Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Eleven

‘No Adam, you can’t this is even more dangerous than I thought, this isn’t normal, we have to tell someone,’ Harriet glares at everyone.

‘Oh, who you going to tell!’ Adam raises a brow.

‘What…what I don’t know,’ Harriet splutters panic clear in her voice. Adam pulls her around to look at him and he can see she is scared.

‘It’s okay Harry I have a plan,’ Adam grins in triumph

‘Oh, I know that look what have you done?’ She demands crossing her arms over her chest.

‘I still have contact with Gillian, did you honestly think she would let me be here if she didn’t think I was safe,’ Adam answers cringing as he waits for her reaction to that bomb shell.

‘Shit Adam, are you mental?’

‘No I am not, it’s alright for you, you are a girl, do you have any idea how my life has been, growing up knowing I won’t live past my twentieth birthday,’ Adam is on a roll now fed up with everyone assuming he is stupid. ‘And now while I am supposedly free being hunted by everyone, do you know I have suffered a concussion and almost drowned, a few months ago I almost died, so get off my case,’ Adam fumes.

‘Alright Adam calm down, I am sorry okay,’ Harriet looks at him and he tries to smile.

‘I was taken Harry, I am not here by choice, and I want to go home, and I don’t mean back to Troy and Helena.’

‘I am sorry, I didn’t know,’ Harriet hangs her head and Adam feels bad for shouting.

They walk back through the myriad of tents to the main road so they can find our there way back to Adam’s tent. Harriet has been surprisingly quiet; they haven’t got far when Truda runs up to them a look of relief on her face.

‘Adam where have you been, everyone has been looking for you?’ She pants out as she slips into step by his side her little hand twinning with his.

‘I don’t know I just sort of wandered about and then I got lost, sorry,’ Adam lies, he doesn’t know why he lied but something tells him he should keep this to himself until he can speak to Thomas or even Gillian although he knows he shouldn’t trust her. He has to wonder why he thought he could trust Helena. Troy rushes over to Adam, pulling him into a hug and then holding him at arm’s length while he checks Adam over.

‘I’m fine Troy I just got lost,’ Adam answers trying to reassure him.

‘I found him, and we went somewhere quiet to talk we lost track of time sorry,’ Harriet explains as she gives me a look. ‘I had better go, see you tomorrow Adam,’ She turns and leaves as Adam is wrapped in a spine crushing hug.

‘Why did you leave?’ Troy asks wrapping his arm around Adams shoulders as he leads him into the tent.

‘I was going to be matched, I panicked,’ Adam shrugs with a smile.

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