Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Nine part 4

‘Adam, what are you doing?’ Harriet runs up to him, leaning over to get her breath back, ignoring the woman and her shop as she pulls Adam away.

‘I needed to think,’ taking in her flushed cheeks, her green eyes travelling over his body.

‘You shouldn’t just do this, it’s dangerous, you are still an Adam and even here you could get raped,’ she hisses at him while gazing around them her movements jerky and nervous.

‘Yeah, thanks for that. But from where I am standing that is going to happen to me anyway,’ Adam growls back breaking free of her grip.

‘Please Adam, we need to go back.’

‘Well go back then, I can take care of myself.’

‘No, you can’t, I’m your partner in self-defence remember,’ Adam can’t help it and a smile pulls the corners of his mouth up as she has a point, he is rubbish.

‘Adam, this is not funny,’ Harriet glares at him, but she is grinning now. Adam turns to make his way back when he hears crying.

‘Shush Harriet what’s that noise?’

‘What n….’ Adam puts his hand over Harriet’s mouth, so she mumbles the last of her sentence into his hand as he listens.

‘That’s odd I didn’t think anyone was here, Truda said it was just rubbish skips over here, no one lives, here do they?’ Adam walks to the door the crying is coming from and stops his hand on the door handle. Adam has an internal battle as he decides whether to go in.

‘Adam, that was disgusting, how do I know where your hand has been,’ Harriet complains wiping her mouth in an exaggerated way, making him chuckle as he shushes her.

Slowly, he pushes the handle down and hears the clunk as the door opens, he pushes it so he can see into the tent it is dark with only one light.

‘Adam, this is such a bad idea,’ Harriet whispers from behind him, but he notices she still follows.

Adam moves inside and follows the crying. Finally, he pushes a curtain back. The room is like his but plainer, the single bed is against one wall with a small cabinet next to it. In the bed a figure lays huddled, there back to me. Adam can just see their shoulders quiver as they cry the pillow over there head.

‘Right, you have seen now let’s go,’ Harriet whispers clutching his arm. As Adam walks in a voice shouts at him, well not him exactly.

‘Go away Alice.’

‘I…um I am not Alice,’ Adam answers hovering by the door unsure. The figure sits up and gapes at him. She pushes her long blonde hair off her face, a pair of violet blue eyes glare at him from a delicate cute face, a smattering of freckles across her nose.

‘What are you doing in my house, I don’t want to see you?’ she glares at Adam her violet eyes full of dislike.

‘Yeah, come on Adam, you heard the girl,’ Harriet hisses in his ear.

‘I heard you crying,’ Adam answers puzzled at her reaction.’ Are you okay?’

‘Since when did you care, never have before,’ she glares at him even more.

‘What, I don’t know you?’ Adam frowns really confused now.

‘Oh, piss off, I’m not playing your stupid games and I’m not having sex with you anymore I don’t care if they terminate you, you got me pregnant you idiot, that was never the plan,’ she hisses at Adam. ‘What’s with the preppy look, you look ridiculous, and who is the girl your latest conquest.’

‘What, how rude, I am not a conquest,’ Harriet splutters, her voice full of indignation as she pulls at Adams arm to leave.

‘I’m sorry, do I know you, why would I want to have sex with you?’ Adam answers really confused now.

‘Okay, you want to play, I will play, you have sex with me because I’m your match, duh, we both belong to Tribe and it is our duty, and I thought you liked me. Well that was a stupid assumption to make wasn’t it,’ she is still glaring at me. ‘I wish I had never rescued you now. Should have let you die in the dirt with my sister after all that was what you wanted,’

‘What no, I…look I took a wrong turn and heard you crying, sorry I will go now,’ Adam answers backing up to the door with Harriet.

‘Oh, at last,’ Harriet sighs out.

‘What is Tribe, and how do I belong to it, explain,’ Adam stops as her words sink in and just this once he wants answers. He is so fed up with people saying this stuff and then leaving him floundering in the dark. Well not this time he decides.

‘Wait,’ the girl climbs out of her bed and walks over to him. Adam backs up and feels the door press against his back he flinches as he reaches round putting his hand on the handle. He can clearly see the swell of her belly as the shorts and top she is wearing do nothing to hide it. She walks over and stands in front of him and peers at his face. ‘Who are you?’ she looks Adam over, squinting at his face. ‘You aren’t him,’ Harriet is stood to one side watching their interaction, with what Adam can only describe as fascination.

‘Adam,’ he manages, she is so close he can smell her, she smells of flowers and antiseptic.

‘That’s impossible; he told me you were dead, died when you were fourteen,’ she frowns.

‘Who told you I was dead?’ Adam manages even though he knows the answer and he is so glad he is leaning against the door as that is all that is holding him up as his legs feel like water.

‘Aaron did,’ she whispers.

‘Whoa, who is Aaron,’ Harriet demands.

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