘I don’t care either way, what does it matter, I am not a person to you and this is a business transaction, however it is done that is how I will treat it,’ she leans back and let’s go of his hand, as she bursts out laughing.

‘I like you, you are different, you understand,’ she looks Adam over again. ‘Bring your laptop tomorrow at four and I will look at it.’

‘Thanks,’ Adam grins for the first time, turning to leave.

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